Geraldine Marie releases Magnificence, the new signature collection

Geraldine Marie unveils her signature collection, and goes live on December 17, 2018.

Magnificence goes live on December 17, 2018

This jewelry is made with embedded pinecones, shamrocks, etc in non-toxic Eco epoxy resin, real gemstones, and pearls with gold filled/silver filled components.

Geraldine Marie is known for helping women who feel a deep connection to nature and want to take it with them so they can be inspired by nature.”

— Geraldine Doble

NEW PORTLAND , MAINE, USA, October 17, 2018 / — Geraldine Doble from Geraldine Marie is releasing the brand new Magnificence Collection. This is her signature collection, and each product will be individually made by the designer herself. Geraldine Marie is known for helping women who feel a deep connection to nature and want to take it with them so they can be inspired by nature.Thus, for the first time, Geraldine Doble has created an entire product line of her favorite and most popular necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

The new Magnificence Collection is scheduled to go live on December 17, 2018. The necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are designed to showcase nature & natural with real freshwater pearls strung on natural silk cord. They make women who want to take nature with them feel as if they were ambling though the forest and hearing the gentle breeze rustling through the leaves.

Several products come in white pearls, pink rose quartz, navy blue lapis lazuli, and green aventurine with all .925 silver filled or 14k gold filled metals to capitalize on today's trends. Some necklace pendants are made from non-toxic, Eco epoxy resin which mean women will be able to buy resin jewelry with confidence and safety in mind. Her collection also includes jewelry cleaning cloths as well as a custom jewelry box with each purchase to keep the jewelry pieces looking like new. The collection will be exclusively sold on the website .

Each individual piece has its own distinct name and are also part of a two piece set that is also named. A few examples are: White Luster Lady, Shimmering Shamrock Lady, Elegant Nacre Drops, Lustrous Sparkle and Unconditional Stone. Magnificence ranges in price from $60 to $190, and sets range from $140 to $260. Geraldine Doble is excited to welcome her fans to her the new handmade product line collection they've been requesting.

Geraldine Doble started designing fine quality jewelry using embedded preserved items after she was faced with a very real problem. When she discovered a preserved flower pendant for the first time, it brought back her youthful wonder of nature. She rediscovered her love for the outdoors & wanted to know everything she could about this. She watched countless how-to videos, as well as reading many articles. Unfortunately she also learned how under appreciated this jewelry art form truly was. She was saddened and could not believe how disrespectful this was to the magnificent flowers and plants within. To her, nature deserves respect and appreciation. There is nothing like it, the way it keeps going regardless of the obstacles, or how breathtaking and exquisite it can be. She chose to respect those beautiful organics by elevating all the other components to match its beauty and wonder. After many months of creating these premium quality pieces, Geraldine Doble's products started gaining notoriety amongst the jewelry industry.

She has a very close bond to nature from growing up in the western mountains of Maine. The outdoors has always been her safe haven through the ups and down in her life, and she still uses nature to gain perspective. There is this serenity that comes over her seeing the first flower after the long winter, or seeing the first splash of red, orange or yellow at the beginning of every fall.

But these beautiful things don't last very long. Its just how it is, right? Thats what she thought until she discovered this method of preserving these beautiful things forever, and she was hooked. She is so passionate about this and loves every single part of making this jewelry. She has made this her life's work to love and respect each flower, pinecone, and leaf. By taking it from something that would surely wilt and disappear, to making it into something unique, loved and cherished.

She has always adored any type of rock and can remember how excited she was the first time she saw a real opal on her mother's ring. It mesmerized her, with the sheer beauty and tiny colorful flecks. Where did this come from? It was so beautiful. It was so exciting for her to see all these amazingly precious stones turned into trinkets, like the quartz she grew up collecting and admiring.

To her, adding gemstones (in any form) to the jewelry she designs is exactly the same in terms of value as an embedded flower. It starts off in a natural state and is transformed into a polished, magnificent wearable piece of nature. So it was an easy decision for me to add gemstones and pearls to resin encased flowers and leaves.

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