Pre-hung Interior Doors With Invisible Hinges

Pre-hung Interior Doors - Doors & More Showroom

Pre-hung Interior Doors – Doors & More Showroom

Doors & More offers new trending option of interior doors – pre-hung doors with invisible hinges.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 23, 2020 / — Any interior design in its original form is a set of many components that do not contradict each other either in color, or in style, or in technical features. It is a mistake to believe that a competent choice of a slab is enough for a high-quality design of the opening unit. We will have to take care of the molded elements and fittings that meet the parameters and purpose of the block.
Doors & More, interior doors supplier, presents a new trending option of interior doors – pre-hung doors with invisible hinges. Buying such doors with a ready-made frame means taking a decisive step towards a workable and presentable product.

Such a purchase of pre-hung interior doors ensures that:
• frame and sash perfectly match each other in shade, without creating a feeling of decorative dissonance;
• the bearing element of the structure will surely cope with the future load, no matter how heavy the canvas may be;
• the client does not have to waste time looking for the necessary components – the installation can be done quickly and with excellent results.

Supplying pre-hung interior doors with a ready-made frame, some manufacturers perform cutting of moldings at an angle of 45 or 90 degrees, and also make grooves for accessories. Today doors showrooms offer different brands that have gone even further with a frame that is already equipped with invisible hinges and is fully prepared for installation. Therefore, the client does not have to interfere with the structure of the product with a non-professional tool, risking its appearance and operational properties. In addition, ready-made kits significantly speed up the installation process.

What types of structural timber are available at the interior doors showrooms?
Currently, most of the showrooms are selling pre-hung interior doors with a complete frame and invisible hinges, which:
• Are made of wood, MDF or solid wood;
• Have a modern or traditional design;
• Are suitable for concealed installation. Such products are complemented by a painting net, which allows them to be hidden behind plaster or wallpaper. In this case, the slab is brought to the level of the wall and creates a single plane with it. Such pre-hung interior doors with a frame and invisible hinges are supplied;
• Have any finish, as a rule, in color and texture that matches the cover of the sash. Although combinations of different elements of the block are quite allowed, if in their dissimilarity they are in harmony with each other.

What else is included in the set?
Pre-hung interior doors with invisible hinges, which can be offered to you at the showroom, are equipped with everything you need to ensure their well-coordinated and long-term functioning. The set includes:
• high-quality invisible hinges;
• high-quality lock – a convenient and stylish locking device that is responsible for completely silent and tight closing of the door and does not require any effort when opening. The door lock fittings can be already built into the slab or supplied separately;
• moldings for both sides – decorative strips designed to mask technological gaps along the perimeter of the block and emphasize the integral appearance of the opening unit;
• frosted glass inserts, if provided by the selected model.

At the interior doors showroom, you can buy an interior door with a ready-assembled Italian quality frame and invisible hinges at the reasonable prices.

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