Community-Driven Platform Vows to Use Technology to Reverse Tech’s Adverse Effects

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EezyBee aims to reintroduce the values that make for happy and healthy communities

We needed to figure out a way to use technology, a cause of social disconnection, to reverse this downward spiraling trend”

— Gabriel Melean, Operations

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 16, 2018 / —
The importance of a strong community is a meaningful, yet often overlooked, aspect of everyday life. A strong community brings people together to advocate and support each other when overcoming obstacles and pursuing common interests. Human nature creates a need to feel a sense of belonging, and by pursuing this sense, people can connect and develop valuable relationships. Unfortunately, it appears more and more citizens in the U.S are feeling less connected with their communities and are experiencing social isolation, as reported by a Harris Poll survey conducted in 2016. The survey found that 72% of Americans experienced loneliness, with one-third of them reporting to feel lonely at least once per week.

With a lesser sense of community in the U.S, questions regarding the cause of this disconnectedness come to mind. Some point the blame toward technology, with reasonable evidence to back their claims.

The American Journal of Preventative Medicine released a study proving that long-term use of social media platforms creates a sense of loneliness and envy among users. This, in combination with heavy use of the internet, could be one of the major driving factors in the aforementioned disconnectedness societies are experiencing today.

“We needed to figure out a way to use technology, a cause of social disconnection, to reverse this downward spiraling trend”, stated Gabriel Melean, Operations Lead of the EezyBee team. “EezyBee encourages people to get out of their houses, make some money, and develop stronger social bonds with a sense of community” he went on to say.

The technology in reference is an online service marketplace called ‘EezyBee’. The website serves as a one-stop hub for local service providers and service seekers to connect and fulfill services using the platform’s utilities. EezyBee is a community-driven platform that allows users to create sustainable forms of income with the purpose of pursuing happier and healthier lifestyles.

“Fun, interactive, and engaging communities are what we’re looking for. The elation you feel when working with someone and successfully completing a job…it just can’t be matched online. That’s why we keep services for the community, by the community…an in-person and face-to-face initiative. Our service providers get to do the things they love and get paid for it using EezyBee. Service seekers, or ‘clients’, receive S.T.A.A.R service. It’s seamless, trustworthy, affordable, accessible, and reliable”, Mr. Melean went on to say.

He continued, “Currently, we’re aiming to collaborate with the City of San Jose to help even more of our neighbors get involved. Our goal is to further our collaborations with cities outside of San Jose to reach as many communities as possible. We need to be there for each other and bring back the values that brought us here in the first place”.

In order to make the platform openly accessible and all-inclusive, the EezyBee team has made the platform free to sign up as a free and low-risk option for launching one’s own business. The unique use of technology to reverse the detrimental effects associated with it comes as a welcome solution to the ongoing issue of social disconnection. Though technology has created various points of contention, the innovation introduced with platforms such as these promote a positive outlook for future generations.

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EezyBee is a community driven online service marketplace, a tool used to connect local service providers with local service seekers. The platform was created to present untapped opportunities for service providers to offer their hobbies, skills, or special talents as services and receive payment. The platform was also created to provide service seekers with seamless, trustworthy, affordable, accessible, and reliable access to services in their area. The goal is to allow our users to create more time for the more important things in life. We aim to support our target market, or anyone who is seeking to improve their financial situation. With this in mind, we also champion the notion of community-based health and encourage our users to get to know those around them for stronger social bonds and healthier lifestyles.

We extend a welcoming offer to our users to start their own business cost-free, risk-free, and on a low-commitment basis.

The live platform allows users to post their services, hire service providers, schedule and manage ongoing services, send/receive payment for all completed services, and incorporates many other exclusive features. We’ve created a mobile version to allow our users to manage their services on the go for a more streamlined experience as well. We encourage anyone who seeks a better financial future or anyone who requires service to join our platform and receive the benefits EezyBee has to offer.

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