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Dominic Boulle of MIGSOLV welcomes Spicule to the Data Centre

Our customers will always be our number one priority”

— Stephen Downie (Technical Project Manager)

NORWICH, NORFOLK, UNITED KINGDOM, July 1, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Spicule, the UK’s most exciting data management startup whose clients include NASA, Netflix and the UK and US governments, are relocating their private cloud to East Anglia’s high-security MIGSOLV data centre. The move won’t only consolidate Spicule and MIGSOLV’s existing tech partnership, which has proved highly successful since the two companies joined forces in late 2018, it will also provide Spicule’s new and existing customers with even more choice, flexibility, processing power, and data + hardware security.

“When we initially partnered with MIGSOLV to launch our private cloud service, we wanted to offer businesses a seamless way to migrate from the public cloud to a more cost-effective private solution,” says Stephen Downie, Spicule’s Technical Project Manager, “and a lot of our customers quickly saw the advantages they could gain, especially when running significant amounts of data on increasing numbers of virtual servers. For those customers, the public cloud had ceased to be a viable or affordable option and our partnership with MIGSOLV means they can painlessly migrate to their own bespoke private infrastructure, reduce their overall costs and enjoy the highest level of data and hardware security possible.

“So, when the time came for us to relocate our own private cloud from its existing data centre, of course we wanted to move into the MIGSOLV data centre as well!”

However, it isn’t only Spicule who will be gaining from this new arrangement – their customers will too.

“Our customers will always be our number one priority,” explains Stephen Downie, “so this move doesn’t only further our partnership with MIGSOLV, it also builds upon the tremendous advantages we already offer to businesses and organisations looking for an affordable first-class public-to-private cloud migration solution, especially if they’re managing huge amounts of data and have unwieldy racks of physical servers cluttering up their office or headquarters.

“The Spicule / MIGSOLV private cloud service lets businesses own their own unique private cloud, completely stored and managed by MIGSOLV and Spicule. While Spicule will supply the software and expertise to safely migrate and manage the business’s existing data, including an infrastructure tailormade to meet the client’s precise needs, MIGSOLV’s data centre will house the client’s hardware in its heavily guarded Gatehouse facility and provide protection from theft, terrorism, or fail-over disruptions like power outages and connectivity problems.

“Our partnership with MIGSOLV really does offer the ultimate big data management peace-of-mind solution. As far as we’re concerned there’s no better way to demonstrate that than by moving our own private cloud into the MIGSOLV data centre and extend even more benefits to our new and existing customers in the process.”
For more information, contact Spicule on 01603 327762 or email info@spicule.co.uk. Further information about MIGSOLV can be found at www.migsolv.com

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