Large Local Towing Company Adds Hotshot Component

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Interstate Towing known as hotshotting is on the horizon for large Oklahoman towing & wrecker company.

TULSA, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2018 / — Large Local Towing Company ADDS Hotshot Component

Eagle Wrecker & Towing has been is the most reliable wrecker and towing service in Oklahoma for the past decade. It seems, the addition of a hotshot component was a no brainer. Once solely serving local clients with its massive fleet it now does coast-to-coast hotshoting. Owner Aaron Hammer states, “We are blessed to be able to pull these large vehicles into and out of our state. Towing is highly regulated and it takes a lot of red tape to pull interstate, so to be a part of that conversation, it is a job we plan to do well.”

This Hotshot seems already landing the big contracts across the country, a tell tail sign that they have done their due diligence with their intrastate towing company. Their website expresses their commitment to service in every part of the delivery process.

HotShot Gets To Know Your Business Needs

Unlike other hotshot services, Eagle HotShot takes the time to understand the client’s freight needs and to make sure that they are providing the right solutions for your transportation needs.
This owner operator seems to have a handle on his massive tow-truck empire. He explains, once you get through the process set forth by the U.S. Department of Transportation motor carrier authority and all those requirements, primary commercial auto liability insurance, have a plan for drug and alcohol testing, driver qualification filings, adherence to hours of service regulations and the like, it’s all pretty smooth beyond that.

Pros and Cons of Hotshot Addition

Well of course, you have the additional cost of all the miles you are running each day, from tires, preventative maintenance, to simple oil changes. You have to be religious with these things when you run trucks thousands of miles day in and day out. Unless you have contracts, demand can be erratic, that’s why it’s best to have agreements that keep your trucks moving all year’ round. The additional red tape can be a con, but if you are already in this industry, you know how those things work. Another con is having to add more trucks, even when you’re building upon an established structure, you can’t take those trucks out of the local market and put them on the road, or you can damage your local presence. So initially, you will spend tens of thousands on new/used trucks, it really depends on whether or not you have steady work. You do not want to jump out there with a huge note, if you do not have something in place, is how they look at it. The work can be as profitable as and even more profitable than a local towing business, as you drive many more miles and can have never-ending transports. Therefore, the working time of your vehicles can be increased immensely and that is always the push in business, to get more hours out of the day.

The Keys in Our Business

Since we already run a successful towing company, it was an easy addition to add interstate hotshots. Not all expansion are equal. Hammer states, “these types of expansions, in your vertical are easier, than say, expanding into an industry you know very little about, such as into tires, just because you buy hundreds of tires each year. Our expansion into hotshot is no different than what we already do, except the loads are bigger, pulled further, and we deal with many more B2B clients.” This hotshot was built for B2C clients pulling large structures across states, but mostly for, B2Bs moving ten to a thousand vehicles and other mobile structures across state lines. Our goal is to be the most reputable & dependable Midwest hotshot in the industry. Our motto is go big or go home, that is why we’ve doubled our fleet, and feel confident that we have what it takes to fulfill our contracts with excellence.

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Source: EIN Presswire