Infosistema Launches Low-Code Solutions Spin-Off

It's the latest brand launched by Infosistema, emerging as a spin-off of the company's low-code development solutions unit which started more than 15 years ago.

LISBON, PORTUGAL, June 12, 2019 / — Proven the success of combining low-code and lean/agile practices, Infosistema had the ambition to evolve and scale-up this unit and presented the challenge to Eloi Guterres, with whom they were already discussing Corporate Innovation Strategies and new challenges in the Digital Transformation arena.

Eloi Guterres, CEO of Theros, says: "We are a team of about 30 people with 15 years of experience in OutSystems and we are committed to helping our customers grow and adapt quickly to the digital challenges they’re facing. This repositioning provides more support as we continue to bet on the international market. We are committed to developing quality solutions and delivering them quickly and frequently, in any industry and anywhere in the world."

Theros aims to continue to transform the way companies view software development and respond to their technology challenges through low-code development and lean/agile practices. Its successful formula lies in the continuous investment not only in methodology but also in the areas of solution architecture, design, technology, and governance, allowing them to simplify processes and complete innovative projects in record time.

Any company that seeks to transform how technology supports their current business or feels that the market requires it to react differently, with more speed, flexibility, and innovation, can count on Theros to help them on their path.

Collaboration models range from:

Enterprise Applications – Respond to business challenges with solutions focused on the frequent delivery of value, Responsible Architecture, and with specific attention paid to User Experience. From the start, we think about the scalability of the solutions we deliver and their acceptance by end-users.

Services – Theros can be responsible for the management of single applications, as well as whole applicational ecosystems, their entire life cycle, and user support. For our clients, this means having predictable prices and being able to concentrate on their businesses.

Nearshore / Offshore – Enables customers to take advantage of the expertise of Theros' team while maintaining access to their own methodologies and resources. Clients will be able to choose the right profiles according to their specific needs, with the added advantage of having a team based in Portugal (Lower Investment Cost).

Innovation – A consulting service where Theros presents and challenges ideas to promote corporate innovation.

Outsourcing – Procure multi-disciplinary and experienced team members that will integrate into the structure of the client company.

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Notes to the editor
We sent the logo and other images attached. The launch event was held last May 30 in Lisbon, and was attended by customers and partners, in addition to the entire team.

About Theros
Theros was born from Infosistema (a Joyn group company), taking advantage of more than 15 years of experience in OutSystems to deliver successful international projects and a solid talent development background. Our team’s mission is to improve, develop, and expand the world of agile and low-code solutions, while solving problems and giving competitive advantages to companies, nationally and internationally. It is our ambition to continue to expand our presence globally.

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Source: EIN Presswire