Sleep Soundly with PILO Smart Music Pillow, Memory Foam Pillow with Ergonomic Neck Support

PILO Smart Music Pillow ─ enjoy sound and deep sleep with excellent neck support

PILO’s ergonomic design offers extra comfort and neck support

PILO Mini ─ uniquely designed for children

The PILO Smart Music Pillow is built on an advanced design that implements memory foam, providing a desirable supporting height and pressure-relieving angle.

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, STANY ZJEDNOCZONE, October 17, 2018 / — A good pillow means a good night's sleep. Whilst there are a huge variety of pillows on shop’s display or on the virtual shelves of e-commerce platforms, the subject of choosing the right one may keep you awake at night. With the latest product from GenHigh Tech ─ PILO Smart Music Pillow you can forget about sleepless nights and enjoy a well-deserved sound and deep sleep.

Extra Comfortable & Ergonomic Contour Design

Memory foam pillows are one of the most popular types of pillow. PILO (2016 Red Dot Award Winner) is redefined in terms of shape, fabric and functionality. Thanks to its 90D high-density memory foam, 52 multifaceted contour cuts, ergonomic curve, low-poly structure and bamboo-charcoal particles, PILO outlines a personalized curve to your head and neck, providing comfort for those suffering from neck, shoulder, or upper body pain and stiffness.

Temperature Response & Breathable

The hypoallergenic fabric and temperature sensitive memory foam respond to your body’s temperature and weight. The new generation memory foam absorbs moisture and sweat, while the open cell structure disperses the absorbed moisture to keep the pillow dry and comfortable.

Smart Music Pillow ─ Built-in Sound System

PILO also features a built-in sound system that is 100% imperceptible. The two stereo speakers work without an external power source and create a gently whispering high-quality sound field, which is acoustically adjusted to your needs. You can connect any device with a 3.5mm audio shack to PILO and play music without disturbing your sleeping partner. The accompanying smartphone App (available on AppStore and Google Play) presents users an unprecedented acoustic experience thanks to its selection of sleep-aid audio recordings. PILO will make falling asleep easier, and even has a built-in alarm system to wake you up in the right moment.

PILO Mini ─ Unique Ergonomic Design for Children

By applying a special ergonomic design, PILO Mini maintains a natural curve to give a proper support to a child’s neck and relieve study stress, which provides great comfort and the most peaceful sleep. Connect your phone and play audio books to enhance their sleeping experience.

If you’re looking for a right pillow that will send you off to the land of Morpheus comfortably, PILO Smart Music Pillow is a great solution. It will guarantee you receive a proper night of sound sleep and excellent neck support.

To learn more about PILO Smart Music Pillow, please visit the product page: PILO Classic Smart Music Pillow and PILO Mini Smart Music Pillow.

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PILO Memory Foam Smart Music Pillow

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