Prestigious International Photography Awards Announces its Exceptionally Talented 2020 Category Winners

 In Epicenter of Covid 19 by Photographer F. Dilek Uyar

Photograph by F. Dilek Uyar

Vova's summer evening by Elena Litvinova

Photograph by Elena Litvinova

Elements by Katja Ogrin

Photograph by Katja Ogrin

Looking out from Within Photograph by  Julia Fullerton-Batten

Photograph by Julia Fullerton-Batten

Bodies of the NFL Photograph by Howard Schatz

Photograph by Howard Schatz

The competition celebrates the outstanding photographs in both professional and non-professional/student categories.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2020 / — The International Photography Awards is pleased to announce the 2020 category winners and finalists in its world-renowned competition.

International Photography Awards (IPA) is a prestigious annual competition for professional, amateur, and student photographers on a global scale – creating one of the most ambitious and comprehensive competitions in the industry. Through the competition, professional and aspiring photographers aim to win coveted trophies, titles, and impressive cash prizes in 13 categories.

Founded in 2001 by the Los Angeles based Farmani Group, the International Photography Awards is honored to announce its 2020 IPA Winners, each of whom submitted awe-inspiring entries that showcase exceptional work across various genres and styles. According to the IPA’s distinguished international jury of renowned photography experts, this year’s entries were some of the best they have seen in the competition’s history.

“This year, we received a staggering 13,000 entries from 120 countries in the world,” says founder and president of IPA, Hossein Farmani. “Many of the submissions came from some of the most important photographers in the world – creating an almost impossible task for us to select winners in each of the categories. Not only that, but each photographer submitted such stunning and thought-provoking images that directly speak to the issues our world is currently experiencing. It has been such an honor to be privy to such marvelous work.”

In the International Photography Awards, participants submit their pieces to one or more of 13 categories. Additionally, the category winners in both professional and amateur levels will compete for IPA’s top two awards – International Photographer of the Year (professional) and Discovery of the Year (non-professional/student) – to be announced later this year.

The following is a complete list of 2020 finalists in each category:

IPA 2020 PROFESSIONAL CATEGORY WINNERS (Competing for the “INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR” award that includes The Lucie Trophy and a $10,000 cash prize)

● Mike Dodd – A sustainable future of exquisite luxury mobility, Advertising
● Paulius Makauskas – New Seas, Analog / Film
● Jesús M.Chamizo – From the stage, Architecture
● Sebastian Copeland – ANTARCTICA: The Waking Giant, Book
● Nicolo Filippo Rosso – Exodus, Deeper Perspective
● Kiran Ridley – Pro Democracy Demonstrations, Hong Kong: The Revolution of Our Time, Editorial / Press
● Katja Ogrin – Elements, Event
● Julia Fullerton-Batten – Looking out from Within, 2020, Fine Art
● Ari Rex – Black Mountain, Nature
● Brian Hodges – Odilo Lawiny – Handmade soccer balls, People
● Sawyer Russel – The Silent Menace, Special
● Howard Schatz – Bodies of the NFL, Sports
● Iwona Podlasinska – The journey to the land of dreams, Still in Motion / Video

IPA 2020 NON-PROFESSIONAL CATEGORY WINNERS (Competing for the “DISCOVERY OF THE YEAR” award that includes The Lucie Trophy and a $5,000 cash prize)

● Rebeka Legovic – Temple of Colors, Advertising
● Elena Litvinova – Vova's summer evening, Analog / Film
● Peter Li – Vanishing Lines, Architecture
● Teodelina Detry – Uninhabited places, Book
● F. Dilek Uyar – In Epicenter of Covid 19, Deeper Perspective
● Tim Evans – Say Their Names, Editorial / Press
● wei fu – Muslim Congregation in Dhaka, Event
● Chloe Meynier – Made in the Shade, Fine Art
● babak mehrafshar – magnificence of desert, Nature
● Hossein Fardinfard – Blackout, People
● Aaron Chuo – The Incoming Thunderstorm, Special
● Augusto Bartelle – The Maldives: Skydiver Photographer Perspective, Sports
● Simone Francescangeli – Psi-Covid-19, Still in Motion / Video

IPA would like to congratulate all winners and looks forward to awarding the final, top two winners with the Lucie Trophy in an online even later this year.
For a full list of winners and to view their submissions, including recipients of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize in each category, please visit

About the International Photography Awards

The International Photography Awards conducts an annual, global competition for professional, non-professional, and student photographers. IPA is a sister-effort of the Lucie Foundation, a 501(c) 3 non-profit, charitable foundation whose mission is to honor master photographers, discover and cultivate emerging talent, and promote the appreciation of photography worldwide. The annual programming of Lucie Foundation is funded largely though the International Photography Awards, including the signature event, the Lucie Awards.

Farmani Group is a leading organization curating and promoting photography, design, and architecture across the globe since 1985. The company’s key mission is to discover and promote talent in these areas through competitions.

Contact Information

Mirna Huhoja-Doczy
Farmani Group

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World’s Most Advanced Technology for Mole & Skin Tag Removal takes Centre Stage

Dermavel, is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative and affordable mole & skin tag remover product, the Dermavel Plasma Pen, which utilizes the world’s most advanced technology.

Dermavel, is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative and affordable mole & skin tag remover product, the Dermavel Plasma Pen, which utilizes the world’s most advanced technology.

The brand-new product by Dermavel can help to increase self-esteem, confidence, and improve skin’s appearance.

At Dermavel, we firmly believe in ensuring our products are reasonably priced, safe to use, and come with a no-risk, money-back guarantee”

— David Miller

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2020 / — The recently trending company, Dermavel, is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative and affordable mole & skin tag remover product, the Dermavel Plasma Pen, which utilizes the world’s most advanced technology.

Dermavel is one of the world’s fastest growing destinations for premium beauty and personal care products on the market. Delivering only the latest and innovative beauty and personal care products, Dermavel provides consumers with access to some of the most professional hair, cosmetic, electrical, skincare, and fragrance products available.

In the company’s most recent news, Dermavel is excited to inform the public it has launched its most highly anticipated product to date – the Dermavel Plasma Pen. The Dermavel Plasma Pen is the world’s most advanced technology for affordable, safe, and painless removal of skin imperfections. Through using the Dermavel Plasma Pen, consumers can experience the blemish-free, glowing skin they’ve always dreamed of.

“At Dermavel, we firmly believe in ensuring our products are reasonably priced, safe to use, and come with a no-risk, money-back guarantee,” says David Miller, co-founder of Dermavel. “All of these benefits are necessary for our clients to improve their self-esteem, which can suffer when dealing with moles, warts, and skin tags. Oftentimes, these blemishes cannot be hidden by makeup, so we are providing an affordable and easy-to-use product that will help consumers to get the glowing skin they desperately want.”

According to Dermavel, the best cosmetic treatments are those that clear conditions by boosting the skin’s health, as opposed to invasive removal procedures. Dermatologists have been utilizing safe treatment of blemishes for many years, but at a hefty price tag. With Dermavel’s Plasma Pen, consumers finally have access to a more affordable, non-invasive solution to reduce imperfections on their own.

The Dermavel Plasma Pen comes with a host of useful features and benefits, including:

• Small, portable, and easy-to-use design
• Advanced technology for ultimate accuracy to target skin defects at their root
• Blepharoplasty without surgery to tighten skin around lower and upper eyelids
• Treat a variety of skin lesions
• Reduce wrinkles and lines
• Reduce pigmentation on face and body
• Minimize scars and stretch marks
• Highly affordable pricing
• Safe to use at home
• No fillers or risk of imbalance from over injections
• Proven and natural-looking results
• Pain-free therapy
• All-round healthier, younger-looking skin
• Money-back guarantee
• And so much more!

For more information about Dermavel, or to order, please visit the company’s website at

About the Company

Dermavel is a manufacturer and retailer of a variety of beauty and personal care products. The company offers fair pricing for superb quality technology designed to help men and women regain confidence and see more youthful and healthy skin.
Contact Information

David Miller

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A Mature Perspective on Asian Martial Traditions: New Anthologies

Some Western Pioneers in Asian Martial Arts

Newest anthology by Via Media Publishing, publishing in November 2020.

An Anthology of Chinese Martial Arts

Cover of An Anthology of Chinese Martial Arts, published in October 2020.

Martial and Healing Traditions of India

Cover of Martial and Healing Traditions of India, published in October 2020.

SANTA FE, NM, USA, October 31, 2020 / — Founded 1992, the quarterly Journal of Asian Martial Arts built a world-wide reputation for articles based on high academic standards and practical experience in the martial traditions. The journal was also published in Greece and Spain. Facing an economic crisis and the rapid growth of the internet, Via Media Publishing ceased publishing it in 2012. The more than five hundred articles published in the journal are valuable to any serious scholar and practitioner interested in the Asian martial traditions. Thus, anthologies started to be published in order to keep the material available.

Since 2012 Via Media has published nearly sixty anthologies, each focusing on specific categories of styles, usually by geographic origin including China, Japan, Korean, and Southeast Asia. Some are organized by academic disciplines. These include topics relating to health, women, conditioning, business, enforcement, weaponry, literature and movies. The recently published anthologies are titled: Martial and Healing Traditions of India, An Anthology of Chinese Martial Arts, and Some Western Pioneers in Asian Martial Traditions.

Martial arts are usually portrayed in the media with great hyperbole and often in either a cartoonish or a violent fashion. The anthologies published by Via Media offer an alternative, presenting all aspects of Asian martial traditions. The truely combative aspects include the practical skills for self-defense, law enforcement, and military training. Such applications reflect the original purpose of the combative arts. The centuries of development proved these arts also have other uses, especially for nourishing health. Many today choose to study a martial are purely as an exercise. Others incorporate the movements into dance choreography, as in classical Asian opera or modern experimental theatre.

Anyone with a genuine interest in Asian martial traditions, especially scholars and practitioners, benefit in numerous ways by reading the anthologies, since they discuss the arts as vital threads in the fabric of cultures. The authors present all facets of the arts, including theory and practice, and the spectrum of perspectives that readers will find suiting to their personal interests. The books and anthologies by Via Media Publishing will be available at 25% discount throughout the holiday season.

Michael DeMarco
Via Media Publishing
+1 505-470-7842

Video for the anthology: Martial and Healing Traditions of India

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Short Film, “Coercion”

2020 Virtual Hollywood African Prestigious Awards Re-Airs Halloween Day 12 Noon PST.

HAPA Awards Re-Airs On Halloween Day at 12 PM & 4 PM PST

You never know unless you try.”

— Rosa Veleno

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2020 / — WHO: Rosa Veleno leads Team Reel Life in the creation of a multi-award winning short film about the horrors of mental health and the importance of suicide prevention titled, “Coercion.” The film initially competed in the 48hr Film Festival and premiered at Regal at LA Live and celebrated a Merit Award win during 2019’s Freeway Film Festival screening at Complex Theater. This year, Team Reel Life accepts the award for 2020 Hollywood African Prestigious Awards, Best Independent Short Film. Cast & Crew: Nia Miranda, Jonnae Thompson, Ranier Clemente, Lowes Moore III, Dylan Fleming, Paul Zecharia, Rosa Veleno, Robert Tapia, Aneesa Nash, EJ Lewis, Tyfanny Rice, Teddy C. White Aldin Enriquez, David L. Watkins, Lisa Marquez, Cassie Zambran, Francios Bennett.

Rosa Veleno®, Executive Producer & Writer: is a singer-songwriter from Detroit. The Navy veteran is a writer, content creator, publicist, and consultant through her company MegaEntivision L.L.C. Veleno has co-written records like debut single "Skin I'm In" for Disney's The Lion King star, Shahadi Wright Joseph. In 2018 she registered her service mark Rosa Veleno® after successfully winning her three-year opposition case John Veleno Vs. Sheena S. Todd. She is currently working on an EP and set to graduate with her Master of Arts degree from California State University, Northridge, for Music Industry Administration, spring 2021. During the HAPA re-air, Veleno will accept the Best Independent Short Film award on behalf of Team Reel Life.

Nia Miranda, Actress: Raised in Detroit, with Igbo Nigerian roots, filmmaker, actress, and “ARTivist” is “Bringing Love Back” through her production company. She is featured in Ty Dolla $ign’s single SULLEN SUNDAY. Nia’s latest work in the series McGraw Ave that is streaming on Amazon Prime.

Jonnae Thompson, Actress: is a stand-up comedian, actress, writer, and vocalist born & raised in San Diego, California. You may recognize her from Tru TV’s “Laff Tracks” and Seasons 1 & 2 of Revolt TV’s “Funny AF, or “All Def”. According to Jonnae, ordinary life is full of humor. She recently co-starred in the upcoming horror “Children of The Sun” in addition to the digital comedy series, “Car Therapy.”

Ranier Clemente, Actor: is a highly sought after engineer, songwriter, and recording artist. Under his moniker, Ray Champion partnered with multi-platinum songwriter Mickey Shiloh for EP titled “Rare DNA.” His record “Code” also appears in “Coercion.”

Lowes Moore III, Actor: is a Los Angeles based Actor and Vocalist raised in ‘Money Earnin’ Mount Vernon, New York. He recently inked with Brandi England and Ignite Artist Inc. Lowes also directed and produced six showcases this year to include, Two Roads Theater’s first-ever Virtual 30 Actors in 60 Minutes Showcase.

Dylan Fleming, Writer & Actor: is a Los Angeles based & bred music journalist, comedian, YouTuber, and podcast host. He is a graduate of Hampton University and the founder of PALM “” Dylan recently has worked in casting for Netflix’s Rhythm+Flow, season two, and partnered with Vitakari to curate their first-ever live music festival called .WAV; he also writes for The Urban Buzz.

Paul Zecharia, the Actor, is a Los Angeles-based artist from Michigan. The Columbia College, Chicago graduate has spent several years working on films, television shows, music videos, and commercials in the production space. Paul is currently focused on screenwriting and drafting his first novel.

Robert Tapia, Director: is a self-taught director, cinematography, and photography who just aspires to tell stories that make people contemplate. He joined this year’s 48 Hour Film Project called “DEAD ENDS.” and make micro-films with Mind Visual Productions.

Aneesa Nash, Editor: is a California native who studied at Los Angeles Film School. As an editor, she has assisted on projects at Netflix, OWN, and FX Networks.

EJ Lewis, Producer & 1st Assistant Director: is originally from Metro-Detroit, she has been featured in her first acting showcase, Virtual 30 Actors in 60 Minutes, available on YouTube. She has also worked on a short called “The Counselor,” which premiered September 24, 2020, streaming on UMC.

Aldin Enriquez, Writer & 1st Assistant Cinematographer: is a Riverside native and graduate from the University of California.

Teddy C. White, Cinematographer & Gaffer: is a director of photography, producer, and cinematographer from New York. The summa cum laude Los Angeles Film graduate has worked with T’keyah Crystal Kemah, Glen Plummer, Eric Roberts, and Tucker Smallwood.

Noel Palacios: Producer, Composer & Sound Editor: is the owner of Mind Visual Productions, he’s working on two feature films and recently began working with Dharmann Studios.

Tyranny Rice: Producer & Writer: is a film and creative director. She specialized in music videos and studied at Los Angeles Film School.

Lisa Marquez, Make Up Artist: is a Los Angeles based makeup & special effects artist. She is currently working towards a Master Esthetician License while serving as a frontline caregiver.

Francios Bennett, Production Assistant: is attending LA Valley College for Screen Writing. He is working on a single with artists Pretty Money and has done production work on Christopher Nolan’s Tenet and Wisdom of Fools.

David L. Watkin, Writer: is a writer, he worked with the team virtually during the 48hr film project.

Cassie Zambran, Make-Up Artist: is a makeup artist, she worked with the cast on set to create Coecion’s gory horror scenes.

WHAT: Founder Tina Weisinger, Co-Founder Amberr Washington, and the executive and supporting team members conquered the 2020 Hollywood African Prestigious Awards exhibited October 17th-18th. The international awards show was successfully broadcasted and streamed live from South Africa to Los Angeles. This year’s message was “I Am Because We Are One,” with hosts Ugandan socialite Zari The Boss Lady & Comedian Michael Blackson. You can find the links to the show this year’s winners and more updates on our website. The 5th annual HAPA show is scheduled for the first Sunday, November 2021!


WHEN: October 31, 2020

Connect with Rosa Veleno®

INSTAGRAM: @rosaveleno
HAPA 2020 BEST-INDIE SHORT FILM: Coercion By Team Reel Life

For interview and speaking requests, contact Lynn Jeter at or (323) 933-8007.


Lynn Jeter
Lynn Jeter & Associates
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Coercion, an Award-Winning Short Film By Team Reel Life

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The Blog wishes Bitcoin a Happy 12th birthday

Happy Birthday Bitcoin

Happy Birthday Bitcoin

After 12 Years, the World's Most Powerful Computer Network Redefines Money

MIAMI, FL, USA, October 31, 2020 / — On October 31, 2008 some fellow (or fellows, we do not know for sure) named Satoshi Nakamoto released a nine-page white paper titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System,” bringing Bitcoin to the world.

One of the core elements of Bitcoin was the concept of a distributed, forward-append only, immutable ledger called a blockchain that was maintained by all network participants. The blockchain would detail every single transaction, with all records linked cryptographically, with the database transparent to one and all.

Another fundamental aspect of Bitcoin is that only 21 million bitcoins, the native token of the network, would ever exist. This stood, and stands, in stark contrast to fiat currencies, such as the U.S. dollar, in which the amount of currency regularly increases, debasing value over time.

In the 12 years since its birth, Bitcoin has become the most powerful computer network in history, currently processing some 142 exahashes per second (EH/s). One exahash is one quintillion calculations.

In its short life, the project has already redefined money and stands ready these next decades to change the way people store and exchange value.

Happy Birthday Bitcoin.

The blog regularly comments on Bitcoin and on cryptocurrency culture. Earlier examples of articles are this one and here and over here. Visit us at

Karl Kruse
+49 1517 5190292
email us here
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Grandmother Tells Her Story and Urges Americans to Vote

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2020 / — Eva Navratil is telling the painful story of her childhood for the first time ever. While difficult, she has decided to share it because in the wake of this critical election, it needs to be heard now more than ever before.

As a child she lived through the atrocities of a dictatorship. She experienced things that no child should ever have to live though. Now as a grandmother, the greatest joy in life, she is asking for the help of all Americans to help protect her children, grandchildren by voting in the upcoming election on November 3rd to safeguard our freedom and democracy.

She says, "Just like mine, your life can change in a very short time if you do not help me and safeguard your freedom and democracy."

The events Eva discusses happened in Hungary behind the iron curtain, between 1948 – 1953.

Video is available on YouTube: "Dear Americans: My grandmother is asking for your help."

She asks us all to listen to her message and share.

For more information about Eva's story, contact Tabitha at Life to Paper Publishing:

Tabitha Rose
Life to Paper Publishing Inc.
+1 6475622230
Visit us on social media:

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Female-owned Businesses Perfectly Imperfect Produce and Augment Therapy share $25K in NEO Business Pitch Competition

Renée DeLuca Dolan, Founder, FES

Ashley Weingart, First Place Recipient, $25,000

Lindsay Watson, Runner Up Recipient, $5,000

It’s so gratifying to support Northeast Ohio female business owners and entrepreneurs in this way”

— Renée Deluca Dolan, President and Founder of Contempo

CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2020 / — The Female Entrepreneur Summit (FES) held a pitch competition for women entrepreneurs in Northeast Ohio to compete for a total of $25,000 in cash prizes. Since its inception in 2012, the Female Entrepreneur Summit (FES) has awarded over $50,000 to help women owned businesses scale and grow in Northeast Ohio.

This year, its founder, Renée Deluca Dolan had reached out to her personal and professional network to receive donations totaling $25,000 from local professionals and businesses to support the 2020 FES Pitch Competition.

Six finalists were selected from a large pool of applicants and participated in a virtual pitch on October 21. Each finalist presented her business and growth intentions to a panel of judges, which consisted of FES Pitch donors and entrepreneurs.

After much thought and deliberation, Ashley Weingart of Perfectly Imperfect Produce was awarded the top $20,000 prize. Lindsay Watson with Augment Therapy was presented the runner-up prize of $5,000. A celebratory announcement was made via livestream at the Female Entrepreneur Summit Wednesday, October 28.

The judges noted that this year’s winners provided a unique approach to solving a market need.

Ashley Weingart, Perfectly Imperfect Produce Perfectly Imperfect Produce
Recognizing the opportunity to save perfectly good food from landfills, Ashley Weingart created Perfectly Imperfect Produce, a direct-to-consumer sales channel for fresh produce with slight cosmetic imperfections. The company acquires fruits and vegetables from local farms and suppliers, repacks it in subscription boxes and delivers it to homes/offices throughout Ohio. A box of food is donated to a family in need with every purchase.

Ashley plans to utilize the pitch funds to launch a new meal kit product line. The meal kits will capitalize on slicing and preparing the produce, which will differentiate her product in the marketplace.

Augment Therapy, Lindsay Watson
Augment Therapy was discovered by Lindsay Watson as a way to engage in important healing exercises and motivate kids by using augmented reality and interactive software. It can be used in clinical settings, the home and the office as a motivational tool, progress tracker and exercise prompt for children needing therapeutic exercise.

Augment Therapy’s goal moving forward is to create more awareness. Lindsay plans to utilize the funding to create video and marketing content that tells the stories of the people using and benefiting from their software.

The other finalists included:
Jessica Davis, Rebuilders Xchange (RBX)
After recognizing a market for reclaimed business materials, Jessica Davis discovered Rebuilders Xchange (RBX) as a retail hub for building components and architectural salvage. The company manages an online and physical marketplace for the buying and selling of materials such as flooring, lighting, HVAC, cabinets, etc. It currently operates on a consignment model to connect contractors with the public.

Chelsea Monty-Bromer, RooSense
RooSense, a consumer diagnostics company, was developed by Chelsea Monty-Bromer to transform the way athletes train, and push them to reach their peak performance. A lightweight wearable sensor, RooSense is a proprietary non-woven fabric and integrating sensing materials that provides its wearer with important feedback about both health and performance. It can also monitor hydration in workers and infants exposed to dry, heat-heavy environments.

Aya Schlachter, MGS Global Group
Aya Schlachter founded MGS Global Group in 2005, and it’s since become a global company that offers architectural support, graphics production support and design professional consulting services in multiple industries, including retail, residential and hospitality.

Kendra Valton and Gina VanCant, The Milk Mission
Sisters Kendra Valton and Gina VanCant founded The Milk Mission to support mothers and children in the African American community who don’t have enough access to breastfeeding resources and maternal wellness education. The company is a research and telehealth platform that offers online breastfeeding classes, lactation e-consultants and other breastfeeding products.

This competition was made possible with support from generous donors: Renée DeLuca Dolan, President of Contempo Design + Communications (; David M. Ciccarelli, Financial Advisor and Director of Business Development for Lifetime Financial Growth; Lucy Fanger, CEO of On Technology Partners; Donna M. Heffernan, CPA, Heffernan & Associates Inc.; Y’llon Herron, Small Business Underwriting Leader for Westfield Insurance; Amy Jenyk; and Lorne Novick, Senior Partner and Services & Deal Flow Management for JumpStart.

Geauga Growth Partners served as the fiscal sponsor for the competition by accepting the donations and processing the funds.

DeLuca Dolan said that the pitch competition will return next year for the Female Entrepreneur Summit’s 10th Anniversary. “It’s so gratifying to support Northeast Ohio female business owners and entrepreneurs in this way. As an entrepreneur, I understand how hard it can be to raise capital to grow and scale. These women are inspiring and all of the entries were impressive,” she said.

Founded in 1996 by Renée DeLuca Dolan, the company is a full-service design and communications firm providing visual branding, environmental graphic design and digital creative for businesses and organizations throughout Northeast Ohio. Contempo Design + Communications is the official design partner of the Cleveland Indians. Find out more at

Madeline Duncan
Contempo Design + Communications
+1 216-831-9557
email us here
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PayPDM: Moving the Financial Market to Blockchain for Transparency and Improved Efficiency

PayPDM is a platform that brings transparency, credibility and speed to traditional financing with the use of blockchain technology.

PayPDM is a platform that brings transparency, credibility and speed to traditional financing with the use of blockchain technology.

NEW YORK, USA, October 31, 2020 / —
There are different ways to create wealth from the financial market. Especially the cryptocurrency market, but as lucrative as the market is, it is also quite easy to lose all of your money within a short period of time. The volatility of the cryptocurrency market is especially a major concern for investors. Also, the large and ever-growing number of cryptocurrency assets is also a source of confusion for the investors.

PayPDM creates a financial ecosystem to help investors mitigate the risks and confusions that accompany financial market investment, especially cryptocurrency investment. Harnessing the power of Blockchain, PayPDM is decentralized, and all transactions are carried out on the Blockchain to ensure the transparency and reliability of the platform.

PayPDM already created a software for the financial market, the PayPDM FinTrade. FinTrade is a platform that leverages trading on foreign exchange, cryptocurrency and crypto assets diversification, to generate revenue for the firm and the users. PayPDM is not limited to financial market trading, but also generates revenue from other aspects of financing such as lending, investing, gamings and real estate.

The PayPDM ecosystem is powered by PayPDM (PYD) coin, a token based on the ERC20 protocol on Ethereum Blockchain. It serves as the means for financial tradings, crypto private lending, crypto funding for other blockchain-based projects, service fee on PayPDM platform, deposit and withdrawal options. Users can also generate income by leveraging the volatility of the cryptocurrency market to trade PayPDM Coin on crypto exchanges.

The core goal of PayPDM is to create a financial ecosystem that is easy-to-use, credible, transparent and lucrative for its community by leveraging blockchain technology. To also serve as a platform where users can carry out all aspects of their financing in one place, without the need for using multiple cumbersome platforms.

To stay up to date with news about PayPDM, please subscribe to the links below.

About PayPDM: PayPDM is a platform that creates a financial ecosystem where users can invest and do minimal work and input that yield revenue maximally, by enabling all forms of traditional financing of blockchain. PayPDM offers services in investing, lending, gaming, real estate, and alternatives to traditional fiat currency banking.


Murtha & Burke Marketing LLC
+1 800-650-5467
email us here
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Kenya Wildlife Safari Vacations Travel and Tour with Cruzeiro Safaris Kenya

Tour Operator Kenya

Best Tour Operators

africa safaris

4×4 wheel drives

masai mara

Giraffes in the safari plains of masai mara

Cruzeiro Safaris Kenya is prepared to host tourists, delegates and casual travellers through providing tour operator services in Kenya.

NAIROBI, NAIROBI, KENYA, October 31, 2020 / — Their website is easy to navigate being an e-commerce and guests can easily access, read details and book online for Tour within Nairobi and Mombasa as well as Road Safaris and Air Safaris.
The famous Safari for 6 days to Destination Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park and Masai Mara National Reserve with 4×4 wheel drives has gained populace within the last minute travelers especially during this season termed as the high season. The full Package details can be found on this link.
Learn more on wildlife Safari Packages and their Online Booking Partners on
Other safaris that can be booked through Cruzeiro Safaris Kenya Include:

Seven (7) days Photo Wildlife Safari in Masai Mara
Four (4) Days Lake nakuru and Masai Mara Safari
Six (6)Days Amboseli, lake Nakuru and MAsai Mara in 4×4 wheel drives
Three (3 ) days Mara Serena Safari By Road Offer
Two (2) Days Amboseli Safari Tour
Nine (9) days Africa Safari Nairobi to Mombasa and Vice versa
Four (4) Days Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara Safari
Nine(9) Days Safari from Nairobi to Mombasa
Nine(9) Days Mount Kenya and Masai Mara
Three (3) Days Masai Mara Safari by Air
Seven (7) Days Serena safaris by Air
Five (5) Days Masai Mara By Air
Two (2) Days Governors Camp Safari By Air
Three (3) Days Serena Masai Mara by Air
Seven (7) Days Singles/ Solo Travel Package by Air with Luxury Accommodation only
Three (3) Days Mara Intrepids Safari by Air
If one is searching or finding things to do in Nairobi their e-commerce site has vast information and tour packages choices
Follow the links for book and pay options
Option 1: 6am – 11am – Nairobi National Park Morning Tour in 4×4 wheel drive for Game drives.
Option 2: 2.00pm – 6.30pm – Nairobi National Park Afternoon
Option 3: 6am – 1pm – Nairobi National Park Tour and Giraffe center in 4×4 wheel drives for game drives
Option 4: 6am – 11am – Nairobi National Park Morning tour including park entry fees
Option 5: Full day Tour to Amboseli National Park –
Option 6: Full Day Tour to Lake Naivasha and Crescent Island –
Option 7: Full Day Tour to Lake Nakuru National Park –
Option 8: Giraffe center Tour –
Option 9: Nairobi Safari Cat Show with Dinner –
Option 10: Nairobi City Tour with National Musuem Visit –
Cost Includes:
• Game viewing drive,
• Transport pick up and drop off from hotel / Airport
• Lunch where applicable on the package
• Entry to Giraffe center with applicable package
• Park Entry Fees in All Parks where applicable.
• Safari Driver guide
Not included:
Drinks of any kind
About Cruzeiro Safaris Kenya is established in Kenya, incorporated in 2004. Its core business is safari packages and day tours complemented by air travel. It has a well-established wealth of experience in arranging memorable tours and safaris and has established a client base who provide with repeat business year after year. Join us on facebook, twitter and youtube. Safaris in Kenya may be tailored to the tourist taste and can extend to Tanzania and Uganda. Browse and read reviews on trip advisor page and one can also book from trip advisor link.
For further information and reservations, contact;
Claudia Kabui
Mobile : +254-(0) 722-370833 (Kenya)
Sales: + 254 (0) 710-729021 (Kenya)
Website: | and

Claudia Kabui
Cruzeiro Safaris Kenya
+254 722 370833
email us here

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Ethiopian Oromo Activists Support Letter from U.S. Senate to Secretary Pompeo calling for U.S Action in Ethiopia

U.S. Senate: Senate Chamber

U.S. Senators join members of the House of Representatives' call to end ethnic and religious violence in Ethiopia.

FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2020 / — The Oromo Legacy Leadership and Advocacy Association (OLLAA) welcomes the news of a joint letter from members of the U.S. Senate to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo regarding Ethiopia's growing political and human rights crisis. The Senate letter is signed by Senators including Senator Benjamin L. Cardin (MD.), Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA), and Senator Christopher Coons (DL). The U.S. Senate letter follows the powerful August 21st, 2020, letter by members of the U.S. House of Representatives to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo regarding the same issues of concern; the growing political and human rights crisis in Ethiopia. As with the House letter, the Senators in their joint letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo express their deep concerns about violence, repression, and the Ethiopian government’s departure from democratic norms. The Senate letter echoes the House letter, which asks Secretary Pompeo to push the Ethiopian government to:

• Return to valued democratic norms,
• Respect human rights,
• Ensure a fair and fully transparent judicial process for all those arrested during the recent unrest, and
• Ensure transparent and independent investigations into the reported extrajudicial killings of peaceful Ethiopian protesters and activists.

The letter from the U.S. House of Representatives, and now the U.S. Senate, shines a powerful light on the issues facing Ethiopia and will, without a doubt, have far-reaching implications for the protection of human rights, safeguarding the rule of law, and putting the country back on a path to democracy. OLLAA urges Secretary Pompeo to follow the House and Senate actions by condemning the widespread human rights violations in Ethiopia. These include the mistreatment of political prisoners, such as Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba, who have been denied necessary medical attention, the killings of dozens of peaceful protesters that took place after Haacaaluu Hundessa’s killing, and the use of schools and stadiums as unofficial, undeclared prisons.

OLLAA believes that the United States has a vital national interest in ending repression, inter-communal violence, and democratic backsliding in Ethiopia. Only decisive action by the United States and the exertion of American leadership can achieve these critical objectives.

Karl Von Batten
Von Batten-Montague-York

Source: EIN Presswire