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How Trebound is helping the professionals acquire success skills & life lessons while participating in high-impact team building during corporate team outings.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”

— Helen Keller

BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, July 11, 2018 / — How does Trebound Impart Life Lessons during a Corporate Team Offsite?

Individuals, when they realise the potential they possessed all these years but not utilised fully, the impact such realisation creates in their thought process and resulting in personal & professional growth is unlimited. This is what Trebound team has been witnessing as a post activity effect in the professionals from client organisations.
“The ability to come out of comfort zone, realising the weaknesses and willingness to get rid of it is a few important first steps in a growth path. This, in fact, helps people to quicker learning of other core & technical skills to do the job and, so the faster and consistent growth. We are very serious about positively encouraging the participants to take these first and best steps during a corporate team outing,” says the “Anchit Singh” with concern.

How do they achieve this? The Trebound team gives utmost care while architecting the team building games such that the impact generates self-realization in the participants. They understand the requirements well in the initial discussions with the client organisations and learn & observe the individual personalities of the participants. Even if the groups are larger, ensure they provide personalised attention while conducting games and de-briefing. This is, in fact, the success formula from which they never deviate.

Acquire Professional Skills as a part of Corporate Team Outbound Training Program with Trebound:

“The significance of outbound training program is realised when the teams utilise the skill learnt in the real-time work scenario. We aim at benefiting our clients in the long-term perspective, hence shaped the activities in a way that the learning is self-paced and through experiences. That way, we assure that the learning stays beyond a training session and reflect in the way the participants work further” says the “Arun Mahendran’, co-founder of Trebound.

Bhushan Nigale, VP, SAP SE reflects similarly by saying, “We had fantastic outbound training last week at Wayanad. the exercises were well designed with a lot of learning for us, esp. on change management and collaboration. The actuator exercise was obviously the high point, but the big picture exercise and also the initial warm-ups were nice as well. I was impressed by your professionalism, enthusiasm, and energy throughout the time.”

Trebound reflects the principles as they help their clients to organise corporate events including one-day team outings, book the venue and conduct team building activities. “We conduct challenging and adventurous team building games that bring in the paradigm shift in the thought processes of the attendees. Such changed thought processes develop personalities who focus on achieving contentment in whatever they do. We have witnessed thousands of individuals transformed from shy personalities to winning leaders”, proudly proclaims “Sharath Appaiah”, co-founder of Trebound.

About Trebound

Trebound is the successful entity focusing on conducting team building activities based on experiential learning models during group outings, offsite programs and outbound training sessions for their corporate clients. They conduct the right team building games to realise the vision, book venues pan India & abroad and organise all sorts of corporate events. With around 20+ years of industry experience, 200+ unique activities, 100+ unique and hand-picked destinations, Trebound serves the best and always aims at achieving 100% client satisfaction index.

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