Local Personal Trainer Turned International Entrepreneur: Luke Wade's Comeback

Luke Wade

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If I Can… You Can, Too.

Unforeseen career change directs Luke Wade to relaunch his personal training business. A story of a local, heart-centered enterprise turned global.

I, Luke Wade, am an underdog. Through my experiences of overcoming what I have – still learning, journey ongoing – I want people to know there IS a way forward.”

— Luke Wade

FORT WORTH, TX, US, October 26, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Based in Fort Worth, TX, serving internationally, Luke Wade, MBA, CPT, PN1, is a fitness consultant who has helped a multitude of clients achieve and maintain their fitness goals. Equipped with formal psychology and nutrition university education as well as 3+ years experience in physical therapy, Luke's approach provides him an edge in enhancing client results holistically. Not only through the psyche and fine-tuned dietary interventions, but also for post-rehab clients returning from injury.

Luke comes from humble beginnings. Fitness was his way of overcoming adversity beginning in the 6th grade. Having just moved to private school from public school Luke used food to numb the pain of feeling alone. Those hearty meals translated to extra pounds to the point it nearly took him 14 minutes to run one mile.

"At 12 years old I thought that was it. It was rough, but now this experience helps me better empathize with those going through similar struggles. Especially my clients.”

Inspired by his sporty older brother Luke hopped into a summer strength and conditioning camp programmed for high school athletes. Especially for someone in his shape it was challenging. But he got through it.

Nearly slicing his mile in half by the 7th grade.

"My peers started perceiving me differently. After such a somber 6th grade it was nice to get a little pep in my step for a change."

A few years later disaster on a different proportion struck, as Luke suffered a devastating shattered elbow in the second varsity football game of the 2008 season. Precipitating a year of depression, anxiety, and self-isolation well beyond that in 6th grade.

"It was like I was being attacked on all sides. I just wanted it to end. Even to the point I thought about ending my own life."

Once again fitness was Luke's vehicle to overcome the odds. To the point he even outscored the varsity quarterback and the ace receiver of his junior class in athletic testing Fall 2009.

"They both went on to play D-1 college football. So it's cool to say that after such a dark season in my life I did something like that. And I could look up at that leader board then and see my name there. And know that I did EVERYTHING within my power to get there. The 6th/7th transformation got me into my own fitness groove. THIS is what inspired me to get into the business of helping others become their best."

Almost a decade later another unexpected world-rocking event ensued. 2018 Luke dropped out of physical therapy school. On his Dallas-bound train ride to finalize the formal withdrawal process he called his boss at his former PT clinic workplace, who graciously gave him his old job back. Luke was at work the next day.

“After years of working in the clinic full-time and going to nighttime and weekend science classes – full time for much of that season – I felt like such a failure. It was as if I’d spent those years opening up the clinic before 7am and staying in the science labs till 11pm … all for nothing.”

Following a few days of figuring out where in the world to go next, Luke decided to return to his true love for personal training.

“I struck out pretty bad as a personal trainer entrepreneur at 22. Made awful judgement calls and marketing was embarrassingly bad. Hell, I practically got laughed out of my old high school gym for posting my flyers. So I wanted a second shot. I COULD NOT go out like that.”

January 2019 Luke left his full-time job as a physical therapy tech and took the leap back into personal training. With no guarantees or base salary Luke hustled to practically double his 2018 income by year’s end while enrolled full-time in TCU Neeley’s MBA program. He also served across DFW as a geriatrics group exercise and water aerobics instructor.

“The fact that so many people trusted me to be a part of their fitness journey was beyond anything I can put into words. After just coming out of a season when I had next to no faith in myself… you could practically say my clients saved ME!”

Just when Luke’s business was booming early 2020, COVID-19 threw a nasty curveball.

“2/3 of my client base abandoned ship. They didn’t like the idea of transitioning online. But because of the way my business was set up I was still able to work with several of them and earn enough to sustain me through those rocky first couple months. I will forever be grateful to those who weathered the storm with me. Most of them are still with me today.”

It became clear that old clientele alone wasn’t going to cut it if Luke wanted to keep growing his business and brand. So he set his sights on the online market.

“It’s amazing how you can monetize now on social media. I experimented with some things that were pretty ineffective the first couple months. Then I connected with a few mentors who helped me mobilize authenticity to attract clients. I’ve seen my best financial months during the pandemic, much thanks to these things I’ve learned along the way. More importantly, I now find myself with a greater platform that provides me more opportunity to make a difference in people's lives. No matter the distance between us."

Luke’s mission is to leave tremendous impact on the world. Not only through his online and in-person coaching/consulting services, but through using his voice via social media to help unite people globally through the messages of hope, redemption, and triumph.

“I, Luke Wade, am an underdog. Through my experiences of overcoming what I have – still learning, journey ongoing – I want people to know there IS a way forward. Readers: if you don’t take anything else away from this article, please remember this. You are capable. You are worthy. And YES YOU CAN overcome.”

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