Daniel Waite announces CBD Organix, LLC to Develop Products to Treat Many Adult Ailments Moving Forward

Waite Enterprise CEO Excited About Future Potential to Provide Holistic Relief to Millions of Chronic Sufferers

DALLAS, TX, USA, March 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — DALLAS, TX – Cannabinoid topical creams, ointments and other therapeutic treatments are non-narcotic, safe, and effective, and can help treat many types of ailments. The CBD properties derived from hemp and medical marijuana are being found to be extremely effective helping patients with all kinds of issues, including pain, irritation, swelling, appetite stimulation, stress, angst and sleep disorders. The CBD actually works with the body's own natural defense systems to address these symptoms instead of simply masking their effects, like addictive chemical treatments do.

“CBD Organix is going to start by focusing on topical ointments and creams that treat many skin and muscle issues, such as pain, swelling and irritation. Many people suffer with constant issues, from people with skin disorders to people with chronic osteoarthritis.” Waite Enterprise CEO Daniel Waite explains. “CBD Organix is going to develop safe therapeutic products that help people deal with the horrible, debilitating effects associated with a wide spectrum of disorders and diseases, improving their quality of life in a natural way that they can repeat without danger of addiction. It is much better to treat symptoms than to simply bury them.”

“From a business perspective as CEO, this is a great new avenue for us, even though we are heavily invested in the medical sector. The CBD industry grew by 40% last year to over $350 million dollars in revenue, is expected to be a billion dollar industry within 2 years, and a multi billion dollar industry within 5 years. That is just the tip of the iceberg. With a responsibility to other company stakeholders, managers and employees, profit and job stability and growth are all important things. But we are first and foremost socially conscious. The reason that this is projected to be an industry that generates over $20 billion in just a decade is because so many people need relief, so many people need help, and too many people suffer. Plus we have the Baby Boomers, the largest generation ever to this point, at retirement age, so we have a huge number of seniors on the near horizon to care for. CBD Organix and our other companies in the medical sector like Prior Auth Pros, AMD and Clinical Based Research are initiating positive social change with the services they provide.”

About Waite Enterprise:

Waite Enterprise (subsidiary of Waite Capital, Inc.) is a diversified holding company with a vast platform of subsidiaries and investments that leverage resources and growth from various sectors, currencies and assorted commodities, from cryptocurrency to real estate to high end vehicles. The company is being developed by Daniel Waite with the intention of ultimately going public, offering a diversified investment platform designed as a basket that provides revenue streams from digital platforms, currencies, and businesses in the construction, healthcare and financial fields.

About CBD Organix, LLC:

CBD Organix, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Waite Enterprise that develops non-narcotic therapeutic holistic treatments for various ailments such as pain, swelling, inflammation, anxiety, stress, inflammation among others.

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Source: EIN Presswire