Grand Caribbean Cruises Offers the Perfect Quick Getaway with the 3-Day Cruise

FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2019 / — Regardless of your age or interests, Grand Caribbean Cruises has destinations and activities you’ll love. One of our most popular cruises is a 3-day cruise, the perfect length to fit total fun and relaxation into a busy schedule. With just a long weekend, you can enjoy all the perks of cruising and arrive back to work refreshed, energetic, and ready to face daily life again. While cruises are so much fun that many people could easily spend months at sea, there are definite advantages to taking a shorter trip. Some of the most compelling reasons to choose a 3-day cruise include:

Testing the waters

If you’ve never been on a cruise before and you aren’t sure if you’ll enjoy it, or if you haven’t traveled with a child before, a shorter cruise is the perfect way to see if it’s for you. It won’t take long for you to know whether you enjoy the feeling of floating out to sea, indulging in delicious all-you-can-eat buffets, and having your choice of exciting entertainment and excursions to experience. Cruising is a ton of fun, but nothing is for everyone. If you aren’t sure, it may be worth it to book a short trip first to find out for sure.

Spending less

If it isn’t within your budget to go all-out on a week-long journey, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a trip out on the open water. A shorter 3-day cruise offers a great solution when your vacation budget is a little tighter. Choose an all-inclusive package to make the budgeting even easier.

Staying local

Maybe you don’t have the urge to travel to the other side of the world; you just want to enjoy the ship and the scenery for a few days. Indeed, there’s so much to explore right in your own backyard that there’s no need to spend significantly longer traveling farther if you don’t want to. Booking a shorter cruise gives you the chance to discover destinations and other gems without venturing too far from home.

Skipping the passport

Depending on where you go, you may not even need to worry about getting your passport ready. If your 3-day cruise stays local, you won’t have to think about filling out forms, waiting in lines, or remembering to pack your passport – just sit back and enjoy the ride. You also won’t have the stress of worrying about leaving your passport at home – or losing it abroad.

Not doing laundry

It’s incredibly easy to pack for a 3-day cruise; all you’ll need is a couple of casual outfits, your swimsuit, sunscreen, and a few toiletries. More extended cruise vacations are fantastic, but they do require that you either pack much more or do laundry on your time off – and who wants that?

At Grand Caribbean Cruises, these are just a few of the things we love about our 3-day cruises – and we think you will, too. Book a package to Grand Bahama Island with us and get ready to take the trip of a lifetime. You can also check us out on Facebook and Twitter to find out more.

Jennifer Poole
Grand Caribbean Cruises
+1 (888) 209-0379
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The Beaufort Picture Show Presents … the Coolest Movies in the Coolest Small Town


Beaufort Picture Show logo


Beaufort Picture Show

BeauShow logo

The Beaufort Picture Show celebrates its inaugural season in the newly retro-fitted Mill Space (right next door to Mill Whistle Brewery)!

There's a lot to like about Beaufort already–the beaches, the boats, the beers–but still, it's going to be *so much better* when you can catch a decent movie without leaving town. Thanks, BeauShow!”

— The Citizens of Beaufort, North Carolina

BEAUFORT, NC, USA, May 21, 2019 / — The Beaufort Picture Show, a brand new non-profit neighborhood collective organization, will begin its inaugural season of sharing and showcasing movies in beautiful Beaufort, North Carolina, at the newly retro-fitted Mill Space (adjacent to Mill Whistle Brewery), starting this summer, June through August 2019.

Keeping with its stated mission to showcase a broad range of notable films that enrich lives, engage minds, and build community, the Beaufort Picture Show's kickoff summer season will present a slate of films featuring strong women characters and roles and voices — from Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Aretha Franklin. Nice, huh?

The carefully curated collection of movies and showtimes is hereby announced:

June 28: ON THE BASIS OF SEX, showings at 3:30pm and 6:30pm
July 12: LADY BIRD, showings at 3:30pm and 6:30pm
July 26: ATONEMENT, showtimes TBA
August 9: WOODSTOCK, showtimes TBA
August 23: AMAZING GRACE, showtimes TBA

These particular movies were specifically selected to highlight our ability to deliver high quality digital images and sound in our "new" theater, complete with comfortable seating and proper projection facilities, at Mill Space, 1354 Lennoxville Road, Beaufort, NC. Our movies, it should be noted, will be screened directly adjacent to Mill Whistle Brewery (, where movie-goers will be able to gather both before and after the movie for discussion and/or libation. It's going to be so fun. Indeed, the goal of the Beaufort Picture Show is to become the premier destination for cinema and cultural events on the Crystal Coast. Memberships and Sponsorships are available now. All are welcome.


For tickets, schedules, showtimes, and more:


Beaufort Picture Show @ Mill Space
1354 Lennoxville Road
Beaufort, NC 28516

Beaufort Picture Show
Beaufort Picture Show, Inc.
+1 252-528-7395
email us here
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UK Morning Star Exclusive: Tamil Tiger ban to be challenged in secretive British court

The challenge has been lodged by the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE), which is represented by Professor Conor Gearty of Matrix Chambers.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 22, 2019 / —

BRITAIN’S terrorism ban on the Tamil Tigers will be challenged a decade after the rebel group was militarily defeated in Sri Lanka’s civil war, lawyers have said.

A tribunal will hear evidence later this year from a group of exiles who are calling on the Home Office to lift the ban on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

The government department wants much of the case to be heard in secret at the seldom-used Proscribed Organisations Appeals Commission.

In 2014 the European Court of Justice said an EU ban on the Tamils should be scrapped. Britain was one of the few EU member states that sent lawyers to Luxembourg in an unsuccessful attempt to maintain the continent-wide ban.

Tamil activists in London are now focusing their efforts on the ban in Britain, which remains in force.

The challenge has been lodged by the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE), which is represented by Professor Conor Gearty of Matrix Chambers.

The TGTE said that the ban has a chilling effect on Tamils demanding self-determination.

The deproscription process is notoriously tough, although the International Sikh Youth Federation was unbanned in 2016, meaning that membership of the Sikh separatist group is no longer an offence in Britain.


The Westminster Parliament voted to outlaw the Tamil Tigers in 2000, a move that was opposed by Jeremy Corbyn at the time.

Britain and the United States then lobbied the EU to pass a European-wide ban in 2005 at a time when there was a ceasefire in Sri Lanka.

International peacekeepers criticised the terrorism bans on the rebel group, saying that they jeopardised a negotiated settlement.

The ceasefire soon collapsed and the Tigers were finally routed in May 2009 in a military offensive which at its peak saw a thousand Tamils dying each day from government shelling.

Research by the Morning Star has found that the Crown Prosecution Service did not bring charges against anyone last year for membership or support of the LTTE.

However, the ban is being used by police at airports to detain and harass Tamil activists — in March, the Morning Star reported the arrest of musician Vakeesan Thangavel at Heathrow airport hours before he was due to perform at a UN summit in Switzerland.

The total number of Tamils stopped under the Terrorism Act 2000 is unknown.

Police forces in Hampshire, Sussex, Essex, Kent and the West Midlands have all refused to answer freedom of information requests about their use of the power.


Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam
+1 614-202-3377
email us here
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Understanding Victim Consciousness and Projection

LAGUNA HILLS, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 21, 2019 / — Many spiritual seekers ask “What is the number one thing that holds me back from attaining self-mastery? What do I most need to understand about myself in order to grow and heal at the fastest rate possible?”

Louix Dor Dempriey, a spiritual Master who, for the past 20 years has been helping people worldwide attain self-mastery, teaches his students, disciples, and devotees about the concept of “victim consciousness.”

In his discourse “Understanding Victim Consciousness and Projection,” Louix explains that blaming others for our problems/circumstances (“You did this to me!”) stems from an ignorance of the indisputable Universal Truth: There is nothing outside of self. We have created and chosen everything and everyone in our lives to either reflect our divinity or reveal areas where we can become greater love.

He uses practical, everyday examples of how we can consciously become co-creators of our world at the causal level and, in doing so, immeasurably accelerate our spiritual growth and transformation.

To learn more about Louix Dor Dempriey and his non-profit educational foundation, as well as his teachings and events, please visit:

About the Louix Dor Dempriey Foundation

The Louix Dor Dempriey Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization dedicated to sharing the teachings and humanitarian works of Louix Dor Dempriey. Its mission is to help people remember and restore their inherent divinity, and to walk in this world as unconditional love.

Louix Dor Dempriey is a spiritual Master who has dedicated his life to helping other people attain self-mastery in all areas of their lives, so that they, too, can experience true joy and inner peace, regardless of worldly circumstances. Louix's darshan, as well as his illuminating discourses, meditations, and ceremonies, have invoked profound transformation in thousands of people worldwide. With grace and humor, Louix imparts timeless wisdom in contemporary, practical teachings—that transcend all faiths, paths, religions, and cultures. He resides at Prema Drala Ashram in Laguna Hills, California.

For more information, please visit:

Samantha Farber
Louix Dor Dempriey Foundation
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American Society of Dowsers Announces Keynotes Brian Besco & Dr. Eben Alexander at 59th Annual Convention

Annual Conference & Metaphysical Expo

Annual Conference & Metaphysical Expo

Annual Dowsing Conference & Metaphysical Expo

Want to know more about dowsing?

Annual Dowsing Conference & Metaphysical Expo Keynote speakers

Annual Conference & Metaphysical Expo Keynotes

Since 1961, ASD has been a pioneer for scientific & technical exploration of dowsing, as well as the esoteric, spiritual and psychic arts in the United States

In recent interview by Elise Loehnen in New York, while Karen Newell and I were guest presenters at Gwyneth Paltrow’s in Goop Health event, we were able to crystallize the main points of our message”

— Dr. Eben Alexander

PLYMOUTH, NH, USA, May 21, 2019 / — Since 1961, The American Society of Dowsers (ASD) has been a pioneer for scientific and technical exploration of dowsing, as well as the esoteric, spiritual and psychic arts in the United States. ASD’s annual convention will feature keynote speakers Brian Besco and Dr. Eben Alexander with Karen Newell as well as over 20 speaker presentations on dowsing, healing, medicine and more.

PLYMOUTH, NH, May 14, 2019 – The American Society of Dowsers is hosting their 59th Annual Conference on June 26-30, 2019 in Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire. This is the National Dowsing Convention & Metaphysical Expo and Annual Members Meeting. The 59th Annual Convention will feature Keynote Dowser Brian Besco and Keynote Speakers Dr. Eben Alexander with Karen Newell. Brian Besco will be presenting Newly Discovered Ancient Alien Artifacts of Jalisco, Mexico and Dr. Eben Alexander with Karen Newell will be presenting Living in a Mindful Universe. There will also be over 40 speakers, workshops, vendor areas, morning yoga sessions, a wellness center and a new dna labyrinth.

Brian Besco is an energy worker, healer, author, researcher and Master Builder of higher consciousness energy tools. As a gifted seer and energy worker, Brian is world-renowned for his soul-level planetary-ascension work. Brian is considered the world leader in tensor technology and has based his research furthering the work of Slim Spurling, the inventor and pioneer of tensor technology. Brian is the owner of Twisted Sage studios, a manufacturing facility in Black Hills, Dakota. Twisted Sage Studios specializes in leading-edge energy tools that are used in clearing, connecting, activating and healing. One of TwistedSage’s top products is the tensor ring, which is a cooper ring with a crystalline structure that creates a one-way piezoelectric energy flow. Brian is the author of The Harmony Handbook: And Multidimensional Primer – a manuel on advanced energy work including creating your Sacred Circle and connecting soul to soul. Brian is also a co-creator of the Ascension Chamber, a structure that was created to raise one’s vibration. Brian’s presentation Ancient Alien Artifacts of Jalisco, Mexico includes a video journey through the ancient artifacts of Mexico. One of these artifacts include 9,000-year-old tablets depicting Egyptian and Mayan deities as well as a 30,000-year-old tablet that depicts the story of destroyed planets, UFO’s, and the procreation of new races. Brian will be presenting his theory that these artifacts belong to the greater Atlantan Civilization, which includes the Mayan and pre-Egyptian heritages.

Dr. Eben Alexander is an academic neurosurgeon with over 25 years of experience, including 15 years at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital, and Harvard Medical School in Boston. When a form of bacterial meningo-encephalitis left him in a coma, Dr. Eben experienced his memories disappearing and his thoughts and emotions shutting down. While he was in a coma, Dr. Eben went on a journey into another realm. After recovering from the near-death experience, Dr. Eben shared his story with the world in his book Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife. Dr. Eben has also authored Seeking Heaven: Sound Journeys Into The Beyond, The Map Of Heaven: How Science, Religion, and Ordinary People Are Proving the Afterlife, and Living In A Mindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Heart of Consciousness, co-written by Karen Newell. Karen Newell is co-founder of Sacred Acoustics and co-author of Living A Mindful Universe with Dr. Eben Alexander. Keynote speakers Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell will be presenting Living in a Mindful Universe, based on their book by the same name. This lecture focuses on what we know about the brain, mind, and consciousness and what the true nature of consciousness is. Dr. Eben and Karen will instruct how to tap into the mind and heart for healing, relationships, creativity, guidance and more.

About The American Society of Dowsers (ASD): ASD is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in Vermont in 1961 to disseminate knowledge of dowsing (water witching, the discovery of lost articles or persons, and related para-psychological phenomena), development of its skills, and recognition for its achievements. Its mission is “to support, encourage and promote dowsing and dowsers in a manner consistent with the highest standards of personal integrity and behavior; to provide dowsing education and training to dowsers and non-dowsers alike to bring them to a level of proficiency they are comfortable with; to promote and foster communication and fellowship among all persons in any way interested in dowsing.” For more information on ASD, our conventions, and membership go to

Media Contact:
Faceless Technologies
Public Relations
Address: 999 Denver 18th Street Suite 3000
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (800) 357-1299 EXT. 350

Public Relations
Faceless Technologies
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Annual Dowsing Conference & Metaphysical Expo Keynote speakers

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Author Opens The Little Cottage House At The BookExpo America 2019

Little Cottage House

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2019 / — AuthorCentrix is back at it! Join us as we celebrate our second year as one of the exhibitors at the largest book trade fair in the United States of America – the BookExpo America 2019. Authors, booksellers, specialty retailers, national chains, distributors, librarians, literary agents, publishers and more will be attending the event as it is set to shake the grounds of New York City on the 29th of May. BookExpo America is carefully crafted with content and experiences for all those that play part in the publishing industry.

In this year’s big event, author Patricia Zona will be gracing the Fair with her literary piece, a beautiful memoir entitled Little Cottage House: Revolution and Revelations. Zona shares that her book had taken a different turn when a new baby was born. The book accounts the celebration of life, love and friendships. The readers can expect some of the things that the author loves doing: tennis and painting – things that the readers can delightfully do. The book also takes the readers into the author’s love for music and dance – such wonderful gifts indeed.

The team invites everyone to join the Fair and contribute to global success through the most awaited Fair of the year – BookExpo America 2019! See you there!

Patricia Zona
AuthorCentrix, Inc.
+1 888-504-0951
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CompanionLink relaunches PC based Sync App for Salesforce Sync with Outlook

Sync Outlook with Salesforce

Sync Outlook with Salesforce – PC Outlook sync Calendar, Contacts and Tasks


CompanionLink Express provides a drop-in replacement for the discontinued Salesforce for Outlook product to sync Microsoft Outlook on your PC with Salesforce.

PORTLAND, OR, US, May 21, 2019 / — CompanionLink Software has updated CompanionLink Express to provide Sync between and Microsoft Outlook on your PC. This product is provided as a replacement for the discontinued Salesforce for Outlook™ product. CompanionLink Express syncs Outlook Contacts, Calendar and Tasks to your Salesforce account. It is used by people who are primarily PC-based and prefer using Outlook as opposed to a browser based CRM.

“Many experienced professionals are most comfortable with their PC based tools,” says Wayland Bruns, CTO for CompanionLink. “Although Salesforce has created a new offering for Office 365 Integration, their Lightning based system requires that you store your Contact list and Calendar in Microsoft’s ecosystem. Not everyone is comfortable with that arrangement for security or technical reasons. A PC-based product like CompanionLink Express can provide legacy user with secure sync to POP3 and IMAP folders as a simple service that fits with their work style and their corporate requirements.”

CompanionLink Express will sync Salesforce with Outlook. Outlook Contacts will sync with Salesforce Contacts, Outlook Calendar will sync to Salesforce Calendar and Outlook Tasks will sync to Salesforce Tasks. Sync is two-ways or use the option for one-way sync. There is a provision to synchronize to Salesforce Accounts by labeling a Contact in Outlook as an Account record. The software works with Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365. It runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

CompanionLink Express is a $79.95 one-time purchase, or $19.95 for a 3-month recurring subscription. Your license entitles you to install the software on up to three computers; work, home and laptop. A free two-week trial is available at CompanionLink provides free telephone technical support and is located in Portland, Oregon.

About CompanionLink Software
CompanionLink® Software, Inc. is a pioneering developer of data sync solutions for mobile phones and CRM software. They develop DejaOffice® CRM for Android™, iPhone®, iPad®, and Windows®. CompanionLink creates white-label PC and Mobile solutions for multiple vendors, and offers a generous affiliate program for bloggers. Since 1987, CompanionLink has helped mobilize information across devices, computers, applications, and web-based services. For more information, please visit and
CompanionLink, DejaOffice and DejaCloud are registered trademarks of CompanionLink Software, Inc. Other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners

Wayland Bruns
CompanionLink Software, Inc.
+1 (503)243-3400
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Personal Injury Attorney David Maloney Offers Free Consultation and Contingent Fee Agreements to Clients

David Maloney

MOBILE, ALABAMA, USA, May 21, 2019 / — David Maloney and the attorneys of Maloney-Lyons, LLC deliver unparalleled legal services without initial fees or required payments until client cases are resolved.

David Maloney of Maloney-Lyons, LLC is an experienced personal injury attorney in Mobile, Alabama with a long history of client success. Apart from other lofty achievements, he’s a member of many professional associations such as the American Bar Association, Alabama State Bar Association, Birmingham Bar Association, and Mobile Bar Association.

He and the experienced legal team at Maloney-Lyons, LLC represent victims of all types of accidents throughout the state of Alabama. David Maloney’s firm fights for victims of automobile accidents, drunk driving accidents, trucking accidents, and wrongful death among other critical cases. As a team, the attorneys of Maloney-Lyons, LLC are dedicated to providing high-quality, aggressive legal representation to victims of personal injury.

“We handle a range of personal injury cases and share decades of combined insight with our clients,” says David Maloney. “We’re committed to providing a satisfactory resolution for all our cases, ensuring each case receives the attention and dedication to success it deserves.”

Through Maloney-Lyons, clients who have been injured from the carelessness or misconduct of others may be able to receive compensation for their injuries. Thanks to the legal guidance of David Maloney and his team, each client they represent has an equal opportunity of achieving compensation without the worry of costs upfront.

Cost is a major determiner for any legal case, and a personal injury has the potential to cause huge financial setbacks in addition to physical and emotional challenges. These tremendous factors can place a strain on personal relationships, reduce future earning potential, and in many cases damage the quality of a client’s life in the future.

Apart from handling a diverse range of personal injury cases, David Maloney and the Maloney-Lyons team are respectful of clients’ financial situations. Instead of asking for a fee up front, he and his partner attorneys offer free initial consultations, giving clients time to understand the scope of their case and the likelihood of a worthy resolution before worrying over payment.

“An initial discussion about a client’s case is free of charge or obligation, and we only charge a fee if we're successful in recovering an award for the client,” says David Maloney. “We will not ask for a retainer fee up front because we recognize that most people cannot afford to do so.”

At the offices of Maloney-Lyons, client fees are based on a contingent fee agreement, which means the attorneys only take a percentage of any recovery made for each client. David Maloney is adamant about only receiving payment if compensation is granted through the trial––and only after a settlement or trial is completed. Instead of paying upfront or hourly fees for legal services, clients can rest easier knowing that payment will only be deducted from the awarded amount once a resolution is reached.

In this way, the attorneys at Maloney-Lyons focus on winning their cases and delivering exceptional service at zero initial cost to victims of personal injury––victims who may well be struggling through the most challenging time of their lives.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
+1 7865519491
email us here

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Give The Chicken – Bringing the Community Together to provide Chick Hatching and/or Backyard Hens to Others

Cute & fluffy baby chicks that can be experienced through Hatch The Chicken / Give The Chicken

Hatch The Chicken provided by Give The Chicken

Give The Chicken Logo

Give The Chicken Logo

Mother & Daughter happy to have backyard hens!

Mother & Daughter happy to have backyard hens!

FREEPORT, PA, 16229, May 21, 2019 / — May 21, 2019
Freeport, PA

Contact: Jenn Tompkins
P: 724-305-0782
E: For Immediate Release

“You get the chicken! You get the chicken! You get the chicken!”

Chickens are our favorite things, and now with the launch of Give The Chicken, people can nominate individuals and organizations to receive a Rent The Chicken or Hatch the Chicken package for free. Give the Chicken harnesses the power of crowd-funding to bring farm fresh eggs and the chicken experience to groups who might otherwise be unable to afford it. “Generosity has always been a part of our business model,” says Homestead Jenn, co-founder of Rent The Chicken. “With Give The Chicken, now we can reach even more people who are interested in the farm-to-table movement. We can get more Hatch The Chicken programs into schools that might not be able to afford exciting science lessons. We are so excited to announce this new program!”

Who can benefit from Give The Chicken? Everyone! Whether providing therapy at a senior care facility or thrilling kids in the classroom, Give The Chicken can make a difference for many in the community. Nominations for recipients are currently being accepted at “We also encourage those who believe in the backyard chicken movement to place a small donation to the crowd-funded campaigns already underway for current nominees,” says Homestead Jenn. “Together we can spread the love of chickens far and wide!”


About Rent The Chicken

Rent The Chicken was established near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, by Phillip and Jenn Tompkins in 2013. Since then, the chicken rental program has spread to 60 major markets in the USA and Canada. Handled by local affiliates in each market, Rent The Chicken provides everything needed for a backyard chicken set up with no long term commitment. Love your chickens? Rent them again! Not for you? Turn them back over to Rent The Chicken with no fuss or rehoming of birds. In 2015, Hatch The Chicken was introduced as a five-week program for schools and educators to hatch chicks as part of their STEM programs. Once again, the ease of having everything provided by a Rent The Chicken affiliate makes the program stress-free. With the recent launch of Give The Chicken, both Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken can spread into communities with limited funds. It’s a win-win for everyone! | | |

Jenn Tompkins
Rent The Chicken / Give The Chicken
+1 724-305-0782
email us here

Give The Chicken – Promotional Video

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Lockdowel Announces Regency RTA Furniture in AWFS Booth 9074 July 17-20

Ready in two minutes! The Regency Niche Cubo uses tool-less Lockdowel fastening to assemble – superfast!

Buy these RTA tables online at Walmart, Amazon, Staples and many others retailers – With Lockdowel easy assembly you don’t need tools to start using it immediately.

Buy these easily assembled bookcases by Niche online – retailers Lockdowel assembly means you can use it immediately.

Regency RTA Furniture will showcase their Easy-to-Assemble Niche line in the Lockdowel AWFS Booth #9074 in Las Vegas July 17-20, 2019

We use Lockdowel fastening for most all of our Niche furniture. Items ship cheaper and customers can start using their furniture right away, because assembly takes 10 minutes or less!”

— Regency Global Sourcing President & CEO, John "Skip" Summerville

FREMONT, CA, USA, May 21, 2019 / — Lockdowel, Inc. announces Regency Global Sourcing, the makers of affordable, beautiful office furniture, will show off their latest Niche line at the AWFS Fair, July 17-20 in Lockdowel booth #9074. The Niche showcase will include: Niche Cubo; MŌD 30” Round Table; and MŌD 42” Bookcase. According to Regency, Inc., Niche is made for everyone seeking attractive furniture that is easy to assemble. Each piece comes flat-packed and assembles easily with Lockdowel fastening, without tools or glue.

"Since Lockdowel assembly is so simple to put together, we use it for most all of our Niche furniture," Regency Global Sourcing President and CEO John "Skip" Summerville says. "Items ship cheaper and customers can start using their furniture right away, because assembly takes 10 minutes or less!”

Ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture using Lockdowel fastening requires less hardware and fewer small parts. “That means less plastic packaging and less waste,” Summerville says.

Niche and Regency are sold on Amazon,,,, Target,, Overstock and many others: You can see the company’s full line of products at their online store:

More about Regency Niche furniture featured in Lockdowel booth 9074 at AWFS Fair July 17-20, 2019:

Niche Cubo: These innovative storage cubes by Niche are designed to fasten together in hundreds of configurations. From a single cube to sets of 12 or more, the possibilities are endless! Perfect for closets, entryways, laundry & storage rooms, as a bookcase, nightstand or media storage-these cubes fit anywhere! Its rich warm cherry finish shows subtle wood grain and is sure to please, and coordinates with the rest of the Niche line. No-tools Lockdowel assembly allows pieces to simply snap together and lock into place for a sturdy, hassle-free build in less than 2 minutes!

MŌD 30” Round Table: This Niche Round Table is a great choice for breakfast nooks, home offices, dining rooms, cafes and more. A sturdy X-Base ensures stability. Its 30-inch round top is lightweight, making the table easy to move around, even for one person. No-tools Lockdowel assembly allows pieces to simply snap together and lock into place for a sturdy, hassle-free build in less than 5 minutes.

MŌD 42” Bookcase: This Niche 42 x 30 Bookcase is the perfect accompaniment to any living space. Its rich dark Truffle finish shows subtle wood grain and is sure to please. It has one fixed and two adjustable shelves for display and storage. The adjustable shelves can be moved in 1-inch increments. It has a solid, reinforced base that helps ensure stability and interior adjustable shelves rest on secure supports. No-tools Lockdowel assembly allows pieces to simply slide together and lock into place for a sturdy, hassle-free build in less than 10 minutes. No more searching for the right size screwdriver or dropping tiny screws. Just snap into place and go.

About Regency Global Sourcing & Niche

The Regency dream began in 1940, when Scott and Norma Summerville opened their own office products business. In 1987 their son, John “Skip” Summerville, accepted the responsibility as President and CEO. Unable to find a source for quality affordable office furniture, he became it! By doing so, this family business entered a new chapter becoming Regency Global Sourcing – your complete source for office furniture.

The Regency family grew again with the creation of the Niche line. Built around the concept of easy-to-build home furnishings, Niche is perfect for any room of the house, dorm or lounge. The Niche product line features Lockdowel tool-free assembly and includes modern lightweight seating tables and desks and Cubo modular storage cubes. “Let your imagination run wild with Niche!” Find out more at:

About Lockdowel

Lockdowel provides simple manufacturing, assembly, and installation solutions for cabinets, furniture, closets, fixtures and architectural millwork. Lockdowel 41920 Christy Street, Fremont, CA 94538 , (650) 477-7112
Lockdowel: Patented – Tested – Proven (Lockdowel patent #10,197,081).

MaryLynn Heath
email us here
+1 405-641-9733
Visit us on social media:

See the new Niche Line by Regency at Lockdowel Booth 9074 AWFS Las Vegas July 17-20, 2019

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