Canadian Socialist Party announces ways to eliminate the spread of Covid-19

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 23, 2020 / — For immediate release:

The world is facing the biggest problem ever which is the Covid-19. It had already killed over a million and continue to kill more.

Every country had a different response and different results. Most of the countries were not able to stop that dangerous virus.

Few countries had a good results which include Taiwan, Thailand,and Vietnam. We have to learn from these countries and use the same steps they did. Everybody agrees that social distancing hand washing and wearing a face masks are the way to stop the virus. Also contact tracing does help. The one thing that most of the countries failed is the type of face masks to use. We understand that N95 masks are used for the medical front line personal only. We were advice to wear anything to cover the face from surgical masks to just scarfs. This is a bad advice since none of them filter or kill the virus. Also the surgical mask is for one time use but people use it for many time. Also the home made masks and scarfs are even worse. We must make reusable masks that block the virus. The governments must publicize and enforce that. We can not afford to keep the silence about that. Also we must use the exact methods that Taiwan used. We should even allow them to control our covid-19 response teams. Also regarding testing we must use a fast and accurate tests that do not require a lab. We can use the testing and avoid the 14 days self isolation which is making almost impossible to travel. We have the technology and the experts that can stop this dangerous virus.
Also the rich nations must support the poor nations.

Our political party ( supports this mission. We must co-operate to defeat this deadly virus. Also about the potential vaccines which had been funded by governments with billions of dollars. The effectiveness of such a vaccine is between 50 to 70 percent. Also it is effective for about 6 months which is not very good. We must shift our focus to medicines to treat the infected people. We need to stay safe from Covid-19.

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Source: EIN Presswire