Decentralized Exchange Newdex’s Original Intention of Foundation: Users’ Assets, Security First

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 2, 2019 / — Recently, Newdex(, the world's largest EOS based Decentralized Exchange, announced that it has completed the deployment of smart contract “matching and settlement on chain” and has submitted to SlowMist for security audit.

The audit content of smart contract covers 14 aspects including overflow audit, jurisdiction red paper audit, security design audit, performance optimization audit, and multi-level design audit.

Why does Newdex spend a lot of time, expenses, and energy investing in the security audit of smart contract?

Security Incidents Triggered by Smart Contract, Security Is very Important!

Although Decentralized Exchanges are extremely transparent in terms of asset trusteeship, there may be security risks in any part.Exchange seems to be a huge bank to hackers, and hackers can explore the invading loops from different angles every day.
In 2016, the smart contract of TheDAO project was attacked, and ETH equivalent to about $60 million was stolen. The reason is that there is a splitDAO function in the smart contract written by the DAO. The hacker utilized the bug of this function to separate the DAO asset from the asset pool of the DAO project continuously and transfer it to the subsidiary DAO established by the hacker.

Therefore, Newdex is very careful about the deployment of smart contract “matching and settlement on chain”. Smart contract is executed on chain, so it will be implemented in trading pairs with less trading volume initially.

When the order is matched completely on chain, Newdex becomes the platform that carry out the decentralized model. Whether the order or the funds are on the EOS public chain,which it is a transparent Exchange without a doubt.

Many users think that the establishment of Newdex is not a good time to catch up with the bear market. But from the perspective of decentralization, it is not too late to enter the market at any time.

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Exempt vs. Non-Exempt – Do You Know the Difference?

What’s the difference between exempt and non-exempt employees? If you own a business and get this wrong, it could cost you money, stress, and more.

MANTECA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 2, 2019 / — What’s the difference between exempt and non-exempt employees? This is a question ClearPath gets asked frequently. Many people in the workforce are unsure of the difference, and many more don’t even know that these classifications exist. If you own a business and get these two very distinct classifications wrong, it could cost you money, stress, interest, and penalties.

The main difference between exempt and non-exempt employees is overtime pay, however, a recent update from Wage and Hour Law – New FLSA Guidance has proposed a new rule regarding overtime eligibility. Read more about the distinctions between both employees as well as the new update below.

What is a Non-Exempt Employee?

Non-exempt employees receive different protection than exempt employees under federal law. If a non-exempt employee works overtime, under federal and state law they must legally be paid for every hour of overtime worked.

Non-exempt employees are protected by the rules and regulations set out by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) at the Federal level as well as the state rules and regulations in the state were the work is performed. Employers are required to pay these employees — at minimum — the federal minimum wage or the state minimum wage, whichever is greater. Any overtime hours worked over 40 hours every week must be paid at one and a half times an employee’s hourly wage unless the state has a more generous overtime or double time regulation. These amounts vary from state to state and if the work is done under a bargaining agreement.

What is an Exempt Employee?

Exempt employees do not have the same rights as non-exempt employees. This is because they are not covered by FLSA overtime rules and regulations. For example, exempt employees are excluded from earning minimum wage in addition to overtime regulations because these types of employees are generally paid more. Depending on the exemption requirements of the classification, the employer might have a minimum salary amount that must be paid. These employees are expected to complete the tasks and responsibilities they were hired for, regardless of the number of hours required to do so. This can sometimes mean staying late or coming in early.

Exempt employees are not typically given an hourly wage and are paid a salary by their employers, however some states do allow for hourly exemptions. Exempt employees are expected to devote any number of hours to complete the tasks and duties they are paid to do, whether it requires more or less than 40 hours a week. They do not receive overtime pay for any hours worked over 40 hours per week.


For an employee’s position to be considered exempt, their employer must pay them a salary, unless the state allows otherwise. These types of positions are typically Executive, Professional, Computer and Outside Sales roles.

There is no difference in how exempt or non-exempt positions are taxed. Although non-exempt employees receive more wage protection from the FLSA, the same laws of equal employment opportunity, the right to a safe work environment, and other rights apply to both classifications. In most cases both types of employees can collect unemployment benefits.

Coming Soon – Wage and Hour Law – New FLSA Guidance

A proposed Federal rule announced by the Department of Labor (DOL) could make over one million more American workers eligible for overtime. Under the current law, employees who earn a salary less than $455 per week ($23,660 annually) must be paid any overtime hours worked over 40 hours per week. Employees who make at least this salary may be eligible for overtime based on their duties. The proposed rule would increase this standard salary to $679 per week, or $35,308 per year. Keep in mind that some states have different wage earning minimums that might already exceed the new Federal proposed regulations.

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ClearPath works to help organizations with all thing’s human resources. As a human resource outsourcing company, we provide contractor management and payroll solutions for clients across the United States and Canada. We focus on our clients’ business goals and manage payroll functions, paperwork, employment agreements, and more. To understand your legal obligations regarding exempt and non-exempt employees, or for more information about the DOL’s proposed rule and how it may affect you, contact ClearPath today.

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In a new article, Plastic Surgeon Tansar Mir, MD outlines Pros and Cons of Plastic Surgery

Website of Dr Tansar N Mir, New York

Website of Dr Tansar N Mir, New York

Dr Tansar N Mir, New York, on Dr Oz Show

Dr Tansar N Mir, New York, on Dr Oz Show

Dr Tansar Mir, New York, on television show The Doctors

Dr Tansar Mir, New York, on television show The Doctors

Dr Tansar Mir operating on a patient in a publicized case, photograph by Susan Watts, New York Daily News

Dr Tansar Mir operating on a patient in a publicized case, photograph by Susan Watts, New York Daily News

Dr Tansar Mir, New York, on television show The Doctors

Dr Tansar Mir, New York, on television show The Doctors

Any plastic surgery should be considered carefully. If you are thinking about it, read the new article by Dr. Tansar Mir, with reasons to get it done, or not.

Tansar Mir, MD – Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (N/A:N/A)

Plastic surgery is one of those procedures that can have a major impact on a person’s life. However, it is good to consider the pros and cons of any procedure before opting to go under the knife”

— Dr. Tansar Mir, Plastic Surgeon in New York

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 2, 2019 / — We live in an age where most of us have thought of getting a cosmetic procedure done at least once. As appealing as it may sound, and judging by its continually increasing popularity, one may get inspired to finally get that nose job done, or get those lips looking plumper. However, like everything else, plastic surgery has its pros and cons, and these pros and cons are something that people need to know before they decide to have cosmetic work done on their bodies.

Read the new information article on this subject by Tansar Mir, MD, available on his blog at

Before we discuss anything any further, however, it is important first to understand what plastic surgery actually is. Plastic surgery is any reconstructive procedure of the bone, muscle, tissue, or skin that is usually performed to enhance function. It can also be done to improve or complement certain features of a person’s body. Reconstructive procedures that are most popular these days are scar repair, tumor removal, and breast reduction and cosmetic surgery.

Moving on, let’s weigh up the advantages and disadvantages that these procedures bring to the table.

The Pros and Cons

1. Time Matters

What the majority of people worry about the most is the time it all takes. We are talking about the time that will be invested from the beginning – from the very start to the amount of time it will take to heal. While most procedures take no longer than a couple of hours, the amount of time that actually goes into the planning, consideration, strategy, and recovery is far more than what the surgery itself takes to be performed. The fact is that cosmetic surgery is a long, time-consuming process. Out of all the aforementioned steps, it is the recovery phase that takes the longest. Once the surgery has been performed, you still have to keep on coming back in for regular checkups to monitor how you are healing. Therefore, if you are someone who is very busy and cannot invest long hours of his or her day, you might want to reconsider this.

Most people who consider getting reconstructive work done opt for non-surgical procedures over it because of the time aspect. It can be particularly difficult for patients with families, demanding careers, and busy schedules to dedicate days, and at times, even weeks for recovering after a surgical procedure.

However, the recovery time, even though not avoidable completely, can be minimized to an extent. It can be negotiated to better suit the needs and schedule of the patient. Using vacation days or holidays and avoiding getting a procedure done in busy seasons can help incorporate the patient’s recovery into their packed schedules.

2. Breaking the Bank

The finances are another important aspect of plastic surgery. The cost of a procedure heavily depends on the type of surgery being performed. For instance, bone and muscle reconstruction is pricier than getting lip fillers. What can be ascertained, however, is that all these procedures definitely cost quite a bit.

It is worth noting here that going to less popular practices or surgeons without licenses will not actually save you money. Most of the times procedures carried out by unlicensed practitioners cost much more in corrective surgeries than what they would have initially if an expert did them.

3. Regaining Self –Confidence

Most people get plastic surgery done simply because they don’t like the way they look or aren’t confident in their bodies. With rhinoplasty and lip fillers being the most sought-after procedures, it has been stated by numerous patients that they just want their features to look better. Plastic surgery has definitely shown to boost a person’s self-confidence.

4. Will It Last?

One of the most frequently asked questions is if these procedures last and if they do, for how long. Now, what needs to be understood here is that the lasting time differs for each procedure. Some are permanent, some are semi-permanent, and others do not last longer than a few months. It really just depends on the procedure and the material being used. What needs to be considered here is whether the amount of time and money that you invest in opting to have these procedures done is worth the end product. If so, then go for it!

Plastic surgery is one of those procedures that can have a major impact on a person’s life. From helping them feel good in their own skin to improving their confidence, it can be a real game changer for people. However, it is always good to consider the pros and cons of any procedure before opting to go under the knife. We hope we have helped you in your decision-making process with regards to whether you get that surgery done or not.

About Dr. Tansar Naveed Mir

Dr. Tansar N. Mir is a plastic & reconstructive surgeon in New York. Dr. Mir received his Doctorate of Medicine with Recognition in Research from the State University of New York at Stony Brook School of Medicine after graduating from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with his Bachelor of Arts in Neuroscience. Dr. Mir completed his internship and residency in General Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, NY and his residency/fellowship in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery with the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group through Nassau University Medical Center. Dr. Mir is a double board-certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.


The Doctors Television Show: Earlier this year we met Dakota who was disfigured by black market silicone butt injections. Watch as plastic surgeon Dr. Tansar Mir performs her silicone removal surgery. To see how the procedure transformed Dakota’s life, see this video.
Stony Brook University: Tansar Mir, MD '04 Plastic Surgeon, Tansar Mir Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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Dr. Tansar Mir performs silicone removal surgery – The Doctors Television Show

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Best Business Ideas: Advice on Startups from Rick Rahim, a Seasoned Entrepreneur

Rick Rahim on Fox News

Rick Rahim on Fox News

"In my opinion, selling online offers the easiest path to scale, and the most direct access to the largest possible customer base," Rahim says.

Rick Rahim says “It’s okay to try and fail. But it will be a shame if you never try.””

— Rick Rahim

GREAT FALLS, VA, USA, June 2, 2019 / — Rick Rahim has been selling goods and services online for almost 20 years. Since the infancy of the Internet, Rahim has used websites and eCommerce sites to market various services and products. Rick is the President of

Rahim has successfully built and scaled many multi million dollar enterprises. He has vast experience in traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, the transportation industry, service businesses, publishing, manufacturing, and in eCommerce. While he readily admits that not every venture has been a home run, Rick has many wins and profitable exits under his belt.

Rahim’s current focus is on eCommerce. “In my opinion, selling online offers the easiest path to scale, and the most direct access to the largest possible customer base,” he says. Rick’s favorite business model is clearly selling online.

According to Rahim, “You can build a very large and efficient business very quickly on the Internet.” He says the barrier to entry is very small compared to traditional retail. Launching an online store does not require signing a long-term lease, or spending hundreds of thousands of dollars building out one or more stores.

Rick says it’s very simple to start selling online via platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and many more. “You can literally set up an online store and be in business instantly,” he says.

Rick says most would-be entrepreneurs usually already have a product or service in mind. “We all have ideas,” he says. “But it takes courage and determination to actually make your ‘idea’ become a functioning reality.”

Rahim says the typical barriers for most aspiring business owners are obvious. “It takes a financial commitment. This is a financial risk. But you are investing in yourself. Only you know whether you have ‘what it takes’ to put in the work and be willing to learn as you go.”

Rick says many very intelligent people are also paralyzed be their fear of failure. “Some of the smartest people literally outsmart themselves and never start,” according to Rahim.

“In the eighties and nineties, getting information was hard,” says Rick. “But now every aspiring business owner has the unlimited resources of the Internet.” Rahim says there is now an unlimited wealth of information available — thanks to the worldwide web.

Rick encourages anyone who wants to start his or her own business. “Hone your idea. Do the research. Limit your early investment and risks.” But Rahim also firmly believes “At some point, you have to just start!”

Rick Rahim says “It’s okay to try and fail. But it will be a shame if you never try.”

**Rick Rahim is the President of, a firm he founded in 2006 after selling his previous company to a large publicly trading company for 8 figures. Rick is an avid helicopter and airplane pilot, search and rescue pilot, certified scuba diver, and family man.

Rick Rahim
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Rick Rahim on Fox News

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Virginia Beach Active Shooter: What we need to know and apply.

Rob Fletcher, Fighter for Good. Raising awareness through safety, prevention, and self-defense. Saving lives.

More people are choosing to aggressively fight back. Attack, strike, get control of the gun, disarm.

The annual sdi7 Safety & Self Defense Conference in Columbus, Ohio

Rob Fletcher is a self-defense and combative tactics instructor with over 30 years experience. This information can save your life. RUN. HIDE. FIGHT Back! 

This is something that will never go away. Our actions must be to educate, raise awareness, and learn how to fight back. Know what to do, and be prepared.”

— Rob Fletcher – self defense and combative tactics expert

COLUMBUS, OHIO, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2019 / — Rob Fletcher is a self-defense and combative tactics expert, author and speaker, with over 30 years experience. Highly recognized and respected, listed in the Who's Who Martial Arts and Self Defense. This information can save your life.

Crime, violence and active shooters will never go away! When these tragedies occur the emphasis becomes the political debate. We must focus on what we, as individuals, can do today to be prepared. The difference between saving countless lives and losing them – Educate. Raise Awareness. Self Defense. RUN * HIDE * Fight BACK! 

Know what you would do before it happens. 
Ask yourself, what would I do? Would I freeze, and shutdown? Be paralyzed by fear? Your stress will be over the top. It will appear surreal, a real-life nightmare. Thus violent life-threatening scenario will wreak havoc on your mind and cause utter chaos. 

If you hope to survive such a tragic event, protect yourself and the lives of others you must be prepared. Thinking about it now. Visualize and see yourself responding, reacting and taking ACTION!!

What can we do
1. Know what you will do. Have a plan. Before it happens. Be prepared! 

2. Mentally visualize yourself taking action under intense and extreme conditions. 

3. Escape routes. Know your Exits.

4. Awareness- eyes, ears, nose. Watch, see, listen, smell. Example: In the office or school and you hear gunshots fired. 

5. Try to stay a  "GRAY" mindset zone. Neutral. Relax. Breathe. A quick assessment of what you need and must do immediately. 

6. Active Shooters typically bust through doors in schools, office buildings, etc with a fury of bullets trying to kill as many people as possible. The first thing to cross through the door is the gun. If you are on either "side" of the door waiting, once the gun comes through it is your moment to grab, fight and battle for control of the weapon. It takes tremendous bravery and courage. This action can save countless lives.

About Rob Fletcher 
Rob Fletcher is listed in the Who’s Who of Martial Arts and Self Defense. Author, speaker, black belt, self-defense, fitness, and combative tactics instructor. Creator of the sdi7 HIIT Workout (Self Defense in 7 Minutes High-Intensity Interval Training). 

Contact Rob Fletcher
Instagram: @sdi7HIIT
Facebook: sdi7 

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The Reagan Tokes Legacy Actions Conquer Tragedy

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Freemason WWII Veteran to be Honored in Seminole, Florida Tomorrow, Sunday, June 2

Masonic Lodge of J. Edgar Hoover

Justice-Columbia Masonic Lodge in Washington, D.C.

Freemasonry in the Nation's Capital

Freemasonry Universal

Joseph Browning Corbin, Sr. will receive Freemasonry"s Medal of Honor from the Grand Lodge, F.A.A.M, of the District of Columbia for His Service to our Country

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 1, 2019 / — June 6th marks the 75th Anniversary of Operation Overlord, the code name for the Battle of Normandy, launched by Allied Forces on June 6, 1944 (D-Day). On this occasion, the Grand Lodge of Free And Accepted Masons of Washington, D.C. will honor one of its own, Brother Joseph Browning Corbin Sr. who, along with his United States Army unit, liberated French citizens and freedom fighters from the Nazis in World War II. Earlier this year, the Government of the Republic of France bestowed upon him the Order of Legion d’Honneur in recognition of his role in the liberation of that nation.

On Sunday, June 2 at 3:00 PM in Seminole, Florida, the Grand Master of Washington, D.C., Dr. Charbel T. Fahed, accompanied by the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Florida, John W. Westerman III, will present Freemasonry’s Medal of Honor to Brother Corbin. Also present for the occasion will be a representative of United States Senator Marco Rubio of Florida who will make a presentation to Mr. Corbin on behalf of the Senator.

U.S. President and Freemason Franklin Delano Roosevelt appealed to the nation for support in defense of freedom. Freemasons from around the country joined the U.S. Armed Forces in droves and the Grand Lodges of the various States rallied behind the war effort by purchasing war bonds. The Grand Lodge of Washington, DC alone raised $11,097,850 in war bonds.

In the few decades that followed the end of WWII, veterans who had served proudly their country in that war joined in large numbers the ranks of Freemasonry throughout the country. Brother Corbin was one of them.

Brother Corbin was initiated into the Society of Freemasonry on April 1, 1966, in Justice-Columbia Lodge No. 3, a lodge with a rich history in our nation’s capital. Chartered in 1802 as Columbia Lodge, the lodge in 1811 co-founded with few other lodges the Grand Lodge of Washington, D.C. In 1926, six years after being initiated into the Society of Freemasonry in Washington, D.C., and two years after becoming the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Brother J. Edgar Hoover signed the charter of Justice Lodge No. 46, which later merged with Columbia Lodge forming Justice-Columbia Lodge No. 3. It was also in Columbia Lodge No. 3 that late President and Brother Gerald Ford received his second and third degrees of Freemasonry as a courtesy to Malta Lodge No. 465 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Next week, the Grand Lodge of Washington, D.C. will honor at the War World II Memorial two more of its members who were also deployed veterans of that war.

Akram Elias
Grand Lodge of Washington, DC
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Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is Celebrating National Iced Tea Month

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is Celebrating National Iced Tea Month!

Cool off with sweet savings and giveaways

MARIETTA, GA, USA, June 1, 2019 / — Southern Breeze Sweet Tea, the original zero calorie cold brew sweet tea inspired by the South itself, is kicking off National Iced Tea Month with money saving sales, free sweet tea and big giveaways all month long.

To kick-off the month-long celebration, Southern Breeze will host a box-a-day giveaway of their signature Cold Brew Sweet Tea Lineup. Southern Breeze Cold Brew Sweet Tea is made with real tea leaves in a pre-sweetened, single-serve bag, providing fans the guilt-free, crisp and refreshing taste of fresh-brewed sweet tea in a quick and convenient package with flavors ranging from Original, Half & Half, Peach and Raspberry.

The celebration continues with an exciting online promotion. Fans who spend $25 or more will receive one free 16oz glass mason jar and those who spend $40 dollars or more will receive two 16oz mason jars.

The party doesn’t end there either. On National Iced Tea Day, Southern Breeze, will host a fun and interactive Twitter Party on their page @sbreezetea. This hour-long event will feature surprise guests, giveaways and fun iced tea recipes! Throughout the rest of National Iced Tea Month, Southern Breeze, will offer a variety of money saving promotions. Perfect for those looking to stock up for the summer.

“Southern Breeze Sweet Tea tastes just like my momma’s sweet tea, said Christy Jordan, founder of the “Their engagement with the community is why I enjoy working with them so much. Their commitment to their fanbase is what makes them the best sweet tea on the market.”

Fans can visit and connect with Southern Breeze Sweet Tea on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They are encouraged to share photos across all platforms with the hashtag #guiltfreesweettea.

No matter how you celebrate National Iced Tea Month, Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is made by people who know a lot about sweet tea and even more about tea itself. Whether you’re a first time Southern Sweet Tea enthusiast or a ninth generation Alabamian looking for a guilt-free option, you’ll be sure to find something to sweeten your taste buds.

About Southern Breeze Sweet Tea
Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is a unique sugar-free, zero-calorie sweet tea that's made with real tea leaves in a bag that you cold-water brew, steep and chill. The perfect amount of sweetener is already inside every tea bag for a consistent brew, batch after batch. For more information, including recipes and special offers, visit and connect with the brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Jenna McCormick
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