Sacramento HVAC Company Donates New Heating and Air System to US Army Officer

Sacrament HVAC Company

Fox Family Heating and Air Owner, Greg Fox

Recently Fox Family Heating and Air made a call to their customers to nominate a deserving veteran. They choose a deserving Placerville US Army Veteran.

Each year Fox Family Heating and Air is committed to donating a new installed HVAC system to a family in need. It is our pleasure to support the community who embraces us.”

— Greg Fox, Owner of Fox Family Heating and Air

PLACERVILLE, CA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2018 / — Fox Family Heating and Air Conditioning — Each year Fox Family Heating and Air asks for nominations for someone in the surrounding Sacramento area to donate service to. In Fox Family's first year of business, 2015, we heard stories of deserving families all around the area who needed heating and air but could not afford it. In 2015 we replaced a family’s wall furnace that PGE shut down 6 yrs previous because of a gas leak. The gentleman who was chosen as our winner could not afford the heater to be replaced, so we replaced it for them at no charge. The next year, we found a Facebook group of single-moms and found one lady who needed her furnace replaced because of safety issues. We partnered with the groups' organizer to help replace her HVAC system at no charge.

This year we decided to focus on giving back to a military veteran. Once again, we made the call for nominations and were flooded with story after story of families going without heat this winter.

The winner we chose is a gentleman and retired US Army Officer. Brian Hayes, is decorated for his bravery in Korea, Iraq, and the drug wars here in the States. Brian was a Forward Observer for the Army in Korea. Brian’s job wasn’t just to be on the front lines with infantry, but as a Forward Observer he went ahead of the front lines to scout the enemy and decide what to call in for support, which and what type of artillery, aircraft, extra troops, etc. to bring in. 10 years into his career, enlisted troop, Brian Hayes was offered a chance to go to Officer Candidate School, which he accepted. Upon graduating he was placed in charge 113 troops.

Under General McCrystal, Lt Hayes led those troops on security details including Navy Seals, Delta Force, Green Berets, Rangers, etc. Brian’s team was in charge of the security of these Special Forces teams as they began and ended their missions. Next up would be a series Counter-Drug mission in California where Brian and his teams would be sent into our own backcountry to scout and reveal certain locations to local law enforcement. Brian absolutely loved this part of his career in the military.
His last major assignment before was on a Civil Support Team in response to terrorism incidents around that time where he led Major HAZMAT cleaning details and ran Incident Command centers during these events.

Brian ended his career in 2012 as a Major in the US National Guard on his own terms. He was honorably discharged. Brian continues to serve his community in his current position with El Dorado County.

Fox Family wanted to do something to warm the hearts of our local community. We have a genuine interest in giving back to those special people in our community. We are giving back to help inspire the pay-it-forward mentality we see happening all over California right now! Giving something away like a $13,000 HVAC system is a really big deal for us and we felt it was newsworthy to highlight the selfless commitment Brian has given to the United States as well as inspire others to give back.

If local newspapers or media would like to interview our recipient please contact me (Greg Fox) We will be installing his new HVAC system the week of Thanksgiving.

Location: 9152 Mosquito Rd, Placerville, CA 95667

For more information, press only:
Greg or Melissa Fox

For more information on Fox Family Heating and Air Conditioning:
Check out any of our 200 videos on YouTube! under Fox Family Heating and Air Conditioning. You’ll see we are good people, honestly taking care of people!

Greg Fox
+1 916-467-0089
email us here

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Fort Myers Title Company Hosts 3rd Annual Christmas Angel Tree

Title Junction partners with The Salvation Army to host an Angel Tree for the third year in a row.

FORT MYERS, FLA., UNITED STATES, November 15, 2018 / — This Christmas season, Title Junction has partnered with The Salvation Army to host a Christmas Angel Tree. The Angel Tree Program was created by The Salvation Army in 1979 to provide toys and clothing to children in need at Christmas time, with participating organizations and businesses hanging Angel Tags from a Christmas tree. Each child is represented by a numerical code along with information about their age, gender, clothing size, and what they want for Christmas. The children are then ‘adopted’ by individuals who choose their tags and buy them toys and clothing for Christmas.

In less than a week, Title Junction has already adopted out over half of the 50 Angels entrusted to them by The Salvation Army.

“I’d love to see all of these kids adopted so we can ask The Salvation Army for even more Angel Tags,” says owner Jennifer Ferri. “This program does so much good, and we’re excited to be a part of it!”

A leading provider of title and closing services in Florida, Title Junction is always looking for opportunities to give back and make a positive difference in the community. Generosity and caring are a huge part of the company’s ethos, with 2018 being the third year in a row that they’ve participated in the Angel Tree program.

Title Junction is a full service real estate title company serving the area of Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and the entire state of Florida since 2005. The company handles a number of real estate title services for both commercial and residential properties. Employees of Title Junction can also act as a witness in courtesy closings as well as an escrow agent and a notary public.

Amanda Seiders
Title Junction, LLC
+1 239-415-6574
email us here

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Newark, Italy and Me by Daniel P Quinn debuts on Lulu Books for Christmas in 2018.

Newark has many histories including my Grandfather at age 14. Newark has many roots from Italy to the Irish, and French as well.

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY, USA, November 15, 2018 / — Newark, Italy + Me.
By Daniel P Quinn
View this Author's Spotlight
Paperback, 44 Pages This item has not been rated yet
Newark, Italy + Me.

Price: $24.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Newark has many histories including G. Antonio Basso who emigrated from Italy to Newark, NJ in 1900. Antonio Basso was my Grandfather who came to America at age 14. Newark has many artistic roots including Armenia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, France which are featured in Newark, Italy + Me.Immigration is a ongoing event.The past is indeed prologue to our present and future.

Mr. Quinn is also available for book signings and talks on Italian culture and Opera from LaScala to the Piccolo Teatro, Broadway, Off-Broadway and The Metropolitan Opera.

Welcome to my Newark. Nevarca and the new old Irish sod in New Jersey.

Daniel P Quinn also wrote:"Exits + Entrances, 25 years off-Broadway, Opera and Beyond"; Short Plays to Long Remember (TNT) and "organized labor"

Invocation from Pope Francis: "The artists of our time, through their ingenuity, may help everyone
discover the beauty of creation."

These books are for sale at;; Amazon Books or order at your independent book store or on the web.

MYEMAIL.CONSTANTCONTACT.COM Special Projects from ArtsPRunlimited, Inc.

Special thanks to for their generous support for our
Award winning programs this season. The best compliment you can give me
is forwarding this on to a friend.

Daniel P Quinn
ArtsPRunlimited, Inc
+1 862-208-0151
email us here

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2018 Money Metals Exchange & Sound Money Defense League Scholarship Winners Announced

Money Metals Exchange has teamed up with the Sound Money Defense League to offer the first gold-backed scholarship of the modern era.

Our scholarship gives students the opportunity to display their understanding of economics while lessening the burden of the significantly inflated costs associated with attending college.”

— Jp Cortez

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, November 15, 2018 / — For the third straight year, Money Metals Exchange, a national precious metals dealer recently ranked “Best in the USA,” has teamed up with the Sound Money Defense League to offer the first gold-backed scholarship of the modern era. These groups have set aside 100 ounces of physical gold to reward outstanding students who display a thorough understanding of the economics, monetary policy, and sound money.

The Money Metals Exchange & Sound Money Defense League 2018 gold-backed scholarship was a success and the winners are as follows:

Undergraduate Winners:

First place: Nikhil Sridhar, Duke University

Second place: Nathan Barlow, Columbia University

Graduate Winners:

First place: Joakim Book, University of Oxford

Second place: Christopher Calton, University of Florida

Upon the selection of the four winners, the People’s Choice Award portion of the contest begins. The People’s Choice Award goes to the student whose essay attracts the most page views and most interest on social media (shares, likes, retweets, etc. on Facebook and Twitter).

We would like to thank our blue ribbon panel of judges:

Dr. Walter Block, Loyola University New Orleans

Dr. William Luther, Sound Money Project

Cliff Maloney, Young Americans For Liberty

Dr. Jonathan Newman, Bryan College

Finally, we would like to thank all of the applicants. Over the last three years we have had hundreds of applicants representing almost 200 different high schools, colleges, institutes, and universities, more than 40 states, 5 countries, and 3 continents. Students everywhere are waking up to the ongoing devaluation of the Federal Reserve Note — commonly referred to as the “dollar” – that jeopardizes their saving power, and furthermore, their future.

Jp Cortez, Policy Director of the Sound Money Defense League, said “Our scholarship gives students the opportunity to display their understanding of economics while lessening the burden of the significantly inflated costs associated with attending college.” Cortez continued, “We’re excited to unveil next year’s group of blue ribbon judges. We’ve had excellent turnout the last three years and we expect that trend to continue.”

The deadline for applications is September 30th, 2019. For more information, visit or email

Jp Cortez
Sound Money Defense League
email us here

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Air Express LLC Joins Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce

temple terrace air conditioning

temple terrace air conditioning

Air Express LLC, a residential air conditioning company, joined the Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce in October.

TEMPLE TERRACE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2018 / — Temple Terrace, FL: Air Express LLC, an air conditioning company employing “The World’s Smartest Technicians,” joined the Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce on October 31, 2018. This marks a pivotal moment of growth and success for Air Express, which has been in business since 2010. It also reflects the residential AC company’s desire for continued growth and expansion throughout their home community of Temple Terrace.

Adam Washburn, owner of Air Express, remarks: “Our home has always been here in Temple Terrace. This is where I bought my first house, and it’s where I opened my current office space. It is so important for us to develop a greater network within this community and expand here first. Our ultimate goal is to serve the air conditioning needs of all of our neighbors in Temple Terrace. Joining the Temple Terrace Chamber is an important step toward meeting that goal.”

Air Express LLC opened their Temple Terrace office space in January of 2017. The air conditioning company has grown tremendously since then, necessitating additional service technicians, installers, and office staffers. In partnership with Johnstone- The Ware Group, a local Amana distributor, Air Express has already surpassed its 2017 sales numbers by 30%. Air Express is also encouraged by the high number of inverter AC systems that they have installed this year. Inverters are the most high-tech, efficient system on the market, and they can save homeowners 70% on their energy bills. These AC systems also qualify for a number of rebates and tax credits that normal, single-stage systems do not, potentially saving homeowners even more money. In addition, Air Express LLC specializes in Mitsubishi ductless mini split systems, which are similarly efficient and energy-saving.

Air Express hopes to capitalize on their 2018 growth trend by investing more dollars into search engine optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing ventures. “We are right on the precipice of a huge growth period,” says Washburn. “I know that with the continued efforts of myself and my staff, we will be even more competitive by the end of 2019 than we are now. I can’t wait to see where the next year takes us, and I can’t help but be encouraged by our Temple Terrace Chamber membership.”

Anastasia Oswald
Air Express LLC
+1 813-374-2467
email us here

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Axzon Partners with Maxim Integrated to Develop Ultra-low Power IoT Sensor

Axzon has paired its Xerxes-I sensor with Maxim’s DARWIN family of low-power MCUs to deliver the first-of-its-kind ultra-low power IoT sensor.

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2018 / — Axzon, Inc continues to blaze the trail in the field of smart passive sensors with its Xerxes sensor which provides a configurable means to pair low-power transducers with the Xerxes' ultra-low power signal acquisition and conditioning analog front-end. To further the capability of Xerxes powered sensors, Axzon has partnered with Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. to pair Xerxes with Maxim's DARWIN MCU (MAX32660) to enable the lowest power IoT sensor with a secure, wireless UHF interface.

Xerxes enables a configurable, multi-modal sensor platform allowing as many as 4 different sensing functions on a single chip. Depending on the application, two of these sensing functions are configurable, allowing external transducers like strain gauges, pH electrodes or relative humidity transducers to be paired with Xerxes. Like its predecessor Magnus, the Xerxes family of sensors can operate in passive (battery-free) mode, harvesting RF energy wirelessly from a UHF RFID reader. However, pairing with an MCU does require the resulting sensor to be battery powered. Thanks to the ultra-low power consumption of the Xerxes sensor and Maxim's DARWIN MCU, the resulting sensor can run off a coin cell battery for years, depending on the application. Maxim's DARWIN MCU extends the capabilities of sensing by adding features like data logging, trend analysis of the sensed data and even complicated application-specific algorithms. The combined product will serve multiple sensing applications using a single solution. One example could be to measure the "freshness" of perishable produce in cold-chain applications. Another application could be for generating a secure compliance report for temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals in transit. The low power and wireless operation of the solution are attractive for a multitude of applications ranging from Industrial IoT to cold-chain logistics to asset sensing and/or tracking.

"We continue to stay committed to our vision of 'connecting the unconnected' through organic innovation, strategic partnerships and by expanding our product offerings in the greater IoT market beyond passive sensing. Introducing a ultra-low power, multipurpose sensor platform capable of working in concert with Maxim's world class MCUs enables our customers to serve sensor-intensive applications, expanding their market reach," says Shahriar Rokhsaz, CEO of Axzon.

"The pairing of Xerxes with Maxim's ultra-low-power DARWIN microcontrollers is a unique solution: a low-power sensor system that can unlock the invisible intelligence in the things all around us. We're excited to see how our customers will take advantage of this ground-breaking combination of low-power sensor, RF and processing technologies," said Don Loomis, vice president of the Microcontroller, Security & Software Business Unit at Maxim Integrated.

First prototypes of the evaluation board, code named 'Project Neuron' will be showcased at the Electronica trade show to be held in Munich, Germany from November 13-16, 2018.

About Axzon
Based in Austin, Texas, Axzon (formerly RFMicron, Inc) produces end-to-end wireless sensing solutions that bring the Internet of Things (IoT) to industry and businesses in need of real-time business insights into productivity, performance, and environmental threats along their supply chain. Since its founding in 2006, Axzon has led the expansion of sensing capabilities to meet the unique, large-scale demands of businesses whose success depends on knowing more about their operating conditions, including automotive manufacturing, healthcare, predictive maintenance, switchgear, cold-chain and data centers. Axzon’s solutions include wireless Smart Passive Sensors™, SMART Edge™ systems, and other patented and patent-pending industrial IoT solutions.

Learn more at

Axzon, Axzon, Inc., and the Axzon logo, as well as the product and service names mentioned herein, are the registered trademarks of Axzon, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Although websites may be referenced in this news release, information on those websites is not to be incorporated herein.

Tanmay Zargar
Axzon (formerly RFMicron)
+1 (512) 535-4647
email us here

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Codex Enigmatum puzzle game book launches on Kickstarter

Innovario is proud to announce the Kickstarter launch of Codex Enigmatum, an innovative escape game type puzzle book.

If you’re looking for something along the lines of Journal 29 or Trip 1907, give this one a look.”


GHENT, BELGIUM, November 15, 2018 / — Codex Enigmatum is an immersive and richly illustrated puzzle book, filled with a diverse mix of unique and interrelated brain teasers, riddles and conundrums. It features many one-of-a-kind puzzles designed specifically for this book as well as unconventional twists on well-known puzzle types.

Rami Hansenne, the author, explains: “Each puzzle solution yields a key to unlock future puzzles. In order to unlock the secrets of the codex, you will need to quest your way through over 60 varied and eccentric enigmas requiring a combination of lateral thinking, logical deduction, spatial reasoning and pattern recognition.”

The often very unconventional puzzles (each consisting of a two-page spread) require a unique approach and no two are alike. Each puzzle is illustrated and often the illustrations (rather than supporting text) offer subtle clues as to how the challenge should be approached.

The Kickstarter campaign launched on November 13th and was funded in under 3 hours. Pre-ordering is still possible until January 2nd 2019:

Rami Hansenne
+32 488 86 54 80
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Codex Enigmatum teaser video

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Amid the rise of “Instapoets”, a new website reminds readers and poets to turn to the classics is a poetry blog and encyclopedia which venerates the great poets of history

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 15, 2018 / — Chris, the owner of, has always cherished classic poetry, finding inspiration and lasting beauty. He has built an impressive encyclopedic website, which provides many historical poets in multiple languages, with many useful translations.

However, in this age of social media, he is dismayed by the rise of so-called “Instapoetry”, arguing that these works consistently lack depth. He views the surge of interest in poetry as beneficial, but warns that large popular consumption does not necessarily equate with quality. He explains the common problems with “Instapoetry”, which he describes as often clichéd diary entries with overused language, lacking substance and originality. He contends that the chaotic pieces show an ignorance of the poetic tradition, and are often devoid of profound thought.

Chris encourages readers and writers to voyage back to the classics: “We return to the classics to better understand the roots of this revered and honourable tradition, a tradition of great beauty and wisdom.” He argues that many can improve their writing skills by reading the classics, which he sees as still relevant today. provides visitors with poems in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, ancient Greek and Latin. The translations enable readers and poetry lovers to conveniently
access international and historical poetry, all on one accessible website. Here we can read the odes of Horace, the sonnets of Petrarch and the Romantic masterpieces of Wordsworth and Keats.

In this racing era of social media, emerges as a much-needed remedy, reminding readers of the standards of art and literature. This website brings us closer to the sublime writers of history, exalting that poetry which has endured the test of time.

About Poetry Immortal:
Poetry Immortal is a Canadian-based online encyclopedia and blog, providing a database of historical poets and their works. This large collection includes poems in multiple languages, with many English translations. The directory will continue to be updated, while the blog provides many thought-provoking articles. Poetry Immortal is a must-read website for any poetry enthusiast or aspiring poet.

Christopher M.
Poetry Immortal
+1 7052593656
email us here

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2019's Secret Sauce

Self-ordering kiosks can make — and keep — your restaurant profitable. Here’s how

BIRMINGHAM, AL, US, November 15, 2018 / — We’ve outlined for you the ever-changing restaurant landscape.
We’ve showed you how you’ll be impacted by minimum wage increases. We’ve showed you how you’ll be affected by ballooning food costs.
Now, we’ll show you proven solutions to help overcome added expenses and to make a difference in increasing your operation’s profitability.
The answer is technology – specifically self-ordering devices that chart sales, enable real-time menu changes, facilitate staffing flexibility and enhance the consumer experience.
Such kiosks and tabletop units, like those produced by industry leader Juke, long have been considered the next wave in restaurant evolution.
Well, the future is here.
Revenue generated by self-ordering solutions in North America is forecast to reach $36 billion by 2024. Driving those numbers is the fact that standalone kiosks and tabletop units continue to become more prevalent as consumers grow accustomed to using them.
The devices’ versatility positions them as key solutions in how business is conducted effectively and efficiently in a host of applications to help overcome potential hurdles.

Coping with higher minimum wages
Rather than accept mandated payroll increases, which bite into already slim profit margins, owners can use kiosk and tabletop units as stable members of their staff that come at fixed costs. Knowing that pay rates, insurance and other benefit expenses for those electronic “workers” won’t rise from year to year, restaurants are able to more consistently forecast spending and profit.
Already using automated systems at the point of sale and to run equipment in kitchens, some actually are using kiosks, tabletop devices and mobile ordering capabilities to fill positions once held by qualified humans those eateries can’t find.
The technology can cover in a pinch, too, when the restaurant is overwhelmed with activity or when workers are unable to report due to illness or other issues. That affords managers much-needed flexibility to position employees who are on duty to spend more time assisting customers and less time running orders.
The software platform makes it easier for restaurants to know, too, just how much their servers are earning per shift. The device tracks tips, which managers can match up to specific wait staff working designated tables.
That way, they know whether the restaurant needs to pay any difference to ensure those workers are earning the mandated minimum wage.
Eventually, as the self-ordering devices evolve, Juke’s system will be able to incorporate payroll functionality and electronic timecards that can note to-the-minute when workers clock in and clock out.

Managing Food Costs
No more guessing
As the cost of food and ingredients for dishes goes up, precision is a necessity. Rather than relying on historical purchases or estimates when reordering amid the hectic pace of keeping the operation going, owners and operators can log into Juke devices to obtain real-time sales data.
For instance, if chicken dishes are up, they know to order more chicken. But by breaking down the numbers, they’ll be able to determine exactly how much sales of entrees with chicken have increased so that they are able to meet demand and have little to no waste.
With Juke’s system, owners and managers also can more easily move food that may be lingering too long and at risk of going to waste. They simply log into the system and can promote such items through on-screen ads, discounts and deal pairings.
And they can do it all in real-time.

Capitalize with sales initiatives
To keep inventory churning adequately, Juke’s automated ordering technology is easily programmed to upsell and cross-sell items based on restaurant preferences, which can boost the bottom line by more than 40 percent. Juke’s e-commerce-designed software ensures opportunities aren’t lost and average ticket sizes balloon by more than 20 percent.

About Juke
Juke develops automated technology designed to facilitate faster service and provide entertainment for consumers in the restaurant, casino and hospitality industries. Its Android-based kiosks’ primary purpose is to provide faster service and entertainment to the everyday public environment, with customized application capabilities based on customer needs.
The company’s extensive lineup of devices provides a tableside ordering, EMV-certified solution that enables secure transactions. Juke’s extensive product lineup also features a standup touchscreen kiosk aimed at the quick service industry.

Why Juke is right for you
Partnering with Juke extends well beyond a purchase. We’ll devise strategy with you to determine the best self-ordering units to meet your needs and the best spots to position your new devices. Our team of experts offers an exhaustive program to show you how to use your self-ordering equipment, how to easily make updates and changes as needed and how to effectively increase sales.

Act now
The time is now to take action in preparation for weathering what 2019 holds. For more information or to purchase Juke’s software or kiosks, email

Grace Vasa
email us here

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Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team Focuses on How to Position Client’s Home in Today’s Shifting Market

Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team RBID Home Open House

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2018 / — Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team focuses on how to position their client’s home strategically in today’s shifting market to get it sold quickly. Today’s real estate market is no longer a seller’s market, but a buyer’s market. This means more options for buyers and more competition for sellers. When the market is like this, Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team strives to get their client’s homes sold quickly.

The team uses the RBID Home Selling System to attract buyers who really want to buy a property and are ready to make an offer. RBID homes are properties that are not available online, distress sales, off-market properties, builder closeouts, bank foreclosures, divorce sales, corporate owned, bank owned properties, property exchanges and other kinds of properties from highly motivated sellers. Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team has over 30,000 pre-approved and pre-qualified buyers who are able, willing and ready to buy a property. In fact, they were able to sell more than 50 properties last month.

The team understands how stressful selling a home can be. They want to take away the stress of the selling process and use the RBID Home Selling System as a guarantee to their clients. The team gives sellers the peace of mind that their property will be sold to another buyer or to Titanium Real Estate Network for a great price. Titanium Real Estate Network will market the property to buyers at its full market value.

Everyone in the Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team is an RBID-certified specialist and helps buyers enjoy a stress-free buying process and 12-month homeowner’s warranty. Sellers don’t need to worry about marketing their property. Pricing a property is most likely the most critical decision the seller and their real estate agent will make. Buyers will look at properties with calculated and impersonal eyes and want the property at a fair market price. Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team gives sellers a good idea about the value of their property. The team has already sold over $100 Million in transactions and named as among the top 200 agents in the United States. With their expertise, sellers don’t have to worry about their property sitting on the market for a long time or compromising their bottom line.

About Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team:

Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team helps clients buy or sell a home in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and San Gabriel Valley. As a premier real estate company, Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team helps guarantee a smooth transaction for their clients. The company also supports the World Harvest Organization’s mission to end poverty. They have participated in World Harvest’s programs to alleviate the causes and effects of poverty, including disaster reliefs and children’s education.


For more information, call 626-789-0159 or email

California Real Estate Broker License 01820322

TEAM NUVISION – Rudy L. Kusuma Home Selling Team
+1 626-789-0159
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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