DNI Global Redefines Industrial & Residential Markets with High Performance Reverse Osmosis Systems

Leading the industry with high performance, cost-effective Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems for industrial and residential markets

VADODARA, GUJARAT, INDIA, September 14, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — DNI-Global, popularly known as DNI Water, a technology driven, quality conscious water-treatment and water technology company, recently launched Water Vending Machine and Portable Battery-Cart Water Vending Machine.

Since its inception, the company has expanded its presence each year and become the trusted RO solution provider and partner of many industry leaders. The Vadodara- based company is the manufacturer and exporter of Industrial RO, BWRO and Desalination equipments to African markets. It has successfully launched and implemented many water treatment solutions all across India.

“Be it water from Sea, Bore Well, River or recycled from Waste management ETP and or STP System, we are capable to make it drinking quality will advanced purification stage management to ensure least water wasted while treating for making it drinkable,” says Mr. Vinay Sharma, CEO, DNI Global. The visionary leadership added further, “ We at DNI are not only focused on current drinking, industrial and whole house water treatment need but, we are also working on enhancement of current technologies toward development of Desalination and drinking water source plus treatment, systems and technologies.”

Working as technology exchange partner with Flagship-Ecosystem, Singapore and Trident Water, Indonesia, DNI Global's RO systems are rapidly replacing traditional water purification methods, while saving significant costs through maximum water recovery rates, lower energy consumption and lower maintenance requirements.

Within a very short span, DNI Global has become the largest supplier of Water Vending Machines (WVMs) to IRTC vendors. A WVM with Kiosk is made in such way that it can house 250, 500and 1000 LPH RO + 200/300 Liter MS-304 SS storage tank for treated water. It also has space to store empty bottles and room for operator to work from inside. Safely, strength, durability and functionalities are the key factors which have been taken care of while designing WVM Kiosk structure. A WVM with kiosk can easily be transported to and assembled on the site. It can also be dismantled and relocated conveniently, if required. Once assembled, a WVM becomes a fixed structure and immovable.

Its products line includes:

• Water Vending Machine (WVM), with operator IRCTC Model;
• Water Vending Machine, without operator;
• Industrial RO (Reverse Osmosis) Plants 200 LPH to 200,000 LPH and anymore multiple;
• BWRO Plants (Brackish Water);
• Desalination Plant (for Sea water);
• Mobile Desalination Plant (for sea Water);
• Portable Battery-Cart Water Vending Machine;
• Portable Disaster relief RO Plant in a container;
• Domestic, LAVO Automatic Water Softener;
• Industrial customized Automatic Water Softener.

Additionally, DNI Global offers advanced technology for Vending, Remote-Monitoring and Tracking at its all fixed and mobile ATM units.

About DNI Global

DNI Global is a technology driven, quality conscious water-treatment and water technology-company. Its focus areas are drinking water, water vending, water portability and similar technologies for current and future water requirements. It provides services to Industrial and residential markets and exports its products and solutions to neighboring countries. For any query, call +91 9537520540; mail: water@dniglobal.com

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Source: EIN Presswire