Ronald Bohlayer Explains 4 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Kids in Skiing Young

Ronald Bohlayer on skiing for young kids

Ronald Bohlayer explains 4 reason why you should start your kids skiing young

Ronald Bohlayer recently explained four reasons why you should start your kids in the sport of skiing young.

NEW YORK CITY , NEW YORK , UNITED STATES , January 26, 2021 / — Skiing is a lifelong sport. It's one that can be started at an extremely young aged and continued into the senior years with good health. Avid skier Ronald Bohlayer recently discussed why you start your kids in the sport of skiing.

"The sport of skiing is one that has brought so much joy to my life, but it has also brought a number of additional benefits," Ronald Bohlayer said. "Many people wonder if skiing is a good outdoor activity for children, and they worry about falls and other risks. I'm here to say that yes, skiing is an excellent activity for kids."

Ronald Bohlayer explained that one of the biggest advantages of teaching your kids to ski is that they then have a winter activity to keep them active. While other kids resort to video games, smartphones, and other indoor means of entertainment, you can be out on the slopes with your little ones. Keeping kids active year-round is also an important part of keeping childhood obesity at bay.

"I emphasized the importance of starting kids in the sport of skiing young because they're so capable of learning new skills," Ronal Bohlayer said."Many ski schools will begin offering lessons at age 3, and that's because most kids are fully capable of learning skiing at that age."

Ronald Bohlayer added that sending your little ones to ski school means you get a little more free time on the ski hill to yourself. Many ski resorts also offer daycare that's geared toward letting you have more time on the mountain without having to worry about your little ones.

"However, once your kids grow older, you'll quickly realize that skiing is an excellent family sport," Ronald Bohlayer said. "There are few sports entire families can enjoy at the same time, and skiing is one of them."

Ronald Bohlayer explained that skiing is recreational time spent together as a family. Countless memories are made on ski trips or weekends at the local ski resort. Ronald Bohlayer added that many kids will develop a group of friends who ski and may get them interested in other aspects of the sport, such as ski racing. Skiing with other kids, compromising on which runs to take, and making other group decisions, teaches important life lessons.

"Starting your kid in the sport of skiing will be something they thank you for one day," Ronald Bohlayer finished. "From family ski vacations to long days out on the slopes with friends, your little ones will learn countless skills that can be applied on the mountain and to life outside of the sport."

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