Negative Power of the Internet

The internet has inflicted some changes in society which consequently have negative impacts on people's lives.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 8, 2021 / — The internet has inflicted some changes in society which consequently have negative impacts on people's lives. Its negative power has birthed several challenges faced in this present age.

The Internet, since it emerged as a technology that primarily offers wireless interactive communication to the public, there have been a vast number of relative discussions on its influence on humanity.

It is an advanced guiding tech of the information technology( IT) age that has been of incredible benefit to the world at large. It's seen to have made stunning contributions which could be attributed to effective communication, access to relevant information, great business interactions and transactions, electronic trading (eCommerce), employment opportunities, and so on.

"Digital technology, especially Google has caused major changes in daily life. Daily behaviors of a society that is on the Internet 24/7 and live online, are affected", said Altahonos.

"I also worry that social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc., are increasing social anxiety and are as destructive as they are potentially beneficial in their facilitation of communications," says Carolyn Heinrich, professor of public policy, education, and economics at Vanderbilt University.

"The smartphones especially have a way of siloing us off from each other. It takes extra effort to take a few hours, or a day, away from them. We have become obsessed – checking the news, checking social media, checking texts at all hours of the day – and it doesn’t feel healthy. Our publication, MediaShift, has covered the idea of ‘technology Sabbaths’ extensively, and they are always popular stories because society at large is having problems taking time away from technology," said Mark Glaser, founder and executive director of Media Shift.

“My kids are 14 and 12. Their social and emotional lives have been negatively impacted because they tend to seek less real-life interaction with friends because they can so easily interact with them online, said " Kat Song, communications and digital strategy director at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

The internet has negatively influenced politics (tipping government has been made easier due to the use of the internet as a medium for political movements), social engagements (making cybercrimes easier), morality, orientation (spreading terrorism and hate speech), and so on.

Despite the negative values that the internet commands sometimes, it remains an indispensable factor of change. It should be used in different areas to make life better. The internet is expected to be used in the best way and seen as a technology that can make everyone live a more convenient life.

Ostensibly, this can be actualized via some high-class technologies such as Altahonos Technology, and others. People ought to be assured of the protection and maintenance of their digital rights, career, and social life.

Digital technology has wrecked havoc on humanity in one way or the other; nevertheless, there should be advanced techs that will bring in a different story that will reduce the negative power that the Internet has. These techs should be able to offer digital intellectual and industrial rights protection, content removal, content monitoring, digital blackmailing protection, content optimization, and inappropriate content removal services as prioritized by Altahonos.

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Source: EIN Presswire