1st Time in India, Experience a Zero Gravity Hospital Bed Which Will Not Give Feel Like a Hospital Bed

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MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, March 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Zero-G beds have launched their latest motorised adjustable hospital beds, which offer great relaxation to patients and elderly people who have to sit upright while having meals. Designed by D4 Surgicals India Pvt. Ltd., a leading Mumbai-based adjustable bed manufacturers since 2003, the brand has been well-appreciated by BPL, Godrej and other MNCs. D4 is also known for supplying wheelchairs to Air India and has received due appreciation for the same.

What makes Zero-G beds useful?

Zero-G beds come with an easy-to-use remote control that raises the top half of the bed to help the patient sit, or raise the lower half accordingly in order to elevate the patient’s legs. You can elevate the two halves of the electric medical beds to achieve a zero-gravity position to relieve body pain and aches.

How are Zero-G beds made?

Available in a standard size of 6.5-inches by 3 inches, the Zero-G electrical adjustable bed in India designed with German-standard machines for the ideal size and height. Highly versatile, two electrically adjustable beds can be joined together to create a double bed. They are made out of premium-quality and durable engineered plywood, which is known for its bore-proof and waterproof properties. They are available in two designs, which blends in easily with the existing décor – without creating a hospital-like ambience.

Accompanied by a 4-inch latex mattress with knitted fabric, it provides comfort to the patient with its reduced exposure to toxic chemicals and eco-friendly properties. It would stay firm even after decades of use. For those who are unable to adjust to conventional beds, they can use the remote control to achieve much-needed leg rest, backrest or zero-gravity position. Moreover, it comes with accessories such as adjustable side railing and battery backup power supply.

What are the benefits of Zero-G beds?

Relief from backache

Backache can be caused by activity, injury, poor posture, sedentary lifestyle and other medical conditions irrespective of age and gender. Sleeping on a conventional flatbed adds extra pressure to the body’s S-shaped spinal column, which would aggravate neck and pain.

Using a Zero-G bed evenly distributes the body weight, raises your legs and head above the heart and stomach, elevates the knees in a reclining position and relieves shoulder arthritis, frozen shoulder and sciatic nerves.

Promotes blood circulation

A regular bed forces the body into an uncomfortably cramped position, which could hamper blood circulation. This leads to body ache and joint problems, which cannot be managed just by eating healthy. Sleeping on a motorized hospital bed relieves stress on your back, evenly distributes body weight and relaxes your posture. By improving blood circulation, you will be relieved of body ache and swelling.

Relieves arthritis

Joint pain, restricted movement, stiff joints and muscles are common signs of arthritis. An electric bed for patient offers support to the body, therefore relieving pain and irritation. Zero gravity distributes body weight evenly, promotes better sleep and relaxes the body due to improved blood flow, reduced swelling and circulatory problems.

Relieves varicose veins

Causing discomfort and pain, varicose veins often signify circulatory issues. A remote-controlled adjustable bed elevates the legs, which promotes blood circulation and relieves leg pain. When you are lying in a zero-gravity position, the angles of the torso and thighs are aligned, the head and upper body are raised, the knees are bent slightly and the legs are raised to the heart level. This bed position encourages the body to relax, promotes better sleep and treats pressure points to relieve stress.

Reduces snoring

Snoring is caused by the air restricted in your nose and throat, which then causes the surrounding tissues to vibrate. Apart from it being disturbing to your room partner, it signifies difficult breathing and fatigue. Sleeping in the zero-gravity position elevates the head, which relieves pressure on the airway passages and lungs. Elevating your head when you have sinus allows them to drain and stay clear to prevent snoring, and restorative sleep for yourself.

Relieves sleep disorders

Good sleep is important for health as it regulates mood, weight, energy, concentration and hormone levels. Sleep disorders are caused by health problems, stress and hectic schedules, which affects their entire routine. The Zero-G bed enables you to sleep in a comfortable position, to get an adequate amount and quality of sleep.

Helps pregnant and nursing mothers

Expectant mothers suffer from back and neck pain, insomnia, shortness of breath and acid reflux – which are further aggravated on a flatbed. Sleeping on an Electric hospital bed relieves pressure from the heart, promotes blood circulation, reduces swelling in the lower body and legs and eases heartburn. Nursing a baby is equally demanding, and a Zero-G adapts to your spine curve and supports your lower back.

Therefore, the Zero-G bed is exactly what you need to relieve body aches, muscle pain, heartburn and other health conditions. If you are interested, please visit Zero-G Beds on their website:

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1st Time in India, Experience a Zero Gravity Hospital Bed Which Will Not Give Feel Like a Hospital Bed!

Source: EIN Presswire