The Eighth Round Knockout

The Eighth Round by Zeke Wilson is a non-fiction novel about Wilson V. McClure, the precedent it set for same race discrimination and its long lasting effects.

SAVANNAH, GA, UNITED STATES, July 10, 2020 / — I was born in South Carolina in 1957, the same year President Eisenhower passed the Civil Rights Act. I went on to become a United States Marine Corps veteran, retired prize winning boxer, retired boxing promoter, retired sparring partner for the great Joe Frazier, Larry Holmes, Leon Spinks, and others; a child counselor, a public speaker, and now a published author of my autobiography titled The Eighth Round, which covers experiences in my life that led up to the Wilson V. McClure case. That case was the first of its kind to reach federal court on the basis of same race discrimination, and its outcome set a federal legal precedent. Out of over 310,000 cases filed in the United States Federal Court in the year 2000, and nearly 41,000 of those cases being civil rights cases, my case was the only one that exposed the concept of black-on-black racial discrimination. My book entails all of my struggles and triumphs over the misuse of authority by both black and white local and government officials, and tells of the effects that my struggles and triumphs had on myself and my biracial family. My story is one of determination and perseverance in the face of great odds, despite often being without legal representation and lacking a higher education. I believe that my story appeals to a vast audience and will leave readers and listeners alike forever changed. I strive to get on air and tell my story and tell the world that whenever and wherever you are confronted by injustice, you must fight it. Don’t think that you can’t because you lack money, education, or power. We must all stand up and fight for rights that were earned for us at a high price, regardless of whether injustice is coming from citizens or local, state, or federal government.

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