Teguar Computers Breaks into Machine Vision with New TB-5545-MVS Rugged Box Computer

Three sizes of the Teguar TB-5545-MVS with Machine Vision Capabilities

Machine vision being used at a bottling plant

Teguar's TB-5545-MVS is designed for machine vision systems requiring applications that demand high processing power, abundant I/Os, and expansion capabilities.

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, February 27, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Teguar Corporation has announced it is stepping into the realm of machine vision systems with their new TB-5545-MVS Rugged Box Computer.

In addition to high computing power and sophisticated image processing abilities, this fanless mini PC is made to increase accuracy and efficiency on the factory floor. In environments where employees are needed to spend long hours quickly processing visual information and making decisions, the TB-5545-MVS's machine vision capabilities will allow computers to make these types of decisions based on visual information, freeing up employees for other tasks.

Teguar Computers, along with other computer manufactures, create specific types of computers for specific tasks, much in the same way different types of vehicles are created for speed, load capacity, agility, fuel efficiency and more. The Teguar TB-5545-MVS was created for applications that require high processing power and an abundance of I/Os and expansion. Most notably, this mini PC is particularly good for machine vision systems, hence the “MVS” at the end of the name, including auto-inspection systems, pharmacy packing and inspection, vision guidance for object positioning, medical image processing, real time object identification/tracking, and liquid level/empty bottle checking.

As with other Teguar products, the TB-5545-MVS is highly configurable. The PC has 3 different expansion options: no expansion, 2x expansion slots, and 4x expansion slots. In Teguar’s product release, the medical and industrial computer manufacturer explained that the expansion options make this box PC “highly flexible and able to fit into very specific applications. For example, the TB-5545-MVS can accommodate 4x PoE outputs or a total of 12x USB 3.0 ports.” Those configurations, 4x PoE and 12x USB, are used in complex systems, where several devices are connected to the computer. Such a system is common in machine vision applications.

The option for up to 12x USB ports is unique in a computer as small as the TB-5545-MVS, which weighs less than 7 lbs (~3 kg) and is only 190 x 222 x 67mm (7.5 x 8.7 x 2.6 in) (the 67 mm height of the unit increases with the number of the expansion slots). The 4x PoE outputs can be used to power IIoT devices such as cameras, scales, and scanners that collect and send data to the computer, where decisions can be made in real time.

An example of a machine vision application, where the plethora of I/Os and expansion options are used, is in a beverage bottling facility, where the TB-5545-MVS would be connected to all the devices mentioned above. Cameras check the color of the liquid, while scales inspect the liquid level, and barcode scanners track inventory, as it moves through the manufacturing line or warehouse.

Machine vision has become more sophisticated as computers have increased in processing power and are able to process data from dozens of devices at once. Automotive manufacturing, factory automation, and pharmaceutical production are among the industries where machine vision has become vital. Highly specialized machine vision applications might require multiple computers or a highly customized computer system. The TB-5545-MVS is a good option for machine vision applications, because it provides a flexible, customizable solution, at a relatively low cost compared to other embedded computers and machine vision systems.

The TB-5545-MVS is a recommended solution for any application requiring high computing power or high graphical processing power, such as edge computing and quality control.

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