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We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”

— Walt Disney

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2021 / — Over the last year, online learning has exploded exponentially at an outstanding rate. With prominent companies such as Zoom, Amazon, multiple food delivery services, and plenty of other online or remote businesses having exploded in growth and sent the stock market skyrocketing; many have also decided to use the internet to learn a new skill. Some use quick searches, or youtube to learn simple new skills, while others fully work towards an online degree through an education institution. While many are opposed, and believe in person learning is much better, and more performance driven ultimately producing better results, most all would agree that online learning and technology certainly does have advantages.

Entrepreneurs who have insider expertise often create online courses to help others in their particular niche, or speciality. Most courses are available as downloadable files, within a private website with personalized access, or hosted on a platform website such as Thinkific. Creators tend to market something they have an excellent set of skills in. Whether you are an expert dancer, artist, songwriter, volleyball player, or almost anything else you think you have an upper hand in, you can make a course and market your skills to help others advance in your field. Some individuals, such as Tai Lopez (social media sales, multi-millionaire businesses) or Grant Cardone (10X, Cardone Capital) market to their clients encouraging them to improve their wealth and becoming the best version of yourself. Most all prominent figures have courses of some kind to help advance the career of others who have an interest within the field.

An interesting example of an online course is from Jeremy Cook, the founder of Cook began modeling professionally as a teenager, and has worked his way to working for prominent brands such as Louis Vuitton, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Wrangler Jeans. Cook created an online course for others wanting to know how to properly get started in the modeling industry and become successful as a professional. The course explains how to approach an agency, what to expect at a meeting, the difference between a private agent and an agency, as well as what specific photos to have in your modeling portfolio to maximize your bookings. The course includes multiple perspectives from other models, casting directors, agents, photographers and other industry experts. The expertise diversity makes the course personal, yet unisex and for all types of students regardless of their individual look, economic background or geographic location. There is also information about navigating large cities, travel tips for fitness and hygiene, as well as networking tips along with social media growth strategies. This course retails for a single payment of $249, an investment to make into yourself to advance in the industry, hopefully making modeling a full time career earning rates in the thousands of dollars per day. You can find Learn To Model, and Jeremy Cook the founder, at and on Instagram @jeremycook4.

With that being said, online courses can be quite the smart investment. Most are much deeper, more personal, and more specifically informative than a simple Google search. Most courses are on your own time, once purchased you have unlimited time to complete the course. Taking notes is highly encouraged, and referring back to chapters is easily doable. Finding a new skill or improving yourself, especially after the pandemic can only be beneficial to you. Making an investment to study an online course could be a great decision to accelerate your current career or power a new one.

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