Provista Group soars among FX brokers, grasping pandemic-led opportunities

The trading system allows beginners to replicate master traders’ trading executions.

A fully automated AI-empowered EA trading system, assisting investors in investing in the forex market.

Provista Group plans to continue improving every aspect of its services considering the limitless potential of the forex market.

The PV-17 can accurately predict market movement by analyzing past and current results using big data analysis and machine learning.”

— Provista

DUBAI, UAE, March 8, 2021 / — Here's a fact of life – big markets often have the most profit to be made. The forex market, as a trillion-dollar market and the largest financial market in the world, is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative market out there, which is why many of the uninitiated investors begin their journey in the forex market.

The forex market recorded a 40 per cent increase in daily forex trading volume over the last decade, in line with the booming growth of the internet's accessibility worldwide. The year 2020, in particular, became one of the most volatile years for the forex market, as its daily turnover jumped 30% to a whopping $6.6 trillion, 25 times larger than all the world's stock markets combined.

[ Grasping the arising opportunities ]

In a way, the forex market's record-breaking growth is somewhat comparable to the mining industry during the gold rush era, with traders corresponding to miners and brokers corresponding to shovel sellers. One such broker has recently claimed that it has benefited from the growing trend of new forex traders.

Provista Group, an active forex broker, said that it is set to continue benefiting from the growing rate of new traders on its forex trading platform. According to Provista, interest in the percentage allocation management module (PAMM) copy trading grew during the pandemic, as the number of new clients multiplied in 2020 compared to previous years as employees worldwide are adopting the work-from-home model.

[ Why is PAMM so popular amongst beginners? ]

It's no surprise that new traders tend to favor PAMM over executing trades by themselves, as Provista's trading system allows beginners to replicate master traders' trading executions, enabling new traders to pick a trading strategy that fits their risk appetite. Even when the new trader knew nothing or just a little about forex, they can take part in it through the easy-to-use PAMM copy trading system.

However, PAMM isn't exclusive to new traders only. When properly utilized, it can help even the most experienced traders minimize risks and maximize their exposure to profits. To do that, traders can entrust their fund to more than one trader to spread their risks and diversify their investment by copying traders with different trading strategies. They also need to ensure that the traders they copy stick to their tried-and-tested strategy to generate consistent returns.

[ Other financial services provided by Provista ]

Besides PAMM copy trading, Provista also offers other forex-related services, including PV-17, a fully automated AI-empowered EA trading system, assisting investors in investing in the forex market with AI's power. The PV-17 can accurately predict market movement by analyzing past and current results using big data analysis and machine learning. It also provides other financial services such as equity investment, fund management, international trading, and business advisory.

Looking forward, Provista expects to see more robust growth from the continued momentum of increasing daily turnover and new traders in the forex market. With more and more people opting for Provista, their platform's potential seems limitless, especially when you consider the ever-growing demand and Provista's efforts to continuously improve all aspects of its services, taking it one step closer towards the completion of its global expansion masterplan.

[ About Provista Group: ]

Provista Group is a diversified financial services provider that provides financial information, wealth management solutions, and leading financial software and trading services. Its team consists of elite R&D and trading professionals with a proven track record of excellence and years of experience in the forex sector.

Aiming to be the leading financial service provider worldwide, Provista Group provides financial services to successful individuals, professionals, and novice traders with long-term investment planning and minimal exposure to risks in the most advanced and innovative approach. Provista Group's business model consists of a disciplined investment management process and personalized service combined with a holistic approach to financial management.

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