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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Whoisology, a domain tools provider, launched WHOIS Database Download that contains billions of searchable and cross-reference-ready WHOIS records. This well-structured database offers comprehensive WHOIS information, which is a result of intensive data gathering from different sources.

WHOIS Database Download makes it easy for cybersecurity professionals to find relevant information about any domain they are investigating, including who registered it, which registrar maintains it, when it was created, when it was last updated, when its registration is set to expire, and more.

WHOIS Database Download is updated regularly, allowing users to get near-real-time information on domains of interest. It contains more than 5 billion WHOIS records, over 317 million active domain names, and more than 2,850 top-level domains (TLDs), spanning both the generic TLD (gTLD) and country-code TLD (ccTLD) spaces. Not only can users obtain information on domains with the usual extensions (e.g., .com, .org, .net, and so on), but also those with the more uncommon TLDs (e.g., .uk, .ru, .xyz, and so on).

The robust database enables cybersecurity specialists to gather not just basic WHOIS information but also grants them access to historical details so they can gain more accurate and deeper insights into investigative cases currently on their plates.

Security operations center (SOC) personnel tasked to monitor and maintain their network security can also benefit from using WHOIS Database Download. With it, they can identify domains, websites, and registrants that may have ties to an ongoing attack.

Security incident and event management (SIEM) software developers can integrate WHOIS Database Download into their products so these can do forensic domain mapping in a more automated way. It can help identify all the domains with the same registrant, organization, contact email address, and other details so these can be blocked at the same time, for instance. It can also serve as a source of threat intelligence.

Cybercriminals are known for using newly registered domains for attacks to evade detection. WHOIS Database Download can be configured to pinpoint newly registered domains for further scrutiny and consequent blocking, if necessary. The tool can, therefore, be valuable in flagging potential attack sources before any threat actor can use them.

Threat hunters can also rely on WHOIS Database Download. They can run it against publicly available threat feeds, for instance, to identify red flags. They can then launch proactive investigations into suspicious entities and URLs and apply the necessary countermeasures should these prove malicious.

Organizations wary of supply chain attacks also stand to benefit from using WHOIS Database Download. They can use it to vet third parties before deciding to do business with them or allowing them access to their networks. Suppliers and partners are often granted permission to view sensitive information that can put a company at risk should an incident occur. Such a scenario is avoidable, though, if the security team is armed with reliable information that can help it verify a third party’s trustworthiness.

Finally, digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) teams can use WHOIS Database Download to dig deeper into domains of interest. It can help them overcome security crises such as a data breach by providing much-needed clues into their perpetrators and their infrastructure. With its help, they can build detailed attacker profiles and even identify affiliates that they can then hand out to law enforcement agents or authorities who are officially handling the cases.

With all these, it is easy to see how valuable WHOIS Database Download is to cybersecurity experts across different industries who want to strengthen their respective organizations’ cybersecurity posture.

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Source: EIN Presswire