Richard Lynch And Rhonda Vincent Top Country Airplay Chart With “Back In Love Again”

Indie Country Music Hall of Fame artist, Richard Lynch and New Queen of Bluegrass, Rhonda Vincent have topped the country chart with "Back In Love Again."

NASHVILLE, TN, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2018 / — Traditional country crooner and member of the Independent Country Music Hall of Fame, Richard Lynch is no stranger to chart-topping hits. His last 3 singles reached that pinnacle on multiple radio airplay charts, including New Music Weekly, Roots Music Report and IndieWorld Country Record Report. His hit, "We're American Proud" was recently named the #1 Traditional Country Song of 2017 by Roots Music Report.

Reigning Queen of Bluegrass music, Rhonda Vincent is also very familiar with number one hits: her last 3 solo albums reached the top of the Billboard Bluegrass chart, earning her multiple accolades, including 3 Grammy award nominations.

Now, Richard Lynch and Rhonda Vincent have both earned another chart-topping record, together. Their duet, "Back In Love Again" is this week's #1 New Music Weekly Internet Country Chart single! The toe-tapping song is also #10 on the AM/FM country chart. The track is taken from Richard's award-winning, critically acclaimed album, "Mending Fences."

Watch the music video for "Back In Love Again," featuring "behind the scenes" studio footage at

Hailing from Waynesville, OH, Richard Lynch is an American country music artist who has compiled a long list of country hits and chart toppers in the world of traditional country music. His single, "A Better Place" topped the New Music Weekly AM/FM country chart, the IndieWorld Country Record Report, and spent an incredible 32 weeks atop the Roots Music Report True Country chart. His next single, "We're American Proud" also topped the charts. His last release, "Cut and Paste" also reached Number One the airplay charts. Richard is a multiple-award-winning artist and a member of the Independent Country Music Hall of Fame. He is also the founder of Love Tattoo Foundation for veterans. Richard Lynch hosts "Traditionally Lynch," currently airing on Cincinnati television stations.

Rhonda Lea Vincent is an American bluegrass singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. In 2000, The Wall Street Journalproclaimed Vincent "the new Queen of Bluegrass". Vincent is an in-demand guest vocalist for other bluegrass and country music performers, appearing on recordings by Dolly Parton, Alan Jackson, Tanya Tucker, Joe Diffie and other notables. The International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) accorded her its Female Vocalist of the Year award for the years 2000 – 2006, plus IBMA Entertainer of the Year in 2001. The Society for Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America (SPBGMA) designated her its Entertainer of the Year for 2002 – 2006 inclusive. She is a four-time Grammy Award Nominee.

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Richard Lynch and Rhonda Vincent – Back In Love Again

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Top 4 Website Designing Trends In 2018 To Excel At Small Budget

Marketing arena in addition to the related creative fields has witnessed a powerful revolution since past few years

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NOIDA, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA, January 20, 2018 / — Marketing arena in addition to the related creative fields has witnessed a powerful revolution since past few years prompting the professionals to always be on their toes to upgrade their knowledge and skill set to reach the zenith of their work performance.

If you are a passionate website designer playing a strong role in the digital marketing campaigns of reputed brands then it would be wise for you to learn the latest trends in the field so as to outperform your competitors while making your clients happy with lesser expenditure! Here we go!

1.Mobile Responsive + Content Customization
No website for the present day dynamic business world will be able to perform its best if is not mobile customized/responsive enough for any available modern devices with well tailored content. Clubbing customized content with the optimized website will only serve the businesses as against any other band-aid alternatives. These two parameters are bound to take the top position in the list of key factors that determine the success or failure of a website this year.

Any progressive website designing company claiming it to be the Best Web Designing Company in Canada or India can surprise you with the astonishing results with just this basic change!

2.Eye catching colour schemes

Does a website is meant only to play host to good content? No!

Is there any other open secret that works wonders in lead generation for the same website? A loud yes!

As a pro website designer you must have experimented with the colour schemes of your client websites more than often but the prevailing trend points towards bolder, brighter and eye catching colour coding (with digital typography) of the websites that are meant to smartly interact with the customers online. This virtual business platform (website) is all set to witness a sea change as far as the visual appeal of the same is concerned. So, shine more but in a balanced way with the Best Web Designing Company in Noida or Delhi NCR.

3.Animations and illustrations
It is no more exciting to invite the visitors to a dull looking website with heavy textual content. Where animations are for all those businesses who want to lend a creative appeal to their orthodox styled websites, illustrations are simply meant to introduce an interactive element that the visitors find encouraged to engage in.

If you have set aside a business agenda to attract heavy site traffic in 2018 that actually converts, then you can trust animations and integrated illustrations on the website pages to ensure fruitful engagement.

4.Integrated Videos

A static web page is nothing but a thing of the past as the presentation of the content will be done using videos in 2018. As the popularity of videos is increasing year by year it is safe to admit that videos or moving images will do the talking with the visitors/potential customers who need instant gratification in terms of desired results. As it is a specialised field, only the Best Graphic Designing Company in Noida or India can help you meet your goals with limited budget.

So, leverage these top website designing trends, 2018 now to swell up the sales with minimum investment in terms of both time and money!
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சுமந்திரனுக்கு பிரதமர் வி.உருத்திரகுமாரன் பகிரங்க சவால் !! பதில் என்ன ?

தமிழீழ இலட்சியத்தைக் கைவிடும் ஆணை உங்களுக்கோ அல்லது வேறு எந்தத் தமிழ்த் தலைவர்களுக்கோ கிடையாது: நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம்

TORONTO, CANADA, January 20, 2018 / —

நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கத்தின் பிரதமர் வி.உருத்திரகுமாரன் அவர்கள் சிறிலங்கா நாடாளுமன்ற உறுப்பினர் எம். ஏ. சுமந்திரன் அவர்களுக்க பகிரங்க சவால் ஒன்றிறை விடுத்துள்ளார்.

சிங்கள மக்களை திருப்பித்திப்படுத்தும் நோக்கில் தமிழீழக் கோரிக்கையினை தமிழ்மக்கள் கைவிட்டுவிட்டார்கள் என எம். ஏ. சுமந்திரன் அவர்களை மையப்படுத்தி செய்திகள் வெளிவந்திருந்தன.

இந்நிலையில் கனடாவில் இடம்பெற்று வருகின்ற நா..தமிழீழ அரசாங்கத்தின் நேரடி அரசவை அமர்வில் இவ்விவகாரம் தொடர்பில் பகிரங்க சவால் ஒன்றை பிரதமர் வி.உருத்திரகுமாரன் அவர்கள் சுமந்திரன் அவர்களே! தமிழீழ இலட்சியத்தைக் கைவிடும் ஆணை உங்களுக்கோ அல்லது வேறு எந்தத் தமிழ்த் தலைவர்களுக்கோ கிடையாது. முடிந்தால் நீங்கள் நல்லுறுவு கொண்டிருக்கும் சிறிலங்கா அரசுடன் பேசி, 6வது திருத்தச் சட்டத்தை நீக்கி விட்டு மக்கள் முன்னால் வந்து ஆணை கேளுங்கள். நீங்கள் தமிழீழத் தனியரசுக்கு எதிரான பக்கம் நில்லுங்கள். நாம் தமிழீழ அரசுக்கு ஆதரவான பக்கம் நிற்கிறோம். மக்கள் தீர்ப்பு வழங்கட்டும். அப்போது மக்கள் உங்களுக்குச் சார்பான தீர்ப்பு வழங்கினால் அதன் பிறகு தமிழீழ தனியரசு நிலைப்பாட்டைக் கைவிட்டதாகப் பேசுங்கள். அதுவரை சற்று அமைதியாக இருங்கள் எனத் சுட்டிக்காட்டியுள்ளார்.

மேலும் ஈழத்தமிழ் மக்களின் அரசியல் செயல்வழிப்பாதை குறித்தும், சமகால அரசியல் தட்பவெப்பம் குறித்தும் குறித்துரைத்திருந்த பிரதமர் வி.உருத்திரகுமாரன் உரையின் முக்கிய பகுதிகள் :

நான் எனது புத்தாண்டுச் செய்தியில் குறிப்பிட்டவாறு தமிழ் மக்களின் அரசியற்தலைவிதி தமிழ் மக்களால் தீர்மானிக்கப்பட வேண்டும் என்பதில் நாம் உறுதியாக இருக்க வேண்டும். அதற்கேற்ற வகையில் எமது செயற்பாடுகளை நாம் ஒழுங்கமைக்க வேண்டும்.

உலகமெங்கும் வாழும் தமிழ் மக்களை ஒரு வலுமையமாகத் திரட்டி அந்த வலுமையத்தின் பலத்தில் தங்கி நின்று உலக நாடுகளுடன் எமது நலன் சார்ந்து உரையாடும் பலத்தை நாம் பெற வேண்டும். அரசற்ற ஒரு தேசம் என்ற வகையில் தமிழ் மக்கள் தாமாக அணிதிரண்டு அரசுகளை எதிர்கொண்டு செயற்படக் கூடியதொரு வலுவைப் பெறம் வகையில் மக்கள் அணியாக உருத்திரள வேண்டும்.

இந்தத் தொலைநோக்கை அடிப்படையாகக் கொண்டே நாம் எமது செயற்பாடுகளைக் கட்டியமைக்க வேண்டியவர்களாக உள்ளோம். கையில் வெண்ணெய் இருக்க நெய்க்கு அலைவானேன்? என்று நம் மூத்தோர்கள் காட்டிய வழிமுறையொன்று நம்முன்னே உண்டு. வெண்ணெய்யை உருக்கி நெய்யைப் பெறும்போது முயற்சியின் ஊடாக ஒரு உருமாற்றம் நிகழ்கிறது.

இதேபோல் நாம் எமது முயற்சியின் ஊடாக உலகத்தமிழ் மக்கள் என்ற மக்கள் பலத்தை அனைத்துலகில் அரசியற் பொருளாதார சக்தியாக உருமாற்றம் செய்ய வேண்டும். நாம் எடுத்துக் கொண்ட உதாரணத்தில் உருமாற்றம் இலகுவானது. நாம் இப்போது பேசும் அரசியல் உருமாற்றம் கடினமானது. மிகுந்த முயற்சியிiனை வேண்டி நிற்பது. இருந்த போதும் நாம் அதனைச் செய்தாக வேண்டும்.

எந்தவொரு மக்கள் கூட்டமும் தனது அரசியற் பெருவிருப்பை சுதந்திரமாக வெளிப்படுத்தவும், இப் பெருவிருப்புகளை அடைந்து கொள்வதற்காகச் செயற்படுவதும் அடிப்படை மனித சுதந்திரத்தின் பாற்பட்டது. இந்த மனித சுதந்திரத்துக்கு தமிழீழ மக்கள் உரித்துடையவர்கள். ஆனால் சிறிலங்காவின் சிங்கள பௌத்த இனவாத அரசு தனது அரசியற் சட்டங்கள் ஊடாகவும் இராணுவ ஆக்கிரிமிப்பின் ஊடாகவும் இந்த அடிப்படை மனித சுதந்திரத்தை ஈழத் தமிழ் மக்களிடம் இருந்து பறித்தெடுத்திருக்கிறது. சிறிலங்கா அரசியலமைப்பின் ஆறாவது திருத்துச் சட்டம் மக்களின் கருத்துரிமைக்கு எதிரானது. தமிழ் மக்களின் தேசிய இனப்பிரிச்சினைக்கு சுதந்திரமும் இறைமையும் உடைய சுதந்திரத் தமிழீழ அரசுதான் தீர்வாக அமையும் என்று சொல்வதற்கும் செயற்படுவதற்கும் உள்ள உரிமையை 6வது திருத்தச் சட்டம் மறுதலிக்கிறது.

நாம் அதனை எதிர்கிறோம். எமது மக்களின் தீர்மானிக்கும் உரிமையினை சிறிலங்கா அரசோ அல்லது சிங்கள தேசமோ தீர்மானிக்க முடியாது. இதனால் அரசியலமைப்புpன் இந்தப் பிரிவை நீக்குமாறு நாம் குரல் கொடுக்கிறோம். 6வது திருத்தச் சட்டம் நடைமுறைக்கு வந்த பின்னர் நடைபெற்ற தேர்தல்கள் எவையும் தமிழீழத் தனியரசு குறித்த மக்கள் விருப்பினை வெளிப்படுத்தமொன்றாகக் கொள்ள முடியாது. இதனை இன்னொரு வகையில் கூறுவதாயின் 6வது திருத்தச் சட்டம் அமுலில் இருக்கும்வரை தமிழீழத் தனியரசு அமைக்கும் விருப்பினை மக்கள் கைவிட்டு விட்டார்கள் என்று எவரும் கூமுடியாது. இவ்வாறு கூறும் உரித்தோ ஆணையோ தற்போதய தமிழ்த் தலைவர்கள் எவருக்கும் கிடையாது. 1977 ஆம் ஆண்டில் தமிழீழம் குறித்த மக்கள் வாக்கெடுப்பு எனக்கூறி நடாத்தப்பட்ட தேர்தலில் மக்கள் வழங்கிய ஆணையும், போர்க்களத்தில் 50;,000 க்கும் மேற்பட்ட போராளிகள் குருதி சிந்தி வழங்கிய உயிர்க்கொடையும் தமிழீழம் என்ற இலட்சியத்துக்கு ஆதாரமாக இருக்கிறது.

அண்மையில் வந்த பத்திரிகைச் செய்தியொன்றில் பெரும்பான்மைச் சமூகத்தைத் திருப்திப்படுத்தவதற்காக தனிநாட்டுக் கோரிக்கையினை கைவிட்டு விட்டாம் என்று தமிழ்த் தேசியக் கூட்டமைப்பின் நாடாளுமன்ற உறுப்பினர் சுமந்திரன் அவர்கள் கூறியுள்ளதாகக் குறிப்பிடப்பட்டிருந்தது. இச் செய்தி உண்மையாக இருக்கும் பட்சத்தில் நாம் சுமந்திரன் அவர்களுக்கு ஓரு செய்தியைச் சொல்லி வைக்க விரும்புகிறோம்.

சுமந்திரன் அவர்களே! தமிழீழ இலட்சியத்தைக் கைவிடும் ஆணை உங்களுக்கோ அல்லது வேறு எந்தத் தமிழ்த் தலைவர்களுக்கோ கிடையாது. முடிந்தால் நீங்கள் நல்லுறுவு கொண்டிருக்கும் சிறிலங்கா அரசுடன் பேசி, 6வது திருத்தச் சட்டத்தை நீக்கி விட்டு மக்கள் முன்னால் வந்து ஆணை கேளுங்கள். நீங்கள் தமிழீழத் தனியரசுக்கு எதிரான பக்கம் நில்லுங்கள். நாம் தமிழீழ அரசுக்கு ஆதரவான பக்கம் நிற்கிறோம். மக்கள் தீர்ப்பு வழங்கட்டும். அப்போது மக்கள் உங்களுக்குச் சார்பான தீர்ப்பு வழங்கினால் அதன் பிறகு தமிழீழ தனியரசு நிலைப்பாட்டைக் கைவிட்டதாகப் பேசுங்கள். அதுவரை சற்று அமைதியாக இருங்கள்.


எமது தலைவிதியை நாமே தீர்மானிக்கும் உரிமைக்காக நாம் முனைப்பாகக் குரல் கொடுக்க வேண்டியவர்களாக உள்ளோம். தமிழ் மக்களின் தேசியப்பிரச்சினைக்கான எந்தவொரு அரசியற்தீர்வும் தமிழ் மக்களால் தீர்மானிக்கப்படுதல் முக்கியமானது. இது தமிழீழ மக்கள் ஒரு தேசம் என்ற நிலைப்பாட்டின்பாற்பட்ட அடிப்படையான உரிமையாகும். தமிழீழ மக்களது தேசிய இனப்பிரச்சினைக்கான எத்தகைய தீர்வும் இனப்படுகொலையிலிருந்த தமிழர் தேசத்தைப் பாதுகாக்கக்கூடியவகையில், தமிழ் மக்களுக்கான ஈடுசெய்நீதியின் அடிப்படையில் எட்டப்பட வேண்டும் என்பது மிகவும் முக்கியமானதாகும். முள்ளிவாய்க்கால் தமிழின அழிப்பு தமிழீழ மக்களுக்கு ஈடுசெய்நீதியின் அடிப்படையிலான அரசியற்தீர்வு அவசியம் என்பதனை வலியுறுத்துகிறது.

தமிழ் மக்களின் அரசியற் தலைவிதியைத் தமிழ் மக்களே தீர்மானிக்கும் வகையில் தமிழீழத் தனியரசு உள்ளடங்கலான அரசியற்தீர்வு குறித்து தாயகத்திலும், ஈழத் தமிழ் மக்கள் புலம் பெயர்ந்து வாழும் நாடுகளிலும் பொதுவாக்கெடுப்பு நடத்தப்பட வேண்டும் என்ற கோரிக்கையினை நாடு கடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம்; முனைப்பாக முன்னெடுக்கவுள்ளது. இதற்காக «தமிழர் தலைவிதி தமிழர் கையில்! – பொதுவாக்கெடுப்புக்கான மக்கள் இயக்கம்» எனும் மக்கள் அமைப்பை உருவாக்கியுள்ளோம். இம் மக்கள் அமைப்பின் செயற்பாடுகளை வலுப்படுத்தத் தேவையான நடவடிக்கைகள் குறித்தும் நாம் இம் அமர்வில் விவாதிக்கவுள்ளோம்.

மேலும், இம் அமர்வு தமிழர் தாயகப்பிரதேசத்தில் பெப்ரவரி 10ஆம் நாள் நடைபெறவுள்ள உள்ளுராட்சித் தேர்தல் தொடர்பாகவும் சிறிலங்காவின் புதிய அரசியல் யாப்பு உருவாக்க முயற்சியின் பாற்பட்ட வெளிவந்த இடைக்கால அறிக்கை குறித்தும் விவாதிக்கவுள்ளது. தமிழ் மக்களின் உரிமைப்போராட்டத்தில் இவை ஏற்படுத்தககூடிய தாக்கம் என்னவாக இருக்கும் என்பதே எமது உரையாடலின் அடிப்படைக் கருப்பொருளாக இருக்கும். இவற்றைப் பற்றிப் பேசாது புறக்கணிப்பதனை விட, இவற்றைப் பேசி, விவாதித்து இவற்றைக் கடந்து போகும் வகையிலான ஓர் அரசியற்;திட்டத்தை நாம் வகுத்தக் கொள்ளுதல் அவசியமானதாகும்.

எமது அரசியற்தலைவிதியை நாமே தீர்மானிக்கும் ஒரு பொறிமுறையினை நாம் உருவாக்கியே தீர வேண்டும் என்ற உறுதிப்பாட்டோடு நாம் இம் அமர்வில் செயற்படுவோமாக!

இவ்வாறு பிரதமர் வி.உருத்திரகுமாரன் அவர்களது உரையின் முக்கிய பகுதிகள் அமைந்திருந்தன.

நாதம் ஊடகசேவை

நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம்
Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE)
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Source: EIN Presswire Strengthens Outbound Fraud Detection for International Calling Clients serving businesses, governmental and education across the country, announced that it has substantially strengthened its fraud detection.

Our stronger and more comprehensive fraud management program is offered to all of our customers, and significantly reduces the likelihood of unauthorized, improper or illegal VoIP phone system use.”

— Nicky Smith, President/CEO, Digital

GREENSBORO, NC, US, January 19, 2018 / —, a leading cloud-based hosted telecommunications company based in North Carolina serves businesses, government organizations and educational institutions across the country, announced today that it has substantially strengthened its fraud management program.

Key features of’s enhanced and comprehensive fraud management program includes:

– Monitoring all outbound traffic to detect anomalies at the automatic number identification (ANI) level.

– Automatically blocking suspicious calling that may be the result of subscription fraud, IP PBX hacking, abuse of service terms and conditions, internal fraud, employee theft, phishing, pharming, and payment fraud.

– Implementing customized system rules using conditional criteria, which are based on known fraud trends and tactics.
Flagging calls to/from numbers linked to confirmed fraud cases noted in industry-wide “hot lists.”

– Creating and scoring profiles based on key risk indicators, such as volume, dialed destination, etc.

– Analyzing robocalls by researching and analyzing each telephone number, and accessing carrier and consumer reports.

– Automatically notifying customers if fraudulent activity is suspected or detected.

– Documenting and updating all cases in a dedicated fraud management system.

“Experts estimate that global telecom fraud losses in 2017 were $29.2 billion,” commented Nicky Smith,’s Founder and CEO. “Nothing is more important protecting the security of our customers, and ensuring they get full value for their telecommunications investment. Our stronger and more comprehensive fraud management program is offered to all of our customers, and significantly reduces the likelihood of unauthorized, improper or illegal VoIP phone system use.”

For additional information regarding, visit or email

About (formerly Carolina Digital) is a pioneer of hosted phone services, and provides products that improve the capabilities of business and education telephony, while reducing their overall cost. The company’s offerings stand out for their excellent value, including very competitive pricing, the industry’s deepest feature set, ease of deployment, and many user-friendly packages – from a full turnkey setup including dial tone and VoIP phones, to automated call answering and routing solutions that work with existing landlines, cell phones or VoIP phones.

Nicky Smith
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Cloud-based Business Telephone System from

Source: EIN Presswire

Couple Relieves Debt by Taking Financial Peace University at Re/Max Titanium

Facebook Video Interview

Aileen, Alma, Peter

Re/Max Titanium is hosting Financial Peace University classes that teach you how to budget, save, and invest in your financial future in 7 Baby Steps.

You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.”

— Dave Ramsey

ROSEMEAD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2018 / — Re/Max Titanium will be holding Financial Peace University classes starting January 31st, this month. Anyone is able to sign up and students will learn “how to budget, manage debt, pay down debt, save money, and also invest in [their] future,” says Financial Peace University Coordinator, Aileen Matias. Matias says all the ultimate best advice and tips will be taught in 7-simple-baby-steps.

If you are “living paycheck to paycheck and are tired of living that kind of lifestyle, self-employed and not sure how to budget, or curious about where all your money has gone, this class will be great,” Matias describes what kind of people would benefit from taking the class.

In July 2017, a couple, Alma and Peter took the class at Re/Max Titanium. Prior to taking the class, the couple was following Dave Ramsey (Founder of FPU) and tried budgeting by themselves. At some point their plans got diverted. After taking the FPU class at Re/Max Titanium, with the help from Matias, Alma and Peter learned more tips than they would have if they took the class online. After three months, Alma and Peter noticed significant difference in their cash flow planning and budgeting.
Due to the “envelope system” the couple learned how to reduce their expenditures. “I have gone to stores where we buy household items and I’m running low on cash and I’ve had to literally pull stuff out of the cart,” Alma describes how the system she learned from the class effectively helped her save money. By only spending the amount enclosed, Alma was not able to go over her budget. The couple suggests that “you really need to want to make a difference in your life and for your future” in order to make the program work for you.

Stephanie Huang, another student of the class, paid off her own car in cash after finishing FPU classes. Huang, 18, is staff member at Re/Max Titanium and took interest in the class after overhearing bits of tips and valuable advice from the class. It is best advised to start learning how to budget, save, and invest in your future starting at a young age and Huang took that leap forward.

Make sure to hurry and sign up for this class as it starts this month. Take advantage of not just the tips and advice you will get from the class but also the opportunity to change your life.

TNV Media
Rudy's Home Selling Team
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Source: EIN Presswire

Bridgeway Academy® Ready To Aid Orphaned Students From Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) Closure

Bridgeway Academy

Bridgeway working closely with ECOT parents to gain the school records necessary for a transfer and to prepare for student’s successful transition back…

“Our goal is to provide a smooth transition. We are working with parents to gain the records necessary and to prepare for a successful transition back to ECOT if they regain good standing in Ohio.”

— Jessica Parnell, President & CEO

CATASAUQUA, PA, USA, January 19, 2018 / — Bridgeway Academy®, which pioneered personalized learning in homeschools and schools across the U.S. and around the world, today announced it is ready to accept students seeking an alternative to the closing Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) school.

Bridgeway’s proven online and textbook homeschool solutions are a natural fit for ECOT students who are already accustomed to flexible schedules, live online sessions and individualized self-paced learning.

Many ECOT students chose the online charter school due to illnesses, social concerns, learning disabilities or other struggles. As a result, returning to their previous classroom setting is not an option. Therefore, the transition to Bridgeway Academy is appealing.

“This is an unfortunate nightmare for our family. Brick and mortar schools do not work for us and the other online options are already overwhelmed. They’re saying the availability will be ‘first come, first served’ and it’s very stressful for students like mine who simply cannot attend a regular classroom,” says ECOT parent Jennifer Ladoszka.

For families like the Ladoszkas, returning to their previous classroom setting is not an option. Therefore, the transition to Bridgeway Academy is appealing.

Bridgeway Academy is already home to a large contingent of Ohio families and their students. With a variety of educational choices, personalized packages, accreditation and full support, parents and students have the confidence that what they are doing today will be recognized and transferrable tomorrow.

“Our goal is to provide an option for students and a smooth and easy transition into Bridgeway Academy,” said Jessica Parnell, President & CEO. “We are working closely with parents to gain the school records necessary for a transfer and to prepare for student’s successful transition back to ECOT should the school regain its good standing in Ohio.”

Students can choose from live online classes, asynchronous instruction, blended learning, textbook only programs and even College Now courses for juniors and seniors. Bridgeway’s programs are comprehensive and customized, and provide the support and assistance parents need to ensure a successful school year for their students.

Bridgeway Academy is poised to help ECOT families transition to a fully accredited homeschool program quickly and easily for the second semester of the 2017-18 school year. To learn more about Bridgeway’s options for Ohio families, visit For information on enrollment call: 888-885-5265

About Bridgeway Academy
Bridgeway Academy is an industry leader providing highly customized homeschooling options that include textbook, online and live online classes to meet the needs of each individual learner. Established in 1989, Bridgeway Academy has been providing personalized learning solutions for homeschooling families for more than 25 years.

Bridgeway Academy: Love Learning with Us.


For more information or to schedule an interview to discuss the ECOT closure with Jessica Parnell, President & CEO, please contact FrontGate Media.

Scott A. Shuford
FrontGate PR
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Students Share Thoughts on Health and Dental Needs in Annual Scholarship Survey

The winner of the 2018 1Dental Scholarship Survey Announced

It is an honor to win this scholarship! Thank you, 1Dental. As a single mom going back to school, this is a huge help! I am excited to use this toward my education during the upcoming academic year!”

— Virginia Vermett-Jenkins

HALTOM CITY, TEXAS, USA, January 19, 2018 / — 1Dental offers a scholarship every year to eligible students in the United States. This year’s scholarship winner was Virginia Vermett-Jenkins!

“It is such an honor to win this scholarship from 1Dental!” said Virginia. “Dental health has always been very important to me, and I am so glad I got the chance to participate in this scholarship! I would like to thank everyone at 1Dental for this opportunity and for selecting me as the winner. As a single mom trying to go back to school, this is a huge help! I am extremely excited to use the funds toward my educational goals during the upcoming academic year! Thank you for your support!”

Virginia is a sophomore at Lansing Community College in Michigan. She is a single mom who is going to school for business administration. She has been awarded $500 to apply to her college degree this Spring or Fall. Out of 8,259 applicants, Virginia was our lucky winner!

1Dental has offered an annual scholarship to high school seniors and college students alike since 2014. The business hopes to encourage continued education as well as healthy living among all students through their scholarship program. This year’s scholarship required students to fill out a survey asking about their opinions on the health and dental industry, as it pertains to insurance plans and appointments at dentist and doctor’s offices.

1Dental will be compiling the results of these surveys into easy-to-digest pieces of content that can be helpful to the health industry as they try to promote good health to this younger generation.

The 2018 1Dental Scholarship survey was a tremendous success. Keep an eye out for our reports in the coming months. The scholarship will soon be updated with 1Dental’s 2019 scholarship and is open to all eligible students. Students enrolled in a high school (seniors only), college or university are encouraged to take part in this scholarship opportunity.

Congratulations, again, to Virginia for winning the 2018 1Dental Scholarship. Best of luck to you!

1Dental is a dental discount plan company headquartered in Haltom City, Texas. Founded in 1998 by Randall Meinen, 1Dental encourages dental health around the United States by offering discount dental plans to individuals and families and actively shares tips for health living on their blog.

Natasha Gayle, Outreach Coordinator
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Source: EIN Presswire

Steve’s Automotive


LONGMONT, CO, USA, January 19, 2018 / — Steve’s Automotive
Name: Steve's Automotive – contact Liz
Phone: 303.682.9015
510 2nd Avenue, Longmont, CO 80501

Steve’s Automotive boasts discounts available for services in January 2018
Longmont, CO: Throughout the month of January 2018, Steve’s Automotive is offering the following discounts, with coupon:
• $10 off any alignment
• 10% off any labor (with a $50 limit)
• Check and Flush Cooling System service for $99.95
Coupons are available in the Longmont Times-Call or on Steve’s Automotive website at Certain restrictions or limitations apply.
There is an additional coupon for $19.95 that provides customers with the following services:
• Oil Change
• Tire Rotation
• Brake Inspection
• Belts
• Hoses
• Fluid Levels
Each month, Steve’s Automotive offers a new set of coupons to ensure customers are always able to receive preventative and necessary service at an affordable price. Even without coupons, regular prices are reasonable for services such as alignment, vehicle diagnostic, tire repair and replacement, and fluid inspection. As a full-service repair and auto maintenance shop, Steve’s Automotive provides major engine work on domestic and imported vehicles, including SUVs and light trucks. General coupons, like the reduction in labor price, can be a huge asset if your car needs major repairs or adjustments.
As always, Steve’s Automotive is happy to provide shuttle service to help ease any inconvenience involved in automotive maintenance and care. They also provide free inspections and written estimates, so there are never any surprises on the invoice. It is usually possible to have cars in for service and back out on the road the same day. For short service trips, customers are invited to relax in the clean, welcoming waiting areas.
Steve’s Automotive specializes in wheel alignment and brake suspension, so you can feel safe and confident driving in a vehicle serviced by Steve’s staff. At Steve’s Automotive, everyone cares about the customers’ safety and happiness with their vehicle, which is why they offer helpful tips and hints on their website, so drivers can know exactly when to bring their car in for a tune-up. To make customers better car owners, their website offers causes and solutions for common car ailments, which can help prevent them from occurring in the future.

About Steve’s Automotive: Steve’s Automotive is a full service automotive shop in Longmont, Colorado. Owner Steve Powers has been operating in Longmont since 1993 and often assists with car shows and events in the community.
Through Steve’s Automotive full range of services, Steve demonstrates his passionate and commitment to the service and maintenance of classic cars. From hotrods and muscle cars to classic trucks, Steve can tune up any vehicle. His work ranges from regular maintenance to replacing transmissions and installing entire vintage air systems.
The rest of the team is just as committed. With decades of experience between them, they’ll work hard to have you driving smoothly out of the shop in no time. For service estimates and appointments, call (303) 682-9015 or visit for more information.

Steve’s Automotive
Steve’s Automotive
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Financial Fitness Group Board of Directors Appoint New CEO



Online financial literacy company promotes Miguel D. Vasquez as CEO to drive vision of providing unbiased, independent financial education for every American.

It gives me great pleasure to announce the promotion of Miguel D. Vasquez to Chief Executive Officer. Miguel started as CFO and was quickly promoted to President and then CEO within just a few months.”

— Board Executive Chairman Patrick D. Quirk.

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, January 19, 2018 / — Precision Information, LLC., DBA Financial Fitness Group (, headquartered in San Diego, CA, is the creator of a leading online financial literacy platform and actionable ecosystem designed to teach individuals about the language of money through interactive financial education for the financial services industry and fortune 5000 companies across the nation, announced today the promotion of President Miguel D. Vasquez to Chief Executive Officer of Financial Fitness Group by the Board of Directors.

"It gives me great pleasure to announce the promotion of Miguel D. Vasquez to Chief Executive Officer", said Board Executive Chairman Patrick D. Quirk. "Miguel started as CFO and was quickly promoted to President and then CEO within just a few months. He brings with him 20 years of financial services and leadership experience in our key industries. He provides a strong financial management process which has improved our overall corporate financial trajectory and is an integral player in the growth of key strategic deals to move the company forward. We finished a strong 2017 and have a great 2018 ahead of us. Miguel is also an excellent mentor and commands great respect and loyalty from our employees."

Mr. Vasquez was first appointed as CFO of Financial Fitness Group in January 2017 and within 5 months he was promoted to President. Prior to his current role as CEO of Financial Fitness Group, Mr. Vasquez led a team of executives in educational management, behavioral science, community development and financial education as the Founder and CEO of the California Foundation Fund. The Foundation's main focus was to collaborate with socially conscious businesses for the development and delivery of financial education and empowerment initiatives. Mr. Vasquez was also a regional manager and Vice President at the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation where he oversaw the expansion of HSBC's Premier Wealth Division. In 2012, Mr. Vasquez was appointed as the Director of Alliant School of Management's Center for Business Acceleration to grow and sustain emerging technology businesses. In 2013, he was appointed as Director of Commercialization at UCSD Rady School of Management to startup and launch its 3D virtual reality campus. Mr. Vasquez is on the board of directors at the California Foundation Fund and an active supporter of the Foundation's "FutureBoss" youth entrepreneurship scholarship competition.

"I am very excited for the opportunity to continue a purposeful and inspiring role to lead the Financial Fitness Group as CEO. I am proud that our talented team members provide real-life solutions within our actionable and unbiased online financial education platform. Americans at work are expected to make it possible to compete in the global economy, we have set out to provide a promising and transformational learning experience that empowers our nation's workforce, said Mr. Miguel D. Vasquez, CEO. "At the Financial Fitness Group, we are determined to engage the workplace with reliable educational lessons and actionable resources. Our partnerships with the country's most forward-thinking financial institutions and workforce service providers enable us to reach and improve millions of lives. It is my hope that I can continue the great work that began 20 years ago as an academic endeavor to expand on the potential of leading people into financial sustainability."

Over the next year under the leadership of Mr. Vasquez, Financial Fitness Group will continue to expand their strategic partnerships within the financial services industry to help leverage their online platforms massive library of over 10,000+ FINRA compliant content, customizable e-learning systems, and mega-data linkages. The company will also grow their end-user engagement to scale the company's business model while improving the lives of every American.


Financial Wellness in America
Since the 1970's, the United States has shifted the burden of saving for retirement from the employer to the employee. Pensions are now a thing of the past, and employees have taken on the sole responsibility for their financial futures. With that responsibility comes stress – the stress of the unknown related to money. Today, we have 80% of the workforce living paycheck to paycheck – with 46% of those employees stressing about finances at work at least 3 hours per week. Financial Fitness Group was created to help fill the void by enabling individuals to empower themselves, to become more profitable and less stressed in their daily lives. The Financial Fitness Groups online education platform was specifically developed to reduce the anxiety, lack of clarity or absence of financial planning that yields uncertainty related to money, including debt, medical bills, saving for retirement or children's education. Financial Fitness Group impacts people's lives by giving them the knowledge and information to confidently reach their financial goals.

About Precision Information, DBA Financial Fitness Group:
Financial Fitness Group (FFG) is an enterprise software company that developed multiple academically based financial e-learning platforms and actionable ecosystems designed to maximize employee engagement, personal financial knowledge, and predictive behavioral linkages. Since 1998 Financial Fitness Group has partnered with the country's most forward-thinking financial institutions and workforce service providers to empower more than 2 million employees within more than 1,000 major U.S. corporations, universities and government agencies. Our cloud-based, independent and unbiased financial education and engagement platform, assesses and benchmarks participants overall financial fitness. Our company was founded in 1998 based on scientific research around how to improve the financial literacy of the citizens of the United States. That research continues to this day and is the driving force, along with our clients, to continuously meet the new challenges facing those with financial stress.

As part of the financial learning journey, the Financial Fitness Group developed the Financial Fitness SCORE™. This score allows participants to identify, benchmark, and positively change their financial aptitude, behavior, and confidence. Our exclusive, robust online content enables users to build up their Financial Fitness SCORE™ in a fun, engaging manner using a foundation of over 10,000 pieces of FINRA compliant content each user can select from. The platform is modular and easily adaptable to enterprise-level capacity offering solutions to meet each organization's unique needs.

Georgette Regan
Financial Fitness Group
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Imbue Botanicals, LLC Signs Distribution Agreement with Trifecta Pharmaceuticals, USA

Some of Imbue Products

k9capsules Small Breed

kittycomfort tincture

Imbue Botanicals, LLC has signed a distribution agreement with Trifecta Pharmaceuticals, USA for expanded online distribution.

PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2018 / — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE…Palm Springs, CA, January 17, 2018- (Press Release Point) – Imbue Botanicals, LLC a Wyoming based company, is pleased to announce that it has finalized a distribution agreement with Trifecta Pharmaceuticals, USA, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Trifecta Pharmaceuticals USA was founded in 2007 and is a leader in the manufacture and supply of high quality OTC Topical Ointments, Creams, Gels and Oral Rehydration Salts.

Imbue Botanicals offers an extensive line of premium CBD products produced from organically grown Colorado hemp, including CBD tinctures, lotions, salves and capsules, for both people and pets.

“We are excited about introducing Imbue Botanicals to our online customers, as well as a higher level of involvement in this fast-growing market segment” said Svet Millic R.Ph., Co-owner of Trifecta Pharmaceuticals. “We are confident that the addition of this product line for our online customers will not only help drive revenue, but most important, will provide a whole host of alternative health solutions as well. We definitely wanted a product line that was US grown and manufactured, with a design and branding that lends itself to online sales. But we also wanted to provide a product line that provided our customers the finest hemp CBD products on the market. We believe we found that in Imbue Botanicals.”

“We’re thrilled to be part of such a forward-thinking group,” said Tom Bauer, Managing Partner for Imbue Botanicals. “Having our product line distributed through their online channels helps extend our reach and is truly a win-win.”

Trifecta Pharmaceuticals will begin introducing Imbue Botanicals to its customers this month.

ABOUT Imbue Botanicals, LLC:
Imbue Botanicals offers an extensive line of full spectrum, premium CBD products produced from organically grown Colorado hemp, including tinctures, capsules, topical CBD lotions and salves, their premium, Colorado grown hemp CBD products are non GMO, cruelty free, vegan and contain no added flavorings or sugars. Available through select retailers, their products offer exceptional quality, superb packaging and unmatched value.

Imbue Botanicals offers CBD products for both people and pets. For more information, visit:

ABOUT Trifecta Pharmaceuticals:
Trifecta Pharmaceuticals USA was founded in 2007 and is a leader in the manufacture and supply of high quality OTC Topical Ointments, Creams, Gels and Oral Rehydration Salts. The company is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with warehouses in Florida, California, New Jersey, Illinois and Shanghai, China.

Trifecta Pharmaceuticals USA and Shanghai Trifecta Pharma Co. Ltd. work as a partnership in the manufacturing and supply of its products sold in the United States. It has several brands on the market in the United States such as our Globe brand, Rhuli Gel, TRIORAL, and Mayinglong Ointment. The company also offers National Brand Equivalent formulations for its customers store brand OTC Ointments, Creams, Gels and Oral Rehydration Salts.

For more information, visit:

Paul A Caudell
Imbue Botanicals
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