Sycamore Education Announces Sponsorship of the Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS)

Leading EdTech Company Proud to Sponsor ATLIS and Support Development of Best Practices in Technology for Independent Schools

We are extremely pleased and excited to be a member and sponsor of such a forward-thinking organization”

— Mark Dalluge

FREMONT, NE, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2020 / — Sycamore Education, a leading education technology company, is delighted to announce its sponsorship with the Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS), a national professional association that addresses the unique challenges of independent school Technology Directors. With over 200 member schools and over 1,000 individual members, ATLIS empowers its members to develop strategies, build relationships, and share best practices in technology and innovation for independent schools.

“We are extremely pleased and excited to be a member and sponsor of such a forward-thinking organization,” said Mark Dalluge, Sycamore’s Director of Operations. “The resources and education that ATLIS provides to school technology leaders are vital to their professional development, as well as to the development of best practices for the education industry.”

Of particular note is Sycamore Education’s sponsorship support of this year’s ATLIS 2020 Conference. Originally scheduled as an in-person event, ATLIS quickly pivoted to a virtual conference in the wake of COVID-19. The three-day virtual event includes sessions on a wide range of topics important to independent schools:

* Really Tough Questions About Technology Integration & Implementation
* COVID-19: Managing People Remotely, Security & Privacy
* Change Management for Changing Pedagogy
* The Journey from Siloed Data to a Unified System: How Schools Are Taking Charge of Their Data
* Identify & Mitigate Threats Using Advanced Security Tool of G Suite
* Improve Privacy and Security with a Zero Trust Framework
* Top 5 Tips for Sustaining Remote Learning at Your School
* Plus several sessions on School Continuity, which is an important topic in light of the current global pandemic.

Sycamore is proud to support the work ATLIS is doing to keep independent schools informed and educated on emerging technology issues and developments.

Sycamore Education was founded as a technology company with the primary goal of making it easier for school administrators, teachers, parents, and students to access and share important student data and information. The company remains committed to disrupting the ed-tech space by using the right technology to deliver better classroom tools and experiences for teachers, administrators, students, and parents, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Sycamore Education’s comprehensive online, all-in-one school management system includes more than 300 powerful, integrated features and tools that keep student data organized and secure, streamline processes, and enhance communications and reporting. With a dedicated support staff and the most affordable pricing on the market, Sycamore has become an industry leader in educational technology and the system behind schools and colleges in over 40 countries. For more information, visit or call (866) 757-4968.

Dana Reeves
Sycamore Education
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CapitalView Leads Effort for a $14 Million Senior Debt Facility to Hyde Road Agricultural Associates

BETHESDA, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2020 / — CapitalView Investment Partners, L.P. (“CapitalView”) has partnered with Hunter Street Partners (“Hunter Street”) to provide a $14 million senior term loan to Hyde Road Agricultural Associates LLC’s California operations (the “Company”), which is a commercial aquaculture farm focused on the growth and production of fish. Based in Dixon, CA, the Company is a fully operational commercial fish farm with an existing customer base and a large inventory of antibiotic-free white sturgeon, black bass, silver carp and striped bass.

Eugene Fernandez, co-owner and President of Hyde Road Agricultural Associates states, “CapitalView and Hunter Street provided a customized structured financing that will allow our Company to meet its accelerated growth plan during this transformational period. We considered many financing options and CapitalView and Hunter Street’s flexibility differentiated them from other market participants and was a great solution for our business.”

“We are excited to partner with Mr. Fernandez and Hyde Road Agricultural Associates as they embark on the next phase of growth for the Company’s California operations,” states Andrew Flesch, Managing Director of CapitalView. “With the growing demand for high-quality, domestically produced caviar and seafood products, the Company is addressing an attractive market segment with significant growth potential.”

CapitalView and Hunter Street’s financing to Hyde Road Agricultural Associates provided capital to refinance existing debt, fund ongoing working capital, and make capital improvements, including upgrading its processing capabilities to meet the growing demand of its customer base.

About Hyde Road Agricultural Associates LLC
Hyde Road Agricultural Associates LLC is a socially and environmentally responsible farm to plate producer of aquaculture products whose core ethos is meeting the ever-insatiable consumer demand for traceable seafood protein and providing consumers with a consistent, high-quality, year-round supply of healthy, delicious, and versatile protein.

About CapitalView
CapitalView Investment Partners, L.P. ( is a lower-middle market private investment firm based in Bethesda, MD. CapitalView seeks to provide solutions-based flexible capital to privately owned lower-middle market companies in need of strategic direction, operational improvement and/or expansion capital in order to accelerate growth. The firm will make investments in the form of control buyouts, minority equity stakes and structured debt financings.

About Hunter Street Partners
Hunter Street Partners is a Minneapolis-based alternative investment management firm that provides capital solutions to operating partner teams and lower middle market companies across corporate finance, real estate, and specialty finance. The firm is focused on fundamentals-driven, asset-oriented credit and equity opportunities. Learn more about Hunter Street Partners at

For more information, please contact:

Myung Yi
Managing Partner
CapitalView Investment Partners, L.P.
+1 301-841-1354

Andrew Flesch
Managing Director
CapitalView Investment Partners, L.P.
+1 301-841-1491

Andrew Platt
Hunter Street Partners
+1 612-404-3008

CapitalView Investment Partners, L.P.
General Contact Information
+1 301-841-2010
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ACT Capital Advisors Announces Launch of COVID-19 Resource Center

ACT has launched a new section of its website dedicated to helping business owners find the best financing options

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2020 / — ACT Capital Advisors has formed a cross-functional Corona Virus Response Team to assist business owners in navigating the rapidly changing economic, financial, and policy environments impacted by COVID-19. The Team has compiled information that assists business owners in understanding their financial options. ACT is continuously monitoring developments at the state and federal levels to ensure that business can quickly access the capital it needs.

The COVID-19 Resource Center is a Web-based offering and can be found at this location:

ACT will be updating the site regularly as new information becomes available.

About ACT Capital Advisors
ACT Capital Advisors is a premier Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) firm representing middle-market companies across all industries. ACT has a 30-year history of deal making, closing 200+ transactions and unlocking over $2 billion in wealth. The firm provides strategic M&A advice to closely held, family-owned, and private equity sponsored organizations that wish to sell all or portions of their companies. Clients choose to work with ACT because of its proven strategic auction process. This process generates simultaneous interest from multiple qualified buyers, resulting in the best possible price and deal structure.

For more information see:

John Norton
ACT Capital Advisors
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世贸联合基金总会启千万防疫援助 天泉鼎丰扩口罩生产线增援



黑山驻华大使接收中国黑山商业联盟捐助防疫物资;中国黑山商业联盟成立仪式主礼嘉宾合影:创始主席拿督斯里吴达镕教授;主席拿汀斯里吴慈欣博士;荣誉主席达尔科·帕约维奇阁下 黑山驻华特命全权大使;徐根初中将;李南征将军;李世雄,深圳市第一、二届政协副主席;程科伟,深圳市第五届政协副主席、市人民检察院副检察长、市人民法院副院长;刘胜利,中国检验检测学会副会长、广东省人民政府参事;孔爱玲,深圳市统战部原副部长、深圳市侨联荣誉主席、深圳市侨媛协会会长;李榕,深圳市政协常委、深圳质量协会会长;孙楠;深圳市科学技术协会党


天泉鼎丰医疗科技M99口罩品质符合欧盟CE认证的EN14683标准,细菌过滤效率(BFE)达99%。 产品详情:


HONG KONG SAR, CHINA, April 7, 2020 / — 世贸财富资讯社/香港/






帮扶孤老 共度疫情




全球命运共同体 消除歧视共克时艰







天泉鼎丰扩多条全自动口罩生产线 配合国家全球救援抗疫战略



据悉,香港天泉鼎丰集团业务涵盖自然资源、大健康、新材料、新零售等领域,全球逾300项专利技术申请,实现 “向空气要水”的先河创举,缔造水资源永续新时代。该集团作为全球空气制水产业的引领者,是联合国水行动十年国际高级别会议官方合作伙伴及饮水提供商、联合国环境科政商论坛官方合作伙伴,子公司为国家高新技术企业、深圳市高新技术企业;天泉鼎丰的“革命性水资源解决方案:空气制水”荣获联合国工业发展组织商业计划大奖。



PR Manager
Heaven Springs Dynasty Group
+86 131 4399 9002
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COVID Outbreak In Your County

The COVID outbreak is not a national. It is lots of local outbreaks. Every county has its own story to tell. Now you can see how your county is doing.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, April 6, 2020 / — The COVID-19 outbreak in the US has reached 0.1% of the population. However, in some counties, it has reached 1%. And it’s still climbing.

“The problem with looking at the COVID-19 pandemic on a national level is that it isn’t a national outbreak. It’s lots of little outbreaks all over the country. They all started on different times and are growing at different rates.” So says data mining expert Brian Woodruff, who claims he has a better way of looking at things.

“You need to look on a per county basis. Each county has its own story to tell.”, says Brian.

There are 3,142 counties in the US. 2,470 of them have the virus.

Brian is tracking each of these outbreaks on his website at

Each county has a graph showing the historical data of confirmed cases. It also shows the population of that county. “The trend line for the outbreak provides a good indicator of future growth, at least in the short term.”, explains Brian. His graph shows where this trend line is going and makes predictions about when it will reach 1% or even 10% of the population.

“There is a lot of concern about how accurate these numbers of confirmed cases are”, Brian laments, “but what I can do is take the numbers we have and show where they are going.”

“The only hard limit in any county is the population of the county itself. Obviously, it can not go over 100%. At some point, in each county, the curve will bend over or flatten. This is everybody’s first rodeo, so no one is sure when or where that will happen on the graph. There are too many variables.”

One thing his data reveals for nearly all counties is that the social distancing appears to be working. In nearly all cases, the curve climbs at one rate, then bends to a lower rate in late March.

“It seems to me”, says Brian, “that the slower growth also means the virus just won’t reach some people. So that means it will level off at a lower percent of the population. At this point, that’s a hope. These graphs will tell the story, though.”

“One thing seems clear. If we go back to our old way of living, the grown rate will go back up, too.”

Brian is hopeful that his data and insights will help.

Brian Woodruff
+1 9522000065
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Productive Robotics Secures Patent for OB7 Cobot's Signature 7-Axis Robot Design

OB7 can be used for all sorts of manufacturing tasks, including CNC machine tending.

OB7 7-axis cobot provides ultimate flexibility and ease of use.

With a simple “no programming” user interface, OB7 7-axis cobot can be taught easily and quickly.

Productive Robotics Secures Patent US D865 for OB7 Cobot's Signature 7-Axis Robot Design, marking its first official patent.

The 7-axis design is a key advantage. It means that the cobot can be offset from the position a person would occupy to allow easy access to change tools or make adjustments.”

— Zac Bogart – President, Productive Robotics

CARPINTERIA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2020 / — Productive Robotics, Inc., the Santa Barbara, CA-based manufacturer and designer of industrial robots, announces the issuance of design patent US D865,828 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the 7-axis collaborative robotic arm of its industrial manufacturing robot, OB7. This patent covers OB7's unique 7-axis cobot design.

"The 7th axis is the key advantage of OB7," said Zac Bogart, president and CEO of Productive Robotics. "It means that the cobot can be offset from the position a person would occupy to allow easy access to change tools or make adjustments. Cobots with fewer axes lack the ability to reach around and become obstacles anyone trying to reach the machinery."

As a 7-axis cobot, OB7 also provides greater maneuverability and flexibility comparable to a human arm, allowing it to work in more confined and tight spaces. As a collaborative robot, it can safely work alongside human operators and does not require caging or fencing.

"New robotics and automation technologies continue to emerge and the market is growing increasingly competitive, but above all, customers want solutions that are fast to deploy and affordable, require minimal complex integration, and a high return on investment," said Bogart. OB7 provides this with its landmark 7-axis design and the ease of which existing teams can assemble and teach it tasks with minimal outside support.

With all-inclusive packages available, the 7-axis OB7 provides a cost-efficient solution to robotic automation for small to medium sized businesses. The robot learns through physical demonstration, so operators can easily teach OB7 a task in minutes and begin automating their production the same day. OB7 can support all areas of manufacturing in medical, aerospace, automotive, metal and machinery, plastics injection molding, food and beverage, and science and research industries.

Patent D865,828 is one of several patents filed by Productive Robotics. Manufactured and designed in the USA, OB7 7-Axis Cobot is the quintessential robotic product that is backed by American design, engineering, and a superior support team.

Michelle Tahan
Productive Robotics
+1 805-244-9300
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OB7 saves time and increases production for Swiss Manufacturing, one of the top 5 manufacturers of micro machine, precision parts and components.

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REDBUD LABS Earns ISO 9001 & ISO 45001 Certifications

Redbud Labs company logo

building image

Redbud Labs facility

Redbud Labs's Durham, NC facility is now certified to the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards, covering the manufacturing of their core technology.

We are pleased to announce these certifications. It is a major milestone for Redbud and demonstrates our level of commitment to both quality and safety as a supplier for the life sciences . . .”

— CEO, Richard Spero

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2020 / — Redbud Labs announced today that their Research Triangle Park, North Carolina facility has been certified to the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards. “We are pleased to announce these certifications,” said Redbud’s CEO, Richard Spero. “It is a major milestone for Redbud and demonstrates our level of commitment to both quality and safety as a supplier for the life science, diagnostics, and bioprocessing industries.” Redbud Labs was inspected by BSI and awarded certificates on April 2nd, 2020.

ISO standards are some of the most rigorous and well-regarded certifications in the world. Redbud’s certification covers ISO 9001:2015 for its quality management systems and ISO 45001:2018 for its operational health and safety management systems. Redbud’s audit was completed successfully in February 2020.

The ISO 9001:2015 standard is based on the quality management principles of a strong customer focus, commitment of senior management, process documentation, and continual improvement. The scope of the certification includes the manufacture of Redbud Posts®, the company’s core, patented technology. Certification covers methods and manufacturing equipment, and design controls for new processes and new equipment. Redbud’s decision to work towards ISO accreditation demonstrates the company’s commitment to continually improving its products.

ISO 45001 is the new international standard for occupational health and safety management systems (OHSMS). While similar to the OHSAS 18001, an OHS Assessment Series and the world's former reference for workplace health and safety, it adopts the Annex SL top-level framework of all new and revised ISO management system standards. Thus, the ISO 45001:2018 standard specifies requirements for an OSHMS, and gives guidance for its use, to enable organizations to provide safe and healthy workplaces by preventing work-related injury and ill health, as well as by proactive improvement of OH&S performance. The scope of Redbud’s certification covers health and safety management across the full range of diverse technical activities at Redbud Labs, including research, development, and manufacturing of soft-polymer MEMS; development of microfluidic and life science assays; and development of real-time systems.

“Certification to the ISO 9001 standard shows our customers that the products we make will meet or exceed expectations,” said Dale Barnes, Vice President of Manufacturing. “The ISO 45001:2018 certification emphasizes our commitment to the safety of our staff, visitors, and clients. Having an OHSM system is a fundamental part of Redbud’s risk management strategy. It promotes a safe and healthy working environment to reduce occupational health and safety risk, prevent work-related incidents, and helps ensure our legislative compliance.”

Redbud Labs ISO certifications cover all of its cartridge-ready™ microfluidic components for mixing (MXR™) and sorting (STR™), including the company’s recent announcements regarding chip line extensions. On February 27th, Redbud Labs released STR™BeadPak, the only universal, ready-to-use sample prep chip for microfluidic cartridges and announced MXR™DryPak, a microfluidic chip that combines mixing with assay reagents dried inside, on March 3rd. Both new chip models are based on the company’s core Redbud Post® technology. Gaining ISO 9001:2015 reinforces Redbud Lab’s relentless focus on creating industry-leading products and services, measured against global benchmarks of industry excellence.

Redbud Labs, headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, manufacturers breakthrough components for life science industry, intended to solve the industry’s ubiquitous microscale fluidic challenges. Redbud technologies have broad application across a variety of segments including basic research, drug discovery and development, biomanufacturing, diagnostics, sequencing and applied markets. Industry partners seek Redbud’s proprietary microchip technology, component design expertise and deep scientific know-how to advance their own next generation products. Redbud Posts® are an array of flexible, magnetic micropillars printed on a silicone film that can be affixed to a substrate. Redbud Posts® rotate in response to a magnetic field, inducing microfluidic agitation for rapid and efficient target capture.

Kathryn Lawrence
Redbud Labs Inc.
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Hybrid Operating Room Technology Market to Set New Growth Cycle | Cook Medical, Mediflex, STERIS

Hybrid Operating Room Technology

Hybrid Operating Room Technology

Hybrid Operating Room Technology Market to Observe ‘Explosive Growth’ to Generate Massive Revenue in Coming Years”

— Nidhi Bhawsar

NEW JERSEY, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2020 / — Advance Market Analytics released the research report of Global Hybrid Operating Room Technology Market, offers a detailed overview of the factors influencing the global business scope. Hybrid Operating Room Technology Market research report shows the latest market insights with upcoming trends and breakdown of the products and services. The report provides key statistics on the market status, size, share, growth factors of the Loan Origination Software. This Report covers the emerging player’s data, including: competitive situation, sales, revenue and global market share of top manufacturers are Cook Medical Inc. (United States), Eschmann Equipment (United Kingdom), General Electric Company (United States), Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. (United States), Maquet Holding BV & Co. KG (Germany), Mediflex Surgical Products (United States), Koninklijke Philips N.V (the Netherlands), SISCO Ltd (India), STERIS plc. (United States) and Siemens Healthcare GmbH (Germany).

Increasing demand for technologically advanced operating rooms and equipment in the healthcare domain across the globe will help to boost the global Hybrid Operating Room Technology market in the forecasted period. Hybrid operating room in medical settings refers to a facility wherein different surgical procedures are performed for the treatment of diverse pathological and physiological conditions in a sterile environment.

Free Sample Report + All Related Graphs & Charts @:

Market Trend
• Technological Advancements Associated with Hybrid Operating Room Technology such as MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound, and Others

Market Drivers
• Increasing Adoption of Minimally Invasive Surgeries
• The Surge to Investment in Hybrid OR Equipment
• Growth in Regulatory Approvals for Different Hybrid Operating Equipment

• Rising Adoption of Robot-Assisted Surgeries
• High Demand due to Emerging Markets

The Global Hybrid Operating Room Technology Market segments and Market Data Break Down are illuminated below:
by Type (Intraoperative Diagnostic imaging systems (Angiography systems, MRI systems, CT systems, Other), Operating room fixtures (Operating tables, Operating room lights, Surgical booms, Radiation shields), Surgical instruments, Audiovisual display systems and tools, Other components), Application (Cardiovascular applications, Neurosurgical applications, Thoracic applications, Orthopedic applications, Other applications), End User (Ambulatory, Surgical Centers, Clinics, Medical Research Institute, Hospital)

Region Included are: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Oceania, South America, Middle East & Africa
Country Level Break-Up: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, South Africa, Nigeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Germany, United Kingdom (UK), the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Turkey, Russia, France, Poland, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, India, Australia and New Zealand etc.

For Early Buyers | Get Up to 20% Discount on This Premium Report:

Try a limited scope research document specific to Country or Regional matching your objective.
GET FULL COPY OF United States Hybrid Operating Room Technology market study @ ——— USD 2000
And, Europe Hybrid Operating Room Technology market study @ ——— USD 2500

Strategic Points Covered in Table of Content of Global Hybrid Operating Room Technology Market:
Chapter 1: Introduction, market driving force product Objective of Study and Research Scope the Hybrid Operating Room Technology market
Chapter 2: Exclusive Summary – the basic information of the Hybrid Operating Room Technology Market.
Chapter 3: Displaying the Market Dynamics- Drivers, Trends and Challenges of the Loan Origination Software
Chapter 4: Presenting the Hybrid Operating Room Technology Market Factor Analysis Porters Five Forces, Supply/Value Chain, PESTEL analysis, Market Entropy, Patent/Trademark Analysis.
Chapter 5: Displaying the by Type, End User and Region 2013-2018
Chapter 6: Evaluating the leading manufacturers of the Hybrid Operating Room Technology market which consists of its Competitive Landscape, Peer Group Analysis, BCG Matrix & Company Profile
Chapter 7: To evaluate the market by segments, by countries and by manufacturers with revenue share and sales by key countries in these various regions.
Chapter 8 & 9: Displaying the Appendix, Methodology and Data Source

Finally, Hybrid Operating Room Technology Market is a valuable source of guidance for individuals and companies.

Data Sources & Methodology
The primary sources involves the industry experts from the Global Hybrid Operating Room Technology Market including the management organizations, processing organizations, analytics service providers of the industry’s value chain. All primary sources were interviewed to gather and authenticate qualitative & quantitative information and determine the future prospects.
In the extensive primary research process undertaken for this study, the primary sources – Postal Surveys, telephone, Online & Face-to-Face Survey were considered to obtain and verify both qualitative and quantitative aspects of this research study. When it comes to secondary sources Company's Annual reports, press Releases, Websites, Investor Presentation, Conference Call transcripts, Webinar, Journals, Regulators, National Customs and Industry Associations were given primary weight-age.

Get More Information:

What benefits does AMA research studies provides?
• Supporting company financial and cash flow planning
• Open up New Markets
• To Seize powerful market opportunities
• Key decision in planning and to further expand market share
• Identify Key Business Segments, Market proposition & Gap Analysis
• Assisting in allocating marketing investments

Definitively, this report will give you an unmistakable perspective on every single reality of the market without a need to allude to some other research report or an information source. Our report will give all of you the realities about the past, present, and eventual fate of the concerned Market.

Thanks for reading this article; you can also get individual chapter wise section or region wise report version like North America, Europe or Asia.

About Author:
Advance Market Analytics is Global leaders of Market Research Industry provides the quantified B2B research to Fortune 500 companies on high growth emerging opportunities which will impact more than 80% of worldwide companies' revenues.
Our Analyst is tracking high growth study with detailed statistical and in-depth analysis of market trends & dynamics that provide a complete overview of the industry. We follow an extensive research methodology coupled with critical insights related industry factors and market forces to generate the best value for our clients. We Provides reliable primary and secondary data sources, our analysts and consultants derive informative and usable data suited for our clients business needs. The research study enable clients to meet varied market

Craig Francis
AMA Research & Media LLP
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Revivalist Gin Offering Free Delivery on Spirits with Proceeds Benefitting the 'Philly Tip Jar'

Don and Scott Avellino of Revivalist Spirits

…it was an easy decision to use this opportunity to donate a percentage of our profits to our industry peers who are currently out of work.”

— Scott Avellino

PHILADELPHIA, PA, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2020 / — Scott and Don Avellino of Revivalist Spirits have decided to launch a delivery service for their award-winning craft gin and bourbon products, offering free delivery to anyone within the five local southeastern PA counties — Philadelphia, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, and Bucks. In addition, a portion of their sales will benefit the 'Philly Tip Jar' — a virtual tip jar which was launched to help food service industry workers during the COVID-19 outbreak and restaurant shutdown.

All deliveries require a two-bottle minimum, and orders can be placed on the Revivalist Spirits website. Enter "PhillyTip" in the promo code in the order to have a portion of the sale sent directly to the Philly Tip Jar.

"With PA Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores closed, this is the only way to help people get our craft spirits while they're stuck inside during these trying times," said Scott. "We hope this can bring a little bit of happiness to our customers, and it was an easy decision to use this opportunity to donate a percentage of our profits to our industry peers who are currently out of work."

Featured products include the Avellino brothers’ celebrated DragonDance Jalapeno Gin; Equinox Gin; Resurgent Rye Whiskey; Resurgent Young American Bourbon; and Resurgent Custom Cask Bourbon. Prices range from $29.99 – $61.99 per 750 ML bottle.

Launched in the summer of 2016, Revivalist Spirits by Brandywine Branch Distillers are distilled at 350 Warwick Road in Elverson, PA. Learn more and place delivery orders by visiting

# # #

Michael Prince
Peter Breslow Consulting & Public Relations
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Midwest Esports Expands National Gaming Footprint with Upsurge Acquisition

Midwest Esports conference

Midwest Esports is a Kansas-based emerging leader in esports experiences operating as a pipeline serving collegiate, youth, hobbyists and amateur video game players at every stage.

League of Legends Community Open with Upsurge Esports.

League of Legends Community Open with Upsurge Esports.

Midwest Esports at Wizard World Columbus powered by Koch Industries.

Midwest Esports at Wizard World Columbus powered by Koch Industries.

Company Announces New Chief Operations Officer and Chief Marketing Officer

Midwest Esports is turning screen time into social experiences and doubling down on our commitment to build a community around players while enriching their lives.”

— Ramsey Jamoul, founder and CEO of Midwest Esports

WICHITA, KANSAS, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2020 / — Midwest Esports, an emerging leader in esports experiences based in Wichita, acquires Upsurge Esports. The acquisition, effective on December 31, 2019, supports the company’s ongoing efforts of streamlining national awareness, participation, advancement and opportunities for players, sponsors and spectators within the immersive online gaming arena.

“Midwest Esports is turning screen time into social experiences and doubling down on our commitment to build a community around players while enriching their lives. Watching Upsurge over the last couple of years, it was obvious that both companies had a shared vision, passion and sustainable mission to create even more value and opportunities for players” explains Ramsey Jamoul, founder and CEO of Midwest Esports. “Together, we can improve the current infrastructure and more importantly give access to the ever-growing esports world.”

Continuing to add to the company’s strategic executive team, Midwest Esports officially announced today, new COO, Benjamin Redington and new CMO, Kwesi A. Robertson.

Midwest recently named Redington as the company’s new Chief Operating Officer. The position was created in response to the organization's continuing growth and expansion, with Redington now having a greater focus on overarching business operations, organization, and employee resources. Transitioning from the Chief Marketing Officer role, he will now be responsible for operations management and will identify new areas of employee services, resources and benefits.

“Ben is a veteran gamer, community leader and industry influencer that completely embodies the ethics, culture and vision of Midwest Esports, and I’m confident that he will continue to pioneer and champion the absolute best for our brand, employees, customers, partners and stakeholders,” said Jamoul.

As CMO, Kwesi Robertson will be responsible for overseeing the strategy, planning and development of Midwest Esports’ marketing initiatives: advertising, branding, communications, content, creative services, digital strategies, events, public relations, social media and web. He brings more than 15 years’ global experience across the marketing, digital and communications spectrum to the CMO role.

“Kwesi brings a keen understanding of strategic and dynamic leadership, go-to-market strategy and holistic marketing in a way that few executives can hope to, and he’s got a proven track record of maximizing the growth potential of a range of businesses. Since joining Midwest Esports, Kwesi continues to hone the company’s concerted efforts to achieve overarching business objectives and goals – all while helping to transform Midwest Esports into an emerging leader in dynamic gaming experiences,” said Jamoul.

Follow Midwest Esports on Twitch

Kwesi Robertson
Midwest Esports
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Midwest Esports 2020 Reveal

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