Tania Tomyn of Retrolock Is Recognized with the ConstructSecure Gold Safety Award

Tania Tomyn of Retrolock and her Company Have Been Recognized with the Prestigious ConstructSecure Gold Safety Award

ORANGE COUNTY, CA, UNITED STATES , October 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — When it comes to running a company, safety should also come first. Recently, Tania Tomyn CEO of Retrolock has been recognized for its commitment to safety. The company was awarded the ConstructSecure Golf Safety Award in recognition of its high safety score. Tania Tomyn is proud of her team and the company’s commitment.

Tania Tomyn of Retrolock’s Strong Commitment to Safety

Tania Tomyn of Retrolock has always placed safety first and the company's loyal customers and clients have always known this. This award is just another shining example of the company's dedication to putting safety with a proven record first. During the past few years, Tania Tomyn of Retrolock has done a remarkable job of developing a strong safety program and putting it into practice. As a result, the employees of the company enjoy a safe and secure environment in which to do their jobs.

Tania Tomyn of Retrolock Discusses What This Means for the Company

The company has always placed safety at the top of the priority list and Tania Tomyn of Retrolock knows that this award is further recognition of this. ConstructSecure is a cloud-based mobile platform that focuses on helping its clients make risk management decisions. ConstructSecure uses its safety assessment program to review a company's historic safety performance along with its current safety management plan. Using this score, ConstructSecure hands out safety awards so that everyone is able to identify risk and manage it more intelligently. Clearly, the company was impressed with Tania Tomyn of Retrolock, which scores on the Safety Assessment Program, showing that the company has done an exceptional job.

Tania Tomyn of Retrolock Explores the Future Goals of the Company

Moving forward, nothing is going to change with the company. While Tania Tomyn of Retrolock is proud of the award that his company has received, he has always placed safety first and will continue to do so in the future. Tania Tomyn of Retrolock will continue to conduct regular safety assessments to make sure that nobody with the company is ever put in harm's way. With advanced solutions being released on a regular basis, the company is going to do a regular audit of its safety policies and ensure that it is always in compliance with the recommended best practices. Ideally, nobody who works for this company will ever suffer a safety incident on the job.

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