The Power to Fight Back. Safety tips from Self Defense and Combative Tactics expert Rob Fletcher

Self Defense and Combative Tactics Expert Rob Fletcher speaking on safety, awareness, and self defense.

Self defense, knowing where and how to strike can save your life.

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Be aware. Have a plan of action. Know what to do, where and how to strike.

Remember, the predator does not care if you live or die. The predator does not care if you ever go home see your family or loved ones again. Fight back with an unrelenting violent counter attack.”

— Rob Fletcher self defense and combative tactics expert




Rob Fletcher, self-defense, fitness and combative tactics expert and fighter for good, shares advice and 9 tips that can save lives in a world where evil exists and crime, violence, abduction, human trafficking, and active shooters will never go away. Recently, an 11-year-old boy found the inner strength, bravery, and courage to fight back when an intruder broke into his home. Referring to the boy’s harrowing incident in which he attacked the intruder with a machete, Rob Fletcher said, “We never wish any child to have to deal with such a violent, traumatic, surreal nightmare. This, however, is the world we live in. Most important is what we can do now – right now – to better prepare ourselves should the unthinkable happen.”

Fletcher provides basic, yet valuable, tips and advice with the potential to save lives:

1. Prevention is always our best self-defense; practice positive daily habits of safety and awareness rather than be frozen with paranoid fear. 

2. Prepare with premeditated thoughts and actions. 

3. Ask yourself and your loved ones: What would you do? How would you react? Would you run? Would you be paralyzed by fear? Would you fight back?

4. Have a plan of action. 

5. If you choose to fight back, commit wholeheartedly to an extreme, violent counterattack to escape and survive. 

6. Know that a predator does not care if you live or die or if you ever see your family or loved ones again. 

7. If you fight back, look for accessible objects to throw or strike with. 

8. Know where to strike – Primary, most vulnerable target areas are the eyes, nose, and groin. 

9. Know how to strike – Learn simple, highly effective self-defense strikes and fighting skills.

If you are (or appear) vulnerable, you are the perfect victim. Don’t be the perfect victim. Refuse to be the perfect victim. Instead, be aware. Be prepared. Have a plan. Take action. Stay strong and stay safe. And always stay in the fight!

Says radio host Gabbi Ray of Rob Fletcher, “He’s a really good guy who teaches good people how to do bad things to bad people.” Rob is available for interviews, seminars, appearances, and to provide additional safety, prevention, awareness and self-defense programs, and training.

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Simple, extremely self defense strikes you can pratcice at home to the most vulnerable target areas.

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