Alzheimer’s Homecare Study Seeking 40 Caregivers to Fill Program Funded by National Institutes of Health

The Presence Caregiver Research Pack

The Presence Caregiver Research Pack is designed to provide in-home safety and critical insights that assist in caregiving efforts, perfected for use in homes and apartments of any size.

Qualified applicants who apply before November 15, 2020 will receive free mobile app and smart home kit to improve safety of dementia patients.

This project has given me peace of mind and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being a participant.”

— Lisa F., Reno, Nevada

PALO ALTO, CA, USA, October 23, 2020 / — Caregivers are invited to sign-up for a free homecare system designed to address the everyday challenges of providing care for people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Funded through the National Institutes of Health, this initiative is led by technology company People Power and University of California’s Berkeley Psychophysiology Laboratory, one of the world’s leading research labs for the study of human aging. The no-cost program is 90% filled and is offered to 40 more caregivers living with a person who has received a diagnosis of dementia or mild cognitive impairment. The system is designed to assist caregivers in the mission of providing care for a loved one, while helping combat their own feelings of isolation, stress and loneliness. Those interested in participating in this research from their homes anywhere in the United States are encouraged to visit the program website by November 15, 2020, and answer 4 simple questions to see if they qualify. The qualification survey takes just minutes. Installation assistance of the in-home solution is provided by helpful customer care experts.

To apply for this free kit and service, visit

The Presence Caregiver Research Pack includes a variety of sensors that are installed in the home, similar to a security system, but without cameras. The sensors gather continuous pattern motion data and, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), create a safety net for the home that alerts caregivers to potential hazards. Data from sensors fuel a menu of helpful services that perform continuous monitoring of occupants. The easy-to-use mobile app integrates with the wirelessly connected sensors to help understand the real-time and daily activities in the home. The system distributes alerts and connects with a Trusted Circle of family and friends, and more.

"This project has given me peace of mind and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being a participant. I’ve been taking care of my mother for many years. As her health continues to decline, the project has been a lifesaver for me,” said Lisa F., Reno, Nevada. “I am able to check on her at any given moment. Thank you. And thank you for creating this research program for all the individuals like me caring for a loved one."

The Presence Caregiver Research Pack provides a variety of helpful caregiving services:

Receive mobile alerts if something appears to be wrong
– Know if someone wandered away from home
– Know if they may have experienced a fall

Track the current activities of occupants
– Know if and when the front door opened
– Know when medication was accessed

Better understand rest and sleep patterns
– Know what time they went to bed and got up
– Track sleep history and quality for improved health insights

Enable support from family and friends
– Create and delegate helpful tasks to others
– Coordinate family and friends to stay in contact

Improve safety at home
– Call for help with wireless 1-touch button
– Know immediately of a water leak or clogged toilet

Enjoy voice control services with Amazon Echo
– Easily request helpful reminders to take medications
– Make phone calls, check weather, and play music

Join and participate in a caregiving community
– Connect with and receive online advice from caregivers
– Get invited to in-person meetings with fellow caregivers

Participating caregivers must be literate in English, have a smartphone and wireless internet connectivity in the home, and be willing to participate in intermittent study activities. Participants will receive the Presence Caregiver Research Pack and the mobile app at no cost, a free Amazon Echo upon installation of the system, and each caregiver will earn up to $150 for completing questionnaires. The program is supported by the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute on Aging through a Small Business Innovation Research grant, #R44 AG059458-01. To apply for this free kit and service, visit

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