Grandmother Tells Her Story and Urges Americans to Vote

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2020 / — Eva Navratil is telling the painful story of her childhood for the first time ever. While difficult, she has decided to share it because in the wake of this critical election, it needs to be heard now more than ever before.

As a child she lived through the atrocities of a dictatorship. She experienced things that no child should ever have to live though. Now as a grandmother, the greatest joy in life, she is asking for the help of all Americans to help protect her children, grandchildren by voting in the upcoming election on November 3rd to safeguard our freedom and democracy.

She says, "Just like mine, your life can change in a very short time if you do not help me and safeguard your freedom and democracy."

The events Eva discusses happened in Hungary behind the iron curtain, between 1948 – 1953.

Video is available on YouTube: "Dear Americans: My grandmother is asking for your help."

She asks us all to listen to her message and share.

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