ObiiGO, the World's First Auto Repair Bidding App Signing Up Repair and Oil Facilities

ObiiGO, the World's First Auto Repair Bidding App Signing Up Repair and Oil Facilities

FAYETTEVILLE, AR, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2021 / — ObiiGO’s successful launch at the end of 2020 has more demand for shops to join. As one customer put it, “I now feel confident about the repair process”. ObiiGO will educate the consumer better than anything else that has hit the market. ObiiGO is expanding in Houston and Phoenix, with other cities in the pipeline later this year. Shop owners will be able to sign up at

ObiiGO brings the customer and independent repair facility together in unison to work together for best pricing on the best repairs. Through ObiiGO’s OBDII plug-in the consumer can punch in the error codes and get the diagnostic read on the check engine light. From there the consumer can send off “bid requests” to participating repair and oil lube centers”. Within 30 minutes the consumer will receive the bids based on time and value allowing the consumer to pick which bid satisfies not only their wallet but, their schedule.

At a time when Covid-19 has limited the ability to leave the house consumers still need their cars to get to the grocery store or doctor. ObiiGO’s “pay on the app” and “touch free” process gives the consumer the option for safe “COVID-19” precautions with the repair facility manager or technician. With SMS messaging and the ability to send pictures. The repair facility can get a very good indication of what is going on with the car.

88% of consumers say independents charge less for auto repairs. And the average household spends 1.9% of their annual gross income on yearly auto repair. Being bigger and flashier is not what consumers want when it comes to auto repair. They want value, education, and communication on their repaired and why. Consumers will pass up fancy lobbies and espresso machines to save their family money. ObiiGO has the capability of saving a family 50%, 60%, 70% off auto repair. Next time the check engine light comes on their will be no hesitation to check it out.

ObiiGO is on a mission to help consumers with value repairs and safety for their family and others. At the same time help thousands and thousands of independent repair facilities benefit from this streamlined service to increase their car intake, overhead, profits, and live the American dream. Independents have playing “David vs Goliath” with dealerships for decades and they will have more opportunity to show consumers they can do the same job or better at a better value. With smart phones becoming such a common necessity ObiiGO has streamlined the app so even the founder’s 70-year-old mother can use it.

About ObiiGO
ObiiGO is the first automotive repair bidding app built by customers and former auto repair owners. The app’s creators are leveling the playing field for consumers and independent shop owners and helping drivers save money on costly auto repairs.

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