Distinguished American Speakers at 2020 Free Iran Global Summit Deplore 1988 Massacre in Iran, Call for Justice

Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, keynote speaker at the 2nd day of 2020 Free Iran Global Summit, “Call for Justice,” July 19, 2020.

Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, keynote speaker at the 2nd day of 2020 Free Iran Global Summit, entitled “Call for Justice,” July 19, 2020.

Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, visits the memorial dedicated to the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic, at the 2nd day of the 2020 Free Iran Global Summit, entitled “Call for Justice,” July 19, 2020.

From left: Amb. Kenneth Blackwell, Amb. Lincoln Bloomfield, and Mr. Alan M. Dershowitz, addressed the 2nd Day of 2020 Free Iran Global Summit, entitled “Call for Justice,” July 19, 2020

MEK members and former political prisoners from top left: Damona Taavoni, Kazem Panahi, Bahador Kiamarzi, Homa Jaberi

MEK members, residents of Ashraf 3 in Albania, watch the live streaming of 2nd day of the 2020 Free Iran Global Summit, entitled “Call for Justice,” July 19, 2020.

NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi: The 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners is "one of the most horrifying and indescribable crimes" of the regime.

Today Massoud Rajavi’s name inspires the rebellion and the fight for freedom, just as his name inspired the perseverance and resistance of political prisoners during the 1988 Massacre”

— Maryam Rajavi, the NCRI President-elect

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Over the July 17th weekend, the Iranian Resistance held its annual “Free Iran Global Summit.” Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s gathering was hosted virtually over the course of three days in Ashraf 3, home to members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), also referred to as the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK). The first day brought together supporters of a free Iran from six continents, at more than 30,000 locations in over 100 countries, including Iran and Albania.

The second day was devoted to the 1988 Massacre of 30,000 political prisoners, mostly MEK members and supporters, executed during five months of evil largely ignored to this day by the international community. The massacre was carried out per a fatwa (religious decree) issued by then Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini. Many of the current officials of the mullahs’ regime played active and key roles in this crime against humanity. The culprits include the regime’s current Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, who was president at the time, and Ebrahim Raisi, currently head of the Judiciary who in 1988 was a member of the “Central Death Commission” in charge of executing political prisoners.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), delivered the keynote speech at the Free Iran Summit. She described the 1988 Massacre as “one of the most horrifying and indescribable crimes” of the regime. “With his fatwa sanctioning the massacre, Khomeini intended to annihilate the MEK,” she added.

The Call for Justice movement, initiated by Mrs. Rajavi in 2016, has played a pivotal role in shedding light on the 1988 Massacre and other crimes against humanity committed by the mullahs’ regime. “Over the past 32 years, the Iranian Resistance has held hundreds and thousands of conferences, rallies, marches and symbolic trials in this regard and divulged numerous documents, names of victims and locations of their unmarked graves,” the Iranian opposition President continued.

Paying tribute to the tireless efforts of MEK martyrs and Iranian Resistance leader Massoud Rajavi, Mrs. Rajavi concluded her speech by saying, “For 40 years, the mullahs have been viciously crucifying the MEK and the Iranian Resistance, particularly Massoud Rajavi, every day with a barrage of lies and unfounded allegations, just like they killed and tortured our people… But today Massoud Rajavi’s name inspires the rebellion and the fight for freedom, just as his name inspired the perseverance and resistance of political prisoners during the 1988 Massacre… There will come a day when his dream of a free Iran will come true. Yes, the day will come when the flowers of freedom and popular sovereignty will bloom in Iran.”

The Summit’s second day also saw an array of distinguished political and human rights figures address the event, several Americans among them. Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield, former State Department Special Envoy and Former Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs, went into detail about the disinformation campaign of the regime and its attempts to discredit the NCRI and MEK, both internationally and in Iran. In his words, “I have studied the allegations against MEK and NCRI, and they were not supported by credible evidence. I prepared an independent report and became very interested in the deeper story. The more I looked, the more I found the true story of the MEK has been erased and misrepresented. They advocate democracy and freedom of speech.

“Is there any other resistance group advocating universal democratic values in Iran? Is there any other resistance group standing for gender equality against a brutal and corrupt regime 100% controlled by men? Is there any other resistance group that is capable of organizing a worldwide virtual meeting with thousands of people in over 100 countries? You’ll recognize that picture. It’s a remarkable sight. The world has never seen anything like that. The regime sees these events and they know the NCRI and the MEK more than anyone else are fully capable of organizing a democratic transition to legitimate constitutional government after the fall of the regime,” Ambassador Bloomfield said.

Distinguished civil rights lawyer Alan M. Dershowitz said: “The greatest human rights crisis in the world today is in Iran. The Iranian government is the greatest, most serious human rights violator on this planet… We know that the Iranian attempt to suppress dissent and human rights goes well beyond its own borders, and we know that Iran will stop at absolutely nothing to preserve its illegitimate, undemocratic regime.”

Regarding the Iranian Resistance, Mr. Dershowitz said: “This is a very important organization that does more to bring the problem of human rights in Iran to the attention of the world than any other organization. It operates effectively as a counterforce against the violation of human rights by Iran.”

Appealing to some of the core values of the western world, he added: “If you care about human dignity, human rights, civil life, join the current campaign against the regime in Iran. The world, the people of Iran need regime change. If you’re a supporter of human rights, you must be an opponent of the regime of Iran. History will show you are on the right side of history.”

Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Commission Kenneth Blackwell spoke: “We must expose this regime and its reign of terror with what we can. We must demand that the world court try these criminals for their crimes against humanity. We must bring support to the men and women who are willing to do what they are able to do inside of this repressive regime in Iran. By supporting the people of Iran, we give humanity and freedom a fighting chance. We must be the points of light in the shadow of darkness. We must be agents of change, take the risks to be supporters that there be actions taken against this regime of darkness and terror. Let’s commit to be a force for change.”

Former political prisoners and MEK members also gave heart-wrenching testimonies of the torture they suffered at the hands of the mullahs during the summer of 1988. Homa Jabari urged world leaders to stand on the side of justice and to “remember the suffering of the Iranian people” when they craft policy towards the regime. “We were the generation who went to the execution chambers because we chose freedom. We chose this path with open eyes and full knowledge, and decided to sacrifice everything for freedom. The world must know what happened to the MEK in the past 40 years. European leaders should know that when they shake hands with this regime, they must remember the suffering of the Iranian people.”

Another MEK member and eyewitness to the atrocities, Damona Taavoni, said, “My father was executed by the regime. I was taken to prison with my mother when I was six years old. I remember the shouts of prisoners in torture chambers. As I grew up, I heard inspiring stories about the victims of the 1988 Massacre. Prisoners were asked a single question: ‘Do you support the MEK?’ Those who said yes were executed. Those who said no, survived. We know that 30,000 said yes.

“I’m here to be the voice of the 30,000 political prisoners who died. They made a decision to sacrifice their lives so people in our country don’t have to sell their body parts to put food on the table for their families,” added Taavoni.

Bahador Kiamarzi, also a MEK member and eyewitness to the 1988 Massacre as a child, told the summit, “When I was a child, I was in prison with my mother. I had never seen my father. Once, I was told I would get to visit him, but I only got to peek at him through the frame of the cell door. The regime didn’t let me see him because they wanted to enforce the utmost pressure on him. He was executed shortly after, along with 30,000 other political prisoners in the Iranian regime’s prisons… We will continue our struggle for our people. The sacrifice of the prisoners will not be in vain. We are more determined than ever in Ashraf 3 to overthrow the regime.”

The last eyewitness to address the second day of the Free Iran Summit was MEK member Kazem Panahi: “I was an engineering student in Tabriz after the 1979 revolution. I was arrested in 1981 for being an MEK supporter… We have repeatedly called on the United Nations and UN Human Rights Council to investigate the regime’s crimes. The regime leverages its lobbies outside Iran to launch a demonization campaign against the MEK, who are in fact the primary victims of the regime’s crimes. The goal of these demonization campaigns is to simply say that there is no democratic alternative to the regime. The regime wants to force the world to come to terms with them. But the MEK will never give up their efforts to overthrow the regime.”

The summit drew together a variety of speakers from around the world, all of whom noted that in word and deed,the NCRI and MEK have demonstrated that they want to return sovereignty to the people of Iran, not to seek power at any cost. Many groups and movements have said as much before, but as the testimony of the former political prisoners and experts at day two of the Free Iran Global Summit underscored, actions speak louder than words, and nothing speaks louder than the MEK and NCRI’s selfless resistance in the face of an evil, murderous regime.

# # #

These materials are being distributed by the National Council of Resistance of Iran-U.S. Representative Office. Additional information is on file with the Department of Justice, Washington, D.C

National Council of Resistance of Iran – US Rep. Office
+1 202-747-7847
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2nd Day of 2020 Free Iran Global Summit, entitled “Call for Justice,” holding the regime accountable for the 1988 massacre of 30,000 pol prisoners, July 19.

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Enerkon Solar Internaitonal (ENKS OTC PINK) – establishes a new Technology Holdings Division for New Patents

New Technologies for a New World

Enerkon Solar International (ENKS OTC PINK) – establishes a new Technology Holdings Division for New Patents and Technologies Acquired

Enerkon Solar International Inc (OTCBB:ENKS)

Enerkon New Technologies Holdings are paving the way, to innovation and revolution, in vital Industry and Technology”

— Mr. Benjamin Ballout CEO

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, August 1, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — "Enerkon Solar International (ENKS OTC PINK) – Establishes a new Technology Holdings Division for New Patents"

ENKS Chairman – Mr. Benjamin Ballout stated today that "in keeping with our previous announcements regarding plans to establish a new Technology Holdings Division for New Patents recently Acquired, we are pleased to advise that the legal formation of the wholly owned corporate division Enerkon Technologies Holdings Inc. has been completed"

Mr. Ballout further states that "the company has recently purchased and developed several important and disruptive technologies which are Patented/Trademarked for Monetization and Commercialization during the this year and the first 2 quarters of 2021 – the technologies are as follows:

1. Covid Shield PI (Passive Immunity) CDT (combination drug treatment) a New Groundbreaking, Trademarked/Patented, Passive Immunity, Drug Regime which provides passive immunity (Vaccines provide active immunity, at no more than 40% effectiveness against Corona virus in general and are not expected to do any better for Covid 19 – Whereas, Covid Shield PI (Passive Immunity) CDT, is expected to have a 85%+ effective "passive immunity" ratio, protecting the global population from infection by Covid19 as well as a treatment for those already infected. The new approach mediates the most egregious and dangerous effects of the new pathogen. Human Trials, are now expected to start abroad, whereby data sets will be presented to the FDA and Project Warp Speed and others, as well as foreign country regulatory authorities, for Fast Track Approval, for distribution to the Populations most vulnerable demographics world wide. The company expects to see results and potential approval, before December this year.

2. Aluminum / Electrolyte Fuel Cell (Electric Vehicle Battery) Patented and using a new de-fouling technology (silver nano particles) which supersedes other similar attempts at commercial viability, giving our technology a green light for commercialization, monetization and distribution. The new technology is 38% lighter and less expensive, then lithium cobalt and other current EV batteries in production and does NOT require an expensive National recharging Infrastructure as they are swapped out at participating roadside market franchises in 5 minutes and sent for recycling – using a unique scanner based Cloud driven "pay as you use system" that is at or under the national market cost, for currently used EV Battery technology and having a range much greater (1500 Kilometers) – The new technology, initially called the ENKS AL-Ox Battery (fuel cell) is slated for initial road testing of prototypes for commercialization (Battery factory / recycling facility ) providing the batteries to EV Car Manufactures world wide during late 2020 this year to mid 2021.

3. ENKS recently signed a purchase contract for 20% interest in ALBAYRAKLAR Defense Unit a Turkish division of ALBAYRAK Group – a 56 year old $12 Billion revenue firm. The agreement includes the transfer of all Patents and Rights for new groundbreaking Police Hand Held Stun Gun which is wireless and much more superior and safer than the Taser, the main competitor company. The company Formed a wholly owned corporate division (Wattozz Holdings Inc) as per the agreement which currently hold the Patents rights and technology as well as the Pre orders world wide. The company expects to finalize technical and financial elements of the transaction with further plans to up-list on NASDAQ once the companies AUDIT for the former 2 years are complete during the coming months of this year. The Technology and Patents are valued by a Bakertilly valuation report at a considerable sum. Pre orders will be filled by contract manufacturing, implemented by ENKS. It is noted that Forbes recently wrote an article on the Technology, which was published internationally in the Forbes Online Magazine.

4. The company further acquired rights to new disruptive technology in the Blockchain / Cryptocurrency sphere, which is in the form of a non-mined – Gold Backed, Currency unit, called the African Gold Dollar, or simply the Gold Dollar. This technology depends on the fact that it works in tandem with a participating government, or commercial entity approved by a national government and currently the company has reached such as stage in East Africa for its initial launch – whereas the currency units, will be tied to Government and commercial holdings, of Audited Physical Gold. The trading and exchange rate will be tied to the Spot Gold price in real time, for one version and pegged to the dollar in another version – while all units are backed by Gold in a minimum 1:1 ratio or more. The company expects that this new concept may catch on with other developing countries and then larger countries afterwards, over the coming years.

Mr. Ballout, in his closing statement today stated " we are encouraged by the present situation even in the face of the COVID19 Pandemic and look forward to the rest of this year and coming years, with optimism "

The foregoing statements are forward looking statements, and as such, they may or may not
reflect the results which could transpire in the future which should be negative or not transpire
at all due to circumstances or other reasons and investors, shareholders, or others should not
rely on these forward looking statements to ascertain any value if any of ENKS or to make any
investment decisions and to take note that this is not an offer to buy or sell securities or an
endorsement of ENKS for investment purposes as all investment carry a risk of loss sometimes a
total loss of your investment in Micro cap shares markets or any market and therefore such
statements or plans should not be relied upon for any business decisions of any kind.

Approval and permissions required by federal regulations may or may nor be approved and if not
approved may result in the loss of all value and all investments in products requiring such
regulatory permissions to market and sell. These statements are made as forward looking
statements for educational purposes only in accordance with the rules and regulations which
pertain to the same.

Mr. Benjamin Ballout
Enerkon Solar International Inc.
+1 561-431-7762
email us here

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Three Major US Tamil Organizations Supporting Gajan’s TNPF Party, in Sri Lankan Election on August 5, 2020

Candidates from TNPF

TNPF's goal is to push for an International Investigation to bring justice and accountability and a referendum for a safe and secure homeland for Tamils.

Their goal is to save the Tamils and our nation and not to selfishly serve their own their benefit. They have tremendous hearts.”

— Director, Tamils for Trump

NEW YORK , NEW YORK, USA, August 1, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Three Major US Tamil Organizations Supporting Gajan’s TNPF Party, in Sri Lanka Election on August 5, 2020

In the upcoming Sri Lanka election on August 5 of this year, Tamils are facing a major challenge in choosing the members of parliament. This election will decide the future of the Tamils and their survival.

They have several choices among the three parties.

Most of the Tamils rejected the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) for its incompetence and inaction, the reversal of their policies, and its support of the Sri Lankan government in exchange for perks. The TNA's corruption was seen when it threw out their own party member, Mrs. Maheswary, when she asked for account details for the many thousands of dollars received from the Tamil Diaspora.

When a party is corrupt, its focus is on money making. It will not care for the Tamils but instead raise a few false statements here and there to protect itself from being ousted from power.

Most of the Tamils are saying that the TNA betrayed the Tamils. It is time for TNA to go home.
11 years were wasted by electing TNA members. Most Tamils regret this profoundly.

Now Tamils have two choices: the leadership of Gajendrakumar Ponnampalam and the Tamil National People's Front, or CV Vigneswaran and the Tamil People''s National Alliance. Either would be welcomed by the Tamils.

Mr. Vigneswaran is an honest man. We believe his sincerity and his Tamil nationalism. Vigneswaran's policy is similar to that of Ponnampalam's party. Mr. Shivajilingam, a resilient candidate from Vigneswaran's party, is a no nonsense individual and a man of action. He has done many notable and historical things as a Council member. We welcome his true Tamil nationalism.

TPNA candidates have been in power as MPs, Council members, and Chief Minister. We saw their progress; while they were steady and positive, but we are in a desperate state, so we need young, dedicated, and forceful people to drive our policy into action.

We wanted both Gajendrakumar and CV Vigneswarn to be in one party, but it failed. We hope in the future for the sake of the Tamils that both will join as winners of the parliamentary elections to achieve our goal, which is a secured and protected Tamil Homeland.

Gajendrakumar's party, the Tamil National People's Front (TNPF), has three young lawyers who can articulate the Tamils' political wishes. They are very knowledgeable in international politics as well as the operational methods of UN, UNHRC and ICC. They are very honest, committed, and they respect and honor the victims of the ethnic war and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam who fought for independence. They are the Tamil nationalists and patriots of the Tamil homeland.

They are new to politics, so therefore they are uncorrupted, unlike the establishment. Their goal is to save the Tamils and our nation and not to selfishly serve their own their benefit. They have tremendous hearts. It is difficult for Sinhalese politicians Sinhalese elite or even Sinhalese Buddhist priests to lead them astray, and as successful lawyers they would not be tempted by money.

If they are elected as MPs, it is noted that they will donate the money received from car permits to impoverished Tamils.

They have a solid plan to rebuild the Tamils’ economy.

They were in politics for at least 10 years and have opposed the TNA's and Sinhalese's policy in the past.

They are not the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, but they have a personality like our brave fighters. They are determined.
Their goal is to push for an International Investigation of the Sri Lankan genocide and to bring justice, accountability, and referendum for a safe and secure homeland for the Tamils.

Their first task is to travel to the capitals of the powerful countries. Their understanding is everything is decided in the capitals, not in the UNHRC or UN.

Therefore, the Tamils for Trump , American Tamil Forum and Tamil Diaspora News are endorsing the TNPF and urging the Tamils in Tamil Eelam to vote for the TNPF to give a mandate to represent the Tamils in the UN and the rest of the world.

Communication Director
Tamils for Trump
+1 914-721-0505
email us here

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Award-Winning Writer, Producer, Eric Ayala Launches ELA Productions

Eric Ayala,  Award-Winning Writer, Producer

Eric Ayala, Award-Winning Writer, Producer

by Fran Briggs

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 1, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Eric L. Ayala is expanding his entertainment platform, his publicist announced today. The multi-award winning screenwriter, director, and author is credited with three new TV pilots, and 12 best-selling books.

With the launching of ELA Productions, Ayala plans to enter more diverse markets and expand globally.

“Eric is a writer for all reasons,” stated an enthusiastic, Cynthia Stillwell of ELA Productions.

To that point, Ayala, who is also an actor, singer, and producer, is widely known for his original screenplays, novels, Netflix contributions and movie productions. At the time of this writing he has received 31 awards for his independent films and screenplays, and is a contender for at least one other.

Ayala is the screenwriter for End Touch Movie's, "Sunday Morning Rapture." The movie is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. End Touch later approached Eric and offered him the screenwriter contract for “Cancer.” The movie is scheduled to be released in 2020, and production of the sequel is underway.

As part of his ELA Production launch, the Atlanta, GA resident has hired a management team for his business, talent, and general operations. That group includes Cynthia Stillwell, Winston G. Williams, and Philip Spartis, respectively.

“Eric is especially gifted. He has assembled an incredibly talented and ambitious team to help meet his objectives,” stated Fran Briggs, Publicist to Eric Ayala. “He is also broadening his marketing and public relation efforts. His aim is to attract the best talent, partnerships, and opportunities.”

For additional information including how you or your group might work with ELA Productions, visit https://elaproductions.com. Alternatively, you may call Business Manager, Philip Spartis, 347-279-5139; or Talent Manager, Cynthia Stillwell, (323) 972-7975.


Eric Ayala was Born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised and educated in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is an award-winning writer; director; author; actor; singer; producer, and CEO of ELA Productions. Eric has been published in three genres. Within each genre, he uses a pseudonym which is a variation of his full name. His first book, “Restoration, (1997)” is categorized as inspirational fiction. In 1998, he wrote, directed and produced the stage play, “Will You Be Made Whole.” This production debuted on stage of the 14th Street Playhouse. The play was followed later that year with what was to become the first in the writer’s Wholeness Series. The book, “Will You Be Made Whole” was followed by the sequel to “Alabaster Box…Two Women One Struggle,” and “If I Should Die Before I Wake.” Under the author's pseudonyms, Erica Lewis and Lewis Ericson, he penned "Arlington Heights" and Darkness in the Mirror" (Erica Lewis); and "Outcast," "Avenging Alex" and "Retribution" (Lewis Ericson).

Forward Looking Statements
A select number of statements in this release are considered “forward-looking statements” as it pertains to the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements reflect the current views of Netflix (the “company”), End Touch Movies (the “company), ELA Productions (the “company), and Eric L. Ayala (the person) with respect to, among other things, the impact of COVID-19.

Fran Briggs
+1 928-275-1642
email us here
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Mercury Solutions to Train Tomorrow's Cyber Security Experts, preparing them for Post COVID-19 Tech-World Now







Cyber Security Training available to both individual professionals and corporate teams

Mehar Ahluwalia, the Founder & Director of Mercury Solutions Limited, a leading IT Training & Certification company based in India is one man who found his true calling to success.

— Mehar Ahluwalia

GURUGRAM, HARYANA, INDIA, August 1, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The leading technology training company Mercury Solutions to bridge the skills gap in cyber security professionals and the industry for the changing nature of the cyber security domain, in the light of the present pandemic.

The demand for Cyber Security professionals has surged in the recent Pandemic times and is considered as one of the fastest-growing careers of the Silicon Valley. Mercury Solutions making it easier for professionals aspiring to skyrocket their cyber security career with certification programs.

The organization is launching new batches every month of – CISSP certification training, CISO certification training, CEH training, and many more and offering custom batches for aspired participants in Virtual Instructor-led Interactive training mode, amid the ‘new normal’ of ‘working-from-home’ professional world.

Data and Statistics – Demand of Cyber Security Job Roles.

. In a recent report by WHO, there is a five-fold increase in cyber attacks and data breaches targeting both individuals and organizations, leading to the growing demands of cyber security analysts, cyber security engineers, security analysts.

. Organizations started ramping up their security budget allocation owing to this new normal of increasing ‘work-from-home’ jobs.

. As per recent data shared by a job portal Indeed, searches related to cyber security jobs have increased by 30% during the period of February to May 2020.

. There is a record rise of 6% in the cyber security based job postings by employers.

. Frost & Sullivan’s recent report projects that there will be a global shortage of 1.5 million cyber security professionals by the end of 2020.

. In order to fulfill the demands of the skills in the industry, employers are looking to increase the hiring of skilled and certified employees.

. Besides, the companies are looking to impart the existing employees with cyber security training and certification programs in various courses such as – CISSP training, CEH training, CISO certification training and others, to meet their organizational goals and requirements.

Director’s Dialogue on the current Cyber-security Need & Mitigation

Speaking on the ups killing of Cyber security professionals, Mehar Ahluwalia, Founder & Director – Mercury Solutions recently said, “Working-from-home is the new normal during these pandemic times and is going to be so till the first quarter of 2021 more or less, organizations amid this crisis are losing on revenues and reputations due to rising number of data breaches and cyber threats.

This is largely due to the gap in demand for skilled and certified cyber security experts in the industry and no adequate supply of trained professionals to handle the crisis.” He further added, “ We aim to provide our learners with the best quality cyber security training from industry leaders and expert-trainers.

We provide the most popular programs, like CISSP training, CEH training, CCISO training among others to help them become more employable for the post-pandemic job profiles while helping corporate to reduce security risks.”

What Do The Learners Get.

The organization is one of the pioneers in augmenting training programs through Virtual Instructor-led Interactive training mode for years, where the learners can attain training in top technology programs from global instructors.

These are in-depth training in the cyber-security program, where learners get access to Interactive Sessions from the trainers, doubts clearing sessions, Q&A, Mock tests, High-quality reference material, or E-Kits and course completion certificate to validate their attained knowledge.

Special Focus On CISSP Training – Gaining (ISC)² Recognition.

Although extremely challenging, passing (ISC)² certification exam is immensely rewarding in these times. Attaining high-quality CISSP training- one of the most popular credentials among other certifications from (ISC)², hence becomes pertinent. The organization extends assistance to learners with their highly interactive and quality training sessions with real-world scenarios and mock tests that prepare them for the exam day. Mercury Solutions’ training programs are a proven way to set learners up for success.

Training Advantage from Mercury Solutions – The Benefits.

When you pursue CISSP training from Mercury Solutions you are at an advantage. Let us see how:

. High-Quality Instruction through V-ILT Mode: The organization is known for providing top-notch training programs in Virtual Instructor-led training mode from Industry experts and certified instructors who have an average of 10-15 years of industry experience in a complete rigorous process to impart training in CBK.

. Extensive and Exhaustive Exam Preparation: These trainers impart sessions that cover all the current topics and domain areas with a special focus on real-word activities and scenarios.

. Latest Content: For a better and deeper understanding of new threats, regulations, technologies, and best practices, they teach only relevant and latest modules.

. Study Tools & Techniques: As present in the official Guide of (ISC)², the trainers use all the latest study tools, student Guide and supporting aids like Interactive flashcards to reinforce knowledge areas to minimize pressure on the exam day.

. Mock tests for Knowledge Checks: Mock tests, quizzes and post-course support is used to assist in identifying the knowledge-gaps for overall exam readiness.

Gaining Cyber Security Certification Training from Industry Leaders

It is known that the cyber-security profession is extremely dynamic in nature and even more in these Pandemic times. There is a lot of pressure on cyber security professionals to stay ahead of the attacks and keep up-to-date in the prevailing dynamics. International bodies – (ISC)², EC-Council or ISACA-are the most popular bodies which provide industry-recognized certifications to validate the skills experts. Mercury Solutions’ mission is aligned with these organization's commitment to empower professionals who touch every aspect of Information Security. After all, protecting information is not only the IT industry's work, it's everyone’s job!

About Mercury Solutions Limited

Mercury Solutions Limited is a leading IT Training and Certification provider with a strong mission to assist professionals and corporate around the world acquire technical skills and credentials they need to succeed in today’s swiftly evolving industry. The company has an exhaustive portfolio of online training in – Cyber Security, Project Management, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Database Administration, Machine Learning, AI, and other such latest technologies.

Isha Achra
Mercury Solutions Limited
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Oceano Award-winning Pinot Noir Certified Vegan by BevVeg

Oceano Chardonnay

Oceano premium “wine of the year” Chardonnay BeVeg Vegan Certified

Supermodel Christie Brinkley & Super Lawyer Carissa Kranz Point to the BevVeg Vegan Certification Trademark on Vegan Wine. Download the Free BevVeg Consumer App. Search to Make Sure your Beverage is Not Filtered Through any Animal Parts.

Supermodel Christie Brinkley & Super Lawyer Carissa Kranz Point to the BevVeg Vegan Certification Trademark on Vegan Wine. Download the Free BevVeg Consumer App. Search to Make Sure your Beverage is Not Filtered Through any Animal Parts.

Oceano Wines, announced that its award-winning premium “wine of the year” earns the BevVeg vegan certification through BeVeg International.

We are thrilled to earn the BevVeg vegan wine certification from BeVeg, the leading vegan beverage certifier…it is important for people to know if animals are used in any way to produce their wine!”

— Co-Founder and Vintner Rachel Martin.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — San Luis Obispo’s Oceano Wines, producer of premium Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from San Luis Obispo, announced today that starting with the 2019 vintage, its platinum award-winning premium “wine of the year” Chardonnay and fine Pinot Noir have earned the BevVeg vegan certification through BeVeg International, a leading vegan certifier that ensures vegan compliance from every stage of the beverage production process. 

““We are thrilled to earn the BevVeg vegan wine certification from BeVeg, the leading vegan beverage certifier. Following our SIP-certification, vegan certified was the natural next step for Oceano,” Co-Founder and Vintner Rachel Martin explains.

“We value the BevVeg vegan alcohol certification because we feel that it is important for people to know if animals are used in any way to produce the products that they consume. Since wine is made from grapes, people assume that animals have not been part of the process of grape growing or winemaking, which in some cases is not true.”

Additionally, this luxury wine brand often dubbed the “Luxury Wine Label” has expanded its distribution foothold in California by partnering with Authentic Wine Selections.

“We are excited to bring our globally vegan certified wines — Oceano wines — to new territories,” Martin says. “As a premium wine producer, it is important for us to have strong relationships with distributors that share our values. Authentic Wine Selections is a strong partner who we are excited to have by our side as we grow.”

Authentic Wine Selections is a producer, importer, distributor and broker representing a global selection of fine wines statewide in California, with the mission to carefully curate a portfolio of wines that are faithful to their origin.

“I added Oceano wines because they have it all. Pure, balanced wines that reflect a place, Robert Morrison, owner of Authentic Wine Selections said. “They fill a need for Central Coast wines. Rachel “gets it” and has a sensible understanding of the wine business. We champion small producers, and are especially excited to “find” great producers just starting out.”

Martin is a member of Les Dames d’Escoffier International New York and Washington Chapters and was the first woman to be inducted into the District of Columbia chapter of the International Wine and Food Society.

Besides finding Oceano Wines online at www.oceanowines.com, the company has additional distribution through Frederick Wildman & Sons, serving New York and New Jersey; Lanterna Distributing, serving Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC; and Pioneer Wine Company in Texas. 

Oceano Wines is now listed on the BevVeg free consumer app as a BeVeg certified vegan wine. The BevVeg app, often called “the ultimate alcohol guide” is a searchable database to help the consumer find their next for vegan alcoholic beverages. The free consumer app is available for download on google play and in the ios app store at www.beveg.com.

Oceano Wines
Oceano Wines
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Oceano wines at Laws THAT Matter with Carissa Krannz

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Relax In Comfort launches first Furniture For Life Gallery in Florida

Relax In Comfort Winter Park Village

Relax In Comfort Winter Park Village

Relax In Comfort Furniture For Life Gallery store

Relax In Comfort Furniture For Life Gallery store

Relax In Comfort Westshore Plaza Mall Tampa

Relax In Comfort Westshore Plaza Mall Tampa

Relax In Comfort was selected as the first Florida Furniture For Life Gallery partner for their excellent reputation and more than half-century of dedication to the comfort needs of Floridians”

— Cliff Levin, CEO and founder of Furniture For Life

WINTER PARK, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Furniture For Life, a global leader in massage chairs, zero gravity recliners, and other comfortable furniture products, approves Relax In Comfort stores in Winter Park Village and the Westshore Plaza Mall (Tampa) as a Furniture For Life Gallery stores.

More than 80% of Americans experience serious back pain, and more than 33% suffer from poor quality sleep. Relax In Comfort stores, founded in 1967, have helped thousands of Floridians sit, sleep, and feel better every day. Don DePaulis, President and co-founder notes, “This new partnership is the culmination of many years of engagement with all of the top tier manufacturers in the world. In all our years in the retail ‘comfort business’ Furniture For Life is unquestionably the very best of the best we have ever encountered.”

Furniture For Life is best known for developing and distributing the most important, iconic, and trusted massage chair brands: Panasonic, OHCO, D.Core, and Positive Posture. In fact, their new OHCO M-Series is today’s standard bearer of the massage chair industry, boasting a beautiful and unique design from the studio of Ken Okuyama and unequaled massage choreography from renowned Japanese shiatsu master, Akira Okabayashi. DePaulis adds, “We’re elated to present best-in-class massage chairs in Winter Park and Tampa Bay. Our customers deserve excellence, and we know that people will fall in love with our exciting, new, and improved lineup."

Relax In Comfort Senior VP Jackie Ricardo notes, “Consumers are attracted to buying online in order to get the very best price. However, it is nearly impossible to effectively assess a massage chair or zero gravity chair without trying it. We now offer the same pricing you find online with a personal local touch, along with the opportunity to test drive the full Furniture For Life collection.”

On August 1, 2020, the Relax In Comfort stores at Westshore Plaza Mall in Tampa and Winter Park Village officially open their doors as Furniture For Life Galleries. Grand opening specials and promotions offering significant savings opportunities are available between August 1 and August 31, 2020.

“Relax In Comfort was selected as the first Florida Furniture For Life Gallery partner for their excellent reputation and more than half-century of dedication to the comfort needs of Floridians,” says Cliff Levin, the CEO and founder of Furniture For Life. He goes on to say, “Their friendly, highly trained staff make them a great fit for our mission which is to make the world a more comfortable place.”

Shish Uppal, operator of the Tampa Relax In Comfort store adds, “Furniture For Life embodies true commitment to superior customer service and exceptional product quality. This is why we’re proud and excited to become part of the Furniture For Life family. I really hope many people get to experience the magic of our new product lineup, particularly our massage chairs.”


Based in Boulder, CO., the 2017 National Geographic “happiest city in the U.S.,” Furniture For Life is a leading maker and distributor of furnishings designed to look good in your home, improve your comfort, and enhance your health and wellness. The company is at the forefront of the massage chair industry, manufactures the world’s only True Zero Gravity® recliners, designs unique mattresses, and more. Furniture For Life is committed to the welfare of people everywhere in pursuit of its mission to make the world a more comfortable place. For more
information, visit FurnitureForLife.com.


Based in Winter Park, FL and founded in 1967 by Anthony & Lucy DePaulis as the first back care & sleep specialty store in the United States. The company remains family owned and operated and has grown into a trusted source for the very best in wellness furniture and accessories. Our mission continues to provide the very best value to our customers. We are dedicated to offering the very best in adjustable number beds, massage chairs and zero gravity recliners at a guaranteed low price. For more information or to schedule a private showroom appointment please visit RelaxInComfort.com.

Jackie Ricardo
Relax In Comfort
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Iconic, and trusted massage chair brands: Panasonic, OHCO, D.Core, and Positive Posture

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Online Leadership Summit Inspires Young Minds from Home Nationwide

MC Terry Henderson

Bethany Hamilton

The IYF has over decades of experience in planting hope in the hearts of the youth, and it has never been more important than this year.

ONLINE, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Students flocked to attend the 10th annual IYF World Camp, a youth leadership summit hosted by the International Youth Fellowship, which is a nonprofit organization looking to strengthen emotional and mental fortitude in young people by providing character-development education that addresses mental health issues. This year, due to the circumstances regarding Coronavirus, the camp was held all online.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our annual youth leadership summit had to move online in suit with many public and private educational curricula”, commented Glen Heil, the Program Director of the IYF Online World Camp. “Along with the overall danger with the virus, many young people have had a hard time during prolong quarantine and experienced ingrained stress from having to undergo social distancing as well as remote schooling. The camp featured interactive, online team challenges and events, motivational lectures by world-class speakers, as well as skills and crafts taught by experts in their field.”

Academy classes where students could like Fitness with instructor Carlos Salas a Calisthenics Master Trainer at Fit Calisthenics in Toronto, Canada, Acting with Instructor Trudy Steibl, the NY Director of the HB Teen Intensive in Acting, Illustration and Comics with Kyle Fewell, a skilled Illustrator from Brooklyn, NY. Motivational Speakers included Jodi Benson, acclaimed Broadway actress and the voice of Disney’s Ariel, Bethany Hamilton, world champion surfer and survivor of a lethal shark attack, and Phil Handy, the assistant coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

About International Youth Fellowship
International Youth Fellowship USA (www.iyfusa.org) is a nonprofit youth organization providing extracurricular activities to young people that facilitate emotional and mental fortitude in the heart, provide character-development education to address mental health issues, and instill global mindedness through cultural exchange. Through programs such as international volunteer trips, community service projects, culture events, premiere musical concerts, and youth leadership summits, IYF wishes to provide an experience where young people can feel good about themselves, young minds are strengthened to overcome the challenges in their lives, and lives are catapulted in a positive direction.

Philemon Yoo
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Workhouse Awarded "Best PR Firm" Distinction by Expertise

Salutes Workhouse as Top 23 out of 393 firms in 2020 Honor Roll

NEW YORK , NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Expertise unveiled it's list of "Best PR Firms" naming creative agency WORKHOUSE, with offices in New Jersey and New York City, to their 2020 honor roll. Scoring 393 individual public relations firms, Expertise chose a high caliber total of only 23 for this year's list.

"Our goal is to connect people with the best local experts. We scored New York City PR Firms on more than 25 variables across five categories, and analyzed the results to give you a hand-picked list of the best." states Expertise.

"In this troubling time, as Workhouse celebrates 20 years of service, we are not only roused by the recognition but moved by the moment while remaining forever grateful to our clients who believed steadfast could make stardust." – Adam Nelson, Founder & CEO, Workhouse

Expertise Finding the best, highly-skilled professional takes significant time and effort, including in-depth research, detailed comparisons, and deciphering which online reviews are reliable and authentic. Expertise features only objectively quantified=d and qualified professionals hand-picked by our selection process. We do the research to understand what’s important when searching for experienced professionals — whether dentists, attorneys, or roofers — so our readers trust that when we say a company is one of the best, it is. Our proprietary research and selection process identifies the top service professionals in over 200 different industries across the top cities in the United States. Every month we help over 10M customers find the best-qualified service professional for their needs. To date, we’ve analyzed over 10M companies and have generated $200M in revenue for the local businesses we feature on our site. Visit expertise.com

WORKHOUSE is one of the country's leading public relations and integrated creative agencies. For the seventh consecutive year, Workhouse received the "Best of Manhattan Award" by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA). The agency swept three of the industry's highest honors when it was bestowed with the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Silver Anvil Award, PR News' Platinum PR "Wow Award", Bulldog Reporter's Silver Medal Award and was also named a PR Daily/ Dow Jones Finalist for "Grand Prize: PR Campaign of the Year". Celebrating two decades of service, Workhouse is a full-service creative agency positioning emerging and established brands with celebrity craftsmanship. The agency provides forward-thinking public relations, social media, brand promotion, creative consulting, and modern-day marketing. Clients have included Lou Reed, The Rolling Stones, Hugh Jackman, Francis Ford Coppola, David LaChapelle, CBGB, Max's Kansas City, Interview Magazine, Galleries Lafayette, Chase Contemporary, Porsche, Ford Motor Company, Virgin, Jazz at Lincoln Center, International Emmy Awards, Assouline Editions, Rizzoli International Publications, Tony Shafrazi Gallery, Versace, and Avroko. Workhouse offers untraditional service across a broad spectrum of entertainment, culture, fashion, and lifestyle spheres. Visit workhousepr.com

Adam Nelson
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