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We’re Chorus. We’re local. We’re vocal. And we're connecting you to your community.

LONDON, UK, July 11, 2019 / — LONDON, UK – July 5th, 2019 – Talking Places Limited is happy to announce the released of Chorus, a major new Lifestyle app for iPhones and iPad that connects communities and regenerates their local businesses in new and exciting ways.

You've heard it before – the digital revolution is killing the high street. But what if we use digital to bring high street back to life?

Chorus is using the mobile platform to re-create the buzz on the high street and bring communities closer together. It allows you to immerse yourself in a neighbourhood, enjoy all its latest offers, promotions, events and experiences. From the local boutique owner to the yoga guru, from the quirky café regular to the curious explorer, everyone has something to say and can use Chorus to share insights and recommendations. Chorus connects the interesting to the interested.

In response to the need for up-to-date content in the digital age, posts on Chorus are locally initiated and have a short life span in order to stay current and relevant. Navigating the app’s map to see what's happening around you is simple and intuitive. As pillars of the community, businesses can display their unique content, and users can benefit from the suggestions. Most importantly, Chorus is not interested in anyone’s personal information and is fully functional without any form of registration. “Privacy is important to us and we fully respect it.”

"Social media platforms are failing small local businesses" says Marjan Farhad, who has owned a women's fashion boutique in London for more than 20 years and is the cofounder of Chorus. "You spend time and energy developing your social media profile only to realise that barely a fraction of those who follow you truly care about your posts". The objective of Chorus is to create a platform where local businesses can interact with those who are really interested in them and the neighbourhood. As a retailer, you use your window display to attract customers. Chorus is your digital interactive shopfront allowing you to connect with your local customers in a whole new way. At the same time, the platform is not limited to retailers. All members of a given community can promote their favourite places or not-to-miss events, highlighting the unique flavour of each neighbourhood.

Chorus requires an iPhone or an iPad running iOS 11 or later.

Download Chorus form the Apple AppStore, or watch our video overview

There are three price levels for adding Posts to Chorus. These are as follows:

Standard Post (Free): A Standard Post consists of some text and an image placed within a 5km radius of the users location.

Post+ ($1/post): Post+ is a Standard Post with the following additional features which include:
-A Weblink,
-Up to 10 images per Post,
-Ability to email and share a Post,
-Ability to create Direct Messages and communicate privately with other users,
-Delay the start time of a Post,
-See up-to-date data of how many unique views a Post has had per day, and how many times it has been opened.

Location Profile (approximately $10/month): Location Profiles allow the users to specify a location for a profile, giving them the option of creating as many Posts as they want for that specific location from anywhere. Location Profiles also support all the additional features available with Post+. There are packages for one, two, three and five Location Profiles and the prices decrease as the number of Profiles increases.

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