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CSA Balloons, a leading North-American custom balloon printer, announces that they provide pantone color match services and professional artwork support.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, US, September 14, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ —

Pantone Color Match

Pantone is a standardized color matching system. Pantone numbers identify the different colors. By using this system, everyone who is involved in the imprinting of a promotional product has a standard and common reference point for brand colors.

The Pantone system has three versions of each color: coated, uncoated, and matte. This helps graphic designers to assess the gloss level. For balloon printing the ink is generally matte.

CSA Balloons’ designers understand how important it is to have a company’s branding portrayed consistently throughout all forms of marketing and business promotion. They therefore rely upon the Pantone system to create personalized balloons with ink colors closely aligned to global company branding.

CSA Balloons offers this Pantone Color Match service to all their valued customers, and charges do apply.

Professional Artwork Support

Professional artwork support is available, where CSA Balloons provides help to your company in choosing your balloon’s design. Many decisions need to be made when designing a balloon. These decisions concern the balloon’s color, balloon finish (standard, crystal, or metallic), and ink color(s).

While this may seem daunting from the outside, the entire process becomes much simpler when a professional artist or graphic designer becomes involved.

This kind of support is offered at CSA Balloons to aid you in the balloon creation process.

All Natural Balloons and Flexible Ink

CSA Balloons, prints over 5 million balloons per year, with a focus on all natural latex balloons and recyclable mylar balloons.

The ink used in latex balloon printing is uniquely flexible and can expand by a factor of ten as the balloons are inflated. The latex itself is procured from the Hevea tree. The milky, saplike latex is taken from the tree in a process than can be compared to procuring maple syrup. The latex, along with water and organic compounds, go on to create the natural and biodegradable latex balloon.

For institutions that are worried about latex allergies (such as hospitals, clinics and schools), mylar balloons are another great option. Mylar balloons are also 100% recyclable, and have a longer floating time than latex balloons.

Whatever balloon type you choose, the product will always be beautiful and crisply printed with a uniquely formulated and flexible Pantone color matched inks.

Dynamic and Exciting Business Promotion

All enterprises can benefit from a standardized color matching system and professional artwork when ordering their logo balloons from CSA Balloons. Whether you are a global brand like LG, or a local business, the benefit of having your brand colors on your balloons is clear.

Consistency is key in building brand awareness, and your floating billboards should be aligned with your brand’s identity, like the rest of your promotional collateral.

The final product are beautiful and natural balloons, perfect for promoting your company in a way that is dynamic and exciting.

About CSA Balloons

For more than fifteen years, CSA Balloons has been a leader in custom balloon printing. With offices in Canada and the USA, they supply personalized balloons to clients throughout North-America.

Their dedicated staff will help any business, association, or party planner create the perfect custom balloons for any event.

Renowned for their impeccable print quality, fast delivery, and outstanding customer service, they are the top-choice balloon printers for businesses big and small.

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