Packaging Distributors of America Unveil Their New Purpose-Driven Logo

Packing Distributor’s of America New Logo

Nationally Respected Organization, Packaging Distributors of America, Announces New Forward-Thinking Logo

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2020 / — Packaging Distributors of America, the nation’s leader in innovative industrial packaging, announces the launch of their sleek new forward-thinking logo. While the packaging industry is amongst the oldest around, it also requires constant adaptation. As our world evolves and changes, we need modern solutions to match, and Packaging Distributors of America is committed to leading that change by applying the forward-thinking mindset to their entire organization; from solutions, to communication, to logos, and everything in between.

The year 2020 has been an absolute game changer for various industries. Amidst a global pandemic, the world saw first-hand how vital packaging is in keeping goods and products safe and secure, in more ways than one. With that evolution, PDA reevaluated what is important to today and in the future. Packaging Distributors of America has taken the issue of safety and evolving into new and innovative practices into their own hands, and their new logo is reflective of this theme of forward-thinking, reliability, unity and community.

“A logo makes a brand mission more tangible. It takes many ideas and beliefs and puts it into one shape to form an identity. The new PDA logo objective was to create a mark that represents the modern PDA company and the evolution of PDA, while maintaining the core of who we are.” – George Strobel, PDA President

The new logo has elements from the original logo with a modernized aesthetic. The core color scheme of blue, tan, and red is evident. The overall approach of old-meets-new is what gives PDA a unique position.

Packaging Distributors of America has over 80 logistics centers across North America, operating with state of the art technology. PDA is unmatched in their core abilities as a company. Their network of engineers are continually researching and refining their processes and integrations to offer up-to-date packaging services. specific to the customer’s needs;

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About Packaging Distributors of America Release

The Packaging Distributors of America (PDA) is a full service packaging company with over 80 locations across America. The vision of the Packaging Distributors of America is to marry engineering with technology with environmentally safe practices, to bring tech and innovation into the packaging industry, and to help create a better supply chain from beginning to end. Where many packaging resources maintain a standardized model, PDA develops custom packaging solutions for the individual client’s needs. From customer relations, services, products and handling, the Packaging Distributors of America are dedicated to a “community first” approach, being the complete source for product diversity, knowledge, education and ingenuity in packaging. The Packaging Distributors of America are there to help take the hassle, the stress out of the equation and replace is with trust, reliability, and innovation. The owner-operators combine to create an unmatched national network of value and technology – all wrapped in the type of ‘make-it-happen’ personal service the competition doesn’t care to provide.


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