LiuLife Offers New Lifestyle Choices App for Preventive Health and Extended Longevity

The new LiuLife app can help gives users a powerful, easy-to-use tool to help prevent chronic diseases and increase longevity.

FREMONT, CA, UNITED STATES, November 23, 2020 / — The Joe and Emmy Liu Foundation, a 501(c)(3) private operating foundation, announces the launch of a healthy lifestyle choices mobile app, called LiuLife, to help prevent the rising incidence of chronic diseases and promote extended longevity. The new app is available for FREE download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Risky lifestyle habits are the key reason for the nation’s rising prevalence of chronic diseases according to CDC, and chronic diseases have negatively affected our health, independence, quality-of-life, and longevity. Over 60% of the nation’s adults, including 80% of seniors, suffer from one or more chronic diseases. The U.S. spent $4 Trillion (~ 20% of GDP) on health care, of which almost 90% or about $3.6 trillion was for chronic disease care. These are alarming numbers.

But there is good news. A recent Harvard School of Public Health study tracked over 100,000 faculty members starting at the age of 50, for a period of 34 years. By following five lifestyle choices of diet, weight control, daily exercise, no smoking, and excessive drinking for life, resulted to fewer chronic disease cases, and gained an average of 12 and 14 extra years of lifespan per person for male and female groups, respectively (if they had these habits at age 50).

Lifestyle choice is the key to health and longevity. The Liu Foundation was inspired by Harvard’s evidence-based study and decided to devote resources using cloud-based telehealth technology to build a leading LiuLife App for the advancement of healthy lifestyle choices to reach more mobile users for chronic disease(s) prevention and extended longevity.

The LiuLife App offers 13 lifestyle choices including Harvard’s five lifestyle choices with additional mental, social, financial support, and medical checkups for holistic, preventive health and longevity. The LiuLife App uses flashcard-trackers, a Health and Longevity scoring calculator, coaching, and teamwork to attract more users and position the app as one’s lifelong health and longevity “companion.” The LiuLife App takes merely two minutes per visit, yet it is a powerful, self-directed app for ultimate health and longevity.

Traditional thinking pushed the idea that good genes and a healthy environment were necessary to achieve a healthy lifestyle and promote longevity. However, modern telehealth and remote care have made preventive health much easier, thus bringing the potential for improved health to a larger segment of the population. Using LiuLife self-directed education, awareness, behavior conditioning, and discipline training to form healthy habits “on-the-go” can help users achieve health and longevity. Thus, using LiuLife App can turn more people to be centenarians. The bottom-line is using the LiuLife Lifestyle Choices App can help people live healthier, longer, and happier.

Your involvement and volunteering are welcomed. FREE download: Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

To Download LiuLife: Click Here

The Joe and Emmy Liu Foundation was founded by semiconductor veteran Joe and his wife Emmy as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The Foundation’s mission is using technology to save lives. LiuLife is a charitable lifestyle choices App for preventive health and extended longevity.

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Joe and Emmy Liu Foundation
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Source: EIN Presswire