Speechly Releases the First Real Time Spoken Language Understanding Client Library for React

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Speechly, Helsinki, Finland-based deep tech startup releases a new developer tool for building real time voice user interfaces with React.

Natural utterances such as "Show me red, sorry I mean blue t-shirts" are badly supported in current voice tools because of lack of real-time visual feedback. This is the issue our approach solves.”

— Ottomatias Peura, Head of Growth and Product

HELSINKI, FINLAND, October 17, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Developer tools for voice tools have evolved from simple speech to text solutions to conversational tools for building skills for voice assistants and smart speakers. But tools for adding voice functionalities to existing touch screen applications have lacked and building intuitive voice user interfaces for touch screens has required machine learning teams and long development projects.

"Speechly offers developers and designers tools for improving user experience and engagement in their touch screen applications. We have cut down the time and money it takes to build well-functioning multi modal experiences significantly with our offering.", says Ottomatias Peura, the Head of Growth and Product of Speechly

The real issue with current voice tools is not the accuracy of speech recognition but the lack of real-time feedback. Current smart speakers and conversational voice tools are based on turn-based dialog which creates unnecessary delay. After the user stops speaking, the system waits a while for end pointing, then process the text transcript of the voice input by means of natural language understanding and only after that they complete the action.

Speechly has revolutionized this cycle by combining speech recognition and natural language understanding. This enables real time visual feedback for end users and supports more complex and natural language.

"Real-time visual feedback is the killer feature for voice user interfaces. When the user sees the user interface updating as they speak, they are encouraged to continue the voice experience. On the other hand, if there's an issue with the speech recognition or if the user hesitates, same real real time feedback enables them to recover fast and correct themselves.", says Ottomatias Peura.

The new React client library and Speechly design philosophy enables software developer tools to efficiently produce touch screen applications that include voice functionalities.

Speechly has released easy-to-use client libraries earlier for Javascript and continue producing amazing developer tools with the new React library. Android and iOS client libraries are currently in alpha and will be released by the end of the year 2020.

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Source: EIN Presswire