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organized labor


NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 24, 2020 / — Newark, Italy + Me. Cover Image
Newark, Italy + Me. (Paperback)Exits and Entrances: Producing Off-Broadway, Opera and Beyond: 1981-2006 Cover Image
$19.95 (LULU Books)

Exits and Entrances: Producing Off-Broadway, Opera and Beyond: 1981-2006 (Paperback)
By Daniel P. Quinn
$19.99 (Author House)

organized labor: collected poems Cover Image
organized labor: collected poems (Paperback)
By Daniel P. Quinn )Author House)

American Phantasmagoria Cover Image
American Phantasmagoria (Paperback)
By Daniel P. Quinn (LULU Books)

January- October Broadway, Art, Economics and Hubris in The New York Times (2020) and blogging for The Times in COVID-19.
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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 10/24/20

Are you serious ? With Djt as business ringmaster, Neuman fits the commedia role as well. Making themselves rich at the expense of hundreds of their investors and forlorn former employee's. Money attracts money. Brains don't apply it seems in 2020. Only clothes, haircuts and chutzpah matter !!!

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danielpquinn | Newark, NJ 10/23/20

An apt comparison is The Great Depression, not Viet Nam. THAT is where we are heading in 2020/21.

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The New York Times community on 2/26/20.

Broadway in repeat mode: danielpquinn684 | Newark, NJ

Brain dead and money out of control. Box office grosses with inflated egregious prices. TDF discounts (beyond my budget). As a Award winning director, Broadway was once my goal. Now it seems like a gang of producers at every awards show… Hype and gripe sway… Eons ago Liza Minelli inflated $100- tickets for The Act (and The Times published my letter) in 1977 Pocket change now for some. Way too much for me.

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What's left of West Side Story ?: Newark, NJ Feb. 21

Ivan destroyed The Crucible. I saw the 60 minutes feature on West side story and was alarmed by the gargantuan rear screen where the cast looked like ants. This is a hatred of live theatre gone wild. An ego trip I will surely miss. Thanks Ben.
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The Democratic debate: danielpquinn684 Newark, NJ Feb. 20

It was a degrading mess. During the first hour I kept turning it on and off. Democrats don't need a demolition derby as djt tramples integrity, honesty and law itself to suit his nefarious friends.

On Jerry Herman's musicals:
danielpquinn684, Newark, NJ, Feb. 22

The most poignant and powerful score was Dear World with Angela Lansbury and Milo O'Shea in 1970 on Broadway. The recording and the songs about madness and isolation from Giradoux's play The Madwoman of Chaillot are still wounding and beautiful today. It should be seen and will be remembered. 4 Recommended

Vooodo economic nostalgia: danielpquinn684 Newark, NJ Feb. 11

George Bush got vooodo economics right. Trickle down like a water leak will corrode our infrastructure to the sorry state of today. As an artist I have received trickled down support. More than starvation but less to live on. The economy is growing with new fast food joints or dollar stores on every vacant store space in NJ. Not much else and luxury rental signs everywhere.

The art of Banski: danielpquinn684 Newark, NJ Feb. 9

Ban ski is taking it in. Other more important artists are not. He exudes a mania of mockery and fun in our dreadfull time. Enuf..but bravo Banski as he is still alive and enjoying his show. Many other artists only earned money after they were dead.
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The State of the Union: danielpquinn684 Newark, NJ Feb. 5

The smarmy tone and grim glare of self promotion were trump smoldering at us all. His ireality is whittling. His demeanor; glam and gong all for the cyber acolytes. We are in the dark ages once again. Angry and sad.

Kobe Bryant and JFK Jr.: Daniel P Quinn Newark, NJ, Jan. 27

This tragic death echoes that of JFK junior as well. A very sad story and great loss for all of us. 3 Recommended

Sergio Basso
ArtsPRunlimited, Inc
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Using Social Media to Create More Income and Impact in Your Business

Beverly Walthour, Business Coach

Beverly Walthour, Business Coach

Beverly Walthour, Speaker

Beverly Walthour, Speaker

Beverly Walthour, TV Host

Beverly Walthour, TV Host

A Step by step Revenue Game Plan designed to help you create more income and impact in your business.

KENNESAW, GA, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2020 / — As a Business Strategist, specifically for Christian Female Coaches, my clients seek me out to help them generate consistent revenue WITHOUT compromising their values.

They became an entrepreneur in order to create time and financial freedom, but so far, they are not experiencing these things at the level they desire.

They are dedicated to who they are called to serve and want to create even more INCOME & IMPACT.

So, using my 13 years as an entrepreneur and my experience as a TV and Radio Show Host here in the Atlanta, GA area, my Step by Step Revenue Game Plan was created.

Implement it to see how it impacts your business!

* Decide HOW you want to serve your ideal client (product or service)

**Think: What does my ideal client need right now

* Look in your current community & make a list of people you feel that service would be a good fit for

**Think: Why do they need this & Why do they need it now

* Deliver AH-MAZING value every day this week

** Think: what does my ideal client need to hear/see/read right now.

** Think: How can I support her….not What can I sell her

* As you are delivering the AH-MAZING value, also start connecting with those on your list DAILY

** Think: I truly want to connect & truly feel I can support this person

* Invite those who are a good fit on a call or to purchase your product

** Think: I truly feel I can support this person in achieving their goals

* Invite them to work with you if they are a good fit

** Think: I'm 1000% sure I can help them get the transformation they are looking for


* You are more than ready to serve your ideal client

* The longer you wait to let them know how you can serve them, the longer they continue in their personal "hell"

* You are literally the answer to someone's prayer that she JUST prayed

The question now is…..are you going to show up so that you answer that prayer?

Beverly Walthour
BCW Business Ventures, LLC
+1 678-217-7193
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Water Pipeline Leak Detection Systems Market Set to Grow at 6.8% CAGR with Value of $2.3 billion by 2027

Water Pipeline Leak Detection Systems

Water Pipeline Leak Detection Systems

Global Water Pipeline Leak Detection Systems Market 2020-2027: Business Development and Growth Opportunities by Industry Expert

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2020 / — Global water pipeline leak detection systems market size is expected to reach $2.3 billion in 2027 from $1.7 billion in 2019, growing at a CAGR of 6.8% from 2020 to 2027. In 2019, North America dominated the market, in terms of revenue, accounting for 37.4% share of the global water pipeline leak detection systems market.

Water pipeline leak detection systems assist in determining the location of leakages in underground and over ground pipelines. The direct loss of water through leakages not only causes wastage of treated water but also leads to wastage of energy and revenue associated with water conveyance and treatment.

Moreover, water pipeline leak detection systems are available in two basic types namely, acoustic and non-acoustic within which acoustic leak detectors are most widely utilized, owing to their simplicity in operation. Leak detection audits are also carried out periodically to collect leakage data, which makes it easy to identify and isolate problematic areas in water conveyance system.

Request Sample PDF:

Moreover, North America is the highest contributor in the water pipeline leak detection systems market. The U.S. is a major contributor toward the water pipeline leak detection systems industry mainly owing to the aging water infrastructure in the country. The current water conveyance system in the U.S. was constructed in 1970s. An old water pipeline is expected to develop cracks and holes due to degradation of the pipe material. However, the European countries such as the UK, Germany, and others also provide significant contribution toward the growth of the water pipeline leak detection market.

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected the market mainly due to the halt in international trade, prolonged lockdowns, and ceased manufacturing processes. In addition, the major end-user companies located in countries such as the U.S., China, Germany, the UK, and others are also facing financial impacts due to halted production, which is likely to hinder the growth of the market during 2020.

For Purchase Enquiry@

Based on the equipment type, the acoustic leak detectors segment holds the major market share, as these systems have been in the market for a long time and offer reliable leak detection results. In addition, the technological advancements in acoustic sensor technologies provide highly efficient results and is anticipated to provide growth opportunities for the market globally.

The global water pipeline leak detection systems market is segmented into location, equipment type, pipe material, end user, and region. By location, the market is categorized into underground and over ground. Depending on equipment type, it is segregated into acoustic and non-acoustic. On the basis of pipe material, it is differentiated into metallic and non-metallic. Based on end users it is bifurcated into residential and non-residential.

Get detailed COVID-19 impact analysis on the Water Pipeline Leak Detection Systems Market @

The global water pipeline leak detection systems market is analyzed across North America (the U.S., Canada, and Mexico), Europe (the UK, Germany, France, and rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China, India, Japan, and rest of Asia-Pacific), and LAMEA (Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa). North America is expected to hold the largest market share throughout the study period, and Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at the fastest rate.

The major players operating in the water pipeline leak detection systems industry include Aqualeak Detection Ltd., Atmos International Limited, Gutermann AG, Hermann Sewerin GmbH, Mueller Water Products Inc., Ovarro Limited, QinetiQ Group plc, Seba Dynatronic Mess- und Ortungstechnik GmbH, TTK S.A.S., and Xylem Inc. (Pure Technologies Ltd.)

David Correa
Allied Analytics LLP
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Polin Waterparks Receives WWA Leading Edge Award for The Europe’s Largest Indoor Waterpark, Suntago Water World

KOCAELI, TURKEY, October 24, 2020 / — Polin, a world leader in the design, production and installation of water parks and water-play attractions, was honored to receive the Leading Edge Award last week during the World Waterpark Association (WWA) Virtual Show last week.

General Session for the WWA40 Virtual Show kicked off with a Welcome address from Rick Root, President of the World Waterpark Association. Then, Damien Latham, Chair of the World Waterpark Association Board of Directors and Andrew Chafatelli, Vice Chair of the World Waterpark Association Board of Directors announced the winners of this year’s Leading Edge Award on the second day of the WWA Virtual Show. Polin Waterparks has been recognized for its work on the Europe’s largest indoor waterpark named Suntago Water World at Park of Poland. That award was designed to recognize a park and supplier member who, through their combined efforts, brought a project, product, service or program to fruition, thereby creating industry innovation and leadership. WWA defines the honor as: "Awarded to individuals or parks for creativity in the development of new themes, facilities, programs, services or operational concepts in the water attractions industry; and to suppliers who have developed new concepts, products or services to the benefit of park members, their customers or the water attractions industry.”

Suntago Water World is a staggering 67,000 m2 waterpark that can hold up to 10,000 people for 365 days of the year. It offers 18 swimming pools with a total area of 3,500 square meters, 32 water slides totalling 3.2 kilometers in length (including Europe's longest slide at 320 meters), 10 saunas and luxury spas, and a 40,000 square meter "tropical" garden complete with more than 700 real, imported palm trees and other plants from Malaysia, Florida and Costa Rica.It features more than a dozen of Polin's signature waterslides. The colorful twisting tubes soar above the lush landscape of tropical plants and orchids inside the facility and includes 32 water slides totalling 3.2 kilometers in length (including Europe's longest slide at 320 meters).

Polin Waterparks previously received WWA's Leading Edge Award in 2014 as supplier partner of the Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark, in Pattaya, Thailand. CN Amazone features 10 themed-entertainment zones with more than 25 rides. The water park also boasts captivating live and multimedia entertainment that incorporates the latest in interactive smart-screen technology.

Since receiving that award, more recently, Polin Waterparks was acknowledged with a 2016 Leading Edge Award during WWA's event in New Orleans for expertise in innovation. Specifically, last year's award recognized Polin's "innovation in waterslide manufacturing that allows for artistic theming, unique patterns and sound effects."

The WWA's Board of Directors selected Polin Waterparks for the exclusive honor based on the company's unique, pioneering and exclusive waterslide-manufacturing technologies, such as closed-molded manufacturing technology, Natural Light Effects, Special Pattern Effects, Patterned Translucency, Slide'nRoll, Translucent Slide Parts and new design options that allow parks to offer customized theming, storytelling, spectator appeal and an interactive rider experience.

In 2017, Polin's partner in receiving the award, the world-class Land of Legends Theme Park in Antalya, Turkey, is the first Turkish theme park – and first in the EMEA (Europe, Middle Eastand Africa) region of the world – to ever be honored with a Leading Edge Award. The Land of Legends features a long and varied list of attractions – from a five-star hotel to a dolphinarium, a wildlife park, a theme park and its "Legend of Aqua waterpark" that sets the park apart.

Most recently, Polin has been awarded for its work on The Wave Coventry which is an indoor water park situated in Coventry in the West Midlands, United Kingdom. Accommodating six slides into such a tight space required extraordinarily delicate design skills. Polin Waterparks needed to incorporate the building's unique considerations into its slide designs.

Director of Marketing and Communications, Sohret Pakis says. "This recognition of our passionate efforts by WWA means a lot. We gratefully send all of our thanks to the WWA board of directors and congratulate all the winners who are passionate about serving and contributing to this amazing industry. Together we are strong and successful. "

More on Polin Waterparks
Polin was founded in Istanbul in 1976 and has since grown into a leading company in the waterparks industry. Today Polin is a world leader in the design, production and installation of water parks and water-play attractions. Polin has completed 3,500 waterpark projects in 108 countries around the world and is the biggest waterslide supplier in Eurasia. Working with a wide variety of clients has helped Polin reach several milestones including installing the first waterparks in many countries and many other award-winning rides at parks with world-renowned reputations. More

For more info, visit or contact Sohret Pakis at +90 262 656 64 67 or
Polin Waterparks is a Polin Group Company

Sohret Pakis
Polin Waterparks
+90 262 656 64 67
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Park of Poland Suntago

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Healing for the 400 years of African American History stops in Ireland

A teary-eyed Mooney reflects aboard a Ethiopian Airlines Flight on the tarmac in Dublin, Ireland.

Time Capsule items

Pope John Paul II blesses Don Victor Mooney at the Vatican on December 1, 2004, before his first transatlantic rowing attempt.

An Ethiopian Airlines flight on the tarmac in Dublin brings man full circle for 400 years of African American History

My African ancestry is just as important as the Irish roots embedded in my soul”

— Don Victor Mooney

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2020 / — Don Victor Mooney, President of H.R. 1242 Resilience Project and a resident of Flushing, Queens, ended his two-week visit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea last week by delivering a time capsule to commemorate 400 years of African American History.

In Equatorial Guinea, Mooney also distributed COVID-19 supplies to the Archdiocese of Malabo, which was donated by the Diocese of Brooklyn and Office of Brooklyn Borough President.

Mooney's Ethiopian Airlines return flight from Africa would bring him back to Ireland before ending at Dulles International Airport in Virginia.

For that one hour on the tarmac in Dublin, I cried to myself. It was tantamount to coming full circle. My African ancestry is just as important as the Irish roots embedded in my soul, said Don Victor Mooney.

The last time Mooney touched down in Ireland was as an official international election observer for the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. Mooney has longed cherished his Irish roots, often highlighting a time-honored tradition for St. Patricks Day with corn beef, cabbage, and black eye peas.

Mooney's lineage in Ireland starts from County Tyrone, then his great-grandfather caught a ship from County Cork to the New York Harbor. Mooney is one of the founders of the Irish African-American Society of North America.

In Equatorial Guinea, Mooney hand-delivered a time capsule to H.E. Mr. Simeón Oyono Esono Angue, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. The time capsule will be buried in the new administrative capital called Ciudad de Paz [City of Peace] in the province of Djibloho.

The items included artifacts, a bottle of Snapple, photos, letters, books, rocks, jewelry, coins, music, citations, journals, sugar, cotton, tobacco, and a proclamation.

The theme of H.R. 1242 Resilience Project yearlong commemoration was dubbed, 400 Years: Resilience, Faith, Healing, and Partnership.

On his fourth try, Mooney became the first African American to row across any ocean. His 21-month journey started from the Canary Islands and culminated at the Brooklyn Bridge, in memory of his brother that died of AIDS and to encourage voluntary HIV testing. The boat christened the Spirit of Malabo was sponsored by the government of Equatorial Guinea, with the personal support of H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, Head of State.

On December 1, 2004 [World AIDS Day], Don Victor Mooney was blessed by Pope John Paul II at the Vatican, ahead of his first attempt to row across the Atlantic Ocean.

On the net:

Hashtags: #400years, #Resilience, #Healing, #Faith, #Partnership, #ExtremeFaith, #Ireland, #EquatorialGuinea, #GuineaEcuatorial

Lisa Samuels
H.R. 1242 Resilience Project
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Asheville Tea Company Releases Holiday Blends & Festive Gift Boxes

Asheville Tea Company Holiday Blends

This holiday season marks the release of three of their most popular winter festive tea blends – Snow Day, Winter Wonderland and Spiced Apple Butter

Holiday Tea Loose Leaf

The Holiday Tea Gift Boxes are available in tea tins, loose leaf pouches and their popular new tea boxes, all ready for direct shipping through their website.

This holiday season marks the release of three of their most popular winter festive tea blends – Snow Day, Winter Wonderland and Spiced Apple Butter.

We handcraft unique recipes that highlight the incredible ingredients grown right here in our region.”

— Jessie Dean, Asheville Tea Company founder

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA , USA, October 24, 2020 / — Sip into the holidays with the release of new festive blends and holiday gift boxes from Asheville Tea Company.

"I think what I love most about these blends is that they were all inspired by our own memories of holidays in the mountains," said Jessie Dean, Asheville Tea Company founder. "With this being such an unusual year, we wanted to better connect with our own family memories and help others connect with their loved ones through those sensory experiences of the holidays."

Asheville Tea Company blends the fresh tastes of the mountains into craft teas with regionally-sourced herbs & botanicals to bring the vibrant flavors of the season into every cup.

"We handcraft unique recipes that highlight the incredible ingredients grown right here in our region," Dean said. "We chose to work with Southeastern farmers for the majority of our ingredients because it supports our community, while also providing vibrant teas without any additives, natural or artificial flavorings – only the robust flavors of our region."

This holiday season marks the release of three of their most popular winter festive tea blends – Snow Day, Winter Wonderland and Spiced Apple Butter; and curated holiday tea gift boxes featuring the festive flavors, locally made mugs and more. The Holiday Tea Gift Boxes are available in tea tins, loose leaf pouches and their popular new tea boxes, all ready for direct shipping through their website.

"Tea is such a unique way to connect with others and that is what I love the most about all three of these blends," Dean said. "I love those amazing smells that we experience around the holidays – Fraser fir, the first frost, spiced cider and apple butter. With these blends, we really wanted to highlight all of the things we enjoy tasting, smelling, and experiencing as the weather cools."

Winter Wonderland, Dean said, was inspired by memories of walking through the woods in Western North Carolina and sharing stories by the warm fireside in her family's log cabin near Boone, NC.

"This blend, to me, is evocative of a snowy walk in the woods, so it has a visual look and feel of a snowy forest with the white yarrow flower, green mint and birch bark," Dean said. "It also features botanicals that are native to NC and have a big impact on our traditions, culture and history in this region – like Frasier Fir and wintergreen."

Full bodied and brimming with the crisp flavors of fall and winter, Spiced Apple Butter is lovingly inspired by apple butter, a sweet, spiced southern staple traditionally made in large copper kettles over an open fire.

"Spiced Apple Butter has the flavor notes of a chai or spiced cider, but it is caffeine-free so you can enjoy it any time of day," Dean said.

The third blend, inspired by snow days in the mountains, Snow Day is warming for your hands and heart after a big day of playing in the cold. The blend features Cacao Nibs, Chocolate Mint, Peppermint and Marshmallow Root & Leaf.

"We really wanted to get a bit playful with Snow Day," Dean said. "We grew up as skiers and snowboarders and love a good sled run – but one of the best parts is always coming back inside to warm up with a cup of hot tea."

Dean said that while this blend is a take on a childhood favorite – hot cocoa with marshmallows, the earthy medicinal herb called marshmallow root was actually the original root used to create the sweet marshmallows that we know and love today.

"We have an overall theme this year because I think a lot of us share these amazing memories with family during the holidays and we, like so many of us, wanted to be able to connect with our loved ones right now," Dean said. "That to me is the most important part, being able to connect with your loved ones even if you cannot be together this year."

Each Holiday Blend and array of curated holiday gift boxes are available at For more information contact

Melissa Dean
Asheville Tea Company
email us here
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Asheville Tea Company crafts farm to teacup teas for a vibrant taste of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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United States Agribusiness Market Growth, Trends, and Forecasts (2020-2026)

Global Monitor

The soybean and corn production are likely to be impacted by the ability of China to honor the phase one trade deal together with the outbreak of the swine.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2020 / — Market Overview

The main components of the US agribusiness sector include Beef, Poultry, Corn and Soybean production. It is expected that the grains would rebound significantly in F.Y. 2020-21 after the delay in early plantings of 2019 caused due to flooding followed by late harvests. Beef production will likely to be most impacted because of the increase in environmental concerns and increasing health concerns. The likely growth in in beef production by 2023-24 will be by 0.6% on a yearly basis to 12.7 million tonnes. The growth in poultry production would be 0%, corn production would grow by an estimated 2.2% and the Soybean production would grow by 1% by 2023-24. It is expected that the COVID-19 pandemic would result in an increase in the demand for non-meat alternatives. The crashing oil prices across the world have resulted in the Ethanol price collapses. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the shutdown of plants across the world. Because of the pandemic, other effects include an increased vulnerability in the global food chains and increased adoption of practices such as indoor farming, vertical farming and hydroponics. The customers are expected to demand more of the local made products which would lead to an increase in the healthification trend.

To know more about the report click here @

The important legal changes in the Agribusiness sector in US have occurred in the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act. The areas covered include environmental policy and hemp legalization. The grain prices in the country are likely to remain subdued because of the ongoing trade tensions between U.S. and China combined with the ongoing dryness and lack of demand in Latin America. The main strengths of the Agribusiness sector include a fertile agricultural land and high level of efficiency when measured against the global standards. Some of the major weaknesses include high labor costs when compared against Asia and Latin America and the vulnerability against outbreak of pandemics. The opportunities for the sector lie in the additional access obtained in the Canadian market due to the Canada-Mexico-US agreement. The phase one deal signed between US and China is also expected to cool the trade tensions between the countries. The ongoing disruptions to the meat process and the strengthening of the US dollar are the likely threats faced in the market. Some of the trends which are likely to occur after the COVID-19 pandemic include a renewed emphasis on food security resulting in an increased government intervention. The revival of the self-sufficiency packages and diversification of international suppliers along with strategic stockpiling are the other likely outcomes. The sales of the agriculture related machinery such as tractors has also been deteriorating due to increased uncertainty. The environmental scrutiny across countries due to events like Amazon Fires and Climate change reports have all played a part in increasing the pressure on the agribusiness in the short run.

Click here to receive the executive summary of the report @

Bhanu Reddy
Global Monitor
+1 206-809-0882
email us here
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Kuwait Oil and Gas Market Report with COVID-19 impact Analysis

Global Monitor

The Kuwait report analyses the impact of COVID-19 on the oil and gas sector and provides analysis on production, gas production, gas consumption, and trade.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2020 / — Market Overview

The Kuwait Oil and Gas market demand in the first half of 2020 was market with extraordinary events, which have not been witnessed in the industry. The spread of COVID-19 has forced Kuwait issue lockdown order, and impose travel restrictions and stay at home orders. Restrictions on movement have drastically reduced the usage of automobiles, industrial activity, shipping, and transportation. This impact was immediately felt on the of the Kuwait oil and gas demand. The demand collapse in the Kuwait was estimated to be more than 20% in April 2020. Lack of physical demand for crude oil saw prices to collapse quickly. LNG prices which were already under pressure from weak fundamental have also fallen further as working from home has caused a sharp decline in the Kuwait electricity usage. From the end of Mid-June 2020, the lockdown restrictions began to ease and the slow return of the market to normal conditions is underway. Though lockdown restrictions in the country are ending, the full return of pre-COVID19 fuel consumption level has yet to be seen.

Request for executive Summary Report @

The Kuwait report focuses on the impacts of COVID-19 across supply and demand for oil & gas and LNG. With the ease in lockdown measure in the Kuwait, the economic activity is rebounding with a growing demand for fuel demand. The Kuwait oil and gas demand is expected to return to 2019 levels only after 2023 or 2024, although early recovery is expected based on the availability of the vaccine in the country.

China, which was one of the first hit countries has existed lockdown in March and the slow recovery of market consumption to pre-pandemic levels provides hopes for Kuwait oil and gas market. One of the key development in the global oil and gas industry in 2020 was the agreement of OPEC+ countries to initiate production cuts in early April 2020. The New Agreement focuses on reducing the global supply by 10% from May to July due to the significant drop in the global demand in 2020. For the first time in the history, US crude benchmark WTI price has gone negative during April implying that contract holders are paying buyers to purchase crude. The Kuwait oil and gas market in H2 2020 is expected to have one of the worst demand in the past decade due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The prospects of the second wave of infection and additional lockdown measures could further dent the hopes of recovery of the oil and gas market in the country.

Know more about the report here @

Market Dynamics

Crude Oil prices are predicted to increase as fundamentals are set to improve over the next few years, as OPEC+ is focusing on keeping the production levels moderated. Easing of COVID-19 lockdown and improving fuel demand will provide scope for price recovery. The uncertainty over the long term impacts of COVID-19 on the oil and gas industry demand in Kuwait will continue in 2020.

Despite the unprecedented collapse in fuel demand of nearly 6.0mn b/d estimated for 2020, our 10-year forecast shows no sign of peak oil demand in the decade to come although our growth outlook falls well below historic averages hastening the pace of peak demand. Despite the huge collapse in the global fuel demand estimated at nearly 5.81mn b/d by 2020, there is no sign of peak oil demand in the upcoming years, though growth outlook falls well below historic levels

With an increase in people working from home, this could seriously impact the recovery of the oil and gas demand in the long term. A significant drop in the transportation requirement will result in a huge drop in oil and gas consumption. Air travel is also likely to be heavily impacted segment of transportation as a result of COVID-19. With more companies focusing on having virtual meeting post-COVID-19 and focus on reducing unnecessary travel, air transportation and fuel consumption by the airline industry will also be impacted. The recovery of the air travel will be slow with domestic flights seeing a ramp-up before international travel. If social distancing measures are imposed by governments, IATA estimates that airfares would increase by an average of 50% to accounts for reducing the number of seats. This increase in airfares would huge hamper the growth prospects of the airline industry.

Download the Kuwait Oil and Gas Report here @

Investment Scenario

A decline in the global oil and gas CAPEX will be significant in 2020 and is predicted to exceed the level of declines experienced in the last oil price downturn in 2015-2016. The rapid decline of oil prices in March and April 2020 has forced oil and gas producers to drastically reduce CAPEX, which saw many enact two rounds of cutbacks as prices continued to fall. Since then, the prices of oil has increased by nearly 100% to USD 40/bbl for brent. The chances of increasing CAPEX remains low as most of the companies predict that the market to remain weak due to the ongoing economic recession and increasing cases of COVID-19 across the world. Companies are focusing on using the capital efficiently to support production and development and are focusing on improving the supply chain going forward. The oil market is expected to remain undersupplied in 2021, which will support higher oil prices and encourage increased investment.

Bhanu Reddy
Global Monitor
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DIWALI 2020: Laxmi Pujan, Yantra, Mantra, and Kawach to fulfill the Dreams by Astro Sakha

Diwali 2020

Diwali 2020

Pt. Rajeev Sharma - Astro Sakha

Pt. Rajeev Sharma – World Famous Astrologer, Vastu & Gemstone Expert

Best astrologer

No. 1 Astrologer In India

To understand the meaning of Diwali with an astrological perspective and fulfill all your dreams and achieve your destiny.

The meaning of "Astro Sakha" is an Astrologer who takes care of you as a "Friend".”

— Rajeev Sharma

MATHURA, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA, October 24, 2020 / — Diwali, the word that brings a smile to every face, gives hope that everything will be fine in the end no matter how difficult the journey is, the win over the evil like the bright sun after the darkest night.

Diwali is not just a word this is an emotion for everyone who lives or belongs to this great nation of lord Rama, India.

For celebrating this occasion to the fullest and fulfill all our desires with the help of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi, the Astro Sakha team reached out to the No. #1 Astrologer, Vastu & Gemstone Expert in India Pt. Rajeev Sharma to seek his advice on how we can celebrate this Diwali and fulfill our dreams on which Pt. Rajeev Sharma Says –

People can achieve anything that they want with the right approach and with the right guidance. Occasions like Diwali have ten times more spiritual energy than any other normal day by which you can achieve your destiny and fulfill your dreams.

There are a few points that you can remember while doing the Laxmi pooja on Diwali,

• Yantra Poojan – There is some yantra that helps to improve financial stability in life and improve the positive energy of the surrounding that also.

1. Yantra Raj Shree Yantra
2. Kanakdhara Yantra
3. Maha Laxmi Yantra
4. Kuber Yantra

• Rudraksha Kawach – Block negative energy and increase the ways for financial stability.

• Mantra – Mantra cleanses the inner body of the person, which reflects in their behaviors and improve the social circles.

1. Aries – “कुबेर त्वं धनाधीश गृहे ते कमला स्थिता, तां देवी प्रेषया त्वं शू यद्-गृहे ते नमो नमः”
2. Taurus – "ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं त्रैलोक्य व्यापी श्रीं क्लीं त्रिद्धि वृद्धि कुरु कुरु स्वाहा "
3. Gemini – "ॐ श्रीं श्रीं कमलाय राजलक्ष्म्यै ह्रीं श्रीं स्वाहा"
4. Cancer – "ॐ लक्ष्मी श्रीं श्रीं श्रीं कामाबीजाय फट"
5. Leo – "ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं लक्ष्मी नारायणाय नमः"
6. Virgo – "ॐ श्री श्री राज्य लक्ष्म्यै ह्रीं श्रीं ॐ स्वः"
7. Libra – "गं ग्लौं ऋद्धि सिद्धि सहिताय जय लक्ष्मी"
8. Scorpio – "कुबेर त्वं धनाधीश गृहे ते कमला स्थित, तां देवी प्रेषयाशु त्वं मद गृहे ते नमो नम:"
9. Sagittarius – “ॐ क्लीं ह्रीं ए ॐ श्रीं महायाक्षिन्ये सवैनश्वर्य प्रदाव्ये ॐ नम: श्रीं क्लीं ए आं स्वाहा"
10. Capricorn – “ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं महालक्ष्मयै नम:"
11. Aquarius – “ॐ यक्षराज कुबेराय नमोस्तुते"
12. Pisces – " ॐ देवधनाध्यक्षाय राजरायाज कुबेराय नमः"

These are some pieces of advice given by Pt. Rajeev Sharma by which you can make your Diwali more joyful and happy! and if you have any questions and want to ask, you can contact Pt. Rajeev Sharma directly by his website.

We hope this Diwali brings you a lot of happiness and laughter, Wishing all of you a Very Happy Diwali.

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Luke ATME Releases New Bilingual Single, Quiero Más

Quiero Más is Available Now on All Major Platforms

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2020 / — International pop artist, Luke ATME, releases new single, “Quiero Más”. The dual-title represents the different languages of English and Spanish that were featured in the track.

Luke ATME expresses questions and doubts in “Quiero Más”. The dancing between languages in the song mirrors Luke’s internal struggle, causing confusion and instability. “Quiero Más” is for when you're attached to someone that is doing you wrong, but you can't let go. When “you feel it ain't being healthy but at the same time there's a sort of inexplicable reason that it's meant to be,” says Luke. It’s about a toxic relationship, like a drug that you’re addicted to, and you can’t say no.

The contrasting story continues as the relationship was hot and heavy in the summertime but it ended just as quickly as it started. With the sting from the relationship still fresh and strong communication that flows in between, Luke still wants more. Although the song’s story may not be upbeat, the melody of the pop/reggaeton song is, Luke ATME reinvents himself with this poignant new single.

“Quiero Más” is available now on Spotify and all major platforms. Follow Luke ATME on Facebook, and Instagram to stay current on future releases and more.

About Luke ATME

Originally from Naples, Italy, the artist started singing at 14 years old, mainly recording and uploading covers online. As he went through school, Luke ATME, was a part of a dance crew from his hometown, competing in national dance challenges. During this time he would also perform at local events, combining his singing and dancing skills for the first time. Shortly after, he went to the University of West London for music performance, graduating in 2017. The following year he released his first EP, “Loudest!”, led by single “Higher” which played in the UK. Most recently in 2019, the artist has won several awards including, a Golden Award for “Song of the Year'' for his Spanish single “Perdóname", AAA4Success Award “Artist of the Year”, and the Golden Award for “Artist of the Year.”

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