Two Black Millennial Entrepreneurs Introduce Black Farmers to the International East Coast/West Coast Collab

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2019 / — Atlanta, GA – a 38 year old black millennial female entrepreneur introduced her company CEMT, LLC to the black farm community recently and has a history of creating successful first time initiatives that spark conversations in the Black community with her company philosophy of “Helping Black People First”. CEO of a brand management and consulting firm in Atlanta, Georgia, Ms. Davisha L. Johnson stated recently, “My connection to the African continent is very deep and we need to build a stronger economic base globally to grow long term wealth in our communities. According to the Ag Census, as of 2012, black farmers make up less than 2 percent of all farmers. but the new Hemp market is an open window to the doors that have been closed in the past and the international marketplace is a new horizon open for the Black Farmer.”

Ms. Johnson is Founder and President of the Cooperative Executive Management Team, LLC (CEMT, LLC) which is an agricultural services company that provides holistic business services for farmers globally. Recently, CEMT, LLC has joined forces with Nigerian American millennial entrepreneur, Matthan Ibidapo of Cannabis South, LLC/International to begin building wealth for the Black Farmer through the domestic and international marketplace. Cannabis South, LLC/International is a Colorado Springs, Colorado based cannabis and hemp company established in 2013. It’s Founder/CEO/Chairman, 26 year old first generation Nigerian American, Matthan Ibidapo is the youngest to have an Industrial Hemp cultivation license in the State of Alabama and a license to cultivate and export Hemp from Africa.

Both black millennial entrepreneurs have created a collab of East Coast and West Coast to co-manage Ms. Johnsons’ newly created company the Black Farmers Cooperative For Hemp. Based in Georgia’s emerging Hemp market this collaboration is the beginning of the future of agriculture for the Black Farmer. However, the Black Farmers Coop For Hemp doesn’t just focus on Hemp. The company provides holistic business services for every black farmer from the newly acquired landowner to the commercial cattle farmer to the corn and cotton producer through collective bargaining in these new markets.
“The success of the Black Farmer in the agriculture industry in 2019 is through collective bargaining, globalization and technology.” stated Mr. Ibidapo. Thus, these two black millennial entrepreneurs created a sustainable path to the future for the Black Farmer of today. The Black Farmers Coop for Hemp presented in front of a packed room of black farmers in August at HK Farms in Cobbtown, GA whose family has managed their farm legacy since 1869. “The amount of support and interest was very encouraging.” says Johnson.

Now the duo are planning a series of events in Georgia, Alabama, Texas and South Carolina before the end of the year to inform and educate Black Farmers about these domestic and international opportunities in the agriculture industry of 2019 through the Cooperative Executive Management Team, LLC, Cannabis South, LLC/International and the Black Farmers Cooperative For Hemp.

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