New Voice Uses May Mental Health Awareness Month to Pay it Forward

And World

And World

From a politically corrupt and strife-ridden developing country calls a single voice, attempting to help in the same way they were helped, through storytelling.

I'm amazed that I wasn't part of the statistics. According to the World Health Organization, 800,000 people commit suicide every year, meaning more think about it and attempt it. ”

— Story Monger

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, May 27, 2019 / — Fresh and first-time novelist ‘Story Monger’ is proud to announce the release of the first book in the series, And World: Trying to Save the 800,000 and More.
The book is a fictional wish fulfillment story inspired by the Westworld franchise. Patients diagnosed with personality disorders go to And World, a theme park inhabited with androids, to try and resolve the core issues that caused them to have a mental health crisis.

The new release is already creating waves around the world and is well on its way to success. It was written by author ‘Story Monger,’ unwilling to use his or her real name because they'd rather the story gain more acclaim than him or herself.

“I am incredibly wary of attention,” Story Monger says. “I’m writing under my pen name because this is all supposed to be about paying it forward and creating something that can help people the way stories helped me.”

Having grown up in an environment where “abuse and terrible things were the norm,” the author has suffered from mental health issues and the stories are reflective of those life experiences.

“I'm amazed that I wasn't part of the statistics,” the author explains. “According to the World Health Organization, 800,000 people commit suicide every year, meaning more think about it and attempt it. I'm grateful to my support systems that I actively sought out and the books that helped escape my reality for a time, hence, this whole paying it forward thing that my mentor inspired in me.”

Before May Mental Health Awareness Month, And World chapters ranked number 2 on Wattpad out of over 100 000 stories. During May Mental Health Awareness Month, And World, received shoutouts from media organizations Psych2Go and Fitness (health) Motivation that have, collectively, millions in viewership.

They are working with Dove and Dragon Publishers and their network of bloggers to get the novel out to over 50 000 readers, and certain established bestselling authors and entertainers are in talks with Story Monger about how they want to promote it to their fans, who also number in the millions.

The following is an extract from the first scene:

“I followed his voice to the living room. “What’s your problem?! You can’t do this!”

I found his father, Bob, my step-dad, standing over him; Max was sprawled on the floor—bloody.”


And World: Trying to Save the 800,000 and More can be downloaded for free on Smashwords at

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CUTV News Radio spotlights Positive Changes Coach Terri Babers

FAIRBANKS, ALASKA, UNITED STATES, May 27, 2019 / — Multi-passionate coaches don’t need to be forced to focus on one path, despite widespread guru advice to “niche-down”, says Expert Consultant and Coach Terri Babers. Her new coaching program offers flexibility and freedom for MultiPassionistas to pursue multiple passions and purposes, profitably!

“It’s time to stop! You're wasting time, money and energy trying to be like everyone else! If you are a Leonardo-style thinker, don’t keep struggling to fit the Mozart-mold of societal expectations,” says Babers. “If you have many talents, skills and passions and want to pursue them, go for it. Don’t shame or guilt yourself into being defined by negative labels like fickle, unfocused, flighty, irresponsible, or directionless.”

Instead, examine the possibility that you may be a MultiPassionista – aka Renaissance Soul, Scanner, Polymath, MultiPotentialite, or Neo-Generalist. You might just be a Leonardo-style thinker and doer living in a Mozart world!

Babers’ new program, Excavate Your Expertise, helps multi-passionate, multi-talented coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs create cohesive programs from all those things they do, the diverse knowledge-bases and skill-sets they’ve accumulated as Leonardo-style thinkers and doers!

Her mission? To equip her clients to honor how they are wired – to be curious, to be passionately interested and skilled in multiple areas. They feel like they have too many passions to pick just one, and that is fantastic because they don’t have to – the title MultiPassionsita works for them!

Babers leads them step-by-step to pull together their existing knowledge and expertise into profitable packages, without narrowing their “focus” and their services into that Mozart-mold.

Encompassing important business concepts like Mastering Your Money Mindset, Identifying the Soul of your Personal Brand Archetype, Nailing a Lucrative Niche (for NOW!), Creating Cohesive Systems and Programs, developing and running group programs … and Pricing It All for Profit, Excavate Your Expertise is an all-inclusive package for coaches who can’t, or don’t WANT to decide on just one path. Now, they don’t have to.

From a very early age, parents, friends, teachers and experts tell people to buckle down and choose a single career. The say to lean your ladder against one wall and climb to success.

But Terri Babers says that’s not necessary. It’s not helpful for everyone. With Excavate Your Expertise, she gently guides clients through the enjoyable step-by-step process of extracting their expertise from all knowledge, experience, passions and skills so they can translate them into profitable programs with flexibility for growth and exploration in the future.

LifeStyle and Business Design Coach and Personal Development Consultant Terri Babers believes multi-passionate coaches and leaders can easily pursue their diverse interests, without the pain of pinching themselves into a singular focus or niche. She helps leaders and coaches funnel their skills, knowledge and passions into profitable packages and inclusive group coaching facilitation.

Babers is an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Leadership Team, a Certified Money Marketing & Soul Business Coach, has a Masters Degree in Professional Communication, is Certified with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). She is a Multi-Passionista after-all!

CUTV News Radio will feature Terri Babers in an interview with Jim Masters on May 29th at 3pm EDT.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

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Aqua-YIeld Introduces NanoPhite for general use

“On the first app we noticed an extremely greener color in leaf and stem soon after and also noticed a big jump in leaf size with just one app.”

— Shane Conley, Owner of Par-Ley Produce

DRAPER, UT, UNITED STATES, May 27, 2019 / —

AquaYield Announces Availability of NanoPhite
New product enhanced efficiency of overall phosphorus applications

For Immediate Release — May 27, 2019

Contact: Doug Jardine 801.638.5020

Draper, UT — Aqua-Yield today announces the immediate availability of NanoPhite™, the company’s latest product to use its patented and proprietary NanoShield® delivery system – and – the latest to ensure proper and total nutrition during the crop’s growing cycle. NanoPhite™ improves the absorption rates of phosphorus. NanoPhite™ is available for purchase in easy-to-use 2.5 gallon containers, and at only four (4) ounces per use, can “feed” up to 80 acres of land.
Aqua yield customers have been amazed at the results in the field, pairing Nanoshield technology with  phosphite products.  Now Aqua-yield has a specialized formulation to deliver phosphite at critical times in the season.

“The reason NanoPhite™ is such a great product”, says Aqua-Yield Chief Science Officer, Landon Bunderson PhD., “is because of the improved absorption, guaranteed by our proprietary delivery system; the patented Nano-Shield. The improved absorption rates really create a win-win for the farmer due to using less product. Ultimately what you see is better, faster and lower phosphite input with much improved results.”

Shane Conley, Owner of Par-Ley Produce LLC, was one of the first to try NanoPhite and results were immediate. “On the first app we noticed an extremely greener color in leaf and stem soon after and also noticed a big jump in leaf size with just one app.”

Research and development of NanoPhite™ has spanned the last two years. Constant positive results, including many in the environmental area, indicated it was time for a general release.

Co-founded in 2014, Aqua-Yield® introduced the “smallest innovation in agricultural history”; nanoparticulation. Aqua-Yield’s technologies deliver materials directly to the plant’s cells leading to a much higher overall efficiency and resulting in significant advantages for the grower/producer. Results of the company’s unique technologies include; higher yields, lower cost inputs, shorter crop cycles, less environmental impact and an increase in delivery of nutrients.

For information on Aqua-Yield visit

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Announcing Curativa Bay Launches Line of Pharma Grade CBD in High Strength up to 1500 Mg



Sunset of Pain with our pharma grade CBD


The complete line

The Best Professional Grade CBD

CBD Manufactured according to FDA Guidelines in a Pharmaceutical Setting by a Board Certified Pharmacologist. Settle for No Less with Curativa Bay

People that want to feel better, less stress, less pain and less inflammation, Trust Curativa Bay Organic CBD”

— William Maher

CLEARWATER, FL, UNITED STATES, May 27, 2019 / — CLEARWATER, FL., MAY 27,2019 | PR NEWSWIRE/ – Curativa Bay Inc. ( uses organically grown, full spectrum CBD in our extensive product line. Upon Arrival at the facility our distilled CBD oil undergoes Pharmaceutical grade third party laboratory testing to determine the exact composition of cannabinoids (CBD THC CBC CBN etc.) and terpenes as well as for any potential toxicological contaminates. Once our oil is cleared for use, we add it to our proprietary blend of terpenes and plant extracts developed by our board certified toxicologist and pharmacologist. We then third party laboratory test a second time to ensure the cannabinoid content of the finished product is as advertised. When using Curativa Bay Products, we make sure you know you are getting the absolute best available.

Our Sublingual drops formulation is 3x stronger than many of our competitors and don't forget, concentration effects absorbtion. If the product is not concentrated enough, you will not receive the level of therapeutic benefits of the CBD

Our CBD is NON PSYCHOACTIVE meaning unlike the more popular THC, users will NOT feel high or stoned but will receive the powerful combatant against Anxiety, Srtress, Pain and Inflammation.

Please visit for more information. Curativa Bay, The ONE STOP Shop for Organics, Nature and Technology

William Maher
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Eclipse Solar Total en el Pacífico Sur, Argentina y Chile el 2 de julio de 2019

Camino del Eclipse solar total en Chile y Argentina

Camino del Eclipse solar total en Chile y Argentina

Dos mujeres viendo el Eclipse solar

Dos mujeres viendo el Eclipse solar

Diagrama de la tierra y la luna del Eclipse solar

Diagrama de la tierra y la luna del Eclipse solar

Después del Gran Eclipse Americano presenciado el 21 de agosto de 2017,el próximo eclipse solar total será visible desde Chile y Argentina el 2 de julio de 2019

Wherever you go, you’ll need to protect your eyes during certain parts of the eclipse. Look for solar eclipse glasses which comply with the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard.”

— Valerie Stimac, National Geographic

BUENO AIRES, ARGENTINA, May 27, 2019 / — La sombra de la Luna tocará la Tierra por primera vez al amanecer en el Pacífico Sur, sur y este de Polinesia de nueva zelanda. El camino de la totalidad en el Pacífico Sur solo toca una isla deshabitada de Oeno.

Dado que el eclipse solar total ocurre durante el invierno austral, se pronostica que las temperaturas serán moderadas, con cielos despejados a gran altura y poca humedad. Estas predicciones ayudarán a los cazadores de eclipses que planean su viaje a Argentina para observar el eclipse solar.

El foco de los cazadores de eclipses en 2019 será Argentina, con las provincias de Buenos Aires, Córdoba, San Juan, San Luis, La Rioja y Santa Fe ubicadas en el camino de la totalidad. Debido a la llegada a la tierra cerca del final de la ruta de la totalidad, aquellos que vean el eclipse en Argentina lo experimentarán cerca de la puesta del sol, unos minutos después de las 4 p.m. hora local en el sur, aproximadamente a las 5:39 p.m. en San Juan, y alrededor de las 5:42 p.m. en la provincia de Buenos Aires.

El eclipse solar total es más largo en el mar, con la fase de totalidad alcanzando un máximo de 4 minutos y 33 segundos. La duración más larga de la totalidad en tierra se verá al norte de la provincia de San Juan, alcanzando 2 minutos y 30 segundos. Los de la provincia de Buenos Aires experimentarán 2 minutos y 5 segundos de totalidad.

Un hecho interesante es que el eclipse total de sol del 2 de julio de 2019 finalizará al atardecer en el sur de Buenos Aires. Los argentinos que viven allí o visitan la zona podrán presenciar el eclipse si se cumplen algunas condiciones: clima despejado, un sitio de observación elevado y un horizonte libre de obstáculos. Si todas estas condiciones se alinean, los espectadores se encontrarán con una vista inolvidable.

Viendo el eclipse solar en Argentina

La mayoría de los cazadores de eclipses en Argentina están eligiendo sitios terrestres alrededor de San Juan, La Rioja, San Luis y Mendoza. Una mayor elevación en estas áreas hace que sea más probable que los espectadores alcancen cielos despejados. Los espectadores que eligen las opciones terrestres en el lado este de los Andes obtienen una rara oportunidad de crear una composición fotografica en la que el eclipse se enmarcará sobre las montañas.

Tommy Hintz
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2 de julio 2019 total solar eclipse Argentina gafas de Sudamérica

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Waterless car wash. How it works.

Fast Shine Car Wash Process

Fast Shine Mobile App

The Fast Shine company introduced a new unique service – waterless mobile car wash.

LIMASSOL, CYPRUS, May 27, 2019 / — At the moment, the service is already available in seven countries: the USA, Cyprus, Lithuania, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Armenia.

The car is washed using a special patented detergent Fast Shine, which is sprayed onto the surface of the car body, envelops particles of dirt and sand in a gel casing, and then all the dirt is removed with microfiber towels. This car wash is absolutely environmentally friendly, does not harm the paintwork and can be carried out anywhere in the city. It is also worth noting that the consumption of all liquids used per wash does not exceed 1 liter, unlike conventional washers, where more than 100 liters are consumed per car.

For customers, there is a mobile application available on iOS and Android, with which you can place an order and pay for washing. The work is organized in the same way as Uber taxi drivers work: the washers have their own mobile application through which they see incoming orders and can choose the most convenient for them. After washing, the client can rate the washerman, which will affect his rating in the system. The higher the rating of the washer, the more orders he receives.

“We have main offices in three cities: New York, Limassol, and Moscow, in other cities and countries we run on a franchise system,” comments Alex Korn – Fast Shine development director.

“In the Fast Shine franchise, we include all the necessary materials for work, conduct training for a partner and adapt the mobile application for a specific city – change language, prices, connect a payment provider to process card payments. Next, we supply the partner with all the necessary supplies. The cost price of one wash ranges from 50 cents to 1 dollar, depending on the country, which makes the business profitable in the conditions of most cities in the world.

We see great potential in the development of this business. In Cyprus, we have signed a contract for the continuous maintenance of all ambulances, the number of private clients is growing every day. In Moscow, we wash more than 7,000 cars every week, and the Russian division itself is included in the Forbes ranking of the most promising startups. In New York, we are actively working with corporate fleets of major companies. Our service allows each client to save on washing his car for more than 24 hours a year – this is the whole day that you can spend doing more useful and important things”.

The problem of water saving is relevant today for most countries of the world and the Fast Shine car wash provides an excellent modernized solution that allows you not only to get a clean car anywhere and anytime, but also to help save the environment.

Alex Korn
Fast Shine
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Founders Lodge Scoops Two 2019 Boutique Hotel Guest Experience Awards


Founders Lodge has received two international accolades.

Founders Lodge has received two international accolades.

We’re delighted with the news that Founders Lodge has received these two international accolades”

— Adrian Gardiner, Founder of the Mantis Collection

EASTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA, May 27, 2019 / — Founders Lodge by Mantis has received deserved international awards recognition, picking up wins in two categories at The Boutique Hotel Guest Experience (BoHo) Awards in London on 22 May. The prestigious property was named as the winner in both ‘Best Boutique Hotel (1-20 Rooms)’ and ‘Best International Hotel’ categories at the ceremony at The Kimpton Fitzroy, held in conjunction with the Boutique + Lifestyle Hotel Summit.

The Boutique Hotel Guest Experience Awards (BoHos) recognise UK and international boutique, lifestyle and hybrid hotels for providing excellence in guest experience. More than 15 000 guest feedback questionnaire responses and over 37 000 online reviews from guests were gathered and analysed during the Awards’ 3-month collection period, with 93% of the detailed feedback, positive. Guest feedback wasindependently aggregated, evaluated, and ranked by students and faculty from the Department of Tourism & Hospitality at Bournemouth University. The result is a comprehensive study of which properties offer the best experiences, according to those whose opinions mean the most — their guests.

“We’re delighted with the news that Founders Lodge has received these two international accolades,’ says
Adrian Gardiner, Founder of the Mantis Collection. “The Mantis team has worked tirelessly to develop this
emblematic property and recognition from the BoHo Awards – and, indeed, our loyal guests – is just reward for
this exceptional and unparalleled luxury bush experience, in the heart of the Eastern Cape”.

Founders Lodge is a 5-star 1940’s manor house, situated on a 400 hectare reserve directly adjacent to the to
the malaria-free Big 5 Shamwari Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape. Formerly the Gardiner family’s holiday
home, the property has undergone extensive renovation to offer guests luxurious accommodation, coupled
with attentive service. With the reserve on which the property sits populated only by ‘plains animals’, guests are free to safely explore the rugged, beautiful landscape on foot. Guests at Founders Lodge also have direct
access to game drives at the neighbouring Shamwari Game Reserve, where they can enjoy thrilling
encounters with Africa’s famous ‘Big 5’.


Notes to editors:

About Mantis Collection

Mantis is a diverse collection of extraordinary destinations spanning every continent on Earth. Rooted in
conservation, Mantis pursues sustainable business practices and develops tourism products that are
respectful of the environment and communities in which they operate.

Whether small and intimate or vast and complex, on a sweeping African plain, bustling city, private tropical
island or frozen snowscape, each is an exceptional place for guests to find themselves. While uniquely
different in the experiences they offer, all are linked through a collective obsession to be extraordinary, to be
rare in a world that mass-produces sameness.

Mantis constantly curates, collects and discovers destinations and experiences that stir the soul, defy
expectation and live in the heart forever. We will do anything in our power to advance the cause of
sustainability and to promote further appreciation of the land, its creatures and our communities. We believe
that the truly rare needs to be looked after and protected for future generations and are wholly committed to
Legacy Creation.

Mantis hotels procure bathroom amenities, wines, coffee, and other amenities from suppliers that practice the
utmost care for the environment and do not use animals to test their products. Mantis has partnered with Ecoplanet
Bamboo and is determined to replace all unsustainable packaging, and paper products in their hotels
with bamboo alternatives.

In April 2018, Mantis joined the Accor Group, a strategic partnership which reinforced the Group as a leader in
curated one-of-a-kind experiences and resonated with the Accor’s conservation platform; Planet21. Together,
Mantis and AccorHotels created the Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA) in response to the urgent
need for the tourism industry to play a greater role in conservation and community upliftment. CCFA is a
registered NPO which funds community upliftment programmes and conservation operations in Africa.

Mantis Central Reservations: +27 (0)41 4049300
Twitter/ Facebook/ IG: @MantisGroup #mantiscollection

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ROCKWOOL among biggest gainers in reputation study among engineers

ROCKWOOL, engineers, reputation, survey,

ROCKWOOL ranks #13 among 111 companies in reputation score among engineers in Denmark

At #13 among 111 companies evaluated, ROCKWOOL achieves its highest ever reputation score among engineers in Denmark


COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, DENMARK, May 27, 2019 / — In this year’s reputation survey among engineers in Denmark conducted by the publication Ingeniøren (The Engineer), ROCKWOOL scored one of the highest year-on-year improvements, rising 14 spots to #13 on the list. This is also the highest overall ranking the company has ever achieved in this survey.

On individual parameters, ROCKWOOL advanced most on: influence and independence (for employees); career opportunities; pay and benefits; and development and innovation. The top-ranking keywords that engineers use to describe ROCKWOOL include: quality conscious; environmentally conscious; trustworthy; technology-focused; and innovative.

In a parallel survey in the same publication among engineering students in Denmark, ROCKWOOL ranks as #18, a jump of 18 spots from last year. Among the students surveyed, ROCKWOOL improved the most year-on-year in work-private life balance; influence and independence; company culture; professional development; and career opportunities.

Senior Vice President for Operations and Technology, Bjørn Rici Andersen, comments, “It’s especially rewarding to see our company getting this recognition among engineers and engineering students. We are pursuing multiple technology and operations initiatives that together are contributing to transforming ROCKWOOL into a global leader among manufacturers.”

Human Resources Senior Vice President, Camilla Grönholm, adds, “Surveys such as this give us valuable insights in terms of recruiting and retaining top engineering talent. The high ranking and year-on-year improvement reaffirm that we’re moving in the right direction and contribute to raising our profile as a professionally rewarding workplace.”

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What is machine learning online in simple words?

Machine learning online

Machine learning online

 Data science course

Data science course

At Edazon technology Machine learning online is the use of computerized reasoning.

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 27, 2019 / — At Edazon technology Machine learning online is the use of computerized reasoning that gives frameworks the capacity to consequently take in and improve for a fact without being modified. Machine learning centers around the improvement of computer programs that can get to information and use it learn for themselves. The way of learning data and information, for example, precedents, direct understanding, or guidance, so as to search for examples in information and settle on better choices later on dependent on the models that we give. Machine learning examines amounts of information.

While it, for the most part, conveys quicker, increasingly exact outcomes so as to distinguish chances, it might require extra time and assets to prepare it appropriately. Machine learning with AI and subjective innovations can make it considerably effective in preparing a huge amount of data. An introduction Credit risk analytics training highlights supportive articles on how this innovation may influence your work and life. The site's Edazon helpful for the individuals who are interested in machine learning yet don't have the specialized skills. Edazon offers an increasing need for intelligent and accurate decision making.

Hence these are poised to remain the most important technologies in the years to come. Thus these are ready to remain the most significant innovations. Learning machine learning algorithms, starting with data supervised models in Edazon. And then, move on to exploring deep learning. At each step, get practical experience by applying your skills to projects. Machine learning online is being applied to new industries and new problems, whether you are a marketer or a programmer. It’s hard to imagine our lives without Machine learning online. Predictive texting, email filtering and other technologies that function based on machine learning. Online machine learning is a process of learning the scientific study of an algorithm in which data become available in an order and it is used in the future dataset.

Edazon provides courses for machine learning. At Edazon you get your first intro to machine learning. After learning the fundamentals of machine learning, you will introduce the techniques that are explained in detail. Online machine learning is a method of learning in which data becomes available. Online learning is a common technique used in areas of machine learning. It is also used in the algorithm to dynamically adapt the data.

At Edazon Machine learning is one of the newest advancements to rise in the most recent changing fields from purchaser hardware. This has prompted extraordinary interest in the business among numerous understudies and working experts. Data Science course at Edazon helps to understand big data technologies to solve business problems. In case you're a tech proficient, for example, a product engineer, business examiner, or even an item chief, you may be interested about how machine learning can change the manner in which you work and take your profession to the following. In any case, if you are busy then you're most likely additionally searching for an approach to get a strong comprehension of machine learning that is thorough and handy, yet in addition compact and quick. This machine learning instructional exercise will help you to accomplish your objectives.

Edazon technologies
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What is credit risk analytics?

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India ranks 3rd in Global Obesity Index

Obesity Problem | HealthSoul

India 3rd most obese country in the world

Obesity is a serious problem worldwide that affects millions of people. According to WHO, global prevalence of obesity has almost tripled in last 40 years.

CHANDIGARH, INDIA, May 27, 2019 / — Obesity is a serious problem worldwide that affects millions of people. According to WHO, global prevalence of obesity has almost tripled in last 40 years. Approximately 50% of the adults worldwide are overweight or obese. The recent studies and WHO data shows that following countries have highest prevalence:

1. USA
2. China
3. India
4. Brazil
5. Mexico
6. Russia
7. Egypt
8. Turkey
9. Iran
10. Nigeria

It occurs when there is an excessive amount of fat in the body. There are many different causes of obesity. Finding the cause of the obesity can help determine which treatment will be the most effective. Some common causes of obesity include:

• Genetic factors
• Unhealthy eating
• Inactivity
• Cushing's syndrome
• Certain medications
• Depression
• Thyroid problems

The symptoms of obesity vary by individual and can range in severity. The most obvious symptom is the amount of fat on the body. Many people are aware of the symptoms but fail to see the effects they are having on their health. Many patients only seek treatment after their obesity has become severe or after they have been diagnosed with health problems caused by the obesity. Other problems that accompany obesity include:

• High blood pressure
• Joint pain
• Diabetes
• Immobility
• Skin problems
• Digestive issues
• Menstruation problems in women
• Elevated Cholesterol
Heart attack and Stoke

Doctors use a scale that measures obesity called the Body Mass Index, or BMI for short. If a patient has a BMI from 25.0 to 29.9, they are considered overweight. A BMI of 30.0 to 34.9 is considered class 1 obesity, 35.0 to 39.9 is considered class 2 obesity, and 40.0 or higher is considered extreme obesity. Doctors use this scale to determine if a person is obese and the severity of the obesity. Other ways obesity is diagnosed include:

• Health history
• Physical exams
• Waist measurements
• Identifying underlying health problems
• Blood tests
• Urine tests

Treatment is often focused on prevention. People who are overweight are monitored regularly and given strict diet and exercise regimens to follow to avoid becoming obese. Doctors may also refer patients to counselors who can determine if their overeating is the result of an emotional trauma. There are several natural methods to treat obesity. Some of the common treatments for obesity include:

• Changes to Diet – Nutritionists can design diet plans that are meant to help patients reach a desired weight loss goal.
• Physical Therapy – Patients who are inactive or immobile will be referred to physical therapists who can help them become more active over time.
• Behavioral Therapy – Obesity is often caused by overeating, and overeating is often caused by certain triggers. Behavioral therapy can help teach patients to avoid and ignore triggers and cravings.
• Setting Weight Loss Goals – Doctors will set small goals that are reasonable and achievable for the patient.
• Medications – There are weight loss drugs that can help with appetite suppression and metabolism.
• Weight Loss Surgery – Weight loss surgery makes the stomach smaller, so it cannot hold much food and the patient will feel fuller faster and eat less.

People who seek treatment and follow through with it are very likely to reach a healthy weight and overcome obesity. Unfortunately, many people struggle with breaking bad habits and, even with weight loss surgery, gain the weight back. Success depends on the patient’s willingness to agree to treatment and follow through with it.
Check your BMI or obesity index here and consult your doctor if your weight is in non-healthy range.

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