Tatjana Petreski Explains Why Homeowners Should Keep Their Yard Looking Healthy and Clean

Keeping a clean, healthy and inviting yard holds a multitude of benefits, says home value expert, Tatjana Petreski.

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, July 11, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — A home is a place that should be welcoming, all around. From the yard, through the doors, throughout the house and all around the back. Yet, while people maintain cleanliness in their homes, they often become lackluster when it comes to their yard.

Tatjana Petreski, a home value expert explains the benefits of keeping a yard healthy and clean. Petreski knows the risks, to health and happiness, that comes with allowing a yard to fall into disarray. So, she is sharing her experiences, in hopes to encourage homeowners to take back the cleanliness of their yard.

Health Benefits

Healthy, clean lawns help cycle the CO2 in the air, which leads to better air quality. Having trees in a yard also helps, but homeowners can reap the benefits of cleaner air quality from maintaining grass.

Plus, having a healthy, maintained yard improves the soil structure. Tatjana Petreski says that this leads to health benefits because healthy yards also trap storm-water runoff. If a yard has good soil structure, it will soak in storm-water runoff easier. This means that all the pollutants that would otherwise run into rivers are being recycled instead.

Psychological Benefits

Tatjana Petreski insists that there are psychological benefits to keeping a clean and healthy yard as well. People like to have a happy, welcoming home. While the inside of the home might be clean and nice, people, homeowners included, must get there. The first impression of a home is always the yard. If the yard is unkempt and messy, the house is automatically unwelcoming.

Even if it’s the happiest home in the world, the sight of overgrowth and disarray is disheartening for a homeowner. The thought of someday having to clean all that up is daunting. Therefore, it’s inviting a negative emotion into the thought of an otherwise peaceful home.

However, if the yard is happy and healthy, driving up to the house evokes pride in the homeowner. They are happy to be home and feel welcomed by the positivity the yard emits. This is important, as people want to live in cleanliness. It improves morale and makes the person feel comfortable in their own home.

Financial Benefits

The financial benefits are present, not only for the homeowner but for the neighborhood. Having a happy, healthy yard automatically increases the value of a home. The more homes in the neighborhood that have a healthy, clean yard, the more the value of the neighborhood increases. Tatjana Petreski explains that homeowners don’t have to have a crazy landscaped home to benefit. All people want is to see that the yards in the neighborhood they are looking to buy in are maintained.

To close, Tatjana Petreski is hopeful that by spreading awareness, homeowners will understand the benefits of a well-maintained yard. There are so many reasons, that span throughout a range of incentives to keep a yard neat and clean. Petreski understands that it might not be the most fun way to spend free-time, but it’s essential.

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