Fair Political Practices Commission to Investigate Lily Mei for Potential Violations of State Election Law

As of October 22, 2020, Fremont Mayor Lily Mei is now being investigated by state authorities for potentially violating state election law.

Fremont Mayor Lily Mei is now being investigated by state authorities.

The FPPC merges all allegations into a single case that will be investigated.

The FPPC merges all allegations into a single case that will be investigated.

As of October 22, 2020, Fremont Mayor Lily Mei is now being investigated by state authorities for potentially violating state election law.

FREMONT, CA, 94536, October 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — On October 22, 2020, Chief of the Enforcement Division of the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Galena West confirmed in public documents that state authorities have opened an investigation into Lily Mei's campaign financial statements for potential violations of state election law. This ranges from incomplete/inaccurate reporting to potentially accepting double contributions or conduit contributions from donors.

On October 23, 2020, the FPPC confirmed that Lily Mei and Lily Mei for Fremont Mayor will both be investigated and that additional allegations have been merged with the existing case.

In 2017, Lily Mei was fined for violating 5 counts of state election law during her 2016 campaign. This included not reporting campaign donations and campaign expenditures.

Justin Sha
Justin for Fremont Mayor 2020
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Canadian Socialist Party announces ways to eliminate the spread of Covid-19

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — For immediate release:

The world is facing the biggest problem ever which is the Covid-19. It had already killed over a million and continue to kill more.

Every country had a different response and different results. Most of the countries were not able to stop that dangerous virus.

Few countries had a good results which include Taiwan, Thailand,and Vietnam. We have to learn from these countries and use the same steps they did. Everybody agrees that social distancing hand washing and wearing a face masks are the way to stop the virus. Also contact tracing does help. The one thing that most of the countries failed is the type of face masks to use. We understand that N95 masks are used for the medical front line personal only. We were advice to wear anything to cover the face from surgical masks to just scarfs. This is a bad advice since none of them filter or kill the virus. Also the surgical mask is for one time use but people use it for many time. Also the home made masks and scarfs are even worse. We must make reusable masks that block the virus. The governments must publicize and enforce that. We can not afford to keep the silence about that. Also we must use the exact methods that Taiwan used. We should even allow them to control our covid-19 response teams. Also regarding testing we must use a fast and accurate tests that do not require a lab. We can use the testing and avoid the 14 days self isolation which is making almost impossible to travel. We have the technology and the experts that can stop this dangerous virus.
Also the rich nations must support the poor nations.

Our political party (canadasocialistparty.ca) supports this mission. We must co-operate to defeat this deadly virus. Also about the potential vaccines which had been funded by governments with billions of dollars. The effectiveness of such a vaccine is between 50 to 70 percent. Also it is effective for about 6 months which is not very good. We must shift our focus to medicines to treat the infected people. We need to stay safe from Covid-19.

Eng. Sammy Shaltout
Canada Socialist party
+1 416-877-2343
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VIRTUAL TO REAL | RECon Canada 2020

VIRTUAL TO REAL | RECon Canada 2020



RECon Canada 2020 | The world leader in retail real estate conferences and deal-making events

RECon Canada 2020 | The world leader in retail real estate conferences and deal-making events

The world’s largest global gathering of retail real estate professionals. One of the biggest editions this year in North America and will be entirely digital.

RECon is the real deal! ARQUI300 must be present at this event. The world has not stopped. Neither do we! We have new projects from New York like 340 Madison and amazing new services to share. ”

— Nuno Mesquita, Executive Director

NYC, NEW YORK, USA, October 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — – RECon is the world’s largest global gathering of retail real estate professionals. RECon Canada 2020 will be one of the biggest editions this year in North America and will be entirely digital.
ARQUI300, a market leader and reference in 3D design and production, Live Render, AR, VR, and Real Estate communication will present the new VIRTUAL TO REAL campaign.

After a deep impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the entire event agenda expected for this year in industries as dynamic as Real Estate or Retail, ICSC will develop the RECon Canada 2020, on October 26 and 27. This edition will be virtual and is already a success with thousands of registered exhibiting companies and attendees. ARQUI300, leading company in 3D design and production, Live Render, AR, VR, and Real Estate communication will present the new VIRTUAL TO REAL campaign.

ARQUI300 will join leading developers, owners, brokers, and retailers to conduct a new approach and strategy in the Real Estate industry that now is experiencing an unprecedented digital transformation.

Virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual tours, 3D Live Rendering are key success factors for investors and developers. This is the strategy of the new VIRTUAL TO REAL campaign, with innovative services that promise to transform your business vision.

ICSC is the world leader in retail real estate conferences and deal-making events, hosting more than 100 events a year and attracting a combined audience of 100,000 industry professionals. For those interested in doing business with retail real estate industry leaders and decision-makers, there is no better way to gain visibility, close deals and improve ROI than leveraging ICSC's exhibiting opportunities at deal-making events, specialty conferences, and idea exchanges.

"RECon is the real deal! The premier global retail real estate exhibition with the world's largest shopping center development companies and retailers, municipalities, financial institutions, product suppliers and service companies. ARQUI300 must be present at this event. The world has not stopped. It has changed, a lot, yes, but it didn't stop. Neither do we! We have new projects from New York like 340 Madison and amazing new services to share. " – says Nuno Mesquita, Executive Director.

Book your meeting, with ARQUI300 at https://arqui300.com/virtual-to-real/ and get to know the RECon Canada 2020’s industry innovations.

Join this exciting virtual experience and grow your business through connections and deal-making, gain insights from thought leaders and network with peers.

About ARQUI300:

Based in New York City, ARQUI300 operates on 4 continents and over 26 countries. Architecture, real estate, design, corporate communication, advertising and master planning, are just some of the industries where ARQUI300 delivers an amazing experience of 3D excellence, bringing to reality what is still an idea. With architects, designers, engineers, 3D artists, filmmakers, scriptwriters, composite artists, sound designers, creative consultants, developers, programmers, and project managers, ARQUI300 delivers memorable digital experiences. Learn more at https://arqui300.com.

Valdemar Pires
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VIRTUAL TO REAL by ARQUI300 | Meet the new 3D Digital Experience for Real Estate industry

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Le récent réchauffement de l'Atlantique est sans précédent depuis 3 millénaires

South Sawtooth Lake, Ile d’Ellesmere, saison estivale. Crédit: Pierre Francus. Bas: section d’une carotte de sédiment avec la courbe de titane. Francois Lapointe

Nicholas Balascio et François Lapointe travaillant avec une tarière à glace pour forer dans la glace de 3,5 m d’épaisseur à South Sawtooth Lake, Canada. Crédit: Mark B Abbott.

Les températures de l’océan Atlantique au cours des ~3 derniers millénaires

BOSTON, MA, USA, October 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — L’Arctique se réchauffe beaucoup plus rapidement que le reste de la planète à cause de l’augmentation des gaz à effet de serre. Cependant, ce réchauffement peut être amplifié ou atténué par les variations naturelles du climat. Une de ces fluctuations est contrôlée par les températures des eaux de surface dans l’Atlantique Nord, qui alternent entre une phase chaude et froide sur un cycle de 60 à 80 ans, communément appelé l'Oscillation Multi-décennale de l'Atlantique (OAM). En remontant 3000 ans en arrière, une équipe menée par Francois Lapointe et Raymond Bradley de l'University of Massachusetts et Pierre Francus de l'Institut National de la recherche scientifique (INRS) Quebec, a pu mesurer ces variations de la température des eaux de l’Atlantique Nord.

Cette nouvelle étude permet de mieux comprendre l'évolution des variations de température de l'océan Atlantique, et ce, avec une résolution temporelle sans précédent. Un progrès immense qui illustre entre autre que la période la plus chaude s'est produite durant la dernière décennie, alors que la phase la plus froide s'est échelonnée entre 1400-1600 après J.C., période communément connue sous le nom de "Petit Age Glaciaire".

Pour produire cette série, Lapointe et ses collaborateurs ont analysé des couches de sédiments lacustres accumulées au nord de l’île d’Ellesmere, dans l’Arctique canadien. En mesurant la taille des particules constitutives et leur concentration en titane, il a été possible d'estimer la température et la pression atmosphérique relative.

Plus précisément, lorsque le nord du bassin Atlantique est anormalement froid, un système de basses pressions domine au-dessus du Groenland et du Canada. Ce faisant, les conditions sont plus froides, la glace et la neige d’été fondent moins ce qui à son tour rend les grains sédimentaires plus fins et augmente leur concentration en titane – issu de l’altération des roches. La relation s’inverse lorsque l’Atlantique nord devient anormalement chaud. Cette corrélation est en fait l’expression d’un mode de variabilité que l’on appelle communément l’Oscillation Atlantique Multi-décennale (OAM).

« En utilisant ces liens solides, il a été possible de reconstituer les variations des températures de surface de l’Atlantique au cours des 2900 dernières années. Cela en fait l’enregistrement le plus long actuellement disponible » explique Francois Lapointe, auteur principal du papier.

«Notre ensemble de données unique constitue la première reconstitution des températures de surface de la mer Atlantique sur les 3000 dernières années et cela permettra aux climatologues de mieux comprendre les mécanismes derrière les changements à long terme du comportement de l'océan Atlantique". Ajoute le professeur Pierre Francus.

Les chercheurs rapportent que leur enregistrement nouvellement reconstruit est significativement corrélé avec plusieurs autres enregistrements de sédiments indépendants de l'océan Atlantique allant du nord de l'Islande jusqu'au large du Venezuela, confirmant sa fiabilité en tant que proxy de la variabilité à long terme des températures océaniques sur une large bande de l'Atlantique. L'enregistrement est également similaire aux températures européennes au cours des 2000 dernières années, soulignent-ils.

La dernière phase chaude de l’OAM a commencé en 1995 et se poursuit actuellement. Les résultats montrent que le réchauffement dans la région de l’Arctique canadien et du Groenland est intensifié par une fréquence plus élevée des systèmes de haute pression atmosphérique. « Les températures maximales ont pu atteindre 20 degrés Celsius pendant plusieurs jours sur Ellesmere, l’île canadienne près du Pôle Nord », souligne Lapointe. Il a constaté l’ampleur de ces changements lors de ses nombreux travaux de terrain dans l’Arctique canadien au cours de la dernière décennie.

Combinées avec l’augmentation globale des températures, ces conditions atmosphériques favorisent un ensoleillement constant en été et ont mené à des impacts irréversibles sur la fonte des glaciers, des calottes glaciaires et du pergélisol au cours des dernières années.

« Si cette phase chaude se poursuit, on peut s’attendre à des conditions climatiques qui entraîneront une fonte encore plus importante dans les prochaines décennies. Dans le scénario d’un retour à la phase froide de l’OAM, on devrait alors s’attendre à une atténuation du réchauffement en Arctique », précise Francois Lapointe.

La calotte de glace du Groenland a perdu environ 500 milliards de tonne de masse en 2019, un record, souligne le professeur Bradley. « Des conditions anticycloniques (haute-pression) sans précédents ont eu lieu durant cet été, ce qui a conduit à des conditions de fonte exceptionnelle dans la région. Les modèles climatiques actuels ne reproduisent pas correctement ces conditions atmosphériques persistantes, et sous-estiment potentiellement l'accélération future de la fonte dans des régions clés en Arctique», conclut Lapointe par conférence téléphonique.

Les détails de l'article sont disponibles dans les Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) :

Climate infos
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Concierge Auctions Announces Pending Sale of Architectural Digest-featured Ibiza, Spain estate with Black Book Ibiza

Villa Dulce

A masterpiece of design, with glamorous finishes and cutting-edge home technology.

A masterpiece of design, with glamorous finishes and cutting-edge home technology.

The villa features unparalleled indoor-outdoor flow through bi-fold sliding doors and floor-to-ceiling glass.

The villa features unparalleled indoor-outdoor flow through bi-fold sliding doors and floor-to-ceiling glass.

With a myriad of options for dining and lounging, this incredible property is an impressive backdrop for large and small gatherings.

With a myriad of options for dining and lounging, this incredible property is an impressive backdrop for large and small gatherings.

Only a 5-minute drive away from the entertainment in San Antonio, and approximately 20 minutes by car from Ibiza Old Town.

Only a 5-minute drive away from the entertainment in San Antonio, and approximately 20 minutes by car from Ibiza Old Town.

Villa Dulce is Under Contract in Cooperation with Listing Agents Alex Richardson of Black Book Ibiza and David Grad of Veri Mallorca

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Concierge Auctions is pleased to announce that Villa Dulce in Ibiza, Spain, offering seclusion and stunning southwest views of the Mediterranean and San Antonio, is pending sale following an active auction with seven registered bidders, in cooperation with listing agents Alex Richardson of Black Book Ibiza and David Grad of Veri Mallorca.

Previously offered for €9.5 million, the property sold No Reserve October 15th via the firm’s digital marketplace, ConciergeAuctions.com. Having processed over $100 billion in bids, the online platform allows buyers to bid remotely, from wherever they may be in the world.

The global exposure generated by Concierge Auctions in the seven weeks prior to the auction resulted in over 48,652 website/page views, 1,217 prospects, 64 open house visitors, and 49 showings by interested buyers.

A masterpiece of design with glamorous finishes, custom LED lighting, and cutting-edge home technology, Villa Dulce is a showpiece property ideal for large family getaways or entertaining on a grand scale. Profiled in Architectural Digest Magazine, the modern Mediterranean villa and guest residence offer privacy while still just minutes from Ibiza revelry.

As part of Concierge Auctions' Key for Key® giving program in partnership with Giveback Homes, the closing of Villa Dulce will result in a new home built for a family in need.

Concierge Auctions offers a commission to the buyers' representing real estate agent. See Auction Terms and Conditions for full details. For more information or to view all current offerings, visit ConciergeAuctions.com or call +

About Concierge Auctions
Concierge Auctions is the largest luxury real estate marketplace in the world, powered by state-of-the-art technology. Since its inception in 2008, the firm has generated billions of dollars in sales, broken world records for the highest-priced homes ever achieved at auction, and is active in 40 U.S. states/territories and 29 countries. Concierge curates the most prestigious properties globally, matches them with qualified buyers, and facilitates transparent, market-driven transactions in an expedited time frame. The firm owns the most comprehensive and intelligent database of high-net-worth real estate buyers and sellers in the industry. As a six-time honoree to the annual Inc. Magazine list of America's fastest-growing companies, it now joins the Inc5000 Hall of Fame; was named No. 38 on the 2018 Entrepreneur 360™ List recognizing 360 small businesses every year that are mastering the art of and science of growing a business in the areas of impact, innovation, growth, leadership, and business valuation; and has contributed more than 200 homes to-date as part of its Key for Key® giving program in partnership with Giveback Homes™, which guarantees that for every property the company sells, a new home will be built for a family in need. For more information visit conciergeauctions.com.

Krystal Aeby
Concierge Auctions
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Green Pines Media Presents: Social Innovation Vol. 1

Green Pines Media “Doing Social Work Different”, available on Amazon Prime.

Green Pines Media

Deena Saunders-Green is “Doing Social Work Different”

LOS ANGELES , CA, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — WHO: Star of Amazon Prime Mini-Documentary “Doing Social Work Different,” Deena Saunders-Green, releases compilation album for transition-aged youth through her for-profit benefit corporation Green Pines media featuring Nakai Love, Nigel Roman, Adreanna Sunsh7ne, Anthony Gray, Mikol & visual artist Jameah.

Nakai Love: Nakai is a soul and R&B singer-songwriter from a small city near Compton CA, called Lynwood. She always knew that music, performance, poetry, and dance were apart of her future. “I have refined my music into heartfelt songs, with a voice that pierces the soul while the lyrics open your heart.”

Nigel Roman: He is a Joshua Tree, California native, a singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist whose music combines the ingredients of traditional jazz, acoustic-driven folk, and 80s era power ballad vocals. His music offers us a look into our own turmoil and inspires forgiveness.

Adreanna Sunsh7ne: She is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter, visual artist, fashionista, and all-around creator. The Paramount, California native has been creating art since she could walk and talk. “My art is abstract and eclectic.”

Mikol: He is a writer, composer, rapper, and father from Southern, California. He represents the Black and Latino culture to build bridges, tell his story, and most importantly to amplify other’s stories. His authenticity, diverse sound, and lyrical depth make Mikol an act worth listening to.

C’Mar The Producer: He is a 27-year-old music producer, songwriter, and father. He started making music in middle school and dancing in his after-school program with laptops and midi keys. He has teamed up with Anthony Gray, a recording artist. “Music is an outlet for me to be able to voice my emotions”.

Anthony Gray Jr: He is the other half of C’Mar The Producer’s duo and a native of Compton, California. The songwriter and recording artist is currently making a difference in his neighborhood through a movement he calls “soul conscious”. His genre is hip-hop driven message infused lyrics.

Jameah Palmer: She is a 21-years-old visual artist from Memphis, Tennessee, and raised in California. She been an artist, painting, drawing, and singing for a little over 10 years. Recently she has found her style of art. “It's a cartoonish type of street art which can also come off as trippy at times.”

WHAT: Green Pines Media is a for-profit benefit corporation that monetizes exceptional art and music for artists who have “aged-out” of foster care, children’s mental health services, and the juvenile justice system. Their goal is to eliminate “I never had a chance.” from the vocabulary of Transition-Aged Youth artists between the ages of 18 & 30.

WHERE: International

WHEN: October 23, 2020

Connect with Green Pines Media

INSTAGRAM: greenpinesmedia

TWITTER: @greenpinesmedia

WEBSITE: Greenpinesmedia.com

MINI DOCUMENTARY: Doing Social Work Different on Amazon Prime

APPLE MUSIC: Green Pines Media Presents Social Innovation Vol. 1

For interview and speaking requests, contact Rosa Veleno of MegaEntivision at rosa@megaentivision.com or (310) 910-1864.


Rosa Veleno
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SF Music Scene Fixture EVAN WARDELL Releases His Debut Solo Full-Length Album IN LIKE A LION // OUT LIKE A LIGHT

Evan Wardell - In Like A Lion / Out Like A Light Cover

Evan Wardell – In Like A Lion / Out Like A Light

Moo Moo Records Logo

Moo Moo Records

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, October 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — An export from the island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, EVAN WARDELL is a musician, producer, and audio engineer now based in San Francisco. Written, performed, produced, recorded, and mixed entirely by EVAN WARDELL (he even created the cover art), the new album IN LIKE A LION // OUT LIKE A LIGHT is a hook-laden indie rock masterpiece that illustrates the pain of addiction, heartbreak, and the all too common struggle just to get out of bed in the morning. Made available online everywhere music is streamed and sold on October 30, 2020, IN LIKE A LION // OUT LIKE A LIGHT is the debut solo full-length album from EVAN WARDELL.

EVAN WARDELL moved to San Francisco in 2009 to study audio engineering and immerse himself in city life. Since then, he has gone from recording in his bedroom to becoming the musical manager at Pianofight (the coolest indie venue in San Francisco), engineering at the historic and renowned Hyde Street Studios, and mixing front of house for audiences of hundreds of people. IN LIKE A LION // OUT LIKE A LIGHT represents at least seven years of songwriting and recording, and as a result offers a chronicle of how EVAN WARDELL has changed over that time as a person, as a songwriter, and even as an audio engineer. Evan says, “To me the album feels like the culmination of everything I've ever learned, and the beginning of something bigger and better.”

EVAN WARDELL produced, recorded, and mixed IN LIKE A LION // OUT LIKE A LIGHT entirely by himself, and offers these services to other artists and producers as well. With flexible rates, a home studio, a small demo studio, and access to Hyde Street Studios, he has the rates and environment to fit your recording needs! For more information please contact evan.wardell@gmail.com.

Evan was born and raised on a small rural island off the coast of Massachusetts where he learned how to play music. From the very beginning he wanted to write and record his own material, and everything he does musically has this entrepreneurial drive at its core. He’s played in a few different bands over the years, all the while developing his own voice and engineering abilities. His music blends vitriolic passion with meandering psychedelia into a soup of hook laden indie rock. Throughout 2020 he has been keeping busy, already at work in the studio again and recording some new songs. EVAN WARDELL also does sound design for theater, and as a composer is currently scoring a film, a video game, and even a dance video.

A fixture in the San Francisco music scene, you can find EVAN WARDELL rocking out with the psychedelic Western outfit The Green Door (new album Wolf In The Fold out now!), or in normal times playing his saddest tunes for his bi-weekly live show Sadurday Happy Hour at Pianofight, the city’s coolest hub for performing artists, where he also acts as Musical Technical Manager. EVAN WARDELL was also a member of the SF band Biv and the Mnemonics, whose album The Pace was released to critical acclaim in 2013.

IN LIKE A LION // OUT LIKE A LIGHT is made available online everywhere music is streamed and sold October 30, 2020.

To order IN LIKE A LION // OUT LIKE A LIGHT on digital services please visit: https://smarturl.it/EvanWardell

For more information about EVAN WARDELL or upcoming tour dates, please visit: www.moomoorecordsmusic.com/evanwardell

For Press, Radio, and Interview inquiries please contact Moo Moo Records: ben@independentdistro.com

For Digital Marketing please contact Jerome Forney at Independent Distribution Collective: jerome@independentdistro.com

Moo Moo Records
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More than 25,000 sign petition requesting NCAA, Big Ten investigate Ohio State’s sexual abuse cover-up

We want them to establish rules that would prevent this from ever happening again and we want OSU held accountable, so other institutions learn that covering up sexual abuse comes with a high price.”

— Mike Schyck

COLUMBUS, OHIO, USA, October 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — NCAA and Big Ten officials are being asked once more to commence an investigation of Ohio State’s decades-long cover-up of Dr. Richard Strauss’s sexual abuse of nearly 1,500 students and student-athletes.

Last week, nearly 200 Strauss survivors and student-athletes requested that the NCAA and Big Ten Conference launch an investigation to hold Ohio State accountable for failures that harmed young countless athletes and that threaten student-athletes today.

At the same time, survivors launched a petition at Change.org asking for public support. It has already been signed by more than 25,000 and that number appears to be climbing steadily.

The change.org petition alleges that Ohio State is being dismissive of survivors by refusing to take accountability for its actions. Survivors point to Michigan State’s settlement with survivors of Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse as an example of what OSU should be doing.

One of the survivors who signed the letters is calling on the public, and Ohio State alumni in particular, to urge the NCAA and Big Ten to investigate OSU. “It’s been well over two years since the Strauss scandal unfolded and the first of many lawsuits was filed against OSU,” Strauss survivor and two-time All-American Mike Schyck said. “But the university continues to try to have our lawsuits dismissed. We need justice so we can heal and move on with our lives.”

Many petition-signers agree with Schyck.

One wrote, “This isn’t the kind of thing that can go ignored. OSU needs to understand that.”

Yet another said, “The NCAA has an obligation to protect student-athletes. Understanding this cover-up is key to preventing anything like this from happening again.”

The NCAA and Big Ten is being asked to ensure that large-scale, long-time sexual abuse does not happen again at any Big Ten or NCAA-member institution by holding OSU accountable, much like they did with Penn State. In 2012, the NCAA fined Penn State $60 million for covering up coach Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse and the Big Ten fined them $13 million.

Any financial sanctions imposed by the NCAA and Big Ten would be “used to establish a Victims Assistance Fund for student-athletes of sexual abuse and sexual assault,” the survivors’ letters said. “We also want them to establish rules and practices that would prevent anything like this from ever happening again and we want OSU held accountable, so other institutions learn that covering up sexual abuse comes with a high price,” says Schyck.

EJV Communications
+1 4084206558
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Alzheimer’s Homecare Study Seeking 40 Caregivers to Fill Program Funded by National Institutes of Health

The Presence Caregiver Research Pack

The Presence Caregiver Research Pack is designed to provide in-home safety and critical insights that assist in caregiving efforts, perfected for use in homes and apartments of any size.

Qualified applicants who apply before November 15, 2020 will receive free mobile app and smart home kit to improve safety of dementia patients.

This project has given me peace of mind and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being a participant.”

— Lisa F., Reno, Nevada

PALO ALTO, CA, USA, October 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Caregivers are invited to sign-up for a free homecare system designed to address the everyday challenges of providing care for people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Funded through the National Institutes of Health, this initiative is led by technology company People Power and University of California’s Berkeley Psychophysiology Laboratory, one of the world’s leading research labs for the study of human aging. The no-cost program is 90% filled and is offered to 40 more caregivers living with a person who has received a diagnosis of dementia or mild cognitive impairment. The system is designed to assist caregivers in the mission of providing care for a loved one, while helping combat their own feelings of isolation, stress and loneliness. Those interested in participating in this research from their homes anywhere in the United States are encouraged to visit the program website by November 15, 2020, and answer 4 simple questions to see if they qualify. The qualification survey takes just minutes. Installation assistance of the in-home solution is provided by helpful customer care experts.

To apply for this free kit and service, visit https://research.presencefamily.com

The Presence Caregiver Research Pack includes a variety of sensors that are installed in the home, similar to a security system, but without cameras. The sensors gather continuous pattern motion data and, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), create a safety net for the home that alerts caregivers to potential hazards. Data from sensors fuel a menu of helpful services that perform continuous monitoring of occupants. The easy-to-use mobile app integrates with the wirelessly connected sensors to help understand the real-time and daily activities in the home. The system distributes alerts and connects with a Trusted Circle of family and friends, and more.

"This project has given me peace of mind and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being a participant. I’ve been taking care of my mother for many years. As her health continues to decline, the project has been a lifesaver for me,” said Lisa F., Reno, Nevada. “I am able to check on her at any given moment. Thank you. And thank you for creating this research program for all the individuals like me caring for a loved one."

The Presence Caregiver Research Pack provides a variety of helpful caregiving services:

Receive mobile alerts if something appears to be wrong
– Know if someone wandered away from home
– Know if they may have experienced a fall

Track the current activities of occupants
– Know if and when the front door opened
– Know when medication was accessed

Better understand rest and sleep patterns
– Know what time they went to bed and got up
– Track sleep history and quality for improved health insights

Enable support from family and friends
– Create and delegate helpful tasks to others
– Coordinate family and friends to stay in contact

Improve safety at home
– Call for help with wireless 1-touch button
– Know immediately of a water leak or clogged toilet

Enjoy voice control services with Amazon Echo
– Easily request helpful reminders to take medications
– Make phone calls, check weather, and play music

Join and participate in a caregiving community
– Connect with and receive online advice from caregivers
– Get invited to in-person meetings with fellow caregivers

Participating caregivers must be literate in English, have a smartphone and wireless internet connectivity in the home, and be willing to participate in intermittent study activities. Participants will receive the Presence Caregiver Research Pack and the mobile app at no cost, a free Amazon Echo upon installation of the system, and each caregiver will earn up to $150 for completing questionnaires. The program is supported by the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute on Aging through a Small Business Innovation Research grant, #R44 AG059458-01. To apply for this free kit and service, visit https://research.presencefamily.com

About People Power
An industry-leading software and services company specializing in AI-powered solutions for telehomecare, home safety and security. Visit https://www.peoplepowerco.com

Tim Nelson, Chief Marketing Officer
People Power Co.
Visit us on social media:

Enroll in Free Alzheimer’s Care Technology Program funded by the National Institute on Aging.

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New Fantasy Sports Startup, OwnersBox, Now Live in Ohio

OwnersBox is bringing Paid Weekly Fantasy Sports to Ohio Participants

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — OwnersBox, an innovative sport-tech company behind the new Weekly Fantasy Sports (WFS) platform, is ecstatic to announce that their game is available to participants in Ohio.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission unanimously voted to approve a three-year license for the fantasy sports operator in their state, this after a thorough investigation to ensure compliance with new regulations put into place at the end of 2019. These rules require operators to comply with consumer protections, including ensuring prompt payment of winnings, verifying the identity of players, and offering beginner contests exclusively for less experienced players.

The OwnersBox team recently launched their game-changing product throughout North America on September 5, 2020. Players can win big by fighting their opponent over seven days of fierce head-to-head competition in NFL, MLB, NHL, and/or NBA contests. They will be one of only a few paid fantasy sports operators licensed in the state of Ohio, and the first to offer this weekly concept.

This news comes on the heels of a number of significant announcements by OwnersBox. In recent months, OwnersBox has entered into partnerships with FantasyPros, RotoBaller, RotoWire and welcomed NFL quarterback Drew Brees as an investor and spokesperson.

OwnersBox Fantasy Sports is available via the web at www.ownersbox.com, or on mobile at the Apple App store and Google Play store.

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