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CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, November 18, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — JsonWHOIS, a leader in domain research and monitoring, has just launched WHOIS Database Download. Users now have a great option to get access to partial or entire historic WHOIS databases tailored to fit their organizations’ needs.

WHOIS Database Download is regularly updated, allowing its provider to track and make information on around 3 million domains and counting spanning more than 1,000 gTLDs available to users.

Any company that needs a way to find out who owns a website that has the information it is looking for or getting a lot of newsletters that it can’t seem to manage to unsubscribe to but is having a difficult time contacting the site administrator can get help from WHOIS Database Download.

WHOIS Database Download provides users with all the pertinent information about a domain of interest. It does not only contain basic information on domains, but also historical details that give them more in-depth insights. Every WHOIS record in the product’s database tells when a domain was registered and will expire; when it was updated over the years; who its registrar and registrant or owner are, along with their contact details (street and email address and phone and fax number); who its technical, billing, and administrative contacts are and their contact details; what company or organization it is affiliated with; and what IP changes it has undergone throughout its life cycle. With all this information on hand, any company has all the means necessary to meet business requirements.

The information on WHOIS records is particularly useful for website owners in that they will never lose track of when they should renew their domain ownership rights. If they are looking to put up another website for a new product or service and need a domain that perfectly fits it, then they can easily do so as well. If they want to get a glimpse of what competitors are up to, a list of all their domains (active or otherwise) may be what they need. If they want to find out where their customers are coming from so they can give site visitors customized experiences, that is possible too. Or because they know how many dangers are lurking out on the Internet and want to make sure their domain remains as secure as it can be, they can use the product. Protecting not just a company’s crown jewels, but also its employees’, customers’, partners’, and other stakeholders’ personal data from all kinds of online attacks is easy to do with WHOIS Database Download.

Site owners are not the only ones who can benefit from a WHOIS database though. It has many other practical uses in various fields. Registrars, for instance, seeking for the best domain names to satisfy a client’s requirement can use WHOIS Database Download to find all available options. Brand protection agents can use the database to track down potential copyright infringers or intellectual property violators to protect their customers’ assets. Market analysts and researchers keeping tabs on trends to provide the most current and accurate data to satisfy clients’ needs can benefit from the product as well. Executives who wish to come up with sound sales and marketing strategies can also rely on WHOIS information as a reference. And those trailing after suspected threat actors such as cybersecurity specialists and law enforcement agents will find the product a rich source of leads for ongoing investigations.

JsonWHOIS’s WHOIS Database Download is sure to cater to specific business requirements with information on more than 300 million domains worldwide. It provides a vast amount of data to work with so users can come up with rich results and findings from analyses. Protecting brands and trademarks and making sure one’s own organization is not violating anyone else’s intellectual property rights is now easier because scouring the Web manually is no longer required. Making sure one does not obtain a domain with a shady past has also become possible, as the tool provides historical details on any existing domain today. Users do not need system and software upgrades or purchases too since the data comes in both raw and parsed forms in a format that would readily work with their existing infrastructure. They can choose from three available formats—MySQL, MySQL dump, or CSV. They are assured of updated information as well because the database is regularly updated and maintained to make sure it captures all new domain additions and changes.

JsonWHOIS knows that thousands of domains are added to the WHOIS database every day and that WHOIS records can be modified several times a day. As such, it makes sure to keep up so its customers will not end up with stale data.

Visit the JsonWHOIS website for more information on pricing and contact details and learn more about the benefits that WHOIS Database Download provides.

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