Roofing Chemicals Global Market 2017 Key Players,Share, Trend, Segmentation and Forecast to 2022

Global Roofing Chemicals Market

Market Analysis Research Report on “Global Roofing Chemicals Market 2017 Industry Growth, Size, Trends, Share and Forecast to 2022” to their research database.

PUNE, INDIA , August 1, 2017 / — Global Roofing Chemicals Market

This report studies the Roofing Chemicals market status and outlook of global and United States, from angles of players, regions, product types and end industries; this report analyzes the top players in global and United States market, and splits the Roofing Chemicals market by product type and applications/end industries.

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The major players in global and United States Roofing Chemicals market, including BASF SE, The DOW Chemical Company, Saint-Gobain S.A, 3M Company, Akzo Nobel N.V., Sika AG, Owens Corning, Carlisle Companies Incorporated, Johns Manville, GAF Materials Corporation, Firestone Building Products Company, LLC, Atlas Roofing Corporation, Building Products of Canada, Certain Teed Roofing, GCP Applied Technologies, Henry Company, IKO Production, Inc, Malarkey Roofing Products

The global Roofing Chemicals market is valued at XX million USD in 2016 and is expected to reach XX million USD by the end of 2022, growing at a CAGR of XX% between 2016 and 2022.

The Asia-Pacific will occupy for more market share in following years, especially in China, also fast-growing India and Southeast Asia regions.

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North America, especially The United States, will still play an important role which cannot be ignored. Any changes from United States might affect the development trend of Roofing Chemicals. United States plays an important role in global market, with market size of xx million USD in 2016 and will be xx million USD in 2022, with a CAGR of XX.

Geographically, this report is segmented into several key regions, with sales, revenue, market share (%) and growth Rate (%) of Roofing Chemicals in these regions, from 2012 to 2022 (forecast), covering 
United States 
North America 
South America 
Middle East and Africa

The On the basis of product, the Roofing Chemicals market is primarily split into 
Acrylic Resins 
Epoxy Resins 

On the basis on the end users/applications, this report covers 
Bituminous Roofing 
Metal Roofing 
Elastomeric Roofing 
Membrane Roofing 
Plastic (PVC) Roofing

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 Table of Contents

2017-2022 Roofing Chemicals Report on Global and United States Market, Status and Forecast, by Players, Types and Applications 
1 Methodology and Data Source 

2 Roofing Chemicals Market Overview 

3 Roofing Chemicals Application/End Users 

4 Roofing Chemicals Market Status and Outlook by Regions 

5 Global Roofing Chemicals Market Competition by Players/Manufacturers 

6 United States Roofing Chemicals Market Competition by Players/Manufacturers 

7 Roofing Chemicals Players/Manufacturers Profiles and Sales Data 
    7.1 BASF SE 
      7.1.1 Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base and Competitors 
      7.1.2 Roofing Chemicals Product Category, Application and Specification 
 Product A 
 Product B 
      7.1.3 BASF SE Roofing Chemicals Sales (K Units), Revenue (Million USD), Price (USD/Unit) and Gross Margin (%) (2012-2017) 
      7.1.4 Main Business/Business Overview 
    7.2 The DOW Chemical Company 
      7.2.1 Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base and Competitors 
      7.2.2 Roofing Chemicals Product Category, Application and Specification 
 Product A 
 Product B 
      7.2.3 The DOW Chemical Company Roofing Chemicals Sales (K Units), Revenue (Million USD), Price (USD/Unit) and Gross Margin (%) (2012-2017) 
      7.2.4 Main Business/Business Overview 
    7.3 Saint-Gobain S.A 
      7.3.1 Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base and Competitors 
      7.3.2 Roofing Chemicals Product Category, Application and Specification 
 Product A 
 Product B 
      7.3.3 Saint-Gobain S.A Roofing Chemicals Sales (K Units), Revenue (Million USD), Price (USD/Unit) and Gross Margin (%) (2012-2017) 
      7.3.4 Main Business/Business Overview 
    7.4 3M Company 
      7.4.1 Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base and Competitors 
      7.4.2 Roofing Chemicals Product Category, Application and Specification 
 Product A 
 Product B 
      7.4.3 3M Company Roofing Chemicals Sales (K Units), Revenue (Million USD), Price (USD/Unit) and Gross Margin (%) (2012-2017) 
      7.4.4 Main Business/Business Overview 
    7.5 Akzo Nobel N.V. 
      7.5.1 Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base and Competitors 
      7.5.2 Roofing Chemicals Product Category, Application and Specification 
 Product A 
 Product B 
      7.5.3 Akzo Nobel N.V. Roofing Chemicals Sales (K Units), Revenue (Million USD), Price (USD/Unit) and Gross Margin (%) (2012-2017) 
      7.5.4 Main Business/Business Overview 
    7.6 Sika AG 
      7.6.1 Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base and Competitors 
      7.6.2 Roofing Chemicals Product Category, Application and Specification 
 Product A 
 Product B 
      7.6.3 Sika AG Roofing Chemicals Sales (K Units), Revenue (Million USD), Price (USD/Unit) and Gross Margin (%) (2012-2017) 
      7.6.4 Main Business/Business Overview 
    7.7 Owens Corning 
      7.7.1 Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base and Competitors 
      7.7.2 Roofing Chemicals Product Category, Application and Specification 
 Product A 
 Product B 
      7.7.3 Owens Corning Roofing Chemicals Sales (K Units), Revenue (Million USD), Price (USD/Unit) and Gross Margin (%) (2012-2017) 
      7.7.4 Main Business/Business Overview 
    7.8 Carlisle Companies Incorporated 
      7.8.1 Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base and Competitors 
      7.8.2 Roofing Chemicals Product Category, Application and Specification 
 Product A 
 Product B 
      7.8.3 Carlisle Companies Incorporated Roofing Chemicals Sales (K Units), Revenue (Million USD), Price (USD/Unit) and Gross Margin (%) (2012-2017) 
      7.8.4 Main Business/Business Overview 
    7.9 Johns Manville 
      7.9.1 Company Basic Information, Manufacturing Base and Competitors 

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“Guaranteed” Top Spot On Google And Bing

RDM - Results Driven Metric

The new keyword comparison tool from Results Driven Marketing.

Results Driven Marketing Your Google Girls and Guys

Have you seen or heard this statement before? Can you believe how many people fall for this type of marketing. Want to know the truth? Well read on!

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2017 / — “We’re better than most, and we get companies that coveted top-spot.” Really?

Do you, can you or should you believe digital marketing agencies or internet marketing consultants that promise they can get you “TOP placement” or “the number 1 Spot” for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertised search results on Google? How about that organic 1st spot, using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

I get calls all the time from people asking our firm to review or give advice or match an offer when a vendor has promised these top placement guarantees. We also get calls when people want to switch vendors because they are not getting promised results, and also from people wanting to switch because they did not understand what was said to them and aren’t getting expected results.

Why do people believe this type of statements?

Normally I tell everyone to hang up the phone on salespeople making outlandish guarantees like those above. However, tonight as I write on the subject, I am rethinking my standard position and my reaction to these aggressive pitches.
So, I stopped writing and devoted some serious brain power to the subject. Then I started using Bing and Google to validate or disprove what I have always believed.

Have I heard this before?

I decided to think of businesses that couldn’t or wouldn’t employ PPC advertising. I started out feeling positive that I could find a few rather easily. I tried “Forensic Dentist Philadelphia.” Nope, there were two paid advertisers. Interestingly on the forensic dentist search, the organic section showed the City of Philadelphia in the 1st and 2nd positions. Proving many SEO best practices at work. (A discussion for a future post.)

I searched on Google using the keyword “cat walker Philadelphia.” Then I tried another “best brownies Philadelphia.” I wanted three examples, so I searched “Medical Marijuana Philadelphia.” I also tested these on Bing just to validate my conclusions. Finally, I used variations like “near me” There were no businesses advertising these services, using these searches on either engine.

I Was Wrong!

If you are selling any of these products today, and you want to advertise them on Google or Bing; I could promise that I can get you the 1st paid advertised position on both search engines using these keywords. I could further tell you that I could accomplish this within 1 or 2 days.

However, can I guarantee that nobody would come along and take the top spot? Yes, if I am lucky! No, if I am honest!

Unfortunately, most cats do not like being walked, and I think most people wouldn’t pay for that service. Most people don’t need a dentist that works on dead folks. Medical Marijuana is not available for sale, yet, in Philadelphia.
So, I do not see too much potential for this business right now. The brownie business would be a good place for a smaller business to at least checkout.

However, Was I Wrong?

After thinking I would be correct, I found that technically I was wrong!

A promise can be made, but you had better dig deeper into what will be delivered. As I write this blog, I can assure that if you want to advertise your medical marijuana business in Philly, on Google and or Bing, I can be almost 100% guarantee that I can deliver.

Unfortunately, the brownies are another story; another brownie business could be having a campaign set up as we speak. If that is the case, the budget, daily spend, geographic settings and all of the other aspects of Google AdWords come into play.

If we were just talking about organic listings and SEO, the forensic dentist Philadelphia search would yield results showing The City of Philadelphia coming up first and second, which proves that promises and guarantees about positioning are at best misleading and at worst fraudulent!

How much content do you need to post and with how many keywords do you need to beat the medical director for the city? How many backlinks would you need to beat this referral source? Why it certainly can be done, but how long and what type of budget would you need to hit the top spot effectively?

Very few fields change quite as quickly as digital marketing. All it takes is one tweak to a search engine’s algorithm or a slow shift in preference regarding social media platforms and the entire industry switches up tactics.
Thus, the thinking around it and the sales strategy for it has to change, too.

If what you are hearing is something you heard a few years ago, it is past its sell-by date.
You should be presented with new ideas, interesting techniques, and unfamiliar thinking. You as agency, consultant or digital marketing professional should know better than to make promises just to get a client. When you cannot deliver will you keep that client? Do you think making false or empty promises helps the image of the industry?

The Conclusion

When buying services or expensive items for your business, take heed!

Over the years, I have learned to ask deep, delving questions. While I believe people on their face, I also know that if they have a financial interest or gain, they could exaggerate (lie, tell untruths) or whatever just to get the business.

A great man once said “trust but verify.” Do your due-diligence and ask questions when people make outlandish claims. Don’t let liars, cheaters and losers beat you and take your money. It isn’t just money; it is your time, energy and well-being! Remember, Karma does not really help you. However, it can make you feel better!

About The Author

Mike Bannan is the Managing Partner of Results Driven Marketing, LLC. Mike has over 30 years experience in sales and marketing which includes over 20 years in online services and digital marketing.

Results Driven Marketing, LLC is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. RDM is a full-service agency that practices the art of marketing of Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and Website Design, development, deployment, and hosting. RDM provides complete inbound marketing services and is a HubSpot enterprise partner. RDM is the registered owner of “Turning Clicks Into Clients®” and also owns the RD-Metric, Web Market Central, and Web Market Central blog.

Call Mike or contact the firm to ask about the complimentary 45-minute marketing assessment.

Mike Bannan
Results Driven Marketing, LLC
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Ecosa Institute’s Fall 2017 Ecological Design Certificate Program (EDCP) is at maximum occupancy

Ecosa’s Tuition-Free Certificate Program has sparked unprecedented interest, registration for Spring 2018 EDC Program is open to the public.

PRESCOTT, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2017 / — The Ecosa Institute has selected 15 lucky applicants to participate in their three month emersion program into the theory and practice of Ecological Design. Out of 32 applications received by June 16th, 15 were rigorously selected based on their background and desire to create positive environmental change. Ecosa’s Ecological Design Certificate (EDC) program is being offered free for a limited time only, however the waiting list is growing daily. Ecosa believes that such critical knowledge should be free to committed students. “We want to reach students whose commitment to the environment is un-wavering, have the ability to think critically, and perform in-depth research. The goal was to find students, regardless of income, who are most likely to create positive change in the world,” said Tony Brown, founder of Ecosa Institute.
In 2017, in response to the Trump administrations abandonment of the COP21 Paris Agreement, the organization launched a revolutionary program to provide tuition-free education to students at their campus in Prescott, AZ. "The information gained from our program is imperative and the issues we are facing are time sensitive" writes Tony Brown. Registration for the Spring 2018 program has recently opened and the organization anticipates another flood of applications.

About Ecosa Institute:
The mission of the Ecosa Institute is to restore health to the natural environment, and thus the human environment, through education in design and ecology. Our vision is of a world that blends the ethical values and ecological patterns, which are essential to the health of the world, with the vitality and dynamism of the design arts. "The cross-sectoral challenges posed by a changing climate are the ultimate design challenge, particularly as it relates to the impacts of our build environment," quotes the non-profit’s Executive Director Jessica Hernreich. Founded in 1996, by Tony Brown, Ecosa Institute has a goal of bringing innovative ecological design thinking and an interdisciplinary approach to design education.

Laura Kasper
Ecosa Institute
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Advertising Agency – Results Driven Marketing, LLC Continues Explosive Growth

SEO, PPC, Inbound Marketing, and Content Creation are fueling the improvement. New marketing related website acquisitions will help foster the growth!

Any advertising or marketing agency can generate impressions to the website. Only the good agencies can deliver clients, and then prove it! ”

— Janeene L. High, CEO

PHILADELPHIA, PA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2017 / — Results Driven Marketing, LLC an award winning premier digital marketing agency located in center city Philadelphia, PA announced today their revenue projection for 2017 has improved dramatically, they are expanding their office, and they are in negotiations to ink an exclusive partnership with a large sales agency.

Thus far Results Driven Marketing™ has grown at a rapid pace in 2017. The company increased its staff to 15, and growth through the 2nd quarter is topping 80%. If the trend continues, 2017 should close out with revenues exceeding the previous year by at least that much.

As a result, Janeene High, Results Driven Marketing*, CEO, recently signed another lease agreement with PMC Property Group and the company is planning to expand its office size.

The meteoric rise of RDM as one of Philadelphia’s leading digital marketing agencies began in late 2013 when RDM was formed by CEO Janeene High along with today’s managing partner Mike Bannan.

The High Bannan duo produced remarkable results in their first full year business. Within that time frame, RDM gained exclusive marketing rights for law firms, franchise owners in multiple industries including home care and other small to medium-sized businesses. Back then, High and Bannan operated out of a small office of about 600 ft.

During 2014, RDM achieved some key milestones. The third full-time employee was hired, and the client base grew dramatically. Many of those clients are still with RDM today.

In late 2014 RDM incorporated the slogan Turning Clicks Into Clients® into their business philosophy. The slogan was based on High and Bannan’s firm belief that statistical information – such as the number of visitors to come to your website – are not as important to the small business owner as getting new clients. For High and the Results Driven Marketing Team begins with the question, “Do you want clicks or do you want clients?”

Businesses want clients.

In 2015 RDM gained serious momentum and growth. New clients were signed, revenues increased, and two new employees were hired. Revenues surpassed the million-dollar mark and due to the significant growth and new personnel RDM moved to the 2040 Market St. location.

During these first two years of rapid new client acquisition, RDM also installed a customer service philosophy that fostered retention. The numbers for retention peaked at over 95% for the existing business.

In 2016 RDM continued to add customers and employees. Revenues increased another 58% above the previous year, and this Increased growth forced RDM to increase its office space again. By the end of 2016, there were eight employees.
By year’s end, RDM applied for a trademark of the slogan “Turning Clicks Into Clients.” Their new search engine optimization director Steve Myers – a.k.a. Dr. Digital ** – was hired to help plan and chart the course for future innovation.

2017 has seen that innovation lead to further growth, revenue, and development. Year-to-date growth is exceeding 80%.

If the trend continues, 2017 should close out with revenues exceeding the 2016 year by at that much and more. And the company’s created an effective set of SEO fueled digital marketing services that are all driven by the same results that RDM’s philosophy is founded on: Turning Clicks Into Clients.

Further this year, the company purchased two existing marketing websites that will be used in their growth strategy. The company also went into BETA Testing for its SEO metric called the RD-Metric.

With a 15-person staff, the company is expanding its offices by another thirty-two percent on September 1, 2017. This new space will house existing personnel and new personnel that are currently being groomed for this expansion.

With the new space, and expanded team in place exciting new products are forthcoming from Results Driven Marketing, LLC that will revolutionize how small businesses are found on the internet!

Interested in learning more about how RDM can help your business grow using internet fuel? Contact RDM for a complimentary 45-minute consultation and marketing diagnosis. Ask for Janeene, Mike or “Dr. Digital.” Call 215-393-8700 or email to or contact us using our live agent 24-hours a day.

* Results Driven Marketing™ is in the process of being registered as a trademark of Results Driven Marketig, LLC.
** Dr. Digital™ is the process of being a registered trademark and symbol Of Results Driven Marketing, LLC.
** Turning Clicks Into Clients is a registered Trademark of Results Driven Marketing, LLC

Mike Bannan
Results Driven Marketing, LLC
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Inventing Eco-Futures Course is offered

Cinematic course on Inventing Eco-Futures is being offered by award-winning filmmaker Christopher Zelov.
Dynamic learning opportunity for hungry minds.

The Universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”

— Eden Phillpotts

PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, July 31, 2017 / — Date: 31 July 2017
Contact: Christopher Zelov at: 484-554-4710 
Inventing Eco-Futures Course:

Based on over 25 years of original cinematic production from an award-winning filmmaker,
this course taps into the Eco-Visionary mind from a deep time and deep design perspective.

Taking the student on a epic journey into the collective intelligence gleaned from the pioneers
who have brought forth new forms of Architecture and social organization from the ongoing design revolution.

This is a exploration and illumination of the conceptual good news at the fertile intersection of Nature, Technology, and Humanity.

Topics covered include:

-Profiles of Key Pioneers
-Design Science Revolution (Buckminster Fuller)
-Ecological Design Dynamics
-Creating Eco-Villages
-New Concepts in Cine-Architecture
-The Imaginarium for the Regenerative City
-The Long Now Perspective
-The Best of Regenerative Design
-New Inventions in the field
-Urban Eco-Districts
-Edge-Ucation and the Future of Design

Christopher Zelov
Knossus Project
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Eco-Design: Inventing the Future

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Experience the World: Culture & Education at the Dinner Table

PORTLAND, OR, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2017 / — Ahnnyeonghase-yo. Hej. Namaste. Hello. A greeting in any language implies the same thing; yet what makes each of them unique is the culture surrounding these everyday words. And each of these cultures are breathtaking to get to know; providing a spark of inspiration and warmth in our lives. ETC offers such an opportunity – hosting a student would mean to take in an international student for a brief term as a member of the family. Host families and students are encouraged to engage with each other as warmly and welcoming as possible; exchanging their respective cultures through pictures, stories, food, and affection.

The philosophy of ETC is to promote international goodwill and understanding through international student exchange experiences. It is our staunch belief that participating as a host to a student needing a home to stay will foster understanding and friendship between international cultures.

Education at the Dinner Table:
While in school one may memorize the various gendered pronouns of the Spanish language, or learn how to differentiate between the many homophones present in the English language; true learning of culture and life happens socially. This is especially true for life at home – whether it be through conversation at the dinner table, a small thank you whilst sharing the chores, or through showing each other humorous videos, daily life in a host family will impact the core of each exchange student and expand their worldview. These lessons are not only restricted to the student; families as well will learn about the many nuances present in a strange culture, and change the way they perceive their world.

Travelling Without Leaving Home:
A ticket to Iceland may be out of your price range; a week in Japan may be unthinkable when considering how expensive hotels are. Hosting negates all of these costs and difficulties that arise from planning a trip abroad, as families are allowed to bring a small part of this foreign culture straight into their living room. No longer will Korea or Honduras be a mere name on the map, but a dear second home that elicits countless warm memories spent with your student.

Foreign Partners:
ETC closely works with carefully screened, experienced agents that work diligently in each of the countries that offer students for hosting. Each agent painstakingly screens and examines each of the students and offers them with an orientation so that the students will be able to adjust to the United States with minimal difficulty. When the student finally arrives stateside, our partner organizations will always be available to act as a friendly liaison and counselor between the host family, ETC, and the student’s natural parents.

Special Activities:
We are highly involved with each of the host families and students that are part of the ETC family. ETC hosts fall welcome parties, monthly local activities, themed holiday parties, five (optional) trips every year, and a spring farewell picnic – all of which are available to ETC Local Coordinators, host families, and students, as a way to encourage bonding within a family-like atmosphere.

American Public High Schools:
ETC maintains a strict standard for those students who will be attending American public high schools on a J-1 visa. Each student will be placed within such a high school in their homestay community and will be required to take classes in English and American History or Civics. They are not permitted to take ESL or English immersion classes. Those students who are unable to maintain a C average are required to hire a tutor at their own expense.

Financial Responsibilities:
Host families are not required to take on the burden of the student’s financial expenses. Every student possesses comprehensive medical insurance, and are required to pay for their own personal expenses, which include but are not limited to school activity charges, class fees, clothing expenses, travel expenses, entertainment allowances, bus passes, long distance phone charges, and lunches purchased at the school. Each host family is considered as a volunteer, and are not expected to pay for such student expenses.

Learning About the World, at Home:
Each ETC foreign exchange student is brave and willing to leave family and friends for nearly ten months to broaden their horizons and learn about the culture of the United States. By considering a new short term addition to the family, host families can help courageous students out immensely, whilst learning similar things to the student themselves.

ETC is now accepting host family applications for both five-month and ten-month students. Each student speaks a proficient level of English, has been carefully screened, and will attend the host family’s local high school. Each student arrives fully covered by medical insurance and possesses their own spending money.

About Education, Travel & Culture:
Education, Travel & Culture is a non-profit [501 (c)(3)] educational exchange organization. Its purpose is to promote international understanding and goodwill by providing high quality educational and cultural exchange programs in the United States and abroad. ETC provides inbound program opportunities for high school students throughout the world to study in an American high school and live with an American family.

For more information, FAQs or even to apply to become a host family, visit or email Field Director, Brenda Ferland at

Sarah Rohler
Education, Travel & Culture
email us here

ETC Is Your Opportunity to Experience the World

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Antigua and Barbuda bring English Harbour to Sag Harbor

The Hamptons is an important community and market for Antigua and Barbuda, particularly as it shares many of qualities and aesthetics.”

— Hon. Asot A. Michael, Minister of Tourism

NEW YORK, NY, USA, July 31, 2017 / — Antigua and Barbuda brought “English Harbour to Sag Harbor,” in the Hamptons over the course of the weekend through various events to ultimately raise visibility of the twin island nation to this influential community, and inspire many to visit. The weekend began with a successful evening with the Hampton elite to establish connections with the influencers and celebrities, on July 21 at leading restaurant, The Palm East Hampton. The event was held to share the dynamic vision of the tourism industry to transform the twin island nation into an economic powerhouse as well as having the guests learn about Antigua and Barbuda, the culture, and various opportunities for investment with the rapid growth.

Sag Harbor is a flagship sailing community, as is English Harbour in Antigua and Barbuda, playing host to the Caribbean’s most exciting regatta, Antigua Sailing Week, inspiring the country to host the third Antigua Barbuda Hamptons Challenge Regatta on Saturday, July 22. The Antigua Barbuda Hamptons Challenge offers the biggest sailing prize in the Northeast with the winning Captain and Crew of 5 winning an all-expense paid trip to sail in Antigua Sailing Week 2018.

Minister of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and Energy, Asot Michael addressing the crowd at the Awards Cocktail and Antigua Barbuda Hamptons Challenge.

To offer Sag Harbor a taste of the excitement of the Challenge, as well as a slice of Caribbean culture through music and food, Antigua and Barbuda hosted a Caribbean Cocktail Awards Party at Havens Beach. The cocktail party featured a live band from Antigua, as well as food and drinks inspired by the destination. All of the attendees were provided gifts and as an added bonus, the event featured a Chinese auction, with many amazing prizes including a 5-night/5-day stay at a 5-star luxury property in Antigua, the Inn at English Harbour. During the evening, the prize for the race was turned into a raffle for participants as adverse weather forced organizers to abandon the race. Minister Michael chose the winners with the help of CEO, of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, Colin James.

Antigua and Barbuda was also a headline participant of the RAND Aston Martin Private Brunch in the Hamptons on Saturday, July 22, at a private estate in the Hamptons. The event showcased the latest models from Aston Martin with exclusive luxury brands, including Antigua and Barbuda. Guests were treated to two signature cocktails to provide a slice of Antigua and Barbuda flavor with, “Ticket to Paradise,” and “Romance in the Caribbean,” featuring award-winning Antigua rum, English Harbour.

“The Hamptons is an important community and market for Antigua and Barbuda, particularly as it shares many of qualities and aesthetics. Through these various events across the Hamptons this weekend, we’ve been able to raise visibility for our wonderful twin island destination, building meaningful connections, and inspiring all to visit and discover firsthand everything we have to offer: from our stunning 365 beaches, premiere sailing facilities, inspiring gastronomy, and hands down the best hospitality bar none. We look forward to greeting them in Antigua and Barbuda over the coming weeks and months and providing them all unforgettable experiences,” said the Honorable Asot A. Michael, Minister of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and Energy at the evening.

PHOTO: Party goers with Antigua Band Ricardo at Awards Cocktail Party

Shermain Jeremy
Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, North America
email us here

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Rostock researchers unravel heart disease mechanism in bone marrow stem cells

ROSTOCK, DEUTSCHLAND, July 31, 2017 / — Stem cell therapies for heart disease have failed so far, much to the high expectations of scientists, patients and society to get objective clinical proof for heart repair, despite abundant research proof in animal studies. The Rostock University cardiac surgeon, Prof. Gustav Steinhoff, and his research team, have now unraveled the cause of failure in bone marrow stem cell response and published their results in EBioMedicine. In the randomized double-blinded placebo-controlled phase 3 PERFECT-trial studying stem cell therapy in bypass patients, forty percent of all patients were identified as having a suppressed bone marrow response for repair related to the regulatory gene SH2B3. This results in a deficit of circulating stem cells and prevents new blood vessel growth in the heart muscle, required to avoid progressive heart failure.

This pilot trial was financed by the Ministry of Research and Education in Germany and the EU for the development of highly standardized stem cell therapies, and was performed between 2009 through March 2016 to assess clinical safety and efficacy of intramyocardial CD133+ bone marrow derived cell application and coronary bypass surgery. The multicentre trial included the six main German university heart centers Bad Oeynhausen, Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, Leipzig, Rostock, the German stem cell isolation product specialist Miltenyi-Biotech GmbH, Bergisch—Gladbach, and scientists in Freiburg, Munich and Göttingen.

Professor Gustav Steinhoff is the principal investigator of the publication and has spent one year analyzing the data with a specialist team of university and biotech company researchers. “It was an enormous puzzle. After unblinding, the clinical results of the study did not at all reveal the expected results of the stem cell therapy. But there was a surprising overall improvement in all treated patients irrespective of stem cell therapy, leading to a 10% gain of heart pump function.” said Gustav Steinhoff, who pioneered cardiac stem cell therapy with the first intramyocardial treatment in 2001, initiating the first Phase I trial in the field. ”And then we discovered that 40% of the patients did not show improved heart function at all, whereas the 60% of reactive patients had a mean increase of 17% pump function and better long-term survival.” The researchers succeeded in finding a diagnostic biomarker signature in the peripheral blood of patients by using an artificial intelligence machine learning computer analysis system, allowing pretreatment identification of patient responders for improved heart function. Using this new computer-aided diagnostic technology, responsive patients can be accurately identified prior to treatment with bypass surgery and stem cells.

Highlights of the study
1. Heart function improvement is dependent on circulating endothelial progenitor cells.
2. Suppression of bone marrow response is associated to SH2B3 gene expression
3. Peripheral blood angiogenesis response can be predicted by a biomarker signature

Publication release:

Gustav Steinhoff, Prof. M.D.; Julia Nesteruk, M.D.; Markus
Wolfien; Guenther Kundt, Prof PhD; Jochen Boergermann, M.D.; Robert
David, Prof PhD; Jens Garbade, Prof MD; Jana grosse, Prof PhD; Axel
Haverich, Prof MD; Holger Hennig, PhD; Alexander Kaminski, M.D.; Joachim
Lotz, Prof MD; Friedrich W Mohr, Prof MD; Paula Mueller; Robert
Oostendorp, Prof PhD; Ulrike Ruch, PhD; Samir Sarikouch, Prof MD; Anna
Skorska, PhD; Christof Stamm, Prof MD; Gudrun Tiedemann, PhD; Florian M
Wagner, M.D.; Olaf Wolkenhauer, Prof PhD
Outcome analysis of the randomized PERFECT phase III clinical trial of intramyocardial CD133+ application after myocardial infarction

Media contact:
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New Nightstick Tactical Weapon Mounted Lights Feature Industry First Dual-Dependent Switch Technology

Momentary and constant-on modes are now the same on both sides of the light which simplifies interaction and reduces reaction time in high-stress situations

WYLIE, TX, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2017 / —
Momentary and constant-on modes are now the same on both sides of the light which simplifies interaction and reduces reaction time in high-stress situations


Nightstick is proud to announce the availability of four new all LED Nightstick Tactical Weapon Mounted (TWM) Lights with industry first dual-dependent switch design. Already known to the Law Enforcement, Sporting Goods and Military communities for high-quality tactical lighting, Nightstick has introduced revolutionary technology that changes how users interact and ultimately potentially react in high-stress situations.

The unique and completely ambidextrous Dual-Dependent toggle switches on each side of the rail mounted weapon light operate in either momentary-on or constant-on lighting modes. Being able to easy switch hands regardless of selected lighting mode reduces confusion and eliminates the need to apply fine-motor skills which is a welcomed safety feature when reaction time is essential.

“Ultimately you don’t need to think about how to operate the light if you are a right handed or left handed or one hand dominate user” says Russell Hoppe, Marketing Manager for Nightstick. “The flaw with the outdated toggle switch is that it requires use of both hands when switching from right hand to left should you want to change lighting modes or turn-off your light. Applying additional thought because of a limiting design is extra time that high-stress situations don’t provide you. The new TWM Series from Nightstick demonstrates that great design can solve an operational struggle with the potential to save lives. Life Depends on LightTM”.

Nightstick model TWM-850XL features 850 lumens for 1.75 hours with a beam distance of 245 meters (803+ feet). Nightstick TWM-350 is 350 lumens for 2.5 hours with a beam distance of 215 meters (705+ feet). Both models are also available with an additional disorienting strobe lighting mode in models TWM-850XLS and TWM-350S respectively.
Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and rated as IP-X7 waterproof, the TWM series lights include four sets of cross-rail inserts and cap head screws, Allen wrench and 2 CR-123 lithium batteries. Nightstick backs up these lights with a limited lifetime warranty. These four new models are now in stock and available for purchase exclusively through a network of Global Public Safety and Sporting Goods distributors. To learn more, please visit

Designed and manufactured by Bayco Products, Inc., Nightstick is a global brand of professional lighting products, including flashlights, headlamps and Intrinsically Safe lighting solutions that continue to exceed industry standards in performance, quality, user-safety, and value. Nightstick’s vast line-up of LED lighting products deliver optimal performance with real-world applications in mind. With an unwavering commitment to product quality and exceptional Customer Service, Nightstick – Life Depends on LightTM.

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1Dental $500 Scholarship Offering

FORT WORTH , TX, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2017 / — Students can now apply for 1Dental’s $500 scholarship for the 2018 school year by visiting and filling out an application.

"At 1Dental, we really value building up people—our employees, our community, businesses we work with. We believe this scholarship is another way we can give back to the community by building up students who pursue higher education,” said CEO Randall Meinen. “It also offers us great insight into how students feel about dental and health issues that we can take and apply to our products and services to better serve people."

The application can be found on 1Dental’s website and should be completed online by December 21, 2017. Students must be enrolled as a high school senior, college student or graduate student to be eligible and must be a resident in the U.S. One winner will be chosen and announced on January 8, 2018.

“This is our fourth year offering this scholarship,” said Marketing Director Aaron McWilliams. “We believe education is a valuable thing and wanted to help students looking for scholarships by offering one of our own.”

1Dental is headquartered in Haltom City, TX, and was incorporated in 1997 by current CEO Randall Meinen. The primary goal of 1Dental is to offer dental patients nationwide access to affordable, reputable and longstanding discount dental plans.

Natasha Gayle, Outreach Coordinator
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