Adam Katz Discusses the Design Process for New Businesses

Adam Katz on the Design Process for New Businesses

NEW YORK , NY, UNITED STATES , October 29, 2020 / — The Design Process for New Business Is Essential and Adam Katz Is Here To Go Through It

In today's era, it is critical for new businesses to think about how they want to present themselves. The reality is that consumers today are more educated and smarter than they ever have been in the past. They care about where and how they spend their money. Therefore, it is important for businesses to rise to meet these expectations and put their best foot when entering a market or engaging with new audiences. This is where the design process is critical. When it comes to the identity of businesses, Adam Katz is an expert. He is here to discuss the design process for branding a company.
Adam Katz Discusses the Design Process in Developing Identity of the Company

Adam Katz states that the identity of a developing company is tied inextricably to this design process. When people think about a company, the first thing they are going to think about is the identity, their first introduction to the company. The user experience builds off of this discovery moment, thinking about each time the brand will engage with the client is thinking through the design process. Therefore, businesses need to work with a design professional who can help them design not just an identity but a full brand that showcases itself in tone, voice, and design. This is where professionals, such as Adam Katz, can help.

Adam Katz Discusses the Design Process and Audience

In addition, Adam Katz knows that the design process has to effectively communicate and reach its audience. According to Adam Katz, the target audience is going to make a quick decision when it comes to how they feel about a company. Therefore, the design process has to consider how it reaches this audience (design deliverable) and what it will say to that audience at that moment. What type of experience is the consumer looking for? What problem are they looking to solve? What kind of brand do they want to attach themselves to? Where do they want to spend their money? These are questions that have to be answered before a new business is able to engage effectively in the design process.

Adam Katz Discusses the Design Process as an Ongoing Journey, Not a Destination

In many companies, they feel that the design process is going to lead to a finished product or a final goal. While there are going to be stepping stones along the way, this is more of a journey and not a destination. Therefore, it is critical for all companies to think of this as such. Adam Katz knows that the expectations of customers and the world itself are going to change over time. Therefore, it is important for businesses to listen to their audience and realize that this is going to be an ongoing process. Adam Katz feels that companies that are going to succeed in the modern era are going to be able to adapt to the changing expectations of the target market.

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